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How To Clip On Xbox One

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How to Download Xbox One Clips to PC (Best Method)

This clip is effortless to install. I just slip it over the Xbox One controller and make sure the plastic on either side goes into the controller’s ports. Then when I want to remove it, I just pull up on the tab on the bottom of the controller and slip it off. While installed, it is very sturdy. I shook the controller around violently just to see what would happen, and both the clip and my phone remained in place.

The arm locks into place but can extend higher or lower, allowing me to get it at the perfect distance from my face. I’m also able to tilt the top of the arm so that the screen is displayed at varying degrees. This made playing games incredibly comfortable and felt natural. Once I had connected my iPhone to the Xbox One controller, I was set to play any mobile game with controller support.

I love that the clip can fold up into such a compact shape. The plastic feels very durable, so I can throw it into my travel bags, purse, or pocket and not worry about it getting damaged. The actual area where the phone is held extends a couple of inches, and there are two prongs above the phone and one below to hold most iPhones and Android phones in place. These prongs manage to do this without getting in the way of the screen. There’s also a textured grip here that prevents phones from sliding around. It all works together to make a very sturdy accessory.

How To Set Video Clip Resolution On Your Xbox One

While taking videos is essential, you also need to think on space it is going to consume on drive as well as time taken to share on social media. So sometimes it will be essential to lower down the resolution of captures specially for sharing on social media like Twitter, where it does not support 4K screenshots.To set your clip resolution and capture location, press the Xbox button to open the guide, then go to Broadcast & capture > Advanced settings.Tip : You can check the upload status of clips from the Manage clips page by selecting Upload Status from the filter.

Managing Storage Space On Xbox One

Note 1 : Clip recording can be done from 10 minutes depending upon the game clip resolution and available storage space, as a guide 10 minutes recordings can be done using internal storage space, however if it exceeds 10 minutes to 1 hour, then you need to capture the video to an external storage device.External storage device can be simple USB HDD Drive upto 256 GB using USB 3.0 connector. To set saving to external HDD do the following settings Press the Xbox button > > System > > All settings > > Preferences > > Broadcast & capture > > Capture location > > Select External.Note 2 : Saving and sharing screenshots requires Xbox Live Gold. If you dont have it, you can take screenshots on someone elses home Xbox as long as someone with Xbox Live Gold is signed in.Note 3 : Your Xbox allows you a few gigabytes of free cloud storage just for keeping Xbox Game DVR captures and screenshots.You can export it either to your PC, or to your personal OneDrive cloud storage for saving the space and keeping data safe. Xbox Live clips and screenshots will upload automatically to the cloud, until your storage is full.

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Saving And Sharing Your Clips Via Your Xbox

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller to open the guide menu.
  • Press the View button to open “Capture options.”

  • Navigate down using the left joystick to Manage captures and press the A button.
  • Find a capture you want to upload to OneDrive, and select it with the A button.
  • Select the with the A button.
  • From here, you can share the clip to the following locations:

  • Your Xbox Live activity feed, which friends can see .
  • A private message.
  • To an Xbox Club you’re a member of.
  • A Twitter link.
  • To OneDrive.
  • If you are signed in to your Microsoft Account on a PC or via, you will be able to find the clip under OneDrive\Videos\Xbox Game DVR.

  • How To Share And Save Captures From An Xbox Series X And S


    To share your screenshots and recordings on the Xbox Series X and S, you need to:

  • Press the Xbox button and navigate to the Capture & share section
  • Select Recent captures and then go to the bottom of this window and select Show all
  • On the next window go to the right side and select the checklist button
  • Navigate to your chosen capture and then press Share to upload it into a Message, Club, your Activity Feed, OneDrive, or to Twitter
  • If you want to share your screenshot or recording from your computer, choose Upload to OneDrive from the checklist screen on Manage captures.
  • If youd like to upload more than one capture to your OneDrive at once, arrange the captures via the checklist button and then select the checkbox button to the right-hand side of the filters bar.

    Pressing the checkbox button will automatically tick all of the captures shown on the page up to 100 screenshots and recordings and then you need to press the Upload to OneDrive button.

    For more control when uploading multiple captures, use the Select button next to each capture while on the checklist view to pick several screenshots and clips to the upload to your OneDrive.

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    Press X To Share Recent Gameplay

    If you would like to share recent gameplay, simply press X and your Xbox One will automatically grab the last 30 seconds of footage it has saved in its buffer. This is the default amount of time for a clip, which is plenty for most gaming highlights, especially moments like the dramatic comeback combo finisher in your last Street Fighter match. However, if you want to access more footage than the last 30 seconds, press the View button. This will allow you to select the duration of time you want to save and will allow you to save up to two minutes.

    Otterbox Mobile Gaming Clip Review: Competition

    The best iPhone mounting clips for controllers come in a variety of sizes. Some are specifically made for specific controllers, while others are more versatile. If you don’t have a controller yet, you should get the Rotor Riot Gamepad. It’s both a controller and a clip in one, and it’s MFi certified.

    If you’re simply looking for an inexpensive gaming clip for PS4 DualShock Controllers, then the OIVO Controller Phone Clip Mount is a perfect choice. It’s easy to install and works with most iPhones.

    If you’re more interested in a controller that connects to the iPhone itself, I highly recommend checking out the Razer Kishi for iPhone. It comes with various inserts allowing it to work with most iPhones, and the button layout looks and feels intuitive. In some ways, it’s like it transforms your phone into a Nintendo Switch.

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    How To Use The Game Dvr For More Recording Options

    If youd like to make a longer or shorter video, youll need to use the Game DVR app. While playing a game, double-tap the Xbox button on the center of your controller, select the Snap an app icon at the bottom of the sidebar, and select Game DVR.

    If you have a Kinect, you can instead say Xbox, snap Game DVR.

    Select End clip now and you can choose to save the last 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minute, or 5 minutes of gameplay to a clip.

    You can also choose to start recording from here, but the clip you record can only be up to 5 minutes in length at the maximum. To do so, select Start recording from here and then select Stop recording when youre done. If you have a Kinect, you can say Xbox, select and then Start recording to begin. Say Xbox, selectand then Stop recording when youre done.

    To switch focus between snapped apps, double-tap the Xbox button on your controller and use the left stick or directional pad to select from the app icons at the bottom of your screen. if you have a Kinect, you can instead say Xbox, switch.

    Any clips you record in Game DVR are temporary and will be automatically deleted after a period of time unless you choose to save them. To save them, select View all captures, select a clip, press the menu button on your controller, and then select Save.

    Record What Will Happen


    If you like to study your in-game performance, you can start recording before you enter a big battle or a difficult dungeon. That way, youll be able to see exactly what you need to improve or what you need to do to beat the current boss or level. Heres how to record what will happen:

  • Launch your favorite game and start playing.
  • When you reach the battle or the dungeon youd like to record, press the Xbox button.
  • When the Guide menu opens, press the View button. You can find it above your controllers D-pad.
  • Highlight and select the Record from now option. The duration of the clip will be displayed, as well.
  • Go back to the game and start playing.
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    How To Adjust Xbox Series X And S Capture Settings

    If youd like to tweak how your Xbox console saves images and clips, you need to press the Xbox button and the move to the Capture & share section. Next, select Capture settings

    In the Capture settings, you can:

    • Extend quick clip capture time in the Record what happened section
    • Change where your captures are saved in Capture location if you have external memory plugged-in
    • Improve the quality of your captures in the Game clip resolution section.

    How To Record Xbox One Gameplay Ahead Of Time For Longer Footage

    If you want to record longer game sessions as you’re playing rather than just save a few quick highlights here and there, your Xbox One has that capacity as well. The process is similar in both cases:

    1. Start playing the game that you want to record, then press the Xbox button on the controller to open the menu.

    2. Press the View button. This small button is located just left of center on the controller, and can be identified by a design resembling two small overlapping squares.

    3. On the next menu, select “Record from now” and press the A button. Your game clip will begin recording once you resume playing the game.

    4. If you want to stop recording, press the Xbox button on the controller, and then press the X button.

    Typically, you can record up to 10 minutes of gameplay on your Xbox One’s internal storage. However, if you have an external hard drive to allow for greater memory and storage space, it is possible to record gameplay for up to an hour.

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    How To Take A Screenshot

    You can only take a screenshot in a game, not in the Xbox Ones dashboard interface. While in a game, double-tap the Xbox button at the center of your controller. The Snap menu will appear. Press the Y button on your controller to save a screenshot.

    If you have a Kinect and have voice commands enabled, you can also just say Xbox, take a screenshot.

    With A Capture Device

    Random Xbox Clips #1

    OK, so youve outgrown the built-in capture tools and you want to get fancy. Maybe youre starting a YouTube channel, or you just have higher standards than ShareFactory can meet. Maybe you just want to capture video from your Wii U or Ouya. Youre going to need a third-party capture device. These are some of the popular products that I have experience with, but theyre definitely not the only options out there. This also isnt a guide to using each device, just a guide to point you in the direction of some good options.

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    How To Edit Xbox One Video Clips

    When it comes down to trimming your footage or combining two clips together, you use the Upload Studio for your editing needs. Heres how to edit your clips if you dont know how to.

    Basically, all you want to do is start the Upload Studio and select the Manage your clips option. From there, simply highlight the Xbox One video clip that you want to edit, then choose Edit in Upload Studio.

    The editing studio is packed with plenty of tools you can use to fix your clips accordingly. Once you are done, just save your work and upload it on OneDrive to download it.

    That about wraps up everything you need to know about . For more handy tips and tricks, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

    Capture Your Top Performances

    Feel free to share your best recordings with your gaming buddies around the web. If theyre good but not that good, you can save them to your OneDrive and watch them later.

    Do you record your best in-game performances on your Xbox One? If so, do you share them or keep them private? If not, would you give it a go? Let us know in the comments below.

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    Solution 2 Use An External Hard Drive

    In addition to removing unwanted games, Microsoft allows you to use an external hard drive to add more Xbox One storage. Here is a simple tutorial to add an external hard drive to Xbox One:

    Step 1. Prepare an external hard drive that has 256GB space at least and supports USB 3.0 or later port.

    Step 2. Connect the external drive to Xbox One via the USB port. Once the external hard drive is recognized by your system, select Next to continue.

    Step 3. Enter a name for the drive based on your demand and select the Install new thing here option to automatically install games on the drive.

    Step 4. Click on the Format storage device button to format the external hard drive.

    Step 5. After several seconds, you will see a prompted message saying external storage ready.

    Now, you can configure Xbox One for future games and apps to install on the external drive.

    How To Record Clips On The Xbox One

    How To trim a clip/capture On Xbox one with Upload studio

    You already know that Xbox is one of the best gaming consoles. It gives you a number of great features like record video clips without requiring third-party applications. Also, you can share these clips with your friends. So, here are the instructions to record clips on the Xbox One.

    Set Up Recording Options & Preferences

    If you want to set up recording options & preferences, then you need to follow the instructions given below.

    • Suppose the Xbox One is already powered up, choose the controller & hold the Xbox button.
    • After opening the Guide menu, move right. When you see Settings, hold the controllers A button.
    • Then you should go to the Preferences.
    • Thereafter you have to launch the Broadcast and capture section with the A button.
    • The Capture menu permits you to choose the recording duration, resolution of videos, automatic upload preferences & wherever you would like to the Xbox One to save the recorded clips.
    • When you are satisfied with the adjustments, close the menu & the Xbox One will store the new settings.

    Record an in Game Clip on the Xbox One

    • Once you have defeated a strong boss or finished an epic combo kill, hold the Xbox button on the controller.
    • When you see the Guide menu, you will view three choices Screenshot, Record That & Capture. You require the Record That option & press the X button.
    • Xbox One will make a clip of the most current gameplay & video clip will be stored to the location you have given setup section.

    Check the Recordings

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    How To Trim Game Clips Via The Xbox Guide

    Note: As of writing, the trimming feature is only available in the Xbox Alpha ring as part of the Xbox Insider Program. It should roll out more broadly sometime in May 2018.

  • First, take a clip! Refer to this guide for more information.
  • Open the Xbox guide by pressing the Xbox button on your controller.
  • Navigate right using the joystick to the Broadcast & Capture menu.
  • Select Recent Captures using the ‘A’ button.

  • Select the clip you want to edit and share.
  • Select trim using ‘A’ on your controller.

  • Use the left and right joystick to select the region of the game clip you want to keep.
  • You can preview your selection by hitting the ‘A’ button.

  • When you’re done, hit the ‘Y’ button to save your clip.
  • That’s it. It will take a little time to trim the clip, and once it’s done, you’ll be able to share it across Xbox Live, Twitter, or upload it to OneDrive for storage and further editing.

    How To Start Recording Gameplay Footage On The Xbox Series X And S

    To start recording a clip of your gameplay on the Xbox Series X and S, youll need to press the Xbox button and then navigate to the Capture & share section.

    In this section, scroll down and select Start recording. A box at the bottom of the screen will pop-up to show that you have started to record your gameplay.

    To finish recording a clip, press the Xbox button and then press X to Stop recording. Recording in this way gives you a maximum of two minutes to get whatever gameplay footage that you want to keep. It will automatically stop recording and save the clip at the end of the two minutes.

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