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How To Connect Airpods To Xbox One S

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Can You Use Airpods With The Xbox One

How to connect your Apple Airpods to your Xbox One

May 7, 2019 All this means that you simply cant use your AirPods to game on your Xbox One. Theyre OK to use on a Windows PC, assuming you have Bluetooth

I will most likely use optic output they the Xbox. Does any one have experience with this setup up . Im worried that switching

The Xbox Wireless Headset pairs with an Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One console in the same manner as an Xbox Wireless Controller: Be sure that both the headset

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First Of All Can You Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One

Unlike their main rival console, Sonys PlayStation 4, Microsoft did not provide Bluetooth functionality to its Xbox One. Why?

Nowadays, a lot of products including headsets, come with Bluetooth support, as it is wireless and practical.

No wonder it is very popular among the population and everything now comes with Bluetooth, even those blasted robot vacuums.

Simply the fact of not being tethered down and limited to the devices cable length is liberating enough. I mean, if you are using regular wired headphones plugged into your controller, which is wireless, it isnt a big deal, you are still technically un-tethered, but still, you get the gist of it. We are in the 21st century, the wireless era, after all.

So why isnt jumping on the Bluetooth bandwagon? Interestingly enough, it is told that the consoles wireless card does support Bluetooth, but we cannot use this functionality, due to it being disabled. Really?

Luckily, Microsoft has its own wireless technology called Xbox Wireless, which allows the console to communicate directly with other devices, such as controllers, headset, or any other accessory, without the usage of an adapter, USB dongle, or anything else of that nature. All those devices need to be certified and licensed in order to work with an Xbox console.

This means it limits which hardware can be connected to the console, making sure you use a product with Microsofts seal of approval.

How To Connect Airpods To Xbox One Series X And S

We are going to explore two methods to connect AirPods to Xbox One. It is a must to check out both of them before going ahead and trying one because both methods have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and to make a decision you need to know how both the methods work.

Imagine gaming on your TV without disturbing anyone.

With that out of the way, lets take a look at method 1.

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Start Your Chat And Your Game

As people are added to your chat, your AirPods should now start delivering chat audio and serving as your mic for chat communication. You can play, invite people, and leave the party just as usual.

Note: Dont like the Xbox app? This option does work for other independent apps if your players are grouped up elsewhere. The Discord app is a popular choice for certain games, and the trick will work with it as well.

How Do I Get My Headset To Work On Xbox One

How to connect your AirPods to an Xbox One  DLSServe

Follow these steps to ready your Xbox One Stereo Headset for use with your console: Update your Xbox Wireless Controller to make sure its ready to work with the headset adapter. Insert the adapter into the bottom of the controller. Then, insert the headsets audio plug into the bottom of the headset adapter.

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Does Xbox Series S Controller Have Bluetooth

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S was launched in November last year and the new console comes with a new controller as well. The new controller is more of an iterative upgrade over the previous generation controller but comes with Bluetooth functionality that allows it to be connected with various devices.

How To Use Airpods For Xbox Party Chat

While a remote play session automatically streams game audio to your AirPods, it takes a few extra steps to use Party Chat. Expanding the stream settings unveils an option to enable your AirPods microphone for use in Microsoft’s official voice chat system. The microphone also works via game chat for multiplayer titles.

  • Press the ··· icon in the top right-hand corner while using Xbox remote play.
  • Select Unmute to activate your AirPods microphone.
  • Select Mute to disable your AirPods microphone again.

  • The AirPods microphone isn’t the best, and you’ll find sharper results from other gaming headsets designed for Xbox consoles. However, the method remains a viable way to communicate with friends and teammates without owning an Xbox-compatible headset.

    The above steps work with any Bluetooth device, including the most popular wireless earbuds on the market, AirPods and AirPods Pro. It’s not a seamless solution, requiring your phone to continually stream a video feed, coupled with a chance of latency on some networks. But it’s the closest thing to AirPods support with your Xbox console, if in need of wireless in-ear audio.

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    Why Dont Airpods Work With Xbox Series X

    As the Xbox Series X|S regulators connect to the control center by means of Bluetooth, you may accept that other Bluetooth extras like Connect Airpods to Xbox One would work as well.

    In any case, similar as the Xbox One, the Xbox Series X|S doesnt uphold Bluetooth for sound connectivity.

    The Bluetooth extra should uphold Microsofts remote norm, or have a viable USB connector that connects your remote gadget to your Xbox.

    You can in any case utilize your AirPods to talk with your companions utilizing the Xbox App. As you would with the Xbox One, youll need to download the Xbox application on your gadget and sync your AirPods to it.

    Turtle Beach Headset Audio Controller Plus

    How To Connect AirPods To Xbox One! (2020)

    The Turtle Beach Headset Audio Controller Plus can bridge the gap for controllers that do not have the 3.5mm audio jack to plug in a Bluetooth transmitter. However, you will still need to secure a Bluetooth transmitter to connect the Bluetooth headphones.

    This device has other great functions, too! It elevates your gaming experience by enhancing your game audio to a top-notch level. It does so by incorporating an ultra-sensitive feature called the Superhuman hearing mode. This allows picking up silent audio leads such as enemy footsteps or weapons reload.

    It also has game and mic presets. With it, you can customize your gaming sounds or adjust your voice volume. Who needs to shout with this feature?

    Plus, it also allows you complete control of your mic, game, and chats volumes through easy-to-manage buttons.

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    Read This If You Want To Know How To Use Apples Latest Headphones When Playing On Your Xbox Series X

    Do you want to connect your new Apple AirPods Max to your new Xbox Series X console? Weve got you covered.

    Wireless headsets are becoming an increasingly popular choice. They give you greater flexibility and freedom to move, as well as providing a high-quality audio experience. As well as the traditional Bluetooth and gaming headsets that have been around for a while, there is a range of relative newcomers, including the Apple AirPods Max.

    Having released to broadly excellent reviews, the AirPods Max are undoubtedly a premium product, with excellent sound quality, and superb noise-cancelling features. So it stands to reason that these might be something you would enjoy using with your next-generation games console, such as your Xbox Series X.

    How To Connect Airpods To Xbox One With The Use Of An Adapter

    A Bluetooth adapter is frequently accustomed wirelessly transmit audio from the Xbox One controller to Bluetooth headphone.

    Once you have plugged in your Bluetooth adapter, you will need to place your AirPods into pairing mode. To do this, unlock the charging cases lid with the AirPods within and stick to the button on the back of the casing. The initiation of pairing mode is indicated with a blinking white light in between the two AirPods.

    Then, hit the multi-function button on the Bluetooth adapter to place into pairing mode as well. The two devices should link up, and you will be able to gain audio from the console wirelessly. If it doesnt work out, make sure your earphones have not automatically paired off with any Apple gadget.

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    Why Does My Game Chat Not Work On Xbox

    Restart your console

    In cases where the Xbox Game Chat stops working due to a software glitch, a console reset should be enough to fix it. Wait around 20 to 25 seconds before you turn it back on to give it a little breathing room. Once you log back in, immediately join the party and test your microphone.

    How To Connect Apple Airpods To Your Xbox One

    How to Connect AirPods to Your Xbox One

    Apples AirPods are the most popular wireless earphones currently available. Their seamless connection with Apple devices make them the go to choice for many. Connecting to other devices such as the Xbox One can be a bit tricky. Weve detailed a guide on how to connect your AirPods to your Xbox One.

    In addition to the Xbox One, Wireless Controller and your AirPods you will need the following

    1. Turn the Xbox One on

    2. Insert the Scosche Bluetooth Transmitter into the 3.5mm Jack on the Xbox Controller

    3. Turn the transmitter on by holding the button for at least 3 seconds, or until you see flashing Blue and Red LEDs.

    4. With the AirPods in the charging case, open the lid. Press and hold the button on the back of the AirPods until the light between the earbuds begins blinking white

    The Airpods will then pair to the Xbox One through the Scosche Bluetooth Adapter Dongle, allowing you to be fully immersed in the game without any interruptions.

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    How To Connect Airpods To Xbox One Using Your Phone

    Alternatively, if you really do not want to spend extra money on an additional gadget, I mean why would you, you can use your mobile phone as a middle man between the AirPods and your Xbox One console.

    Chances are you have the Airpods most likely already synced with your phone. So all you would have to do is use the Xbox App, access the remote play functionality, by connecting the console to your mobile, set it aside, and play on your tv. You would just need to keep your phone charged in or turn off the screen, if possible. That way, you can use your Airpods mic and still be able to voice chat.

    Here is a quick video I found about this:

    If the video does not play, here is the link to the video:

    With either of these two solutions, follow these steps and you are good to go.

    You now know how to connect AirPods to Xbox One and all there is left to do now is to enjoy your gaming, free of wires and with great sound.

    If you have comments, questions or suggestions, feel free to write to us through here.

    Is This Hussle Worth It

    You need to get an idea of what your needs are before that question is answered. If you already have a pair of AirPods and generally play story-driven titles or just chat along with your friends, using your AirPods using either the Remote Play application or purchasing the Wireless Adapter can be a suitable solution.

    However, if you are into hard-core gaming and want the best experience possible, opting for Xbox Certified Wireless headsets is certainly the better option both in terms of audio quality and overall compatibility/input delay.

    If you dont own a pair of AirPods and are looking to buy them solely to play games / listen to audio on your Xbox, wed advise you not to. They dont provide the best experience with the console, can be a bit jittery, and deliver muffled audio especially when using the Remote Playfunctionality.

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    Connecting Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One

    While most devices in the world come with Bluetooth, the Xbox doesnt. Microsoft decided to use an in-house wireless protocol called the Xbox Wireless and this allows you to connect your headphones to the box without any cables.

    However, to use your wireless headphone with Xbox One it needs to be compatible with it.

    If you have such headphones, follow these steps to connect them to the Xbox controller.

  • Switch on your headphones
  • Now, turn on the Xbox One controller
  • Locate the pairing button on the controller. This should on the left side or the lower right portion on some models
  • Press the pairing button to enable connectivity, till the LED blinks
  • If your headphones come with a pairing button, press and hold it till the LED light blinks rapidly
  • Once the connection has been established, the LEDs on the controller and the headphones will become stable and you will get a headphone assigned message on the controller
  • If the devices have been paired properly, you will hear the audio properly
  • Now, what if the headphones you are using are not compatible with the Xbox one? Dont be disheartened as there are some tricks you can use to connect them too!

    a. PC Connection

    To work this method, you will have to first connect your Xbox One to a Windows PC. Now the PC becomes the end-user device and you can connect your headphones to the PC to get the audio working.

  • Enable the app on your PC and connect to the Xbox One
  • After connecting, you can control the Xbox functions from your computer
  • Heres How To Connect Your Apple Airpods To The Xbox One And Use Them For Gaming On Your Console

    How To Fully Connect AirPods To Xbox One!

    If youre looking for a streamlined pair of headphones for gaming sessions on your Xbox One, you could do worse than Apples AirPods.

    Yep, Apples signature earpieces arent just compatible with your iPhone or iPad you can connect them to your games console, too. Thanks to their wireless simplicity and light fit, they could be a good option if you prefer in-ear headphones to bulkier, over-ear cans. On top of that, their teeny, built-in microphones will come in handy when navigating the multiplayer battlefield.

    They come with a fairly hefty price tag, mind: the AirPods will set you back £159, while the upgraded AirPods Pro complete with customisable fit and active noise cancellation cost a hefty .

    Read below to find out everything you need to know to connect your Apple AirPods to the Xbox One

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    Connecting Your Airpods With Xbox:

    If youve ever tried connecting your AirPods to your Sony PlayStation, you wont be met with any sort of success as the platform does not allow for uncertified Bluetooth connectivity of any kind. However, if you have an Xbox, theres a free and official method that you can take advantage of to get your console connected.

    • First Step: You will need to download Xbox Mobile App

    Connect Airpods With Smart Glass On Xbox One

    Smart glass is an app for Windows, Android, and iOS devices that acts as a controller for the Xbox One. With Smart glass installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can view your notifications and messages from any of those devices without interrupting gameplay. Youll need to download the latest version of the Smart glass app on your smartphone or tablet .

    A new update has added full support for Bluetooth audio controls on smartphones running Android 7.0 Nougat and up! From within the SmartGlass app, you can access all settings like devices,sounds,& Bluetooth. For enabling Bluetooth connections, click on Bluetooth and then on the right side under Connect, click on the first check box and choose your Airpods, and press Connect.

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    Create A Party With The Xbox App And Invite

    On the home screen of your Xbox App, look for the icon that looks like two people at the bottom or side of the screen . This is the Social section select it.

    At the top of the screen in the right-hand corner, you will see two icons, a headset and a notepad. Choose the Headset icon to immediately start your own party. You may need to give the app permission to use your mic first. With your party created, you can choose Add People to search your friends or search for a specific gamertag. The list gives priority to who is currently online.

    If you dont want to start your own party first, you can choose the Notepad icon and scroll through contacts to select and invite at your leisure. Note that even outside of these screens, you can select any contact, then select the menu to the right of the Send a Message button to invite them directly at any time.

    If you are getting invited to a party, its even easier. Just select your Notifications on the home screen and then select the Notification Invite.

    Why Don’t Airpods Work With Xbox Series X


    As the Xbox Series X|S controllers connect to the console via Bluetooth, you might assume that other Bluetooth accessories like AirPods would work too.

    However, much like the Xbox One, the Xbox Series X|S doesn’t support Bluetooth for audio connectivity.

    The Bluetooth accessory must support Microsoft’s wireless standard, or have a compatible USB adapter that connects your wireless device to your Xbox.

    You can still use your AirPods to chat with your friends using the Xbox App. As you would with the Xbox One, you’ll need to download the Xbox app on your device and sync your AirPods to it.

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