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How To Connect Xbox Controller To Cod Mobile

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New Cod: Mobile Season 9 Weapons

How to connect an Xbox Controller to Call of Duty Mobile on Android

Call of Duty fans will be quick to recognize Nightmares new weapons, with CoD Mobile Season 9 bringing the Thumper and the Swordfish.

The Thumper Grenade Launcher has featured in several Call of Duty games and is sure to be a powerful addition to the new season.

And Black Ops 4 players will recognize the Swordfish, a four-round burst Tactical Rifle thats low recoil allowed it to chew through enemies with ease.

New Cod: Mobile Season 9 Tactical Weapon Operator Skill & Br Class

CoD: Mobile Season 9 also brings a new Tactical Weapon, Operator Skill, and Battle Royale Class.

Your enemies wont see this one coming! New tactical weapon Flash Drone, coming to #CODMobile in the next new season as a part of a Seasonal Challenge!

Call of Duty: Mobile

The Flash Drone Tactical Weapon acts as a long-range flashbang. Players take charge of a drone that will completely blind enemies it comes into contact with. Devs said that it can be released at a distance of about 15 meters and has a range of about 20 meters.

The new Operator Skill, TAK-5, is set to be a game-changing addition to multiplayer. The TAK-5 immediately heals the full team, including the player, to full health. And not only that, but each player gets an additional 50 health.

Better vertical = more advantage! Take flight in the new Battle Royale class, Pumped, coming as a part of the next new season in #CODMobile.

Call of Duty: Mobile

And finally, CoD: Mobiles battle royale gets the new Pumped class. This gives players a small jetpack that allows players to jump higher and even double jump. Plus, weapons are more accurate while in the air.

How To Connect A Controller With Cod Mobile On Ios

  • Pull down the notification shade and long-press the Bluetooth icon to access Bluetooth settings.
  • Enable pairing on your controller. This is done by holding the Share and PS button at the same time on a PS4 controller, or the Xbox and sync button on an Xbox One controller.
  • Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device .
  • Within Bluetooth settings, locate wireless controller and connect to that device.
  • Open Call of Duty: Mobile and enable Allow to use controller in the Controller settings menu .
  • Set and modify your controls for each game type.

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Why Wont My Xbox 360 Controller Connect

This may mean one of the following: The Xbox 360 Wireless Controller batteries are weak, or the Xbox 360 Rechargeable Battery Pack needs recharging. Another wireless device, such as a microwave oven, a cordless phone, or a wireless router, is causing interference. Four controllers are already connected to the console.

How To Play Mobile Cod With A Controller

How to connect Controller with COD Mobile (Dualshock and Xbox)

is a very popular game. Whether on Playstation or via Microsoft, its universe is well known to all and offers multiple gameplay possibilities. Little by little, this FPS has been able to integrate new features, especially with the release of the COD Android and iOS versions in the fall of 2019. The mix between the FPS and the MOBA system on mobile phones can, however, be very complex for some players. It’s true that the touch controls of our mobile COD have displeased many users, either because of the lack of accuracy of the shots, or because of some flaws observed in the movements . As we all know, you love to play joystick games on a smartphone! Today, we explain very simply how to play joystick on Call of Duty mobile. Follow the guide!

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How To Play Cod Mobile On Pc With A Controller

If you want to get an edge over others in COD Mobile, you can hook up a controller with your phone and step up your game. Having an external controller means your hands don’t obstruct the screen to access the controls, and hence you’ll have a better field of view.

If you’ve ever played any game on console, you’ll feel right at home while playing COD Mobile with an external controller.


Multiplayer Mode And Survival Mode

CR-56 AMAX :

  • Reduced the range, the first range was adjusted from 36M to 30M, and the second range was adjusted from 51M to 42.5M
  • Reduced the damage on the upper arm from 62 to 48
  • Slightly increased vertical recoil.
  • Increased the basic movement speed of the base gun from 0.6 to 0.65
  • Increased the reload speed of the base gun from 3 to 2.5
  • Increased the basic bullet velocity of the multiplayer mode from 600 to 900
  • Heavy long barrel Reduced the movement speed penalty from 4% to -2%
  • 300 RTC-30 rounds magazine: Replaced the bullet speed increasing effect with a silencer effect ADS speed -8% -3%
  • 300 RTC-double-row 40 rounds magazine: Replaced bullet speed increasing effect with silence effect added bomb reload speed +10% movement speed -2% -1%
  • Fixed the issue of BSA Mod not working in Battle Royale.


  • Reduce the horizontal recoil of the base Gun
  • Reduced hip fire spread of the base gun from 0.08 to 0.06, reduce the minimum 0.15 to 0.14
  • Increase the damage of the upper body: Arm 26 increased to 28 Chest 28 increased to 31 Head 31 increased to 33
  • Ranger Long Barrel: Horizontal recoil force increased from -3.2% to -6%
  • Strike Stock: Horizontal recoil force increased from -3.2% Increased to -6%


  • Increased base gun damage range from 10m to 14m.



  • Adjusted the recoil of the base gun to make it more controllable during continuous firing

Perk Disabled:

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Configuring Your Controller Settings

Starting out to configure your controller in the best possible ways, familiarise yourself with the key mapping under Controller > Key Description. Here youll be able to say all the binds that are currently set as default.

Going over once more to Settings in the controller menu, we can begin setting up. Here are the best options for your controller setup, though you, of course, may customise them according to your own preferences. Our settings will get you the closest to the settings youd find as the default in your console experience.

X-axis FLIP – Default

Flip triggers with bumpers – Default

Tap ADS – Hold

Auto-Sprint – Off

Sprint function – Push left joystick forward

Now that weve got the basic settings out of the way, we can head to the meat and potatoes of these settings.

Best Answer: Can You Connect Xbox 360 Controller To Android

how to connect xbox controller to cod mobile
  • How do I connect my Xbox 360 controller to my PC without a receiver?
  • Using a wireless Xbox 360 controller is almost as easy. Connect your OTG cable to your Android device, and then plug the Xbox 360 controller wireless receiver into the OTG cable. Your Android device should supply power to the wireless receiver. You will now be able to pair your controller as you normally would.

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    Controller With Cod Mobile

    Heres how you can connect either controller easily

    • Enable pairing on your controller. This is done by holding the and PS button at the same time on a PS4 controller, or the Xbox and sync button on an Xbox One controller.
    • Enable Bluetooth on your mobile device .
    • Within Bluetooth settings, locate the wireless controller and connect to that device.
    • Open and enable Allow to use controller in the Controller settings menu.
    • Set and modify your controls for each game type.

    After that, youre good to go.

    Best Swordfish Loadout For Cod: Mobile Season 9

    Its officially spooky season in Call of Duty: Mobile, with the Nightmare update bringing the Halloween version of Standoff, Undead Siege, and Halloween cosmetics.

    Its also brought Black Ops 4s Swordfish Assault Rifle. This new burst rifle may not be a full-on meta weapon but packs a powerful punch in both the chaotic multiplayer and tactical battle royale mode.

    Here are the best attachments and Perks you can run with the Swordfish in CoD: Mobile Season 9.

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    Use Ps4/xbox Controller On Cod Mobile On Android

    Connecting a controller to Android device is very similar. In Settings, head over to Bluetooth. Select Pair New Device, and make your controller findable in the same way as was described in the iOS section.

    When connected, launch CoD Mobile, enter Settings and ensure your Controller Support is enabled, as in the iOS instruction section.

    At the time of writing, there are far more problems on Android than iOS, such as the right analog stick not working correctly when paired with Android devices. These are known issues, and are not related to your controller, rather with the CoD Mobile app itself.

    It should be noted that when using a controller to play CoD Mobile, you will only be put into lobbies against other players using controllers, to ensure a level playing field for all.

    How To Connect Ps4 & Xbox One To A Iphone Or Ipad

    Playing COD MOBILE WITH A XBOX Controller! (This is OP ...

    To play call of duty with the controller your IOS device versions must be IOS 13 or later.

    • Head towards Settings, then search for BluetoothSettings
    • Search for the nearby device,
    • PS4 Long press PS button and Share Button until controller starts to flash.
    • Xbox One Hold the Connect Button

    The name of the particular controller will appear in your Bluetooth list and then you can pair it with your Controller.

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    La Manette Xbox One Elite Series 2

    The Elite Series 2 is one of the best choices for an Xbox One controller for mobile use. Already the first generation offered a quality Pad, with functionality for players with disabilities. This second version is completely craftable from a hardware point of view. A plus for a game like COD mobile which needs to take care of its sensitivity settings.

    How To Use A Ps4 Controller On Call Of Duty Mobile For Ios

    You will need at least iOS 11 installed to play with a PS4 controller on iOS devices.

    Provided you have the necessary software installed, all you need to do then is venture to Settings and Bluetooth. Turn Bluetooth on, and then simultaneously hold the PS and buttons on your PS4 controller.

    The Day Before – Announcement Trailer

    The buttons should only need to be held for about three-to-four seconds before the controllers lightbar begins to flash.

    This means the PS4 controller is connecting to your iOS device, and in response all you need to do is select the name of your controller when you see it pop up on your iOS list of devices.

    Below youll find a list of iPhones compatible with the PS4 controller :

    • iPhone SE

    • iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

    • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

    • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

    • iPhone X and iPhone XR

    • iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

    • iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

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    How To Fix Xbox & Ps4 Controller In Cod Mobile

    If youre a controller fan, its only natural that youd choose to enjoy Call of Duty on your mobile device with an Xbox or PS4 controller. In theory, its as easy as utilizing Bluetooth to connect the controller to your phone. The game should then recognize your controller and connect you with other players who are using one as well.

    Sometimes, restarting the game and trying to pair the controller all over again from the start might help. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, however, it does the job most times.

    So, players are advised to restart the game and pair their PS4 and Xbox controllers again if it doesnt work the first time.

    How To Play Call Of Duty Mobile With A Controller

    How to Connect Xbox Controller to Call of Duty Mobile
    • May 14, 2021

    A guide to help players who fancy playing with controllers.

    Activision was quick to listen to the player base and introduced controller support soon after the games launch. As of now, the COD Mobile supports official controllers of Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It also supports other official controllers of PlayStation, except for the first edition. Although Activision said that they would include other controllers with future updates, there isnt any hint of such an update.

    Acitivison has clearly mentioned that players using controllers to play the game will get a match with other controller players only. This will make sure matchmaking is even.

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    Step : Check Battery Levels

    Last but not the least, check if the battery levels on your controllers are enough to connect and play. And if not, obviously, you wont be able to play.

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    How to use controller in COD Mobile

    COD Mobile controller compatibility was initially enabled once the cellular game was originally released but then was immediately removed for inconsistent circumstances. However, on November 24th, 2019, Activision confirmed the return of COD Mobile controller compatibility for both Android and iOS devices. At the time of release, only official DualShock PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers could be used to play Call of Duty: Mobile.

    When users possess a formally approved joystick, there are a couple of factors to keep in mind to improve your gameplay session. COD Mobile controller support is only available during matches. If youre playing Battle Royale or a multiplayer game, the joystick will function normally. When youre in a lobby or an in-game interface, like choosing a loadout, users must utilize the phones controls.Connect your controller before starting a match, and pick it up prior to entering the game or lobby.

    Bluetooth is the primary method for connecting any compatible joystick to ones smartphone

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    Does Call Of Duty Mobile Have Full Controller Support

    Sensitivity for each game type can be customized individually in settings, but button mappings cannot be adjusted for now. Developers have also committed to further optimizing Call of Duty Mobile controller support in the future.

    If youre looking for fully customizable controls, youll have to play the game on an emulator like Bluestacks or the official . Both of these are also supported but will match you with other emulator players.

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    Which Controllers Are Supported In Cod: Mobile

    Unfortunately, not every controller is supported by CoD: Mobile, with only the Sony PlayStation Dualshock 4 and Xbox One controllers at the moment. Its likely that the PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers will be added to this list in the future.

    It is possible to use other Bluetooth controllers, but because they arent officially supported, they may run into functionality issues at some point in the future.

    Best Call Of Duty Mobile Controller Settings Guide How To Connect Call Of Duty Mobile To Controller

    4th Jun 2021 13:52

    is slowly but surely moving into a fully-fledged experience that weve come to love over the years. As the game gets continuously updated, the Battle Royale mode is getting closer to the Warzone experience, and the ranked experience already resembles the console and PC version to a decent degree. The game has become a sweet alternative for those on the road that still want to play some rounds with the squad. For the more authentic feeling, an update brought the mobile version even closer to the beloved experience.

    Since the update on November 24, 2019 has introduced full support for controllers with Bluetooth connectivity such as the Xbox, the PS4 controller, or one of the several dedicated mobile controllers on the market. Developer TiMi Studios has made sure that players who use the controllers will be matched with other controller players to even the playing field.

    Setting up is easy enough to do, but there are some tricks to optimising your controller so you can get right into the action at full-capacity from game one.

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    How To Play Cod: Mobile With A Controller

    Get an advantage over your competitors by connecting a controller to CoD: Mobile, and use our best settings guide to improve your aim.

    It may seem like an odd prospect to play Call of Dutys leading handheld game with a fully-fledged gaming controller, but the fact is that CoD: Mobile is an essential game for any fans of the series. It takes lots of aspects from previous CoD titles and blends them into one game.

    Its not just a condensed version of the current games like Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, but in many ways, its a more complete offering. So it makes sense that people want to capture that authentic Call of Duty experience by using a controller on a smartphone or tablet.

    With CoD: Mobile Season 8 kicking off, introducing the M13 and R9-0 weapons along with the Blackout map, theres never been a better time to use a controller and give yourself an advantage over your opponents.

    Best Perks To Use With The Swordfish In Cod: Mobile

    • Red Perk: Fast Recover
    • Green Perk: Vulture
    • Blue Perk: Dead Silence

    While darting around the map with the Swordfish, Fast Recover will allow you to almost instantly regain health and get back in the fight.

    And to make sure youre not running out of ammo while racking up a Killstreak, Vulture will allow you to resupply from fallen players.

    And finally, Dead Silence keeps your footsteps silent so enemies wont know youre coming.

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