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How To Connect Your Xbox One Controller To Your Phone

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Connect Xbox One Wireless Controller With Your Android

Connect an Xbox One Controller to Your Phone!

The first thing you need to do is to ensure that the Xbox One Controller you are using is Bluetooth enabled. However, the new versions of Xbox One S and Xbox One X that are coming now have Bluetooth features by default. Anyone can categorize Xbox One Controllers as having Bluetooth or not with their button. The Bluetooth device has plastic around the Xbox button that matches the other parts of the Controller’s colour, and the Non-Bluetooth Xbox device has differ-coloured plastic. You have to choose an Xbox One having Bluetooth to pair it with your Android phone.

Steps to connect Xbox One Wireless Controller to Android phone are given below.

  • On your Android phone, swipe down the screen from top to pull down and visit the Shortcuts area.
  • Tap and hold the Bluetooth icon to open it.
  • Now, make sure the Bluetooth feature is enabled.
  • Your phone automatically starts scanning for other Bluetooth devices if it doesn’t, tap on the Scan option on the screen.
  • Turn on the Xbox One Controller by pressing the Xbox button.
  • Press and hold the sync button present at the top of the Xbox controller until the Xbox button starts blinking.
  • On your Android smartphone, tap on the Pair new device.
  • Now the Xbox One Controller will appear in your phone Bluetooth list to pair. Still, if it doesn’t appear in the Bluetooth list on your phone, tap again on scan on your Android devices. Once the Xbox One Controller appears in the Bluetooth list, tap on it to start the pairing process.
  • How To Connect Xbox One Controller To Android

    The compatibility and support to use Xbox One Controller have increased. Earlier it was made only for PC gaming. However, after the release of the Xbox One S, Microsoft began equipping its Xbox One controller with Bluetooth radios. You will be happy to hear that it works extremely well with Android phones and their games.

    Most people only use the Bluetooth feature to play music and file transfer in Android, but its capabilities are beyond that. Using the Bluetooth feature of your Android smartphone and tablet, you can connect the Xbox One Controller for playing games, access apps, and even browse the web pages.

    If you are wondering how to connect and use Xbox One Controller to Android using Bluetooth, here, you will know.

    Following are the feature that Xbox One Controller offers to Android phone users:

  • Android phone users can use the Xbox One Controller with Android after pairing it using Bluetooth.
  • After pairing the Xbox One Controller with an Android phone, you can use the Controller to access the Android device.
  • Using the Xbox Controller, you can play mobile games on Android, but this device was not working with every app.
  • How Do I Confirm That My Xbox Controller Has Bluetooth Capability

    The users who want to use their existing controllers with their Android should check whether it has Bluetooth capability or not. The easiest way to know that is by looking at the Controller. If the area around the Xbox button looks the same colour of plastic as the other part of the Controller, it shows Bluetooth enabled. On the other hand, if the Xbox button is present in a separate piece of plastic, it indicates the device does not contain a Bluetooth feature. Look at the below image that helps you to identify whether the Xbox controller contains Bluetooth or not.

    If you are new to this subject, you can take advice from those already using the Xbox Controller. You can search online according to your phone’s compatibility, and you don’t want to spend money on a device that you can’t use.

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    How Do I Pair An Xbox One Controller

    To connect the Xbox controller to your Android phone, turn it on and hold the button on the top of the controller until the light blinks. The controller is in pairing mode when this light blinks rapidly. Now you can use it to play compatible games. If you have an older model Xbox, you can also use the same method to connect the Xbox controller to an older model Android phone. You can pair an Xbox wireless controller with your Android phone if it is compatible with the Bluetooth connection.

    To pair the Xbox One wirelessly with an Android phone, first turn on the controller. Press the Xbox button on the controller. Wait for it to flash three times and then stop. This means the controller is searching for compatible devices. When the Bluetooth connection is established, you will see Xbox Wireless Controller. Turn on your Android phone and youre ready to play. To pair the Xbox One controller with your Android phone, repeat the steps listed above.

    Still Having Trouble Try Fixing Your Xbox Controller

    How to connect Xbox One Controller to an Android Phone

    Now you know the methods to pair your Xbox One controller, or an Xbox Series X|S controller, with any model of Xbox console. It’s not difficult, so if you run into a problem, you may have a physical issue with your controller.

    Try using the controller on a friend’s Xbox if possible. If that doesn’t work, contact Xbox Support about a replacement or hardware repair.

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    The Feature You Need To Connect Your Xbox One Wireless Controller To Iphone

    • To connect the Wireless Xbox One Controller to iPhone, you must upgrade your iPhone to iOS 13.
    • If you upgrade the iPhone to iOS 13, you can easily connect an Xbox One Controller to your iPhone device.

    The steps to pair the Xbox One Controller to your iPhone is quite easy. Below we have mentioned the steps to connect Xbox One to iPhone.

    Put Your Controller In Pairing Mode

    With the Xbox Wireless Controller, including the SCUF Instinct Pro, theres a dedicated button on the top of the controller to pair it to new devices. Press and hold this until you see the Xbox button on the front of the controller start to blink repeatedly. Then give your Android device a second to find the controller, tap it once it does, and let it pair. It should also automatically connect afterwards.

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    How To Connect An Xbox One Controller To Your Iphone

    Before you try to connect your Xbox One to your iPhone, you have to make sure that your Xbox One Controller is Bluetooth enabled. A Bluetooth enabled Xbox Controller has plastic around the Xbox button that looks similar to other parts of the Controller’s colour. While the non-Bluetooth Controller also has plastic that matches the bumpers and right and left buttons.

    If you have an Xbox One Controller containing a Bluetooth feature, follow the below steps to connect it to iPhone.

  • Press and hold the Xbox Controller logo, present at the top centre of the device until the backlight starts blinking. If you are using an Xbox One that is already paired with an Xbox One Console then press on the small button that is present between the Xbox One bumper left and right buttons.
  • Take your iPhone and open the Settings app.
  • Tap on the Bluetooth option, which you find as the first option.
  • Once you reach the Bluetooth menu, you will see a device named “Xbox Wireless Controller.”Also, be sure that your Controller is not paired with any other device otherwise, the Controller will not appear in your iPhone.
  • Tap on the Controller that appears in the Bluetooth list, and the iPhone will ask you if you want to pair to this device. Tap on Pair.
  • If you are done with your Controller and want to disconnect it now, visit the Bluetooth menu again and tap the small “i” icon next to the connected device. After that, click on Disconnect.
  • Connect Xbox One Controller To Android

    Android Basics: How to connect a controller to your Android device
  • Press and hold the Xbox button on your Xbox One controller to turn it on
  • Press and hold the sync button on your Xbox One controller until the Xbox button starts blinking
  • On your Android device go to Settings > Bluetooth & device connection > Bluetooth > Pair new device
  • Locate the Xbox Wireless Controller in the list and tap it to pair
  • Thats all there is to it. The Blinking Xbox button on the controller should now be solid and you should see it listed on your Android phone or tablet or being connected.

    You can now use your Xbox One wireless controller with any Android game with Bluetooth controller compatibility, giving you an edge over the competition.

    Note: this article may contain affiliate links that help support our authors and keep the Phandroid servers running.

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    Does Android Have Xbox One Controller Support

    Google added Xbox One controller support to Android 9 Pie, but as previously stated, the Xbox One controller needs Bluetooth when used with Android. Not all models have this component, especially units that shipped with the original Xbox One console. You can tell a difference by looking at the controllers design.

    The model on the left sports one complete faceplate that extends to the Xbox button and back edge. This model includes a Bluetooth component. On the right, youll see the original Xbox One controller without a Bluetooth component. The faceplate and Xbox button housing are separate.

    In summary, you need to meet three requirements:

    • Android 9 Pie or newer
    • A device with Bluetooth
    • An Xbox Controller with Bluetooth

    Are All Xbox Controllers Compatible

    Is it possible to use an Xbox controller with your Apple Mac? Yes. With the right software, you can connect any Xbox controller with your Mac in minutes. For Mac users, there is no official Microsoft software for this, but there are several free and open-source alternatives. To play games on your Mac, you can use ShockEmu. Its free and open-source, so its a great option for Mac users.

    If your PC is not equipped with Bluetooth, you can use an Xbox Wireless Adapter. This device can pair with your Mac or PC. You can pair it with the Xbox wireless Adapter by pressing and holding the three buttons for 3 seconds. Once connected, you can connect your Xbox wireless controller to your PC. Alternatively, you can use a Bluetooth dongle with your Xbox controller. You can read more about Bluetooth on Microsofts website.

    The latest Xbox Elite Controller is compatible with all Xbox systems. Its D-pad is customizable and the wireless features have been improved. The Elite Controller is compatible with current Xbox One systems as well as with the Xbox Series S and X. It also supports Bluetooth Low Energy, which makes it compatible with iOS devices. You can use Xbox Wireless Radio with your iOS devices. If youre not using your console with your Xbox wireless controller, then you can use Bluetooth Low Energy to connect the Xbox Elite Controller to your phone.

    Learn More Here:

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    Controller Support In Android Isn’t New

    Technically, you can connect any wired controller if your Android device’s USB port supports On-The-Go . Phones and tablets use USB Micro-B and USB-C ports for charging and sending data to and from a connected PC, but OTG adds support for USB-based devices like mice, keyboards, flash drives, and so on.

    Not all devices have OTG connectivity, and theres no good way to find out if your device supports OTG without digging through its product pagewhich typically lists generic informationor installing a questionable app. You also need an adapter connecting the wired controllers USB-A male connector to the Android devices female Micro-B or USB-C port.

    That said, wireless is the way to go. Bluetooth is the norm for all controllers connecting to Android, including the Xbox One controller. Microsoft’s peripheral uses proprietary Wi-Fi technology when it’s connected to the Xbox One and certain PCs, but it switches to Bluetooth for all other devices.

    Download The Xbox App

    How To Connect a Bluetooth Xbox One S Controller to Android Mobile Cell ...

    Before downloading the Xbox app for iOS or Android, youll want to update your smartphone or tablet to the latest version of its operating system. Users of iOS need version 10.3 or higher to run the app. Microsoft recommends Android users have version 4.4 or higher. Once updated, head over to either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and enter Xbox in the search field to locate the app.

    Tap the Install button to begin downloading the app to your smartphone or tablet, and launch it once its installed. Then, sign in to your Xbox account when prompted.

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    How To Connect Xbox Controller To Pc Via Usb Cable

    The most clear approach to connect your Xbox regulator and PC is with a miniature USB link . Just attachment the thin end into your Xbox One regulator and the opposite end into a USB port on your PC. Hit the Xbox button to turn the regulator on the off chance that it doesnt do as such all alone.

    On Windows 10, your PC ought to perceive the regulator quickly. On prior renditions of Windows, the OS ought to automatically download drivers and your regulator will be prepared shortly.

    Note that in any event, when connected to a PC, the batteries in your Xbox regulator will deplete. We suggest getting the Xbox One Play and Charge Kit to give your regulator re-energizing capacities. With it, your regulator will charge when connected to your PC, wiping out battery life concerns.

    At the point when you need to disconnect your Xbox regulator from the PC, simply turn off it. It might streak for a couple of moments as its searching for different gadgets, however it will wind down after a short time.

    How To Reconnect Your Xbox Controller To Your Console

    When utilizing your Xbox regulator remotely, you can Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One Controller. The regulator by holding the Xbox button on it for around five seconds. At the point when the light goes out, the regulator is off.

    Remember that if your Xbox regulator is now matched to your control center, squeezing. The Xbox button will turn the framework on. You should in any case have the option to match it remotely utilizing both of the techniques above. Youll most likely need to wind down your control center after you do as such .

    After you connect your Xbox regulator to a PC utilizing any strategy above. Youll need to re-pair the regulator with your Xbox next time you need to utilize it there. To do this with the wired technique, connect the regulator to your Xbox. A USB link, then, at that point press the Xbox button to combine.

    To match the regulator remotely, press the blending button on the framework. Its to the left of the circle plate on the first Xbox One, and at the bottom-right of the front board. Under the force button on the Connect Phone Internet to Xbox One with USB. On Xbox Series S|X, its close to the USB port at the front of the framework.

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    How To Connect Xbox One Controllers To Iphone

    If you are interested in understanding how to connect xbox one controller to iphone, so I think I have good news for you: if you have the joystick “variant” with Bluetooth connectivity and your iPhone operating system is updated to iOS 13 Or later, you can pair the devices very easily, using the “classic” Bluetooth pairing procedure provided by the system. I will immediately explain how to do it.

    First, take the Xbox One controller, turn it on by pressing the appropriate button power button and press the connection button )) ) to put the controller in pairing mode.

    Once done, grab your iPhone, tap on the icon configurations located on the phone’s home screen and, when you get to the next screen, access the section Bluetooth and check that the lever of the same name is in EN, otherwise you do it.

    At this point, wait a few moments for the controller to appear in the list of devices detected, therefore, tap on your First name and that’s it: after a few moments, the controller should be successfully paired with the phone at the same time, your name will appear on the list My devices from iOS.

    As things currently stand, it is not possible to “control” iOS using the Xbox pad , however it is possible to use the latter in some games designed to take advantage of this possibility, such as Asphalt 9: Legends.

    Connect Your Xbox Controller To Android Devices In 3 Simple Steps

    How to Connect an Xbox One Controller to your Android Phone

    The tutorial works for wireless Xbox One and Xbox Series controllers, and after you are done using the controller with your Android device, you can sync the controller back to your console in a few simple taps too.

    Keep in mind that not all games support controller input, but the best use case for the controller will be cloud gaming and compatible games such as Rocket League Sideswipe or Dead Cells.

    To start, grab your Xbox controller and hold down the sync button at the top of the controller .

    The Xbox button at the top center of the controller will begin flashing rapidly. This means the device is in pairing mode. Open your phones Bluetooth menu and pair it like a normal Bluetooth device by tapping on Pair new device.

    Select the controller in Available devices. You will be prompted to tap on Pair to complete the process. Doing so will immediately connect your controller to your Android device.

    Once paired, you will see the controller connected to your phone. Now you are free to use the controller on your phone and use it with compatible games.

    When you want to stop using the controller, go back to your Bluetooth menu, tap on the controller, and tap on disconnect. This will immediately power off the controller.

    When you want to connect to the controller again, just press the Xbox button and it will automatically sync to the last connected device, but you need to select it from the Bluetooth menu.

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