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How To Connect Airpods To Xbox Controller

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Airpods Compatibility With Xbox One

How to connect your Apple Airpods to your Xbox One

Unfortunately, AirPods cannot be paired directly to your Xbox One, or your consoles controller. This means that you wont be able to hear game sound coming through your AirPods.

You are able to use AirPods to hear party chat, but you wont connect them to your console.

Instead, youll need to download the Xbox Companion App on your iPhone or Android and log in to your Xbox Live account.

Once youre signed in, youll be able to join Xbox Live parties and chat to your friends through your phone. Simply pair your AirPods to your phone and youll now be able to use your wireless earbuds to communicate with your friends.

Keeping one AirPod in your ear, while having the game sound coming out of your TV is your best bet for using your AirPods effectively with your Xbox One.

How To Connect Airpods To Your Xbox One

You can use AirPods for audio and chat, but do they connect to your Xbox One? Let’s find out.

If you enjoy the ease and simplicity of AirPods and always have them to hand, you may wonder if you can use them with your Xbox One.

While they wont be a substitute for a proper gaming headset, they are an easy option if you want to immerse yourself into a game.

Here’s how you hook your Airpods up to your Xbox One.

Use Alternative Method By Bluetooth Adapter

A Bluetooth adapter can also be used to connect your AirPods to the Xbox in case you do not want to use your mobile device and the Xbox app. A Bluetooth adapter will provide your Xbox with Bluetooth audio capabilities by plugging into the headphone port.

However, Bluetooth adapters can sometimes be very unreliable and provide an unstable connection. It will depend on the quality and make of the adapter itself. Of course, there is the additional cost of the Bluetooth adapter.

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How To Connect Your Airpods To Your Xbox One

The method below is a great workaround for connecting and using your AirPods with your Xbox One for gaming with friends. Follow these simple steps:

  • Connect your Apple AirPods to your iOS or Android device.
  • Go to the App Store or Google Play Store and download the Xbox App.
  • Once inside the app, you will need to sign in using your Xbox or Microsoft sign in details.
  • After signing in, you can then tap the party icon on the top right .
  • From the party icon, you can join or host your own Xbox party chat room.

Here is a video that explains the process:

Can You Use Airpods On Xbox One

How to Connect AirPods to PS4 and Xbox One Controller ...

Unfortunately, Microsofts Xbox One lacks Bluetooth support, meaning it has no built-in way to pair Apple AirPods to an Xbox console. Its also impossible to connect AirPods to the Xbox One controller headphone jack.

While you technically can’t connect AirPods to an Xbox One console or controller, you can still use them during an Xbox One gaming session. By using the official Xbox app on iOS or Android, AirPods can still come in handy for chatting with friends in an Xbox Party and for voice chat within popular video games like Fortnite.

Traditional wired headphones or earphones can still connect to the Xbox One controller headphone jack.

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Other Ways To Connect Airpods To Xbox

While remote play is the simplest way to use Bluetooth headphones like AirPods with Xbox consoles, alternate methods involve extra hardware. These options bypass the existing offerings of Xbox consoles, excluding features like voice chat in the process. But there are valid alternatives to the remote play workaround if you want a direct line to your Xbox gameplay audio.

Bluetooth support has rapidly evolved into a standard feature on TVs, and in many cases, allows headphones to work with Xbox consoles. Your Xbox console routes to your TV over HDMI before wirelessly transmitting that audio to connected headphones. The steps to connect wireless earbuds like AirPods widely varies between TV models, although official documentation is often available via the manufacturer’s website.

Third-party Bluetooth adapters are also available for Xbox consoles, hooking up to an Xbox Wireless Controller via the integrated 3.5mm headphone jack. Compared to other workarounds, these standalone pucks provide a low-latency connection for stereo audio, although most require additional steps to pair and operate. Bluetooth adapters retail $37 on Amazon, compatible with modern Xbox One controllers.

Other Alternatives To Airfly Pro For Connecting Airpods To Ps4

Another method is to use the Remote Play app on your iPhone and Android. You have to first register and activate it with your PS4. It is easy. After that, go to the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone and pair the AirPods.

This method has its own share of hits, misses, and jerks. But, since PlayStation allows only officially licensed wireless headphones to connect seamlessly, there are some sacrifices to accept if you wish to use AirPods with PS4.

Finally, you may also try connecting the AirPods with your smart TV. If it supports, then the incoming audio from PlayStation will be routed to AirPods via the smart TV.

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How To Add Bluetooth To Xbox One

As mentioned previously, you will need a Bluetooth transmitter plugged into your controller. There are numerous transmitter options available out there, but I recommend using the Scosche Flytunes Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter, as it has better ratings than other similar products. It is easy to carry, due to its compact nature and it comes with a drawstring bag to put it in.

All in all, these little gizmos pretty much look the same, they are small little boxes that you plug in via a 3.5mm phone connector. The problem with some models is that their connector is located at the end of a small extension cable, which would make the setup a bit awkward as it would be dangling loose underneath your Xbox controller.

Luckily for the product I chose, you have either option to use the provided extension cable or plug it directly into the 3.5mm headphone jack using an integrated prong on the unit.

Price-wise, these are pretty affordable, varying between US$5.00 and US$50.00, and in this case, the Scosche Flytunes retails at US$30.00.

How To Connect Airpods On Xbox One

How to connect airpods to Xbox one x

Although Microsoft doesnt allow any kind of Bluetooth headset to be connected to its consoles, its possible to connect Apples AirPods to the Xbox Series X or S, at least indirectly.

Microsofts stated reason for allowing only wired headsets is that, according to the company, the Bluetooth headset protocol does not meet latency requirements for the quality and speed required for gaming use.

So, check out below 4 ways to connect, at least indirectly, your AirPods to play on your Xbox One.

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How To Connect Airpods To Ps4

Follow these means to utilize a Bluetooth connector to connect AirPods to PS4:

  • Ensure youve charged your AirPods. Same if your Bluetooth connector utilizes a battery.
  • Connect the Bluetooth connector to your PS4.
  • Put the Bluetooth connector into blending mode. The specific way you do this relies upon your gadget, so check the directions that accompanied it.
  • With your AirPods in their charging case, open the case and press and hold the matching up button.
  • Continue to hold the button until the lights on the Bluetooth connector stop squinting. This implies that the AirPods are matched to the connector.
  • Affirm that your PS4 is being shipped off your AirPods by actually looking at the settings on the PS4. Go to Settings > Devices > Audio Devices.
  • Can You Connect Airpods To Xbox One

    AirPods are extremely handy and you may also want to connect it to your Xbox One. When playing games using your Xbox, it would be really convenient to get rid of tangling wires that come with gaming headphones.

    Airpods, on the other hand, provide great audio quality wirelessly. It is also much easier to set up AirPods as compared to gaming headsets. Moreover, gaming headsets are expensive and you may just utilize the Airpods that you already have lying around. Using an Airpod, you can not only hear audio but also communicate with fellow gamers using its built-in microphone.

    AirPods can work with any version of Bluetooth. Unfortunately, Xbox does not support audio transmission via Bluetooth. Hence, AirPods wont work directly with an Xbox. You will need to work around this problem. Below are five steps to help you out with connecting AirPods to your Xbox One.

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    Read This If You Want To Know How To Use Apples Latest Headphones When Playing On Your Xbox Series X

    Do you want to connect your new Apple AirPods Max to your new Xbox Series X console? Weve got you covered.

    Wireless headsets are becoming an increasingly popular choice. They give you greater flexibility and freedom to move, as well as providing a high-quality audio experience. As well as the traditional Bluetooth and gaming headsets that have been around for a while, there is a range of relative newcomers, including the Apple AirPods Max.

    Having released to broadly excellent reviews, the AirPods Max are undoubtedly a premium product, with excellent sound quality, and superb noise-cancelling features. So it stands to reason that these might be something you would enjoy using with your next-generation games console, such as your Xbox Series X.

    How To Connect Airpods Max To Xbox Series X/s

    How To Connect Airpods To Xbox One Controller

    There are two main approaches you can take to this particular conundrum. The first, and possibly easiest method, is to purchase a Bluetooth adapter. There are various kinds, some will be USB dongles that plug into your console, and others are 3.5mm audio jack dongles, that plug into your controller. But the principle remains the same, whichever option you go with. The good news is that these are readily available, and pretty cheap.

    So how do you pair them?

    • Plug the dongle into your console or controller as appropriate.
    • Turn it on, and ensure it is ready to pair .
    • Press and hold the pairing button on your AirPods Max.
    • Hold this down until the light on the Bluetooth adapter stops flashing, this will indicate pairing has been succesfully completed.
    • Check the connection is working.

    Another option you can try, to enjoy Xbox games with your AirPods Max, is by playing via Remote Play.

    • Make sure you have the Xbox app downloaded to your Android or Apple device.
    • Pair your headphones to the device.
    • Sign in on the Xbox app, using your Xbox account.
    • Start playing.

    These two options will let you enjoy those AirPods either on the go, or at home, for playing your Xbox games.

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    Using Optical Port Bluetooth Transmitters To Connect Your Airpods To Xbox One

    Some users over on Reddit have suggested that using a bluetooth transmitter which plugs into the optical port on the back of your Xbox One to connect not just AirPods but any bluetooth headset or earphones to your Xbox one.

    As this is not an official accessory and something thats not endorsed by Microsoft itself, trying this method is done at your own risk. Theres no chance that your console will be blocked or affected in any way, but there is a chance that this simply wont work at all, and its down to you to decide whether or not you want to part with your cash for something which may not work.

    Thats everything you need to know on connecting AirPods to your Xbox One. For more on Microsofts current-gen console, you can check out more of our coverage below.

    How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One Controller

    We see people looking for a solution to their Xbox One Bluetooth connectivity issues all the time. The biggest issue of the lot is somehow getting their Bluetooth headphones to connect to either the Xbox One itself or the controller. I had this question in mind, and after doing a lot of research on it, Iâve found an amicable solution to this issue. In this article, weâll answer how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox one controller.

    The simple solution on how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One controller canât be found within either the Xbox or the controller. One has to have an external Bluetooth transmitting source to enable the controller to have Bluetooth headset functionality.

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    How To Connect Airpods To Xbox One:

    Like PS4, you cannot connect the AirPods directly to the Xbox One. But I have got you covered here too. For this, you need to have the Xbox App on your iPhone or iPad only. In order to connect AirPods and Xbox One:

  • Launch the Xbox One App on your iPhone or iPad .
  • On the top of the screen, tap on the three persons icon.
  • Now, tap on the Start a Party. Either you can join the party or start one and invite other people to get started.
  • When joined, connect your AirPods with your iPhone, as you do by opening the AirPods case. This will instantly pair your AirPods with the Xbox One through the App.
  • Now, you can communicate with other people participating in the party.
  • Have you tried any of these methods? Let us know in the comments below. For more useful posts for your iOS devices, stay tuned to

    Why Airpods Don’t Work With Xbox

    How To Connect AirPods To Xbox One! (2020)

    A sizeable accessories ecosystem now supports Microsoft’s modern Xbox consoles, with some of the best Xbox headsets rivaling general-purpose headphones. These generally leverage the “Xbox Wireless” protocol, a proprietary connection designed for Xbox controllers and headsets. But the newest Xbox consoles still lack Bluetooth support, excluding many existing earbuds and headphones, including AirPods.

    AirPods don’t work with Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S consoles with compatibility eradicated by their different wireless technologies. You’re generally best sticking to the official accessories, with viable wireless Xbox headsets in budget and premium price brackets.

    However, there are several workarounds to use Bluetooth headphones with Xbox consoles, if required. The implementation isn’t seamless, but it’s the closest solution to official support if you need a quick headset alternative. All you need is a smartphone paired with your AirPods, plus the official Xbox app.

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    Connect The Xbox Series X / S Controller Via Bluetooth

    If you want to connect your controller wirelessly, you can use bluetooth .

    Before you can use the wireless connection, you must tell Windows that you want to connect a new bluetooth device and pair it with the operating system.

  • Go to the Start menu> Settings> Devices
  • Select Add a Bluetooth device or other device
  • In the new box that appears, select Bluetooth
  • Now you must activate the pairing on the hand control. To do this, first hold down the Xbox button on the controller to turn it on, then hold down the pairing button located just above the USB connector for a short while.

    When the pairing is activated, the Xbox logo on the top starts flashing with a white light.

    You can now continue pairing in Windows. When the search box shows your Xbox Wireless Controller, select it and follow the on-screen instructions.

    Notable: The Xbox Wireless Controller for Xbox Series X / S supports automatic connection to multiple wireless devices. So you can switch seamlessly between your Xbox and Windows if you want. This does NOT work with the old Xbox One X / S controller.

    How To Use Airpods As A Gaming Headset

    If you want to use your AirPods as a gaming headset, you can. But it’s far from perfect.

    Yes, it’s possible to use your AirPods as an Xbox One gaming headset in fact, you can use any pair of wireless earbuds or wireless headphones and it’s pretty simple to do. But it’s far from perfect.

    However, there’s a big caveat to using your AirPods as a gaming headset you’ll need to decide if you want to talk to friends or if you want to hear the in-game audio. Unfortunately, you can’t do both. This means that no competitive gamer should use AirPods as a gaming headset.

    The reason why AirPods won’t play in-game audio is that the Xbox One don’t support Bluetooth. Microsoft has its own proprietary technology that allows a select few wireless headsets to work properly as gaming headsets, like its own Xbox Wireless Headset or the SteelSeries Arctis 9x , but most wireless headphones don’t support that. That includes Apple’s AirPods.

    If you want use your AirPods to hear the in-game audio and you’re OK with not talking to friends maybe you’re not playing live and just trying to be quiet you can buy a Bluetooth dongle, like Twelve South’s AirFly Pro , and use its 3.5mm jack to connect to your Xbox controller.

  • Turn on your Xbox One.
  • Put on your AirPods and pair them with your iPhone.
  • Open the Xbox app on your iPhone.
  • Make sure you’re logged into your Xbox Live account.
  • Select the social tab at the bottom of your screen.
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