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How To Clean Dust Out Of Xbox One

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Xbox One X – Cleaning it the Right Way!

Jul 1, 2020 Turn off the Xbox 360 completely. · Disconnect all cables and devices from the console. · Remove the external hard drive if one is attached.

Apr 4, 2012 Taking out the DVD drive and cleaning the laser eye is particularly nerve-wracking. If I mess this part up, I have a dusty hunk of scrap metal

Jan 14, 2020 Routine cleaning will prevent heavy dust build up, which may require multiple cloths to fully clean your device. Use circular motions to rub off

May 7, 2020 Furthermore, how can I clean my Xbox One fan without opening it? a dry microfiber clothto attract dust particles out of any openings and

Sep 22, 2008 Excellent info, saved me £65 repair service from Xbox. Fixed sons machine from not playing any disks in around 1 hour. cleaned all the dust out

How do I fix my controller drift without opening it? If your controller is new and you This will remove the dust and allow the stick to move easily.

May 8, 2018 As everyones Xbox 360 continues to age the wear that often occurs is over the surface of the band, getting the grime and dirt off.

Mar 17, 2020 Game controllers are magnets for dirt and grime. In order to clean your controller thoroughly without Xbox 360 Controllers.

Jan 6, 2020 Clean the surface of the Xbox One using a dry microfiber cloth to attract dust particles out of any openings and ventilation gaps without

The Best Way To Clean Xbox One Controllers

Unlike your console, disinfectant wipes may get used on Xbox . Rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth can also be used.

But while it may be tempting to just run a moist towel over the controllers body, you should avoid doing so. Moisture seeping inside and close to the electrical parts within the controller can produce problems that no one wants to deal with

Xbox One S Cleaning Guide

The Xbox One S is coming up on its one year anniversary, which means some owners may want to consider cleaning the dust out of their systems. This guide will help you keep your Xbox One S living a long and happy life!

This guide is not for the faint of heart! You’re going to take the Xbox out of its plastic case in this guide, which can be pretty scary! Ultimately, it’s not much more difficult to get into the inside of the Xbox One S than the PS4.

What you’ll need:

You can also look at iFixit’s tool kit which has most everything you need for the project. There are a few different options you can consider, so shop around for what you think will work best for you.

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Clean Xbox One Game Discs

  • To clean Xbox One game discs, first, select a microfiber cloth.
  • A little bit of rubbing alcohol can help remove any fingerprints or smudges that are on the surface of your Xbox One game disc.
  • Be sure to let them dry completely before you play again. Otherwise, you will know the results are not good.

Keeping The Laser Lens Clean

Xbox One S Cleaning Guide  HIDEit Mounts

If your machine isnt recognising a disc when youve inserted one, or youre experiencing issues during playback/freezes during your game, the first thing to do is to check the disc itself.

If its scratch- and fingerprint-free, the problem could lie with your consoles disc drive. Its unlikely to be anything major, though more often than not, its simply a case of dirt or dust on the laser lens getting in the way.

Ensuring your Xboxs disc drive stays in good working order is a case of prevention being better than cure . Make sure the disc insert area on the front of your console is kept dust-free you can avoid a build-up by regularly wiping over your console with a dry microfibre cloth. The microfibre material will ensure that the dust sticks to the cloth, rather than just pushing it around and potentially directing it into the disc slot itself.

Make sure the disc goes into the console without any resistance or strange noises. If youre in doubt, eject it and try again. If youre still having trouble, try using a laser lens cleaning disc this should clear up any playback issues .

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Keeping Your Xbox One Fan Clean

When it comes to keeping your consoles fan free from dust and dirt, its definitely a case of prevention being better than cure.

The more dust that you allow to build up on your Xbox One, the more likely it will find its way onto the consoles fan mechanism via the exterior shells air vents.

Therefore, the best thing that you can do to prevent dust gathering is to clean the console regularly.

Every week or so, turn the machine off at the wall and give it a wipe over with a dry lint-free or microfibre cloth, or a microfibre duster. The microfibre material will ensure that the dust sticks to the cloth, rather than just pushing it around and potentially directing it into the vents, making things worse.

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Removing The Side Panels

  • 1Position your Xbox so you can remove the side panel vent. Orient your Xbox on a flat, sturdy surface so the front, where the power button is located, is pointing to your right. The Xbox should stand on its narrow end with the vent facing up.XResearch source
  • This cleaning process can be somewhat long and tedious, especially the first time. Smear some war paint under your eyes and get ready to wage war on the dirt and dust clogging your Xbox.
  • 2Remove the vent from the Xbox. Gently slide the screwdriver into the farthest right vent slot on the vent. Pry the vent with firm, moderate pressure until it partially pops free. Use your fingers to continue prying the vent up with moderate pressure until it releases.XResearch source
  • When prying with your screwdriver, use your free hand to assist the screwdriver by pressing upwards on the end of the vent.
  • 3Gain access to the side panel release tabs. Use your fingernail to lift the lip of the silver or black panel border at the right back corner of the Xbox. In the space on the inside of the border, there will be three release tabs that look like small slots: one on the right, one at the middle, and one on the left.XResearch source
  • When lifting the border part of the Xbox, you’ll likely need to continue exerting pressure on it with your hand to keep the release tabs accessible.
  • There are six total release tabs for each side panel, three along each long side. These tabs are positioned similarly for both side panels.XResearch source
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    Cleaning The Xbox And Reinstalling Components

  • 1Loosen dust with a soft bristle brush. Dust has a tendency to collect on the fan and its surrounding heat shielding. Scrub these areas very lightly with a soft bristle brush, like a toothbrush. Do the same for any other areas on the inside of the Xbox that have buildup.XResearch source
  • Unlike your teeth, which should be brushed daily, for your Xbox to run best it should be cleaned with a brush and canned air about three to four times a year.
  • 2Clean the rear drive area if necessary. In some cases, dust may have built up on and in the black drive area in the back left corner. Remove this drive by pulling it out through its slot on the back of the system. Put this off to the side, and use your brush to break up dirt in the area the drive was removed from.
  • 3Remove dust from the Xbox with pressurized air. Use canned air or an air compressor to blow the loosened dust out of the inside of the Xbox. When spraying the fan with air, first insert your finger in between the blades so the fan remains stationary.
  • Spinning the fan will generate electricity. If this happens while your Xbox is disassembled, it could cause damage to motherboard components.XResearch source
  • Double check your cable connections to your silver drive before setting it in place and after replacing the drive. If either of these cords come loose, the drive will not run.
  • Failing to replace the black rubber band of the drive will cause the drive to be loose and slide around inside your Xbox.
  • Remove All The Green Screws


    Xbox made things easy for us by coloring all of the screws that need to be removed green. You’ll need your security-bit-set for this. Five long screws extend through the entire console to secure it to the other half of the case. Removing these will allow us to separate the hardware from the case entirely.

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    How To Clean And Sanitize Xbox Controllers The Right Way With Tips From Microsoft

    We live in strange times, with many of us spending more time at home indoors than we might like. Either way, we’re all adapting to new habits, which include cleaning and sanitizing stuff more than we may do usually. Coronavirus is known to pass on through hand contact and is capable of remaining alive on surfaces, such as video game controllers, for at least a few hours. If you’re sharing controllers a lot, it might be worth looking into cleaning them a bit more often than usual. Cleaning controllers is relatively straight forward, but there are some pitfalls to avoid worth knowing for Xbox controllers before giving it a go. We spoke with some sources at Microsoft for advice.

    How To Clean An Xbox One Inside When It Is Very Noisy

    Matt MillsHardware, Tips and Tricks0

    Like any electronic device that has an active cooling system , the consoles end up absorbing dust inside and there comes a time when they make a lot of noise , or even have overheating problems. In this tutorial we are going to teach you how to clean an Xbox One inside safely so that it does not make as much noise and, at the same time, prolong its useful life.

    Before you start, you should bear in mind that to be able to clean the inside of your Xbox One, you must open it and, therefore, the warranty will be voided . Therefore, we recommend that you only do so if the console is over two years old and therefore is not under warranty and, in any case, that you carry out this procedure at your own risk, since there is always the possibility that something go wrong and the console breaks down.

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    What About Externally Cleaning My Xbox Series X

    For general upkeep, Microsoft recommends using premoistened disinfectant wipes or a microfiber cloth, one thats dampened with a little bit of mild soap and water. Like any electrical device, make sure your consoles disconnected from the power source first before starting any cleaning. For your console, Microsoft has universal advice that covers the whole Xbox One and Xbox Series family, advising you to use an isopropyl alcohol solution.

    How To Open Up Xbox One

    Xbox One S Cleaning Guide  HIDEit Mounts

    You may also open your Xbox One to clean the fan. However, if you have no prior expertise with this type of procedure, it is pretty risky. But if you are confident enough, here is how to clean Xbox one by opening it:

  • First, ensure your Xbox is turned off and unplugged. Turn it over, and youll notice two Torx T10 screws holding the lid in place. Remove both screws using a Torx T10 screwdriver.
  • After removing the upper cover, locate and gently remove five additional screws on the devices top.
  • Disconnect the single ribbon cable from the front of the machine. If required, use tweezers. Turn it over and remove the final set of screws. By eliminating this metal backplate, you will have full access to your Xbox One Xs fan and heat sink.
  • Blow away any dust that has gathered in the fan and heat sink using your compressed air can.

    When youre through, all you have to do is reassemble your Xbox One and enjoy your game without having to deal with an unreasonably loud fan!

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    How To Clean Your Xbox Series X

    Has your Xbox Series X been louder than normal lately? If so, then its probably time for some spring cleaning. No matter how clean you keep your living space, dust cannot be avoided. Worse still, a build-up can cause components to overheat, which can ultimately result in a hardware failure.

    If youd rather not risk that, make sure you clean your Xbox Series X at regular intervals, particularly if you own pets or smoke. Microsoft doesnt recommend cleaning the inside of the console, the official guidance is external only. But thankfully, its not difficult to take your console apart, and assuming you dont break anything while doing so, this wont void your warranty, either. Of course, if youre not particularly tech-savvy, an external clean will more than suffice.

    If youre looking for a detailed breakdown of how to clean your Xbox Series X, follow the steps below.

    Will Dust Damage My Xbox One Quora

    People commonly believe that the Xbox One can be easily damaged from dust due you can use that to clean out the inputs and the disk drive pretty easily.10 answers · 29 votes: No.

    From speaking with an official Xbox support agent, I can confirm that dust cannot damage

    The inside of an xbox 360 it gets hot in there! A quick solution would be to clean out as much dust as you can without having to open up your console.

    Jun 24, 2021 How do you clean an Xbox 360 without opening it? clean and dust free, you shouldnt ever have to clean out the inside of your console.

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    How To Clean Your Xbox Controller

    Although you can go many months without noticing any grime on your controller, its probably littered with dust and hand oil after only a few weeks. In this guide on how to clean your Xbox controller, were going to show you how to get your controller looking brand new.

    In addition to cleaning the outside, were going to talk about taking apart your Xbox controller to clean the inside. This is an advanced process that could break your controller, so only attempt it if youre comfortable dealing with electronics. After youre done cleaning your Xbox controller, be sure to read our guide on cleaning your PS4 controller.

    How Do I Fix An Unreadable Disc

    How to Clean Your Xbox One Fan at Home

    Here are a few methods to try to fix your scratched disc at home:

  • Rubbing Alcohol Method: Get a lint free non scratching cloth.
  • Toothpaste Method: Use a small dab of the gritty type of toothpaste.
  • Banana Method: Use a banana that is peeled and cut in half.
  • Skip Scratch Fixer Method:
  • Petroleum Jelly Method:
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    How Can I Clean My Xbox One Fan

    Dust buildup can cause your consoles fan to become louder. This makes it more difficult for the fan and motor to work properly. To keep your fan running smoothly, it is important to clean out the air vents.

    How To Keep Your Xbox One Fan Clean

    • To blast dirt and dust out of your air vents, use a can of compressed air.
    • After cleaning the vents, position your Xbox in an area with good airflow for cooling.
    • To ensure that your Xbox One console works properly, clean it every three to six months.
    • To prevent dust accumulation, place your device on the ground. Keep it out of reach of children and pets as they can cause damage or messes.


    Microsoft recommends that you do not attempt to open your console. Instead, Microsoft encourages you to seek professional assistance for any internal repairs. The Xbox One has no removable faceplate, unlike the Xbox 360. Microsoft warns against the use of any liquid cleaner as even the most careful use could cause moisture damage to the consoles ventilation system.

    Avoid damp wipes

    Many people prefer to use special wet wipes that are drowned in the cleaning chemicals. We dont recommend that. As noticed above Microsoft warns to not use liquids during the cleaning, but liquid from such wipes could get into the console which is harmful. Better dont use them with electronics like consoles or TV.

    Most of the time-compressed air with the dust cloth could eliminate any dust build up on Xbox and they are much safer.

    Clean Xbox One Controllers Without Damage

    • To clean your Xbox One controller, grab a microfiber cloth.
    • Cotton swabs are good for cleaning the buttons on your Xbox One controller. Just be careful not to apply too much pressure when you are cleaning them.
    • You can use water or rubbing alcohol when youre cleaning the surface of your Xbox One controller.
    • Do not submerge the controller in water.
    • Use a cotton swab or Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean your Xbox One controllers buttons.
    • To keep your Xbox One controller free of dust, store it within its original box. This will help protect it from unwanted particles on the surface where you normally use it.

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