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How To Check Xbox Live Subscription

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Do I Need Xbox Live Gold Or Ps Plus To Play Fall Guys

How to Check when Xbox Live Gold Membership Expires on Xbox One (Fast Method!)

Put simply, you dont need an existing live service subscription to play Fall Guys for free. As such, you can dive into a match even if you dont have Xbox Live Gold, PS Plus, or Nintendo Switch Online membership.

In that sense, Fall Guys operates very similarly to other free games like Fortnite and Rocket League. In those titles, you can dive into online matches even without an active subscription. Thats because the servers are hosted separetely by Epic Games, meaning they arent linked to the PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo servers you pay a fee to access.

Therefore, if your subscription to any of the online services expires, rest easy in the knowledge that youll still be able to enjoy some Fall Guys action. Now a fully-fledged free game, youll never need to spend another penny on it if you dont want to.

Thats it for our look at whether you need Xbox Live Gold or PS Plus to play this revamped version of Fall Guys! While youre here, feel free to also check out the PS Plus July 2022 lineup, which should be revealed fairly soon.

How Do I Find My Xbox Live Account

If youre like most Xbox Live gamers, you probably never think about expiration dates. But if your account is inactive for a while, it might be time to check the status. Heres how to find out:

1. From the main menu on your Xbox 360, select Games and Apps.2. In the left column, under My Games and Apps, choose Account.3. On the right side of the screen, next to your Gamertag, youll see a Status column that will say something like Active: Yes. If the Status column says Inactive: Yes, then your account is still active. If the Status column says Inactive: No, then your account is inactive and should be reactivated.

How To Tell When Your Xbox Live Expires

Its that time of year again your xbox live subscription is about to expire! But before you panic and frantically search for a new deal, be sure to check out our guide on how to tell when your xbox live subscription expires. Not only will this information help save you some money, but itll also help keep your account secure.

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How Do I Cancel Xbox Live Subscriptions Online And Offline

When your subscription for video gaming is active, you may have to monthly or manually pay for it. By withdrawing from this payment, the subscription can be canceled in a way. You can access the website of Xbox Live to do it. Cancelation can take a few days to come to effect as the final date of subscribing may not have arrived. Thus, when an instant effect is expected, you may contact the provider. To stop enjoying Live Gold or Game Pass, Service & Subscriptions is the section you need to visit on Microsoft.

See more on how to cancel the Xbox Live subscriptions below.

Common Issues When Canceling Your Xbox Live Subscription

Buy MICROSOFT Xbox Live Gold Membership 12 Month Subscription

If you cannot cancel your subscription, it is likely that your account is suspended. To cancel the service, you will need to pay the balance first.

Another possible reason for cancelation issues is the ownership of the Microsoft account. If someone else is the owner and you are paying for this accounts Xbox Live subscription, you wont be able to unsubscribe. Only the owner of the Microsoft account can do that.

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How To Share Xbox Live Gold With A Friend

Its not just games you can share with friends on the Xbox One you can also share an Xbox Live Gold membership. The process detailed above will also let you share a single Xbox Live Gold membership with a friend. Its worth noting that while you can share one persons Xbox Live Gold membership, any Xbox One games acquired via Games With Gold will no longer be playable if the account that acquired them is no longer Gold level. Weve got the best prices on Xbox Live Gold memberships just below, with deals for the UK and the US.

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What Kinds Of Discounts Do I Get With Xbox Live Gold

This will depend on the time. Right now you can pick up games like Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Legends of Eternal, The Surge, V-Rally 4 Ultimate Edition and others at varying discounted prices.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint for example is 85% off right now. So if you were interested in that title and have an Xbox Live Gold subscription, now is the time to pick it up. Lest you have to pay full price down the line.

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You Shouldnt Buy This If

  • You want affordable games
  • You only play free games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone
  • You only use Xbox services on Windows PCs

Xbox Live Gold upgrades your Xbox gaming experience, and while revised for 2021, the service still serves the same purpose for most. Its the only gateway to playing multiplayer games on Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S, although the value will vary on each user. While frequent online gaming across various titles demands Xbox Live Gold, those who prefer single-player games, or stick to popular free experiences like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone, have little reason to pay up.

Xbox regulars shouldnt overlook Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Microsofts new higher-tier subscription, bundling Xbox Live Gold alongside other benefits. It costs more, at $15 per month, but unlocks hundreds of games in the price as one of the best deals in modern gaming.

New free-to-play changes also mean that many of the most popular Xbox games no longer require Xbox Live Gold, especially suited to casual users who play only a few titles and cant justify the subscription for infrequent gaming sessions. But the moment you stray away from this curated list, investing in a 12-month Xbox Live Gold membership delivers the best value out there.

Xbox Live Gold

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Games With Gold November 2021

How to Check When Xbox Live Expires

The Games with Gold lineup for is currently available to download.

Moving Out November 1 30

Kingdom Two Crowns Nov 16 Dec 15

Rocket Knight November 1 15

Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes November 16 30

As long as you download these games within the relevant timeframe, youll be able to keep and play them forever.

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Xbox Game Pass Vs Xbox Live Gold: What’s The Difference Between The Two Services

Both subscriptions offer more gaming options for Xbox owners, but they’re not the same. We break down the differences.

Oscar Gonzalez

Does the PS5 have an edge on the Xbox Series X and S in terms of its lineup of current and upcoming exclusive game titles? Maybe. But where the Xbox has a distinct advantage is its Game Pass subscription option, which lets Xbox owners play more than 100 games for a single flat fee, billed monthly, quarterly, annually or even as part of the Xbox hardware purchase price.

It’s a great deal, but the only problem is that Microsoft has some confusing messaging around the available Game Pass options: There are three versions of the subscription, along with a Xbox subscription called Xbox Live Gold. Gold, meanwhile, is included in some versions of Game Pass, but not others.

Need help untangling the differences? Read on.

How Do You Check How Much Xbox Live You Have Left On Xbox One

Xbox 360:1. From the main menu, select System.2. Under Usage History, select your gamertag.3. On the right side of the screen, under Usage Status, youll see a number that indicates your remaining Xbox Live time . Xbox one does not have this feature yet.

1. From the main menu, select System.2. Under System Information, scroll down to Console Settings.3. Under Console Settings , select Account Details.4. On the right side of the screen, under Account Details, youll see a number that indicates your remaining Xbox Live time .

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How To Cancel Xbox Live

As mentioned above, some of the paid Xbox Live features are now available even to free users.

For one, free-to-play games dont require a paid subscription anymore, so if your Xbox experience revolves around games like Fortnite, youre fine with the free subscription.

There are also plenty of other reasons that you might not want to subscribe to Xbox Gold. You might be cutting costs, or you might be trying to cut your playing time. Regardless, you should know how to cancel your Gold subscription easily.

Well discuss how you can cancel your paid Xbox Live subscription in the next sections.

What Is The Xbox Live Gold Membership

Microsoft Xbox Live 12

Xbox Live Gold is a subscription-based service that can be purchased in one month, three month, and one-year periods. Xbox Live Gold subscriptions are $59.99 for 12 months, $24.99 for three months, and $9.99 for one month.

The paid Xbox Live Gold service gives you all of the free features along with the ability to play games with friends online as well as early access to demos. Gold members also benefit from discounts and free games every month, making the price well worth it for frequent gamers.

An Xbox Live Gold subscription is no longer required to use Party Chat, Looking 4 Groups, and free-to-play multiplayer features.

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What If I Don’t See An Option To Cancel My Xbox Live Subscription

If you don’t see an option on your page to cancel your Xbox Live subscription, first make sure you’re signed into the right account. If you’re an adult attempting to cancel a child’s subscription, you’ll need to be signed into the child’s account .

Next, check to see if you have an outstanding charge on your account. If you do, that’ll need to be paid first. Any issues after that should be directed to Microsoft Support.

With Donotpay You Wont Be Charged After The Free Trial

Most people, when they subscribe to a free trial, forget to cancel it before it expires. This leads to unwanted costs of subscription renewal that can be quite pricey. If you dont want to be charged when your free trial expires, you can sign up with DoNotPays virtual credit card. Xbox Live cant tell the difference between a virtual and real credit card, and they wont be able to charge you.

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What Is Xbox Live Gold Everything You Need To Know Updated December 2021

Xbox Live has been around for pretty much the entire lifespan of the Xbox console, and Xbox Live Gold is the more premium version of it. And while it has gone through changes and growing pains over the years, its been there to deliver a more robust online experience to gamers on the Xbox platform. You can access it from older Xbox consoles, and even the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Unlike Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold and Games with Gold are specifically designed for use with the Xbox consoles.

These days, if you want the best online gaming experience that you can possibly have on Xbox, you want Xbox Live Gold. But, what exactly is Xbox Live Gold? Well break down the ins and outs of the service in this handy guide. Attempting to leave no stone unturned so that no one goes into subscribing without knowing any important details.

Well also update this post from time to time if there are any major changes to the service.

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How Do I Stop A Recurring Payment

How To Check When Your Xbox Gold Membership Expires (2022)

Turn recurring billing off

On the Services & subscriptions page, locate your Microsoft 365 subscription and then select Manage. Do one of the following: If you see a Turn off recurring billing link, choose it to turn recurring billing off. If you see a Cancel link, choose it to cancel the subscription.

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Activating Your Xbox Live Gold Subscription Via The Microsoft Store App

Do you want to redeem your code through the Microsoft app? Make sure you are signed in with the account you want to redeem the code with!

  • Go to the Microsoft Store via the Start button
  • In the Microsoft Store you can click on the drop down menu for the option Redeem code
  • Enter the code that consists of 25 characters, click next and confirm one last time. Have fun!

How Do I Cancel My Xbox Live Subscription On The Xbox App

Xbox Live is a subscription service that lets gamers play games together online, access the latest movies and TV shows, and more. Xbox Live subscriptions expire after a certain amount of time, so its important to know how to cancel your subscription if you no longer need it.

To cancel your Xbox Live subscription on the Xbox app:

1. On your Xbox One console, open the Xbox app.2. Select My Profile from the main menu.3. Under Account Details, click Subscriptions.4. Select the subscription you want to cancel.5. On the Confirm Subscription Cancel page, click Cancel Subscription.

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Stop On Xbox Live Gold/game Pass

Xbox Live Gold can be advantageous for those who love gaming but when a particular month demands you to put your attention elsewhere, you may stop the subscription. Use your Microsoft account to visit Service & Subscriptions. The option should showcase either Live Gold or Game Pass. Decide which one you do not want and begin with the cancelation process.

How to cancel an Xbox Live Gold subscription can be checked here with more details:

  • Open the Microsoft account on Chrome.
  • Check Service & Subscriptions.
  • Push the option that says Turn off Auto-renew.
  • This is followed by confirming the cancellation.

Though the payments may no longer be renewed monthly or as per the plan chosen, the service shall be in use for as long as the subscription is valid.

Keep An Eye On The Leaving Soon Section But Remember That Microsoft Studio Games Are Permanent Fixtures

Brand New Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Membership Card also good for Xbox ...

While there are enough titles on PC Game Pass to keep you occupied for a long time, its a good idea to have a quick glance at the Leaving Soon section that shows whats about to drop off the service for good.

Once a game leaves, it can no longer be played even if you downloaded it previously, which can be a pain if youre halfway through something like Greedfall or Darkest Dungeon, both of which were removed from PC Game Pass this month. However, Microsoft does give you the option to buy these titles for a discounted price before theyre gone, allowing them to be kept permanently.

The good news is that games from Microsofts increasingly large stable of studios, including the upcoming Starfield, will hit Game Pass on launch day and will also stay on the service for as long as its running.

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Xbox Games With Gold For April: What Are The Xbox Live Gold Games This Month

Xbox Games with Gold is a service that allows you to download fan favourite Xbox games for as part of your subscription.

Typically, there are four new games available each month two Xbox One titles and two Xbox 360 titles. Though there may be the occasional classic Xbox title as well.

Well update this page every month, so that you dont miss out on any exciting titles.

There are also new games available through Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus every month.

On this page:

Unsubscribe With Internet Browser

It can be easier to stop Xbox services by unsubscribing via your browser. The Services & Subscriptions sections will take you to the Manage option. You can disable recurring bill payments of the gaming service. Then you can check your eligibility for refunds. Accordingly, you can follow the directions to cancel the Xbox subscription.

  • In your Xbox account accessed from the browser, check Services & Subscriptions.
  • On this page, please choose Manage only for that service that has to be canceled.
  • Here, please tap on Cancel Subscription. You may press Turn off Recurring Billing, alternatively.
  • For those of you who can be provided with a refund, you should see Dont Charge Me on along with the date of renewal mentioned. You may also find Cancel Immediately and get a Refund. Decide what you would like to do.
  • When the eligibility for refunds is over, the user may only see Turn off Recurring Billing. Proceed with its selection.

Possibly, 3 to 14 days may be required to receive refunds. To be certain of the receiving date, you may contact the support service made for customers.

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Cancel Xbox Live Online

Canceling your Xbox Live Gold subscription is quick and easy, and there are several ways to do it.

The simplest one is unsubscribing through your browser. Follow the steps below.

  • The first thing you have to do is visit the Microsoft Xbox website.
  • You will see several sections on the right side, such as the Game outage alert, Controller replacement days, etc. On the left, you will see the green Sign In button. Press that to continue.
  • Use your Xbox account to log in.
  • Once youre in your account, navigate to the My Account button that you will see at the bottom of the interface.
  • Here, you will be presented with several options that include Xbox Live.
  • Go to the Xbox Live section.
  • Once youve confirmed your cancellation, your subscription will then end on the next billing cycle. Until then, you can still receive the benefits of your subscription, but once your next billing period approaches, this will all be disabled.

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