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How To Connect My Controller To My Xbox One

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Connect Xbox One Controllers To Pc Via Bluetooth

How to Connect Controllers to Xbox One (1)

Not all versions of the Xbox One controller can be connected to PC with this method as some of them do not support Bluetooth for wireless connection. How to identify if your Xbox One controller supports Bluetooth?

  • For controllers that support Bluetooth, the plastic around the Xbox button is part of the face of the controller.
  • For controllers that dont support Bluetooth, the plastic around the Xbox button is part of the top, where the bumpers are.

So if your Xbox One controller supports Bluetooth, you can follow steps below to learn how to connect Xbox One controller to PC Bluetooth.


Step 1. On your Xbox One controller, press the Xbox log to power on it.

Step 2. Go to Settings> Devices> Bluetooth & other devices to find and turn on Bluetooth on your PC. If you don’t how to turn on Bluetooth on a Windows PC, you can check out the following post for detailed steps.

Step 3. Press and hold the Connect button on your Xbox controller for a few seconds. The button is on the front of the controller near the USB port.

Step 4. Then on your Windows PC, choose Add Bluetooth or other device and click Bluetooth. This tells your PC to look for your controller.

Step 5. Then the Xbox Wireless controller should be discovered by your PC. Just follow the prompts and make the pairing manually.

If you find this way to connect the Xbox One Controller to PC is complicated, try the following steps to connect Xbox One controllers to PC with Xbox wireless adapter.

Connect Your Xbox Controller To Pc With A Usb Adapter

If you have an older Xbox One controller, or you just want to use your newer one with Microsoft’s proprietary wireless connection instead of Bluetooth , you need to get the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10. It’s a USB dongle designed to connect directly to your Xbox gamepad without any Bluetooth setup or pairing. All you need to do is plug in the dongle and pair it to your controller just as if you were pairing your Xbox, pressing the Pairing button on each device.

How To Connect The Xbox One Controller Via Bluetooth

Here’s where things get a little complicated. Certain models of the Xbox One controller can connect to any old PC Bluetooth adapter. Others can’t. Here’s how to tell if your Xbox One controller has built-in Bluetooth:

The shape of the plastic molding at the top of the controller is your clue. The first iteration of the Xbox One controller does not support Bluetooth and has a few other annoyances. Its bumpers have a narrower click range, making them less comfortable depending on where you position your fingers.

The redesigned controller launched with the Xbox One S console has a smaller plastic molding along the top. It also adds a 3.5mm headphone jack to the bottom of the controller, another easy giveaway. On top of that headphone jack, it also has built-in Bluetooth!

1. Press the Windows key and type “Bluetooth” until search brings up the Bluetooth & other devices settings option. Click it to open that settings page. Here you should see your Bluetooth is set to “On” and is discoverable.

Windows version note: Using the Xbox One controller via Bluetooth only works on Windows 10 with the Anniversary update applied.

2. Turn on the Xbox One controller by holding the Guide button. Press the sync button on top of the controller until the Guide light begins to flash rapidly.

Headset note: Only one Xbox One controller can be paired via Bluetooth. Headsets not supported.

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Troubleshooting Your Wireless Connection

When your Xbox One controller loses sync, the light on the front will start to flash. Youll suddenly be unable to control games or menus, and a Please reconnect the controller message will display on the screen.

There could be a number of reasons why this happens, including too much interference, weak batteries, sync issues and hardware failures. There are some basic first steps you can take to determine the root of the problem, and many of them will fix it straight away. These include:

  • Check your controller is in range the maximum range between console and controller is 19 feet, but this reduces if there are objects in between the two. Try sitting closer or moving obstacles.
  • Check the controllers batteries and try replacing them if necessary.
  • Check to see if your controller switched off because of inactivity press the central Xbox button to revive it .
  • Make sure your controller isnt already synced to another Xbox or other device, such as a laptop or Apple TV.
  • Switch off sources of wireless interference if possible. Other electronic appliances could be interfering with the signal, such as a microwave .
  • Try disconnecting your headset temporarily sometimes a headset or microphone can interrupt your controllers wireless connection.


How To Connect Your Xbox Series X/s Controller To Xbox One

How to Connect Xbox One Controller To PC? 3 Different Ways ...

The process is exactly the same as above. Simply press the Pair button on your Xbox One console and controller until both lights start flashing. Once a connection has been established, the controller’s Xbox button will remain lit.

You can find the Pair button on the front right of the Xbox One X, below the power button, and the same is true on the Xbox One S. On the Xbox One, however, the Pair button is located around the corner of the disc tray.

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How To Pair An Xbox One Controller With Your Android Phone

For starters, youll want to ensure the Xbox One controller you have uses Bluetooth. As a rule of thumb, newer versions of the Xbox One S and Xbox One X come with Bluetooth by default. If youre buying a new controller, Amazon has them for $50. Assuming your phone works just fine with the Xbox One controller, the pairing process is painless. Heres how to get connected:

  • On your Android phone, swipe down from the top to pull down the Notification Shade.
  • Long press the Bluetooth icon.
  • Make sure your Bluetooth is toggled On.
  • If your phone doesnt automatically start scanning for devices, select Scan at the top right of the screen.
  • Turn on the Xbox One controller by holding the Xbox button.
  • Look for the sync button on the top left of the Xbox controller. Hold it for a few seconds until the Xbox button begins blinking.
  • On your Android phone, tap Pair new device.

  • After some time, you should see the Xbox One controller appear in the list of nearby devices. Tap it to pair.
  • If all goes well, your phone should show a connection to your Xbox One controller, and the Xbox button will stop blinking.
  • For some phones, youll see evidence of the controller working right away, with the directional pad and buttons being used to navigate the system UI. Then, fire up your favorite game with Bluetooth controller support to test it further and get familiar with how it all works.

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    Locating The Xbox One Controller In The Device Manager

    If the drivers are fully updated, there is one solution that usually feels the most logical. It turns out that not every micro USB cable works for the controller and there is a specific type needed to be used. What causes the issue is the fact that certain micro USB cables only provide power transfer and they would work for Xbox 360. However, the Xbox One controller can only use the data sync cables which provide both power and data transfer. The prime example of this issue is the fact that you cant use the cable from your regular Xbox One controller to connect to your PC since there is no data being transferred.

    This can make it difficult for users to find the perfect cable. The cable you want to use should be micro USB, type B, and it should be a data/sync cable so make sure you let the guy in the tech market know what you want. Also, if you must turn on the controller first and then plug in the cable to make it work. Moreover, do not plug into USB 3.0 ports.

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    What Do You Need

    First of all, you need to determine whether your Xbox One controller is an older model or an updated one. Distinguishing them is incredibly simple: in the new controller design, the Xbox button is covered in the same type of plastic as the face buttons .

    The Xbox button on the older model is covered with the type of plastic that is located on the top of the controller . To put it simply, the new controller from the Xbox One will have Bluetooth, while the old one will not.

    You will also need a computer running Windows 10 with the August 2016 Anniversary Update installed. And, of course, you need a Bluetooth adapter.

    If you own a laptop not older than five years, then such functionality will definitely be present there. However, most personal computers are not equipped with Bluetooth. If you have such a computer, then you will need to purchase a Bluetooth adapter for it.

    Connect Xbox One Controllers To Pc Via The Xbox Wireless Adapter

    How to Connect a wireless Controller to your Xbox One S console

    Windows 10 has been set up to use the Xbox wireless adapter. When the device is connected, the driver will be installed automatically, which makes the process greatly simplified. So you can connect Xbox One controller to Windows 10 with an Xbox Wireless Adapter. If you have one come with your controller, then you don’t need to buy it separately.


    • The adapter for the Xbox 360 controller wont work for the Xbox One controller.
    • If you have an Xbox Wireless adapter built into your computer, follow the steps for Bluetooth pairing but select the Everything else instead of Bluetooth in the Add a device

    If you don’t know how to connect Xbox One controller to PC wireless with an adapter, you can follow the steps below.

    Step 1. Connect the Xbox Wireless Adapter to your Windows PC via the USB port on your PC. Allow the drivers to be installed automatically.

    Step 2. Press the Xbox button on the Xbox One controller to turn it on.

    Step 3. Press the button on the Xbox Wireless Adapter.

    Step 4. Press the Connect button on your Xbox One controller, which is on the front of the device near the micro USB port.

    Step 5. Make sure the Xbox logo on your controller is blinking. This means that it is connecting. When the log and LED on the USB adapter go solid, the connection is finished.

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    Still Having Trouble Try Fixing Your Xbox Controller

    Now you know the methods to pair your Xbox One controller with any model of the console. It’s not difficult, so if you run into a problem, you may have a physical issue with your controller. Try using the controller on a friend’s Xbox One if possible, or contact Xbox Support about a replacement or hardware repair.

    How To Unsync Xbox One Controller From Console

    6 months ago

    Some people need to repair Xbox one controller, or there may be some other reasons to Unpair Xbox one controller without knowing the proper procedure about Unsync Xbox one controller maybe feel you frustrating, and then you may search for the solution and for Unsync controller and try different other ways to unpair like pulling out the Xbox one controller batteries out which dont work. When you Power ON and press the Xbox one button, it never blinks and shows normally connected and working with Xbox one. So, no problem, just you have to follow the below steps only to Unsync Xbox one controller.

    • Plug a USB Type-C cable with your controller.
    • On the other hand, you have to plug another side of a USB cable with your PC, laptop USB port.
    • On the top of your Xbox one wireless controller, you will find a small button
    • Hold down the button for a few seconds
    • Thats all, and only you have to unplug the cable, and the button of your PS4 controller light will start blinking, which means that the controller is not connected with your XBOX one and it is proper from Unsync Xbox one.
  • How To TURN OFF Xbox One Controller?
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    How To Use An Xbox One Controller With A Mac

    Jim TanousRead more August 18, 2021

    The recent rise of Apple Arcade brings new opportunities and questions for gamers. Although Apple isnt renowned for its appeal to gamers, the company is making strides to move in that direction. Of all the peripherals one may want to connect to their macOS device, Xbox controllers were an afterthought. Until now.

    This article will teach you how to control your Xbox One controller to your Mac computer.

    How To Connect The Xbox 360 Controller To Pc

    Why Won

    If you have a wired Xbox 360 controller, you simply need to plug it into an open USB port on your PC. Windows automatically installs the necessary drivers and notifies you when the controller is ready for use.

    If your PC doesnt detect the Xbox 360 controller, try plugging it into a different USB port, then test it again. If it still doesnt work, make sure Windows is fully updated. Install any updates and try again.

    If you want to connect a wireless Xbox 360 controller to a Windows PC, you need a wireless receiver. Microsoft has an official one, but there are also third-party options that work just as well, though they include a couple of extra hoops to jump through. Heres how to set one up:

  • Connect the wireless receiver to a spare USB port on your PC. If youre using the official adaptor, it should automatically launch the driver installation software. Follow the on-screen instructions, then skip to Step 7. If youre using an unofficial adaptor, follow the steps below.

  • Use the Windows search box to look for Device Manager, then select it from the results.

  • You should see one item in the list with a small, yellow triangle, suggesting Windows doesnt recognize the device. Right-click it and select Properties > Driver> Update Driver.

  • Select Browse my computer for driver software.

  • Select Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.

  • Scroll down the list and select Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows. Then select Next.

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    Xbox One Controller Firmware Problems

    If your Xbox One controller still won’t work, you may have a hardware or firmware problem. Before you reach for a USB cable, send your controller in for servicing, or throw it away, you should try to update the firmware. If the built-in firmware is corrupt or out of date you may experience connection issues.

    The solution to this problem involves updating your controller:

  • Turn on your Xbox One, and open the Settings menu.

  • Navigate to Kinect & Devices> Devices & Accessories.

  • Select the controller you’re having trouble with.

  • If the controller needs and update, you’ll see a message to that effect.

  • Find The Connect Button On The Xbox One

    To pair your controller to your Xbox One, youll need to activate the connection on both the console and the controller. First, locate the Connection button on the console. On the original Xbox One, youll find that button on the left side of the console, near the disc tray.

    On the Xbox One X and Xbox One S, the Connection button is on the bottom right corner of the front of the console, beneath the power button. Pressing the button should trigger the white Xbox logo to start blinking, indicating that the console is searching for a controller signal.

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    How To Connect Or Sync An Xbox One Controller

    If you’re setting up a new Xbox One or just connecting a new controller, you need to make sure your controller is synced. It’s kind of hard to move forward without this process, so here’s what you need to set things up!

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    Power Cycle Your Console

    How To Connect Xbox One Controller To ANY PC! (2020)

    Power cycling your console means fully rebooting the console. It can fix some corruption issues in your console as well as your controller connection. To power cycle the console:

    1) Press and hold the Xbox button on the console until it completely shuts down.

    2) Press the Xbox button to turn on your console.

    3) Check and see if your controller can connect to the console.

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    Download The Xbox App To Your Iphone

    Operating system requirements for both iPhone and Android

    In theory, you need to use the latest version of the operating system on your phone. However, if you dont want to upgrade the OS, you need to make sure that your OS meets the following requirements:

    Operating system requirements for iPhone

    If you are using an iPhone or an iPad, you need to make sure that it is running iOS 10.3 or higher version.

    Operating system requirements for Android

    If you are using an Android device, you need to make sure that it is running Android 4.4 or higher.

    After that, you can go to the Apple App Store on your iPhone or the Google Play Store on your Android to search for Xbox and then download & install it on your phone.

    How To Connect A Controller To Xbox One

    Here are the simple steps you need to follow to connect a new controller to your Xbox One console:

    • Turn on your controller by pressing the Xbox button.
    • Press and release the small sync button on your console.
    • Within 20 seconds, press and hold the small round sync button on the top middle of the controller until the Xbox button on the front flashes a few times .
    • Once the Xbox button stays lit, the controller is connected.

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