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How To Connect Xbox One Controller To Windows 10

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How to connect Xbox One controller to PC – Windows 10 tutorial

Windows 10 has built-in drivers that let you use an Xbox One controller within games, but what about using an Xbox One controller all the time? It’s a great alternative to a mouse if you use your PC as an entertainment center in your living room, and while not as accurate, it does a good job.

There are several programs you can use that will give you the ability to use your Xbox One controller all the time, but we chose Gopher360. It’s free, it’s simple, and it’s functional. Here’s how to set it up.

How To Connect An Xbox Wireless Controller To A Pc

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The Xbox Wireless Controller, which ships with Xbox Series X|S consoles, can also be used with Windows 10 PCs for gaming. Heres how to connect the Xbox Wireless Controller to your PC.

Using A Wired Xbox One Controller On A Pc

The wired controller is the easiest to get working with a PC. The controller comes with a USB cable for charging, so all you need do is plug one end into your PC and the other into the controller. If you are using Windows 10, it should automatically detect the controller and ready it for use.

My Windows 10 installation downloaded and installed the drivers automatically. It took care of everything and the controller was ready in a few seconds. Thats because Windows 10 has the Xbox drivers installed as part of the Xbox accessories app.

If you use Windows 8, you will need to manually update the Device Manager.

  • Connect your Xbox One controller to your PC and let it be detected by Windows.
  • Right click the Windows Start button and select Device Manager.
  • Navigate to the Microsoft Xbox One controller entry.
  • Right-click, select Update Driver Software and let Windows automatically download and install the drivers.
  • If everything goes according to plan, then you should be good to start playing without any further fuss. But if automatic download doesnt work, Techspot has the drivers for manual install.

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    How To Use Your Xbox Series X Controller On Pc Via Bluetooth

    Using a Bluetooth connection for your controller eliminates any worries of being tangled or tethered with a cord. You’ll have to keep an eye on the battery life, though.

    • Turn on your Xbox controller by holding down the Xbox button.
    • Press the Pairing button to begin the Bluetooth pairing process.
    • Press the Start button on your PC.
    • Then select Settings, then Devices, then Bluetooth & other devices.
    • Turn on Bluetooth.
    • Select Add Bluetooth or other device.
    • Select Xbox Wireless Controller.

    If your PC doesn’t support Bluetooth, you can add support with a Bluetooth dongle like the Techkey that’ll connect via USB.

    How To Set Up Your Xbox One Controller With Windows 10

    How to use an Xbox One controller with a small Windows 10 tablet ...

    Microsoft has made it very easy to use an Xbox controller on Windows 10. We show you how to connect and configure it.

    Some computer games are best played with a controller. One of the best controllers you can buy is the Xbox One controller from Microsoft, which you can use with ease on Windows 10.

    Whether you want to use a cable or go wireless, it’s incredibly simple to connect your controller and jump into a game. We’ll walk you through all the different ways that you can connect your Xbox One controller to your computer and how to configure it to your liking.

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    Way : Using A Wireless Adapter To Connect Your Xbox One Controller To Pc

    Besides USB connection, if you use a wireless controller, you can connect the controller to your PC with a Xbox wireless adapter.

    Follow these steps

  • Plug a Xbox wireless adapter into your PC. Then press the button on the edge. The Windows will install the Xbox One controller driver automatically for you.
  • Make sure there are batteries in your controller. Press the Xbox button to turn on your controller.
  • Press the controller bind button on the top of your controller. The LED lights on your controller and adapter will blink a few times. Once the lights go solid, your controller is connecting to your Windows.
  • Now you can enjoy video games with your controller.

    Troubleshoot A Faulty Xbox One Controller

    Microsoft designed specific gaming features for Windows 10 with the aim to better tie the operating system into the Xbox platform. That’s why your controller should just work out of the box without any messing around.

    However, you might still encounter issues with your Xbox One controller. If that’s the case, learn how to fix a broken Xbox One controller.

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    How To Connect Xbox One Controller

    Xbox wireless controllers have a mostly automatic pairing method. They allow you to play without cables, therefore you can sit farther away from the console.

    They use regular AAA batteries, though, so you cant charge them. However, Xbox sells some extra kits to enable the feature. Some pricier controllers also come with rechargeable batteries.

    Regardless, you may have a new controller, eager to sync into your Xbox One. Alternatively, you may want to pair your peripheral on your friends console. In any case, its not a difficult task.

    How To Connect An Xbox Wireless Controller To A Pc Through Bluetooth

    [How To] Connect Xbox One Controller To PC On Windows 10 Tutorial

    If youd rather avoid cable clutter and make sure that the Xbox Wireless Controller lives up to its name, you can connect it to your Windows 10 PC using Bluetooth.

    To do so, first, open the Start menu on your computer and click the gear icon to open Settings.

    In Settings, click Devices.

    In Devices, make sure that youre on the Bluetooth & Other Devices page, and then click Add Bluetooth or other device.

    In the Add a Device window that appears, select Bluetooth.

    Next, put your Xbox Wireless Controller in pairing mode. First, power up the controller by pressing and holding the Xbox button.

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    Once the button lights up, hold the pairing button for a few seconds until the Xbox logo blinks rapidly.

    On your computer, click Xbox Wireless Controller when it appears in theAdd a Device list.

    Congratulations! Your Xbox Wireless Controller is now connected to your PC.

    Select Done to finish the process.

    You will have to take extra steps to turn off your Xbox controller when youre done playing, though.

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    Using Your Xbox One Controller

    Using a wired Xbox One controller on PC is as simple as it gets, if you don’t mind a tether. Plug your micro-USB cable into the controller and into a USB port on your PC. Windows should install the necessary driver, the Xbox Guide button in the center will light up, and you’re in business!

    Windows version note: On Windows 10, you can connect up to eight Xbox One controllers, while on Windows 7 and Windows 8, you can connect up to four. On Windows 10, you can only have four controllers connected if you also connect an Xbox chat headset to the controller or two with the stereo headset. Audio throughput isn’t supported on Windows 7 and 8.

    Troubleshooting note: the vast majority of micro-USB cables carry data no problem, but some manufacturers cheap out and produce cables that can only charge. If you’re using a random USB cable from a drawer and having trouble, try a different one.

    How To Sync An Xbox One Controller To A Pc

    The Xbox One controller is also a great way to play games on a PC. If you want to connect an Xbox One controller to your computer, the process will depend on how old the controller is.

    Older Xbox One controllers require a special USB dongle. You can buy the dongle separately, and it also comes packaged with some Xbox One controllers.

    To connect one of these controllers:

  • Insert the USB dongle into a USB port on your computer.
  • Turn on your Xbox One controller by pressing the Xboxbutton.
  • Press and release the connect button on the dongle.
  • Press and hold the connect button on your controller, and release it when the Xbox button stops flashing.
  • Newer Xbox One controllers can connect to a PC using the dongle or Bluetooth. To connect an Xbox One controller to your PC using Bluetooth:

  • Make sure you are running Windows 10 Anniversary Update on your PC. If you aren’t, then you can’t connect your controller via Bluetooth.Check out our guide to figuring out which version of Windows you have if you aren’t sure.
  • Turn on your Xbox One controller by pushing the Xboxbutton.
  • Press the connect button on your controller for three seconds and then release it.
  • On your computer, click Start> Settings> Devices> Bluetooth & other devices.
  • Make sure that your computer has Bluetooth enabled.
  • Click Xbox Wireless Controller> Pair.
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    If You Have An Older Xbox One Wireless Controller

    If you are one of the people without one of the Bluetooth equipped Xbox controllers, or you have a PC without Bluetooth, you’re going to need the Xbox wireless adapter. It’s a proprietary dongle Microsoft makes that pairs to the controller using a dedicated wireless connection.


    Once you have one of those adapters, you simply plug it in to a spare USB port on your Windows laptop or desktop, and then press and hold the pairing button on the side until the light starts blinking.

    Now you switch on your Xbox controller by pressing the central home button, and then press and hold the pairing button on the top edge until that big ‘X’ starts flashing.

    At this point the wireless adapter and your control pad should find each other automatically, and then after a few seconds they’ll connect and the lights will become constant and stop blinking on both devices.

    Connect Your Xbox Controller To Pc With Bluetooth

    Custom Controllers for Xbox One, 360, PS4

    Pairing the Xbox controller with your PC over Bluetooth is almost the same as pairing it with your Xbox One or Xbox Series. You activate the controller by holding down the Guide button, then hold the Pairing button for three seconds until the Guide button flashes. This means it’s in pairing mode. If you’re connecting the controller to a console, you hold the Pairing button on the system itself. If you’re connecting the controller to a Windows 10 PC, you need to go through some menus. You also need a Bluetooth USB dongle if your PC doesn’t have Bluetooth. Here’s the full step-by-step process:

  • Hold the Guide button to turn on the controller.

  • Hold the Pairing button for three seconds until the Guide button flashes.

  • Right-click the Bluetooth icon in your system tray.

  • You can now use the Xbox Wireless Gamepad with your PC, and play the vast majority of modern games that support controllers. However, you can’t use the headset jack on the gamepad, just like Sony’s DualShock 4 and DualSense controllers. Although you can use a wired gaming headset with a controller and its associated game system, audio isn’t sent through the jack when it’s connected to a PC via Bluetooth.

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    Use The Xbox Wireless Protocol

    Lastly, you can use Microsofts Xbox Wireless protocol, which comes with Windows 10 and 11 PCs. However, your PC may not have it, so you may need to buy an Xbox Wireless Adapter, and plug it into a USB port.

    Herere the steps:

  • Turn on your PC and sign in to your account
  • Plug the Xbox Wireless Adapter on the PC
  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to turn it on. Wait until the lights begin flashing.
  • Press and hold its Pair button, until you see a light begins flashing. It will connect automatically to the Wireless Adapter, and when it happens, the controller will stay lit.
  • If your computer already has the Xbox drivers it needs, you could do as follow:

  • Turn on your PC and sign in to your account
  • Go to Bluetooth and other devices
  • Click on the Add button
  • Click on Everything Else
  • Turn on your controller by pressing its Xbox button
  • Press and hold the Pair button, until the light begins flashing rapidly.
  • Check your PC. It should find your Xbox Wireless Controller. Select it to finish the process. The controllers light will stay lit when it does.
  • Lastly, if your controller is old, though, you may find it drifts as you play. You can calibrate it with Windows, or with Steam.

    Connect A Wired Xbox 360 Controller To A Windows Pc

    If you are using a Xbox 360 wired controller, you can follow these steps to install your Xbox 360 wired controller on Windows 10.

    Step 1. Plug the USB connector of your Xbox 360 controller into any USB 2.0 or 3.0 port on your Windows PC.

    Step 2. Then Windows 10 will automatically install drivers for the Xbox 360 controller. Just wait patiently and Windows will download or install the related driver software very quickly.

    Step 3. When you see the pop-up notification that shows the drivers have been installed, you can use your controller immediately.

    Step 4. Open a game that support your controller and then press a button, pull a trigger, or move a stick on the controller to test if your controller works properly.


    • If the Xbox 360 wired controller is not detected by your Windows PC, try re-plugging it into a different USB port, and then try again.
    • If your controller still does not work, try installing latest Windows updates and then try again.

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    Turn On Your Xbox One Controller

    Turn on your Xbox One controller by pressing on the Xboxbutton, which is located on the front of the controller, in the center, near the top. The button will illuminate when the controller is on.

    If the button doesn’t illuminate, make sure that you have batteries in the controller. If you don’t have batteries, then proceed to step six for information about connecting an Xbox One controller via USB.

    Bluetooth Xbox One Controller

    How To Connect Xbox One Controller To Windows 10 PC or Laptop Tutorial

    If you have the latest Xbox One controller, you may have Bluetooth capability. If thats the case and your PC has a Bluetooth dongle or controller, you can use that to pair the two if you wish.

    To get it working:

  • Turn on your Xbox One controller and place it close to your PC.
  • Open the Start menu and click on Settings.
  • Then, click on Devices.
  • Enable Bluetooth and wait for Windows to load the dependencies.
  • Press the Bind button at the top of the controller.
  • When the controller appears in the list of Devices, select Pair.
  • The process is quite painless, considering this is Microsoft we are talking about. As long as your PC is running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and has a functioning Bluetooth controller, it should be simple to connect the two devices.

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    Connect An Xbox Controller To Your Pc Easily

    You have plenty of options for connecting an Xbox One or Xbox Series S|X controller to your PC. Whether you want to connect with a USB cable for the simplest option or prefer to connect wirelessly with Bluetooth, now you understand the available methods.

    Meanwhile, a Windows PC isn’t the only device you can connect an Xbox controller to.

    Solution : Windows Update

    Sometimes you fail to connect the controller to your PC because you are missing some updates especially when there is Windows 10 Anniversary Update available. Windows Update not only updates your system but your drivers.

    For this method, you can go Settings> Update & security> Windows Update> Check for updates.

    After the process is completed, connect your controller to PC again to check if the controller works well now.

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    How To Connect Your Xbox One Controller To A Pc Via Usb

    1. Grab your Xbox One wireless controller and connect a micro-USB charging cable into the top of the device.

    2. Take the other end of the USB charging cable and plug it into your Windows 10 PC or laptop.

    Your PC should configure the controller automatically.

    You can connect up to eight Xbox Wireless Controllers simultaneously with USB charging cables. If you have Xbox Chat Headsets attached, you can only connect up to four controllers at a time. You can only connect two controllers at a time if the controllers use Stereo Headsets.

    Using An Xbox Series X Or S Controller On A Pc

    How to connect Xbox One Controller to PC Windows 10 via USB cable ...

    Like the Xbox One controller before it, the Xbox Series X or S controller is fully compatible with Windows. That means you can plug your Xbox Series X or S controller into your Windows 10 PC with a USB-C cable or pair it with Bluetooth and start playing right away. The process is no more difficult than connecting a controller to your Xbox Series X or S, and the controller works natively without the need to download any additional software.

    The Xbox Series X or S controller supports two connection formats: USB-C and Bluetooth. Unlike the Xbox One controller that it resembles, it doesnt work with or require a special USB dongle. If your computer has a USB port or supports Bluetooth, you can connect your controller.

    Here are the benefits and drawbacks of each connection method:

    • USB-C: This method requires a physical USB-C cable. One end needs to be USB-C, and the other end can have a USB-A or USB-C connector depending on what type of port is available on your PC. You get a solid connection and your controller doesnt need batteries, but you need to deal with a physical cable the whole time.
    • Bluetooth: This method requires your PC to support Bluetooth. If it doesnt, you can add a Bluetooth dongle and connect that way. Bluetooth is convenient since its wireless, but the connection may drop if theres a lot of interference. You also need to put batteries in your controller.

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