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How To Connect Xbox Controller To Nintendo Switch

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How To Connect The Switch Pro Controller Using Steam

How to use a Xbox 360 Controller on the Nintendo Switch

The Steam client now officially supports the Switch Pro Controller, with it previously only being available in the beta client. This gives you the ability to use it with all of your PC games and even remap its buttons, should you see fit.

Step 1: Head to the Controller Settings;menu in Steam. From here, you can check support for the Switch Pro Controller and enable the Use Nintendo button layout;option, which changes all your games button prompts to match the Pro Controller. If you leave this unchecked, the A/B and X/Y buttons will be swapped, like they are on the Xbox One.

Step 2: Next, plug in your Switch Pro Controller with a USB cable and youll be asked to register it, as well as calibrate the built-in gyro sensor for motion control in certain games.

Step 3: Once youve done that, select controller configuration and you can set the function of every button and stick on the controller, make preset configurations for certain games, or choose a community members own configuration by pressing the X button. If you like, you can even bind the gyro sensor to a particular function, which could enable you to be nearly as accurate as mouse-and-keyboard players in certain games.

Use The Xbox Controller With Nintendo Switch Wireless Connection Mode

  • Plug in the 8 bit Do dongle into one of the Switch Docks USB ports.
  • press the button on the end of the adapter to make the little red light flash faster. This switches you to pairing mode.

  • Activate your Xbox controller by holding down the Xbox icon.
  • Press and hold the pairing button on the top of the controller. You will know that it has worked when the Xbox symbol starts blinking.

  • Place the Xbox controller near the adapter and wait for them to pair. Once the Xbox symbol and the light on the adapter are solid, you will know that they have been paired.

  • Im sure Nintendo never intended for us to do things like use an Xbox controller with a Switch. However, fortunately for us, we live in a wonderful modern world where third parties help us with adapters to solve many of the little problems in games.

    Use Xbox Controller With Nintendo Switch Wireless Tabletop Mode

    This method works for the Switch Lite as well as the Nintendo Switch in tabletop mode.

    Note: If you’re going to play in tabletop mode it really helps to have a Nintendo Switch stand handy so that the cable can get plugged into the bottom of the console without issue. In this guide, I’m using the Hori Compact Playstand.

  • Insert the 8BitDo’s included USB-C cable into the bottom of the Nintendo Switch console.
  • Insert the 8BitDo adapter into the USB-C cable’s USB port.

  • Make sure that the Switch is turned on and then press the button on the end of the adapter to enter pairing mode. You’ll know you’re in the right mode cause the light will blink quickly.
  • Awaken the Xbox Controller by pressing the power button.

  • Hold down the Xbox Controller’s pairing button. You’ll know it’s entered pairing mode when the Xbox icon flashes.
  • Now place the Xbox controller near the adapter and wait for them to pair. Once their lights stop flashing, you’re good to play.

  • Now you’re good to start playing any of your favorite Nintendo Switch games with an Xbox controller. If you specifically want help using the Xbox controller in docked mode, continue reading.

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    How To Connect A Switch Pro Controller To A Pc With A Wired Connection

    If you want to use a cable to connect your controller to the PC, follow these steps:

  • Plug your Pro Controller cable into the controller. You can use any USB-A-to-USB-C cable or USB-C-to-USB-C cable if your computer has a USB-C port.
  • Plug the other end of the cable into your computer.
  • Thats it. This is the easiest way of connecting your controller to a PC. It will be detected as Pro Controller.

    A Few More Tips About Using Nintendo Switch Pro Controller On Pc With Rewasd

    Xbox One Controllers working on Nintendo Switch

    Let’s get back to the beginning of this article. It was mentioned above that reWASD is a gamepad mapper with pretty exciting features. So, it doesnt only let you use Nintendo Switch Pro controller on PC but also helps improve your gaming experience.

    Long story short. With reWASD, you can add difficult combos; enable turbo or toggle mode for any button; add more mappings with Shift configurations and Shortcut functionality. You can enable Rumble, swap gamepad buttons or adjust the sensitivity of mouse mapped to analog and digital controls. You can do almost anything you may imagine. And if you dont believe us, you just need to try 🙂

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    Wirelessly Connect Your Switch Pro Controller To Your Pc

    It’s also easy, but you need to buy an adapter or have Bluetooth on your computer.

      • Once you have charged the Pro Controller, you can press and hold the Sync button on the top of the controller for a few seconds until the indicator lights begin to flash.
      • Right-click the Bluetooth icon in the system tray.
      • To add a Bluetooth device, click “Add Bluetooth Device.”
      • Ensure that the Pro Controller appears on the list of available devices . Pair the controller by clicking it.
    • Once Steam is set up, you can begin using it.

    Can You Use An Xbox One Controller On The Nintendo Switch

    Once my new Xbox One controller arrived another question came to mind.

    Could I use my new Xbox One controller with the Switch?

    I know a lot of avid Nintendo Switch gamers have issues with how small Joy-Con controllers are, and the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, which is a better gamepad to use with Switch, can be pricey.

    So, if you already have an Xbox One or managed to get your hands on the new Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X, youll be happy to know you can use Xbox controllers with the Nintendo Switch.

    To do this, however, youll need to purchase the Mayflash Magic-NS Wireless Bluetooth Controller Adapter or any other third-party controllers adapter.

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    Connect The Nintendo Switch Joy

    Lets find out how to connect a;Joy-Con;to your;Mac.;It must be immediately clarified that by connecting two joysticks they will not be usable by a single user as a single device, as happens in the Nintendo console, but by two gamers.

    To connect the controller we follow these steps:

    • Initially, to make sure that the controllers are not yet connected to the Nintendo Switch, you will need to;turn off;the console;
    • Remove one or both Joy-Con, like when you want to play more freely with your Switch;
    • Look for the ;Synchronize;;button on the flat side of the joystick, ie the small, round and black one;
    • Hold the button down for a few seconds, until the green light starts flashing;
    • Now move to your Mac and, in the high bar, click on the ;Bluetooth;;symbol;:
    • Now click on ;Open Bluetooth Preferences;;
    • In this screen you will find the list of available devices, including Joy-Con;
    • Click on the ;Associate;;button, located next to the corresponding device;

    In a few seconds, the connected device will automatically move to the top: this will reveal that the Joy-Con has finally been connected to your Mac.

    Nintendo Switch Controller Adapters

    How to connect Xbox One controller to the Nintendo Switch (With Adapter)

    While the Nintendo Switch has Bluetooth capabilities, you need a special adapter to connect third-party peripherals. The Mayflash Magic-NS Wireless Controller Adapter is a versatile tool compatible with many consoles, so it’s a worthwhile investment if you have a lot of old peripherals.

    Other options include the 8Bitdo, which also supports Wii remotes and DualShock 3 controllers. Considering the high price tag of the Switch Pro Controller, a $20 adapter is preferable if you already have units for other systems. Just make sure it’s compatible with the Switch.

    You can only connect one controller per adapter, so you’ll need two adapters to use multiple peripherals.

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    How To Connect A Usb Controller To A Switch

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    The Nintendo Switch is a popular gaming platform, but what if you need a controller? This wikiHow will teach you how to connect a USB controller to your Switch.

    Prepare The Mayflash Magic Ns On Nintendo Switch

  • First, plug in the Mayflash Magic NS into one of the Switch’s USB ports.

  • Note: You can also connect it to the bottom of the Nintendo Switch in portable mode using the included dongle.
  • On your Switch, navigate to the settings menu at the bottom of the home screen.
  • Go down to Controllers and sensors and enable Pro Controller Wired Communication.

  • Go back and now select Change Grip/Order.
  • Make sure that your Nintendo Switch Joycon controllers are mapped into one controller by pressing down on both triggers, as seen here.

  • These steps seem to help the Mayflash Magic NS circumvent some issues with pairing.

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    How To Connect A Switch Pro Controller To A Pc With A Wireless Connection

  • Make sure the Bluetooth on your computer is turned on. You can do this by opening the Start menu. Navigate to Settings, then Devices, and select Bluetooth.
  • Tap the Add Bluetooth or other devices button.
  • Hold the Sync button on your controller until the lights start flashing. You can find this button at the top of your controller.
  • Look for Pro Controller in the Bluetooth menu on your computer.
  • Select the pairing option.
  • How To Use An Xbox Controller On Switch

    You Can Use the Xbox Adaptive Controller on Nintendo Switch

    The steps for using an Xbox One controller with the Switch are the same as setting up a PS4 controller. Hold down the pairing button on the Xbox One controller as you press the button on the adapter until the Xbox LED light starts flashing.

    The buttons on the Xbox One controller are analogous to the Switch Pro. The only major difference is that you must press View+Menu to capture a screenshot.

    The Mayflash Magic-NS adapter comes packaged with a button-mapping guide and stickers that you can place over your non-Switch controllers.

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    Check If Your Controller Is Compatible

    Use the documentation in this section to find your controller. This documentation includes icons to describe which features from your controller are available on Shadow. Refer to the table below.

    This controller has rumble support and will vibrate
    ;This controller has haptic feedback and will simulate this technology
    The controller can be connected via a wired USB
    The controller can be connected via a wireless USB adapter if offered by the manufacturer
    The controller can be paired via Bluetooth, without a wireless USB adapter

    What To Do With Non

    Using the methods discussed above, you can easily use a switch pro controller with your pc, but it only works with steam games. But what if you want to play a non-steam game using a switch pro controller? What will you do now? The switch pro controller hardware support will run out of luck in this scenario.

    The main problem here now is how windows will detect your switch pro controller now if you want to play non-steam games. Luckily there are two simple solutions for this problem.

    Solution1: The first solution is to use an external Bluetooth adapter that is specifically designed for different types of gamepads. You will find plenty of them out there for switch pro controllers.

    Solution2: The second method is to use a software-based XInput Wrapper. There is plenty of software out there that provides this functionality. Just configure your switch pro controller with them, and you can easily use it on non-steam games.

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    What Controllers Can You Connect To Iphone

    Connect a wireless game controller to your Apple device

    • Xbox Wireless Controller with Bluetooth
    • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2.
    • Xbox Adaptive Controller.
    • Xbox Wireless Controller Series S and Series X.
    • PlayStation DualShock 4 Wireless Controller.
    • PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless Controller.
    • Other MFi Bluetooth controllers.

    How To Connect The Switch Pro Controller Via Bluetooth

    How to Use Xbox One / 360 Controllers on the Nintendo Switch

    If you arent using Steam, you can also connect the Pro Controller directly to your Windows or MacOS machine via Bluetooth. This way is a little trickier than connecting via USB, so we only reserving this method for when you plan to use the Pro Controller with games on a different platform, such as EA Origin, Ubisofts UPlay store, and Battle.Net.

    Just like with the Joy-Con controllers, youre going to use;Bluetooth to connect the Pro Controller to a desktop PC or an alternative device. The steps are essentially the same as connecting the Joy-Cons, so check the bullet points above for the exact method. The sync button for the Pro Controller is located at the top of the controller, directly to the left of the USB-C plug.

    The Pro Controller should prove more viable for a wider range of games than the Joy-Cons, namely because it touts a more traditional layout, although its not compatible with everything. Thats due to the controller APIs in use; the Pro Controller apparently uses DirectInput, rather than the newer API XInput, making it incompatible with many newer games.

    One method to get around this is to download the freeware program x360ce, which translates DirectInput commands for XInput games. It was specifically designed for Xbox 360 controllers, so x360ce does recognize the Switch Pro Controller.

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    Can You Connect A Switch Pro Controller To Pc

    Plug your Switch Pro controller into the PC with a USB cable. You should be able to use the USB-A to USB-C cable that came with the controller, or you can use a USB-C to USB-C cable, if your PC has the appropriate port. Within a few seconds, Windows 10 should pop up with a new connected device: Pro Controller.

    How To Connect The Xbox One Controller To The Nintendo Switch

    You can hook up the Xbox One controller to the Nintendo Switch when the console is docked or in tablet mode.

    To do it in tablet mode follow these steps:

    1: Place the Nintendo Switch in tablet mode.

    2: The Mayflash Magic-NS Wireless Bluetooth Controller Adapter comes with a USB-C cable. Insert this cable into the Nintendo Switch USB port at the bottom of the console.;

    3: Plug the other end of the USB cable into the Mayflash Magic-NS Wireless Adapter.

    4: On the side of the Mayflash Magic-NS Adapter is a small black button. Pressing this button for a few seconds will change modes on the adapter. The adapters various modes are indicated by a different color. If you have the original Nintendo Switch press the black button until the Red LED lights up. If you have the newer Switch with extended battery life, wait for the Purple light.

    5: Once the adapter is in the correct mode for your Switch, quickly press and release the black button. This will make the LED light flash faster, and the adapter will enter pairing mode.

    6: Take the Xbox One controller and press its home button to wake the controller.

    7: Move close to the Nintendo Switch.At the top of the Xbox One controller press the small button to pair the controller to the adapter. When you press the button the controllers home button will flash. Hold the controller until the home button stops flashing.

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    How To Sync An Xbox One Controller With Your Console

    Making your Xbox One controllers work with your game console is a little different than just plugging them in, like in the old days. Luckily, console makers have made syncing wireless controllers relatively easy.

    That doesnt mean there arent issues with wireless controllers, though. On the Xbox One, syncing is easy, but there are lots of ways to troubleshoot if any problems arise with your Xbox wireless controller. Heres what you need to know to sync your Xbox One with your controllers and deal with any problems that might come up. If you want to sync your Xbox controller to PC;instead, we have a guide for that, too.

    How Do I Connect My Headphones To My Nintendo Switch Controller

    Use an Xbox controller on your Nintendo Switch.

    Get a Bluetooth transmitter with an audio-in jack. You can connect this type of transmitter to the Switch using a 3.5mm to 3.5mm AUX cable and then pair your headphones to the transmitter. Click here for a list of headphones that are confirmed to work with the Switch, as well headphones that definitely dont work.

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    Make The Virtual Xbox 360 Controller Your Default Gamepad

    Simply running BetterJoyForCemu will get the Pro Controller working in many games, but it doesnt cover all of them. Older titles, as well as certain ones that automatically detect game controllers, sometimes use the Pro Controller profile, not the Xbox 360 profile. In those cases, the fake button presses prevent you from getting to the games setting menus to switch the controller profile. Its a mess.

    The solution? In the Game Controllers control panel, click on Advanced, then make the fake Xbox 360 controller your preferred device.

    Thats all there is to it. You should be able to use your Switch Pro Controller with any game on your PC and all of the buttons should work just fine.

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