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How To Clean Out Xbox One

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Why Does My Xbox One Console Keep Getting Dusty

How to Clean an Xbox One

After youve had your Xbox One console for a while, youll probably notice that it starts to get dusty. Dust can easily build up, and cause a problem down the line. Thats why weve put together this handy guide to cleaning your Xbox One. Heres what to do and what not to do to keep your console shiny and clean!

How To Clear Game Cache On Xbox: Option 1

The first option is the easiest: A cold restart. Unplug your Xbox console, and leave it like this for at least two minutes before you reinsert the plug. While the console is in this powered down state, press and hold the power button several times.

Once you’ve plugged the console back in, your cache should be clear and you’ll hopefully notice a performance increase.

How Can I Make My Xbox One Console Stop Lagging

If youve owned your Xbox One console for a while, you might notice it starting to lag while youre using it. If youve already ruled out dirtiness as the culprit, you can explore some other options to get it working at the proper speed again.

Firstly, make sure your Xbox One is properly updated. Its often tempting to zoom past the update reminders without giving them a second thought, and then suddenly, its months later and your system is operating on an outdated version of its softwarevery slowly. Instead, get into the habit of checking for updates regularly. You can even choose the option in your Xbox Ones settings to auto-install updates, so you dont have to remember to do so yourself.

You can also consider disabling some features on the Xbox One that you arent using. If you dont care for using Cortana , you can disable the voice-activated feature through your Xbox Ones settings. Disabling Cortana, as well as some other optional features, can help improve your Xbox One consoles speed considerably.

Similarly, you can also avoid downloading apps that tend to consume a lot of data to operate. You can check app data usage in your settings to determine what, if anything, is burning through too much of your data and slowing down your entire system.

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How To Clear The Cache On Your Xbox One

Similar to a computer, clearing the Xbox One’s cache can help improve its overall functioning. However, unlike other consoles, there’s no way to clear the cache from a simple menu. You’ll have to get physical.

1. Turn off your Xbox One using the power button on the console.

2. Once your Xbox One has completely powered down, unplug the power cord from the back of the console. Don’t simply unplug the cord from the wall’s electrical socket it must be disconnected from your Xbox One.

3. Wait a minute, and then reconnect the power cord to both the Xbox One console and the electrical socket.

4. Let another minute pass. If you’re using an original Xbox One , watch for a small white light to appear on the Xbox One’s power brick . Once the white light turns orange, you can turn your Xbox One back on. If you’re using an Xbox One S or One X, just wait out the minute and turn it on afterwards.

How To Clean Sticky Buttons On Xbox One Controller


September 7, 2021 | Heidi Butler

Any gamer can tell you that there is nothing worse than dying in the middle of a game, especially due to an equipment error. While it is not something that you normally think of doing, taking the time to clean the sticky buttons on your Xbox One controller can mean the difference between life and death, literally.

The top technique for cleaning sticky buttons is to gently wipe the area down with 70% isopropyl alcohol using a microfiber cloth or a Qtip. These should be damp, but not dripping. Repeat the process until the area is clean and then allow it to dry. However, if this method does not do the trick, you will likely need to take apart the controller to conduct a deeper cleaning.

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    How To Clean Your Xbox Controller Without Taking It Apart

    Most Xbox controller cleaning jobs require nothing more than an external sweep. Still, even if your controller seems relatively clean, you should give it a full cleaning. Sweat and dust can easily build up in the crevices of your controller, and although you may not see the buildup, its almost certainly there. Heres what youll need to clean your Xbox controller without taking it apart:

    • Cotton swabs
    • Isopropyl alcohol
    • Canned compressed airl
    • Spray bottle

    You may need water as well, depending on the percentage of your isopropyl alcohol. In order to be considered rubbing alcohol, a bottle of isopropyl alcohol needs to be at least 70% alcohol to 30% water. If your bottle has a higher percentage, you may need to dilute it with water. Dont go overboard, though isopropyl alcohol is still the recommended cleaning medium.

    Xbox One S / X Clean Out And Service


    To avoid forcing your Xbox One S to work harder than it needs to to keep cool, then servicing it on a yearly to 18 month basis is important.

    An Xbox One S should be cleaned out to prevent overheating and eventual hardware failure. If your Xbox One S has become louder than usual, theres likely dust built up inside thats making the cooling fans job harder.

    Thermal paste also hardens over time and can become less effective so replacing this can allow heat to transfer to the heatsink smoothly.

    This service includes a complete break down including the PSU, a clean out of all the dust, removal and reapplication of fresh thermal paste.

    Once rebuilt we will run your console for between 2-4 hours to make sure it doesnt overheat.

    If you are in Reading, then free collection and delivery is possible, if you are outside our local area then shipping back to you will be £10 additional charge which must be paid before return of the Xbox One S


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    How To Take Apart Your Xbox One Controller

    It might seem easier to just clean your Xbox One controller with an anti-bacterial wipe and move onto playing games. That’s certainly an option, but one best left until you’ve disassembled the controller and given it a deep clean.

    That’s right: you’re going to take apart your Xbox controller. Not sure how to do that?

    In fact, it is surprisingly simple. You’ll need the following:

    • Torx screwdriver
    • Flathead screwdriver
    • Plastic prying tools
    • Plastic spudger or disposable knife

    The principle is straightforward: use the prying tools and spudger to remove the plastic grip sections, then remove the screws. With the entire outer shell detached from the interior controls, the Xbox One or Series controller is ready for cleaning.

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    There are various other things you can do once an Xbox One controller is disassembled. Obviously, cleaning the controller is important, but once you’ve done that properly you might carry out repairs, replace thumbsticks, or even customize the controller.

    Keep this in mind as you gain familiarity with the process of disassembling the Xbox controller for cleaning.

    How To Completely Wipe Your Xbox 360 Or Xbox One System

    How to Clean Your Xbox One Fan at Home

    If you have been ignoring your system and been saying to yourself I will do it eventually, then this guide is the fire under your ass to get it done.

    Has your Xbox One or Xbox 360 been collecting dust because it has been running into issues that require troubleshooting? Maybe you have been planning on selling one or the other, and you are looking to remove all of your data from the system. Its the holiday season, and this is the perfect time to sell your system to a customer in demand. You enjoy the cash while they get a great system. Its a win/win scenario.

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    Warning: As simple as these steps are, these measures are to reset your console, not to restart or refresh it. These steps will act to erase all data on the system and reset it to factory defaults. If you are looking for troubleshooting guides or how-tos, this isnt the guide for you. Stop while you are ahead before you give yourself one big console induced headache.

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    How To Clean Residue Off An Xbox Disc

    Use the microfiber cloth to wipe down both sides of the disc, especially the underside. You can add a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the cloth to buff out sticky spots, but be sure to let the disc completely dry before re-inserting it into your Xbox.

    That’s it! Once you’ve cleaned your Xbox One console, controllers, and discs, you can get back to enjoying the games you love.

    When To Clear Cache On Your Xbox One X

    Like a computer, your Xbox One X contains a cache system and, over time, it can get a little backed up, causing hitches in your console’s performance.

    If your console is begins to run slowly, takes a while to respond to commands, certain games or apps stop responding, you have issues with getting discs in and out of your console, or it has other pesky issues, a helpful way to help solve those issues is to clear the cache on your Xbox.

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    Use Antibacterial Spray And Wipes

    Before reassembling the Xbox One controller, take a moment to clean every surface, inside and out, with an antibacterial wipe. For any surface that cannot be wiped, use antibacterial spray.

    With this extra level of cleaning, you help to ensure that the Xbox One controller is thoroughly cleaned. It’s a smart step to take if you’re concerned about managing cleanliness, or if the controller is widely used. Perhaps you have a busy house, or the controller is part of a public gaming system in a shop or club.

    Whatever the case, you now have a clean Xbox One or Xbox Series controller.

    Things To Consider Before Cleaning

    Xbox One S Cleaning Guide

    Before starting your clean, be sure to shut down your Xbox and remove all cables .

    If your Xbox is particularly dusty, move it an area with less dust when you start the clean, dust laying on the floor will kick up and just settle back into your Xbox again.

    We have listed some tools which will help you with the clean later in this article, however, when using the vacuum, be careful if using a high powered home vacuum cleaner it might cause damage to the internal fan.

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    Why Worry About Roaches In My Xbox One

    Roaches inside an Xbox One is a terrible thing.

    The damages cockroaches cause to Xbox One is incremental. When you notice that a cockroach has gotten into your Xbox One, its usually when theyve been there for a long time. Its possible for you to notice it early enough.

    Cockroaches inside your Xbox One means that theyll live on the components of the console.

    Living in the component is dangerous in two ways. First, their excrements and secretions can corrode the components. Secondly, they might wander on the connections, some which have high voltage, killing them instantly and causing a short-circuit. If youre lucky, itll be the power supply, which is usually expensive, that you have to replace. Else, youd have to settle for a new Xbox One.

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    To Help Keep Your Xbox One Fan Clean:

    • Use a can of compressed air to blast dust and dirt out of the air vents.
    • Once you’ve cleaned the vents, be sure to position your Xbox somewhere with good airflow to assist with cooling.
    • Clean your Xbox One console every three to six months to make sure it works like it should.
    • Give your Xbox the high groundâplace it somewhere off the floor and in the open rather than on a rug or inside a cabinetâto prevent heavy dust buildup. And keep it away from pets and small children that can cause messes or damage.

    If cleaning out the vents doesn’t do the trick, we recommend calling in professional help to clean your Xbox One fan as it will require opening your console, which could easily lead to damage. Stop by the nearest uBreakiFix by Asurion for help with all of your Xbox repairs as soon as same day.

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    How To Clean Xbox One Controller Bumpers

    • Get link

    Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition Rz06 01990 Support

    Xbox One Wireless Controller 1697 Bumpers Replacement Ifixit Repair Guide

    How To Correctly Press The Bumpers On The New Xbox One Controller Xbox One Wonderhowto

    Left Bumper Just Broke On My Elite Controller While Playing Just Cause 3 It Still Works But The Actual Button Will Pop Out If It S Turned Upside Down Xboxone

    Deal4go Full Housing Shell And Buttons Kit Replacement Faceplates Rb Lb Bumpers Right Left Rails For Xbox One Controller Model 1708 Full Complete Repair Kit Phantom White Special Edition Amazon Sg Video Games

    Yundap Replacement Thumbsticks Joysticks Black Replacement Lb Rb Bumpers Triggers Buttons Compatible For Xbox One Elite Controller Walmart Canada

    How To Fix A Broken Bumper On Your Xbox One Controller Lb Rb Xboxdiy

    Repairing An Xbox One Controller Faulty Lb Rb Button 6 Steps Instructables

    Solved Right Bumper Only Works When Pressed Very Firmly Xbox One Wireless Controller Model 1708 Ifixit

    Https Encrypted Tbn0 Gstatic Com Images Q Tbn And9gcrfd6 Af3ymfzxhgkhvhaxhi Siaj Gps4jb9ngeppt Xgwycxy Usqp Cau

    The Lb Button Popped Off On My Xbox One Controller Anyway To Fix It Neogaf

    I Cleaned The Dust Off Of My Xbox One And Now It Won’t Turn On

    Xbox One X – Cleaning it the Right Way!

    So I used my xbox one nearly every day since 2018 without a problem. It was in a very well ventilated area, but still accumulated dust from time to time. Every time, I’d use a soft cloth to remove the dust, and there would be no problem.

    I just got a new controller in the mail today, and I had trouble finding the sync button due to the way my xbox one is positioned. I used a light to find it, and the light really made my xbox look dirty. So, I decided to turn the xbox off and clean it .

    I cleaned the xbox, and I admit that I was really trying to get the cloth deep in the parts with a lot of dust. Maybe too much? Also, at one point I did try to blow some of the dust away, and maybe some of the droplets from my mouth got into the xbox? I’m not sure, but I know it’s possible.

    I turned on the console with the brand new controller fresh out of the box, and it came on. Immediately, the menu popped up on screen for about 2 seconds, showing all of my recent activity and everything, and then the whole console shut off without warning afterwards.

    Now, it won’t come back on. I tried unplugging the power supply and waiting a few minutes before plugging it back, but that doesn’t seem to be working. Is there anything else I can do? Is it possible to save it? If I leave it alone for a day and maybe let the spit droplets dry, is it possible that it could come back on?

    Thanks in advance for any help

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    Can You Use Liquid Cleaner On Xbox One

    Unlike the Xbox 360, the Xbox One does not have a removable faceplate. Microsoft also warns against using any type of liquid cleaner, as even careful use can result in moisture damage in the consoles ventilation system. Heres how to clean your Xbox One, along with the materials youll need to do so.

    What You Will Need To Disassemble Your Xbox One Controller

    Opening an Xbox One controller isn’t as easy as cracking open an old radio. You can’t use standard screwdrivers to get inside an Xbox One controller. Instead, you’ll need a Torx screwdriver—and that’s not all:

    • Torx screwdriver
    • Flathead screwdriver
    • Plastic prying tools
    • Plastic spudger or disposable knife

    Don’t have all the tools needed to gain access to your Xbox One controller’s interior? Worry not—various Xbox One controller tool kits can be bought online.

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    Ready To Game Remember To Wash Your Hands First

    After cleaning your Xbox One controller inside and out, it makes little sense to let it get dirty again. You’ve taken the time and effort with a deep clean, after all.

    So, rather than simply grab the controller and boot your Xbox One or Xbox Series console, stop. Instead of playing straight away, go and wash your hands thoroughly. No sink nearby? Use anti-bacterial gel designed for hands. If you’re gaming regularly, consider a gel intended for sensitive skin.

    Enjoy your gaming session and strive to keep your controller clean. When you’re done, clean the controller with an anti-bacterial wipe and remember to wash your hands again.

    How To Clean Your Xbox Controller

    Xbox One S Cleaning Guide

    Although you can go many months without noticing any grime on your controller, its probably littered with dust and hand oil after only a few weeks. In this guide on how to clean your Xbox controller, were going to show you how to get your controller looking brand new.

    In addition to cleaning the outside, were going to talk about taking apart your Xbox controller to clean the inside. This is an advanced process that could break your controller, so only attempt it if youre comfortable dealing with electronics. After youre done cleaning your Xbox controller, be sure to read our guide on cleaning your PS4 controller.

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