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How To Clean Xbox One Disc

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Apply Toothpaste From Inside Out Using Your Finger

How to clean your Xbox one disc drive laser

Using a;clean finger, apply plain white toothpaste to your wet disc from the inside out. Be sure to only apply the toothpaste in one motion, from the center of the disc to the edge. This helps prevent you from further scratching or damaging the disc.

After you have applied the toothpaste, allow it to dry on the disc for 8-10 minutes. This will allow the compound to dry and harden on the disc, filling in some of the scratches that have cause the disc to become unreadable.

Xbox One Disc Drive Replacement Step By Step:

First of all, turn it over like before so that the top of the case faces upward. Enter a plastic opening device between the gap of the top side and the bottom. After that, find the hook and keep up the case in the natural place.

Then, pop out the hook by using the opening device. You will hear sounds clicking when the case opens. It might be a little difficult to remove. Dispel the lower part after opening all the hooks.

There are six green screws levelled as F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, and F6. You have to find and remove them. You can use the T10 Torx screwdriver to remove them. After that, dispel the interior case by using the proper method.

Then, turn over the interior case so that the fan comes above. Gently take the metal panel up so that the hardware can access it. After that, you have to dispel the screws to replace the hard drive. Disconnect the drive carefully from the motherboard. Lastly, dispel the silver screws carefully to remove the disc drive.

After that, separate the connectors by pulling off the disc drive from the motherboard. Then, you will find a flat, black screw. Remove that screw from the optical drive. After that, disconnect the wires of the disc drive. You can use a plastic opening tool for this.

You can replace the disc drive of Xbox one by following this aforementioned procedure. It will surely solve the problem and your Xbox will start reading the disc. Read Also: How To Open A Squeaky Door Quietly

Final Verdict

How To Deal With Other Disc Drive Issues

If youre still experiencing problems, there could be a more complex fault with the disc drive that calls for a more drastic solution, such as an internal fix or replacement. However, doing this yourself is not advised, especially if your machine is under warranty. Opening up your console could void its warranty, making it difficult to get it fixed if things go wrong.;

If youre really worried about the condition of your Xbox Ones disc drive, its probably worth taking it to a Microsoft-approved repair specialist for a professional fix. It wont be free, but itll probably cost you less than having to shell out for a whole new console.

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Change Of The Power Cycle And Instant On Power Modes

Sometimes, the disc drive cannot read the disc because of the instant-on power setting. So, change the power cycle and mode of your console. Here is the step by step process.

First of all, press the Xbox button to open the guide.

Go to the settings and choose power and startup.

Then go to power mode and startup and you will find window. After that, press the energy-saving button.

Finally, press the Xbox button and hold it for 10 seconds. A hard power cycle will be performed and this will cause a complete shutdown of your console. Restart your Xbox again. Read Also: How to Fix Xbox One Turns On By Itself

Option 3: Use Plastic Polish To Buff Scratches In Your Disc

HOW TO CLEAN ANY DISK: Xbox One Xbox 360 Playstation 4 ...

Plastic polish is a popular to method to remove scratches from your CD, DVD, or Blu-ray disc.; Not only is it easy to use, but theres a good chance you have some lying around your house.

Using a clean, 100% cotton cloth, apply plastic polish to the disc in a similar manner as the deodorant and antiperspirant. When dry, buff the disc out with another clean cotton cloth.

We Recommend using McGuires PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner and Polish. McGuires is the absolute best when it comes to car detailing, so its definitely safe for your $60 disc. Its also cheap at ~$7 as well.;

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Determining Why Discs Wont Read On Your Xbox

In order for that $60 disc to read properly on your Xbox One, several things need to be in place:

  • No fingerprints, scratches or smudges on the shiny side of the Blu-ray disc
  • No dust and a properly functioning Blu-ray insert tray on the Xbox
  • A clean laser lens to effectively read the data on the bottom of your game or movie disc

Even on a brand new system, one little issue with the disc or hardware can send you back to the days of Pong. Heres how to prevent issues up front.

Option 1: Use Toothpaste And Deodorant

An unreadable disc error is typically due to scratches on the disc that are big and/or deep enough to prevent the disc driver laser from properly reading it.

Although there is no way to replace the scratched portions of the disc, you can polish it with varying compounds to trick the laser into thinking the disc is readable.

The quickest and easiest way to fix your scratched CD, DVD, or Blu-ray disc is to use toothpaste and deodorant.

Sound crazy? Maybe.

But it works , and well show you how to do it.

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Laser Lens Cleaning Is A Must

The most common issue you will likely see with an Xbox One is going to be a dirty laser lens. Your new game discs will appear clean, yet none of them seem to work. This is usually a sign of a dirty laser lens.

If the laser lens cannot properly read the content on the bottom of any of your Blu-ray discs, than you have narrowed down the problem.

Time to clean the laser lens, or as game system experts call it: the ol laser treatment.

How To Clean A Game Disc

How To Clean Your Dvd Disc For Xbox One

Applies to:; Wii U Deluxe, Wii U Basic

In this article, you’ll learn how to clean a game disc.

  • Do not use solvents such as benzine, window cleaner, paint thinner, anti-static aerosol spray or abrasive cleaners to clean your disc.
  • Do not use machines designed to clean discs or remove scratches. These types of devices have been known to damage the surface of the disc.

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Disc Is Not Compatible

There are two standards that older Xbox 360 consoles uses in its game discs: PAL and NTSC. Fortunately, Xbox One consoles were designed to be free of region-blocking so if you are from North America, your console should still be able to read games you bought from other regions.

Incompatibility may still arise though if youre having an issue with a Blue-Ray discs and DVDs. If your Xbox One console plays games normally but refuses to play a specific DVD or Blu-Ray disc, its probably due to discs coding. Not all Blu-ray discs are encoded to be played in all regions so your console may not be able to read them.

Make sure that you only use Blu-Ray discs bought from the same region where your console is from.

How You Can Clean The Dvd Player Inside A Xbox

In this video I show how to clean and repair a DVD drive from an XBOX 360 gaming console.

Video taken from the channel: PCBoardRepair

Time to tackle an annoying issue plaguing many original Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles! This tutorial will walk you through the process of replacing your DVD drives belt which will resolve the dreaded sticking drive tray issue. No more needing to hit the top of your console or keeping a disc in the drive at all times in order to get the tray open! Other tutorials might recommend boiling or cleaning the existing DVD drive belt. While as that can still provide a resolution, it is only temporary and the sticking drive problem will return again shortly. Thankfully DVD drive belts are cheap enough to the point where I recommend skipping past the boiling/cleaning stage and simply replace the belt to alleviate your issue for years to come..#OriginalXbox #OGXbox #XboxModding.This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and is intended for educational purposes..–Hardware & Tools Used in This Video :Soldering Tools & Products:Link: https://soundcloud.com/literalbagoftrash.–Any links specifically listed as affiliate links give me a small monetary kickback at no extra cost to you and no influence on the content.

Video taken from the channel: MrMario2011

Video taken from the channel: DigitalInnovations

Video taken from the channel: TronicsFix

Video taken from the channel: Pick & Roll

Video taken from the channel: Andrews Arcade

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Make Sure Your Xbox Is Protected

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Keeping The Laser Lens Clean

How to Clean an Xbox Game Disc: 11 Steps (with Pictures ...

If your machine isnt recognising a disc when youve inserted one, or youre experiencing issues during playback/freezes during your game, the first thing to do is to check the disc itself.

If its scratch- and fingerprint-free, the problem could lie with your consoles disc drive. Its unlikely to be anything major, though more often than not, its simply a case of dirt or dust on the laser lens getting in the way.

Ensuring your Xboxs disc drive stays in good working order is a case of prevention being better than cure . Make sure the disc insert area on the front of your console is kept dust-free you can avoid a build-up by regularly wiping over your console with a dry microfibre cloth. The microfibre material will ensure that the dust sticks to the cloth, rather than just pushing it around and potentially directing it into the disc slot itself.

Make sure the disc goes into the console without any resistance or strange noises. If youre in doubt, eject it and try again. If youre still having trouble, try using a laser lens cleaning disc this should clear up any playback issues .

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Option 4: Buy A Disc Repair Machine

Similar to what you might find at a Family Video, the JFJ Easy Pro Video Game Repair Machine is available on Amazon for $134.99.

This is a one-stop-shop solution for fixing damaged or scratched video games, DVDs, and blu-rays. If you like to keep your discs clean and scratch-free, this is your solution.

As we mentioned numerous times throughout our video and article, if your disc is damaged badly enough, nothing will be able to bring it back. You just cant simply rewrite data that has been forever destroyed without burning a new copy of it.

Xbox One Faq: People Also Ask:

To fix Xbox 360 not reading discs make sure to clean the discs with the soft, clean, and damp cloth by holding the edges of the discs. Also, check for the disc damages and scratches and replace it.

Despite this, you can also try the above-listed solutions given one by one.

This issue occurs if you are trying to download an update for the game when the game is installing or the local saved game files are corrupted.

Well, there are a number of solutions that work for you to fix Xbox One installation stopped error, so make sure to follow them.

  • Clear Your Local Saved Games and Reinstall the Game,
  • Take the console offline, cancel the download and power cycle the console, install the game, and go online.

Microsoft allows exchanging the game disc within 90 days of purchase under the Microsoft Game Disc Exchange Program terms and conditions.

But before claiming the exchange, make sure if the game is published by Microsoft or another company. And if the disc belongs to another company then contact the company regarding the exchanging disc policy.

Remember the Microsoft Game Disc Exchange Program relates ONLY to the Microsoft published games.

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Develop Good Disc Habits

When thinking about tips for cleaning discs, you should consider avoiding products and habits that will damage your disc further.

  • Never use hydrogen peroxide to clean your disc because of its abrasive qualities.
  • Avoid using baking soda, metal cleaners, or abrasive pads.
  • Never leave your disc in a hot car in direct sunlight; it may warp.
  • Clean your CD or DVD player with a head cleaning kit.

If you have a disc that contains important information with no back up⦠call a professional to clean and retrieve the information from the disc.

How To Take Apart An Xbox One Controller Without A Torx

Xbox One laser cleaning method – how to clean a dirty xbox one laser

Jan 23, 2020 The truth is, like 7 seven out 10 Xbox controllers will break when dropped as they are pretty weak. But what is the controller fell;

Mar 19, 2021 How to take apart Xbox one controller now to know just how exactly to take-apart x-box One control, we offer you all the tutorials that can;

How to take apart a xbox controller without a security screwdriver. Saved by jason maxwell. 4. Xbox One ControllerTake Apart. More information.

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Can You Use Vinegar To Clean Dvds

Hold the DVD, Blu-ray Disc, or CD by the edges or by placing your finger through the center hole. Wipe the disc with a cloth that has been dampened with white vinegar. The acetic acid in vinegar cuts through the oils left behind by your fingers, as well as any other dirt and grime that might be on the disc.

Sticky Buttons On Xbox One/xbox Series X Controller Stealth

Take apart the Xbox controller Take apart the Xbox controller. If rubbing alcohol hasnt resolved the issue, and you feel brave, you can take apart;

Apr 24, 2018 If your Xbox One or Xbox 360 controller has buttons that are sticking, there are several ways to clean or take apart Xbox controller to fix;

Jan 9, 2020 You can easily clean your Xbox One controller using a dry microfiber cloth. · You can also carefully use compressed air to remove dust build-up;

How To Uncouple An Xbox One Controller Without A Torx Screwdriver; Best Controller; Best Xbox Video Game Pass Games For Xbox One; Xbox Controller Teardown;

Jun 14, 2021 What tool do you need to take apart an Xbox One controller?How do you take apart;

8 steps · 20 min · Materials: Full shell controller Xbox One Slim, SIM card tray is installed, also remove it.3.With the iSesamo spatula, peel off the label under the battery to reveal a T8 Torx screw.Unscrew the Torx T8 screw circled in red in Photo 3.

13 hours ago Apart from that, there are no new Insider builds so it may take a while for the issue to get fixed. Update 8 . Another day has gone;

High Quality Screwdrivers with Carbon Steel Shaft Will Last for Years and Fit Screws Properly. 1 x Cleaning brush. Type: Tool Kit. 1 x Triangle prying tool.

Jul 16, 2020 Im still thinking about getting an elite controller, because it should last longer, but also because it is easier to take apart and clean or;

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How To Safely And Smartly Clean Your Dirty Xbox One

After you’ve had your Xbox One console for a while, you’ll probably notice that it starts to get dusty. Dust can easily build up, and cause a problem down the line. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to cleaning your Xbox One. Here’s what to do and what not to do to keep your console shiny and clean!

Option 2: Find A Family Video Or Video Rental Store

How To Clean Your Dvd Disc For Xbox One

Family Video and other video rental stores usually have disc repair machines for their own use. As a customer, you can also pay to have your disc repaired.

Typically they will charge you ~$2 to repair a single disc.

This is a more advanced process than toothpaste and deodorant, but a similar concept.; It will help polish and buff out scratches in your game disc. If this cannot repair your disc, nothing will and you will need to buy a new digital or physical copy of your video game.

You may also be able to find disc repair machines at local retro game stores or game exchanges.

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Vastar T6 T8 T10 Xbox One Screwdriver Set

A screwdriver set is a good investment in case youre worried about things actually falling into the Xbox and you being unable to get them out. If youre willing to put your repair skills to the test, this kit comes with four different screwdrivers, a metal crowbar, two plastic crowbars, four plastic pry tools, a brush and a microfiber cleaning cloth. Everything in the set fits easily into an EVA bag, making it portable and easy to store.


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