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How To Connect Xbox App To Console

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Stream Xbox Games To Your Pc

Windows 10 XBox App “Unable to Connect to Console”! FIXED!

To play your Xbox games on a laptop or desktop, you can stream them through the pre-installed Xbox Console Companion on Windows 10. Unfortunately, this only supports Xbox One consoles for the time being, so owners of the latest Xbox Series X and S are out of luck for now. However, Microsoft is currently working on a new app that will support both xCloud and local streaming from the new consoles.

Open the app and select the Connection option near the bottom of the left sidebar. . You should see your Xbox listed in the main window click on it and power it on, if it isn’t already running, and then click the Stream button to begin playing. You’ll want an Xbox controller hooked up to your PC as well.

If you need to adjust the streaming quality, head to Xbox Console Companion’s Settings in the sidebar, click the Xbox One tab, and change the Video Encoding Level. Microsoft recommends Low if you’re on a 2.4GHz wireless network, Medium if you’re on a 5GHz wireless network but far away from your devices, or High if you’re on Wi-Fi with a very strong connection. If you’re connected over Ethernet, try Very High for the full 1080p/60fps experience.

How To Set Up An Xbox Series X Or S Using The App

When setting up an Xbox Series X or S, expect to download some system updates, and make sure you have either the Xbox app on your phone or keep your login information handy if you already have an Xbox account.

Own an Xbox One? You can import hundreds of preferences and settings from your old console to your Xbox Series X or S to customize your experience from day one. Just use the Xbox app when setting up your new console.

  • Connect the included power cord to your console, and then plug it into a power outlet.

  • Connect the HDMI cable that came with your Xbox Series X or S to the console.

  • Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to an HDMI port on your TV.

    Use an HDMI 2.1 port if you plan on playing in 4K HDR on an Xbox Series X.

  • Connect an Ethernet cable to your modem or router and your Xbox.

    Skip this step if you will use Wi-Fi.

  • Press the Power button on the front of the Xbox Series X or S to turn the console on.

  • If you navigate to using your iOS or Android device, youll be redirected to the listing in the app store or play store.

  • Launch the Xbox app, and tap the Console icon in the upper right corner.


  • Wait for the update to finish, and select NEXT.

  • Select TAKE ME HOME to complete the setup of your Xbox Series X or S.

  • Can I Connect My Xbox 360 Controller To The Xbox One

    No. Unfortunately based on our most recent tests even the wired Xbox 360 controller has no functionality when plugged into an Xbox One. However, rumors are currently circulating that the Xbox One S will have full compatibility with older controllers.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAlthough that doesnt help you today, there is hope that we may one day reach the point where we can finally use those old accessories again.

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    What Happens When You Plug Your Phone Into Your Xbox

    AirServer for Xbox turns your console into an AirPlay receiver which allows Apple devices to send their display directly to your Xbox device. With this, youll be able to stream audio on your devices while using Xbox or project your entire screen to mirror games and videos to the monitor.

    Hardware And Network Requirements

    How to Connect Xbox One to Windows 10

    According the Microsoft’s Remote Play webpage, you’ll need the following to use the service:

    • An Xbox Series X / S / One console
    • A Windows 10 PC with at least 2GB of RAM and 1.5 GHz CPU or faster
    • Compatible Xbox Controller
    • The Xbox app for PC
    • A Microsoft account with an Xbox profile
    • An internet connection of at least 7-10 Mbps. Wired is preferred, but wireless is also achievable for both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz with varying results

    Unlike PlayStation 4s Remote Play and PS Now, Microsoft’s streaming feature requires your Xbox console and PC to be on the same network, so you won’t be able to crack your laptop out at work and stream games from the Xbox Series X you have sitting at home.

    It’s also likely that you already have the Xbox app installed on your Windows 10 PC or laptop if it’s a recently released product, but make sure you’re signed on with the same Microsoft account that you use for your console.

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    Xbox Series X Smartphone App

    If you cant see your Xbox Series X when you tap on the Xbox icon in the top right of the app, tap the library icon and youll have two options, Captures and Consoles.

    It can be frustrating, trying to get your console to connect to the smartphone app and only being given the option to connect to your Xbox One. Once you connect to your Xbox Series X through the library, it will be the default console the smartphone attempts to connect to.

    If you want to connect to your Xbox One, or a different Xbox console, youll need to access it through the library. If its a new console, youll first need to set it up.

    How To Connect Your Xbox 360 Console To Your Pc

    Connect you Xbox 360 to your network.

    Both wired and wireless connections are available to all Xbox 360 consoles. You may need a wireless adapter in order to enable wireless connectivity on some Xbox 360 game systems. Once your console is connected to your network, you can enable media sharing.

    Update your Xbox 360.

    Youll need the latest software and firmware updates for your game console in order to enable media sharing with your computer. After it is connected to your home network, you can update your Xbox 360 console by connecting to the Xbox Live network.

    Windows Media Player will allow you to set up media sharing with your Xbox 360 console, and you may already have it installed on your computer. The settings for the player may be slightly different, depending on which version of Microsoft Windows you are using. Then open the player.

    Change settings to allow media sharing with your Xbox 360.

    Check for media access on your Xbox 360 console menu.

    Different Xbox 360 consoles have different dashboard appearances, but all game consoles will feature a Media area. Navigate to this area on your Xbox 360 menu and select a type of media, such as pictures, to access on your PC. Your Xbox 360 console menu will list all PCs on your network. Select your computer to reveal the media files available to your Xbox console.

    Play or open a shared media file.

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    Fix Lag On A Wireless Network

    As you play on your PC, there may be some lag depending on your Wi-Fi network speeds. One way to speed up a choppy stream is to use Ethernet instead, if thats an option. You can also use the Xbox Console Companion app to tweak the fidelity of the stream, resulting in a faster-moving picture, although at the expense of image quality.

    • To access the drop-down menu, hit the menu button on the top-right part of the display, near the full-screen button.
    • If you want to look at the granular details of the stream, like bit rate, bandwidth use, and more, click the button that appears near the bottom left part of the screen.

    I dont use the Xbox Console Companion app on my PC too often, but it comes in handy when I want to play Xbox at the same time that others prefer to watch something else on the TV. Its particularly useful for slow-paced games where the speed of your inputs doesnt come into play, but I found it to be sufficient for games like Asuras Wrath, which relies on quickly completing events to make progress.

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    Streaming Xbox Games To A Windows Pc

    How to connect your smartphone to your Xbox one,s,x with the Xbox app

    You can stream Xbox games to your PC from the Connections tab in the Xbox Console Companion app.

    • In the Connections tab, press the Stream button to begin streaming the Xbox One console to your PC.
    • Once youve established the stream, youll need to decide if you want to connect your Xbox One controller to your PC or continue to operate it from your Xbox. If your Xbox is a bit further away, you may wish to connect it to your PC. Once youre ready to proceed, press Continue.
    • Using your Xbox controller, you can navigate your Xbox One menu as normal. Play a game by selecting it from the My games and apps menu.

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    Use Ethernet Or Wireless Ac

    For the best results, stream the Xbox One across your local network using a wired Ethernet connection. Of course, not everyone wants Ethernet cables strung across the house, as its visually ugly, even when draped along the walls and corners. The plus side with all these cables is that you wont see the performance dips associated with wireless connectivity.

    If Ethernet isnt an option, fall back on a Wireless AC 5GHz access point. A mesh network is good due to the way it creates a blanket of connectivity versus the standard router that broadcasts from one point like a radio tower. A Wireless N 5GHz connection works as well, but youll see limited performance using a 2.4GHz connection on either network.

    Microsoft also suggests using Powerline adapters as an alternative to wired connections. You need at least two units that plug directly into your walls power outlets to create a network connection through the electrical system. One unit can then plug into your modem or router via an Ethernet cable while the other unit plugs into the Ethernet port on the Xbox One. Unfortunately, Powerline technology heavily depends on your homes wiring and breaker box, thus you may see better results using wireless connectivity instead.

    Finally, you can plug an Xbox One controller into your Windows 10 PC to play games remotely. You can also plug a headset into your Windows 10 PC and communicate as usual with your Xbox One friends.

    Ipads My Xbox Live App Updated With Support To Control Xbox Console Well Most Of It

    If you ever run out of your Controller Battery, Like I am right now, you will now be able to use devices like Windows Phone, iPad and probably Android too. In an update that I see rolling out for My Xbox Live App for iPad, it clearly mentions :

    Use your iPad with your Xbox to connect, control and discover on your console. Connect your iPad for access to quick list of your most recent console activity. Control your content with play, pause, fast forward & rewind media controls. Find fresh entertainment to play in the new discover section.

    How do you connect iPad & Xbox ?

    Since this is a companion app, it will connect the same way as Windows Phone was connected but if you have never tried this before, here are the steps :

    • Turn on your Xbox and signin with your live id which you have used on your iPad.
    • Next go to Settings menu of your Xbox 360 and enable the Xbox Companion Option under Settings > System > Console Settings.
    • Launch the App and hit the menu bar
    • See if your Controller Icon is not active.
    • If its not active yet, Switch to Quick Play and hit connect with Xbox. If your companion settings are correct, you will be able to use the app nicely.
    • Any app which you launch using the companion app, will also launch the controller on your iPad.

    You have a whats new section in the settings to find out what else you can do with the app.

    The only buttons you get from the controller are the XY AB and navigation. In fact this does not even swipe built in to change screens .

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    Xbox Gameplay From Your Windows Pc

    Now you know how to connect your Xbox to a Windows PC, you can take full advantage of the multimedia capabilities of both devices. Using the Xbox app, you can stream and control your Xbox from your PC, as well as stream other types of media content from your PC to your Xbox the other way.

    For classic game fans, the Xbox gives you the perfect excuse to pick up the controller, with great backwards compatibility with older Xbox consoles. If youre a subscriber to Xbox Game Pass, you can even play your Game Pass games on PC, with access shared across your Microsoft account.

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    How To Play Xbox Games Remotely On Your Phone

    9 hidden Xbox One features only power users know about ...

    You can play the Switch remotely on your phone. You can play the Playstation 4 and 5 remotely on your phone. But what about the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S?

    Until recently Xbox players were denied this luxury. But now playing Xbox games on your mobile from any location is possible. In fact, there are now two different ways to play Xbox games remotely on your phone via the Xbox app and via Microsoft xCloud.

    This could enable you to play all your favourite Xbox games on the go. No need to bring your console with you. You can now play games on your phone at your grandmas house, on your lunch break at work and maybe even in the car .

    This guide explains how to play Xbox games on your phone using the two options the Xbox app and Microsoft xCloud. Both have their pros and cons in terms of what games you can access and what devices you can use to play them with. You can weigh up the two options below.

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    Solution One Check The Status Of Xbox One Controller

    You need to ensure the basic conditions needed to connect the Xbox One Controller to console are fulfilled. Here are some things to watch for:

    • The Xbox controller should be on to establish connection with the console. The power saving feature in Xbox One Controller switches off the device automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity. Check the power lights on controller and see if they are on.
    • The Xbox One Controller connects wirelessly with the console and it should be close enough for detection. The range for Xbox One Controller is around 19-28 ft. The range may get reduced due to interferences or if the Xbox One Controller unit is in the cabinet. Make sure the Xbox One Controller in in front of console when establishing the connection.
    • Check the space between Xbox One Controller and console for things that might interfere with the wireless connection. For example, laptops, microwave oven, wireless routers, cordless phones, shelves, doors, metal dividers, and so on. If you find anything mentioned above, remove them.
    • Check the battery status on the Xbox One Controller. If the batteries are low, the controller might get switched on but wont connect to the console. Replace the batteries and try connecting to console again.

    If you are not able to connect the controller to console even after basic conditions to connect the Xbox One Controller and console are fulfilled, try solutions given below.

    Is My Internet Connection Strong Enough

    To unlock the full potential of playing Xbox games remotely on your phone whether youre playing on Xbox app or via Microsoft xCloud you may want to consider your internet connection. You dont want games to be constantly lagging and cutting out. A strong connection is therefore essential.

    Private wifi is likely to be the most secure option if you go round someone elses house, you shouldnt have any problem playing online, providing they have decent broadband. Public wi-fi may be a little bit more temperamental depending on where you play. In hotels where lots of guests are sharing wi-fi, you may find it a struggle to stay connected.

    If you want to use your data, make sure that youve got a good mobile coverage plan. A 5g connection may be necessary particularly when using xCloud. Playing Xbox games on your phone is also likely to use up a lot of data, so consider a high or unlimited data plan. You can compare various networks here at . Better data and coverage will come at a higher price, so be wary of this.

    When logging onto public wi-fi, consider using a VPN to keep your network secure. There are a range of VPNs out there to choose from its worth doing your research to find one that is trusted and affordable. You can read about the benefits of VPNs here.

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