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How To Check Purchase History On Xbox

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Where Can I See My Purchase History

Xbox Helps – How to Manage your Xbox Purchase History

I have many games that I’ve redeemed on the xbox live marketplace , but I have not downloaded these items so they are not in my “download history” or “my games” on my console. I want to keep track of the content I have access to, but I cannot find a list of items that I have redeemed/purchased. My purchase history on the xbox transaction history page is blank as is that for my Microsoft transaction history aside from gold membership renewal and some points to currency conversion. I know that I have successfully redeemed items because viewing the pages of some redeemed items gives me the option to download to my console and states a purchased date.

Playstation Store provides a full history of all digital item transactions. Most digital items redeemed through Nintendo are at least added to the registered product list. Does Microsoft provide any equivalent form of purchase history and how do I get there?

I am aware that I could go through every games with gold released and check my ownership one-by-one, but that does not include items purchased or redeemed outside of that program. I could go through every item ever released on Xbox 360 or Xbox One individually to compile a complete list myself, but that seems to be an immense waste of time when I clearly don’t own a large percentage of those items and such a list should conceivably already exist in the form of a purchase history.

Can You Sell A Game You Bought On Xbox

You cannot sell digital games that have been downloaded to your account. That would require you to sell your gamertag which is not allowed per the Terms of Use. To sell physical copies of games, take them to any retailer that will buy them or sell them to personal friends or whatever method you choose.

Can I Play My Xbox One Game Without The Disc

For those curious, once you install a game onto your Xbox One, you no longer need the disc to play that game! After signing in and installing, you can play any of your games from any Xbox One because a digital copy of your game is stored on your console and in the cloud. You can also trade-in or resell your games.

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How To Check Your Roblox Purchase History

See how much money you’ve spent on Roblox.

How much money have you spent on Roblox? Here’s how to find out.

Trying to figure out how much Robux you or your child has spent in Roblox? Roblox Corporation has made it fairly simple to see how much cash you’ve sunken into the game, but it can be a bit difficult to find.

If you’re curious about how many Robux you’ve used since starting playing around in the expansive world of Roblox, we’ve got a solution for you. Here’s how you can check your Roblox purchase history so you can know at a glance what your Robux spending is looking like.

How to check your Roblox purchase history

If you’re ready to check your Roblox purchase history, you can rest assured knowing there isn’t a major production required to do so, and it’s pretty painless. All you need to do is log into Roblox in any browser. After logging in, click the Robux icon . It should be at the top right of your screen.

You should see your current Robux value there. Just click on it and you’ll be taken to the My Transactions page. From here, you can view your Currency Purchases over the past day, week, month, or year. You can also view your Purchases to see exactly what you spent your Robux on.

You can do this process from any browser, so if you’re ever curious about how much Robux you’ve been dropping before you decide if you really need that new game, this is the way to do it.

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How To Access Your Xbox 360 Download History

xbox 360 xbox live arcade

Christy loves Xbox Live and wants to help you view your download history seamlessly!

Struggling to view your download history? Fear no more!

Christy K.

Once upon a time, I had my own account on a friend’s Xbox 360 and I purchased and downloaded several games and items for that account. After he moved away, I didn’t have access to an Xbox 360 for several years. I recently got my very own brand new Xbox 360 and had to figure out how to regain access to my old content that I purchased on my friend’s system. If you’re in the same boat, here are three different ways to view the download history for any Xbox Live account.

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How Do You Find Out Your Xbox Ip Address

How to find your Xbox Ones IP addressTurn on your Xbox One console. Push the Xbox home button on your controller.Then, select Settings.In Settings select Network. Then, select Network settings and Advanced settings. In Advanced Settings select IP Settings. This will allow you to view your IP address.

View Your Download History On The Windows Live Website

If for some reason you don’t have access to an Xbox 360 but you want to view your Xbox Live download history, you can do so using the Windows Live website. This site is useful because it allows you to view the complete transaction history for that Live account and to see which purchases were made by credit card and which were done with Microsoft Points. It also shows your current Microsoft Point balance.

NOTE: Using the Windows Live website does have one limitation. You can only access your download history from up to 5 years ago. If you have downloads from 6 or more years ago that you want to access, as I did, and you want to do it online, you’ll have to use Method 3.

1. Go to and enter your Xbox Live email and password to log in:

Enter your login credentials.

2. Choose the “Billing” option from the menu on the left side of your screen:

Choose Billing

Christy K.

3. Choose your email address from the drop-down menu and click the “Send me a code” button:

Select your email address and select “send me a code”

Christy K.

4. Check your email to retrieve the security code and then click the “I have a code” button. Enter your code and click the “Submit” option:

Retrieve the Security Code

5. Choose the “transactions” option at the top of your screen:

Choose “Transactions”

Christy K.

Choose the dates from the drop down menu.

Christy K.

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Select “Your Billing Options” and “Download History”

Christy K.

6. You will be presented with a list of all content previously purchased and downloaded with that Live account. If you select items on the list, you will have the option to re-download them:

Select the items you’ll then have the option to re-download them!

Christy K.

View Your Download History On The Xbox Live Website

How to view Order History on Xbox One (All Transactions on Account)

If you want to view your Xbox 360 download history online but want to see downloads that are more than 5 years old, the Xbox Live website is the method for you.

1.)Go to and click “Sign In” in the upper right corner of your screen:

Sign in!

2. Enter your Xbox Live account email and password and click the “Sign in” button:

Use your login credentials to sign in!

Christy K.

3. Choose the “My Account” option in the upper right corner of your screen:

Select “My Account”

Christy K.

4. In the center of your screen, you should see categories for “Payment & Billing,””Device Management,” and “Settings & Preferences.” Under “Device Management,” click on the “Download History” option:

Select “Device Management” and then “Download History”

Christy K.

5. View and access your download and purchase history:

Access your purchase history!

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How Do The Bundles Work

A bundle is a collection of several packs with a discount. The final price depends on whether you already have one or more of the packs. If you do, then their value is deducted from the bundle price where discount is applied to whatever sum remains. Upon purchase you will get the vehicles, a sum of Golden Eagles and Premium Account from those packs that werent deducted from the bundle price. Note – owning only the vehicle or vehicles from one of the packs is not counted towards price deduction. You have to own the whole pack which is included in the bundle. You can check this in your purchase history.

View Your Download History On The Xbox 360

Here’s how to view the download history for your account via the Settings menu on your Xbox 360.

1. Turn on your Xbox 360 and sign in with the account whose download history you want to view:

Turn on your Xbox and sign into the account.

Christy K.

2. Choose the “Xbox Home” option:

Choose Xbox Home

3. Choose the “Settings” option at the top of the Dashboard menu:

Choose Settings

4. Choose the “Account” option at the bottom left of your screen:

Select Account

5. Under “Your Billing Options,” choose “Download History:”

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What Is The Refund Policy Of The Gaijinnet Store

When making purchases, you agree to our Terms of Use which states that payments for acquiring a license to use virtual items are non-refundable. The only exception are technical issues – for example, if your credit card was charged twice for the same transaction. If that happens, please contact Customer support.

How To See Your Purchase History In Steam

Check Purchase History on Xbox 360

Follow the instructions to see your Steam purchase history:

  • Log into your Steam account. We suggest installing and using the Steam client instead of the website. Click on the link to download or update Steam.
  • Next, click on your profile in the top-right corner of the Steam Home page and select Account details.
  • Your Account details page will now appear.
  • Under Store & Purchase History, click on View purchase history.
  • Steam will show you your entire purchase history in the next window.
  • You can scroll down and see every single purchase and market transaction you made on Steam. Yes, they even added the Steam Community Market purchases and sales to provide maximum transparency.

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    Use Steam Purchase History As A Proof Of Purchase

    The Steam purchase history is not only a good overview of all your Steam transactions. It can also be used as proof of purchase in case something goes wrong, such as missing DLC, missing from library, trouble with the key, and more. You can also ask for a refund, ask a question, complain about being overcharged, ask for a receipt, etc. This menu is pretty handy, especially if and when something goes wrong.

    Heres how to select the appropriate item, respond, and screenshot your proof of purchase.

  • Click on your profile icon or gametag in the top-right section, then select Account details.
  • Click on View Purchase History.
  • Select the transaction in question.
  • Select the specific game in question if applicable.
  • Your purchase details appear for the game you previously selected.
  • Explore other transaction options by scrolling down.
  • To screenshot a purchase receipt , click on I would like to view or print the receipt for this purchase.
  • Your receipt appears on the screen showing the account name, invoice, purchase date, payment method, and amount for all games in that transaction. Its the email they sent to you after purchase.
  • You can also select an purchase transaction rather than a specific game to use with the steps above.

    How To View Your Purchase History In Steam

    Jessie RichardsonRead more December 19, 2021

    Article updated on Dec. 19, 2021 to reflect navigational changes and EU GDRP regulation updates.

    The amount of content on Steam is nearly unlimited, which makes many people spend loads of money on the platform. Luckily, theres a new way of viewing your entire purchase history. This addition came because of the GDRP in the EU.

    Continue reading this article and find out how to view your purchase history on Steam.

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    How To Check Your Fortnite Purchase History

    See how much money you’ve spent on Fortnite.

    How much money have you spent on Fortnite? Here’s how to find out.

    Curious about how much money you’ve spent on Fortnite as a whole? Epic Games hasn’t made it very simple to view how much money you’ve dropped on the popular shooter. However, there are ways to go about doing so. There is no official way to check money spent in Fortnite, or a function in-game that does that for you.

    Instead, you’ll have to go about it in a roundabout manner. Here’s how you can check your Fortnite purchase history so you can see how much damage you’ve inflicted on your wallet.

    How to check your Fortnite purchase history on PC

    Epic Games did not incorporate a special “money spent” stat or way to see how much money you’ve spent in-game on Fortnite. However, you can check your Purchase History on the Epic Games Store app or website.

    To do this, you need to log in at the Epic Games Store online or mobile with your normal Epic credentials. Once at the main menu, select “Transactions” on the list of options to the left. Your list of purchases on the Epic Games Store will display here.

    This method will pull the type of transaction, the date it was made, and how much it cost. However, this will not be relegated to Fortnite purchases. This will show everything you’ve ever purchased on the Epic Games Store.

    You will need to go down the list to see how much you’ve spent on Fortnite items and add them manually if you want a number to keep track of.

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    Why Shouldn’t Parents Control Your Phone

    How to find your Download / Purchase History on Xbox 360

    In fact, it can lead to a host of unwanted consequences, like building mutual distrust between you and your children. It can backfire and encourage them to try even harder to hide risky behavior because they know you’re looking for it. Yet, surveys say it’s quite common for parents to digitally snoop on their kids.

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    Can I Get A Digital Copy Of A Game I Already Own

    Yes you can. Generally anything you buy through the playstation store is a digital version of the disc based game. I have Last of Us downloaded on my PS4 and I can play it whenever I want to without a disc. The only issue with downloading digital games is that they take up a lot of space on the PS4.

    How Do You Change Content Restrictions On Xbox

    Set an age limit for content on Xbox One

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide, and then go to Profile & system > Settings > Account > Family settings.
  • Select Manage family members, and then select the child account you want to update. Under Access to content, choose the desired age-level restriction.
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    Code Sent By Brother Disappeared

    Hi Have your brother check his purchase history and he can resend it or send you a text with the code. CheckView your Xbox purchase history on your Xbox One console

  • To view your purchases, press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  • Go to Settings> Xbox Assist> Help.
  • Select Purchases & downloads> Purchases> How to get purchase history.
  • Select Order history to view your purchases.
  • Sign in to the Payment & billing page with your Microsoft account.Note If you don’t know your Microsoft account email address or password, use the Lost Account Solution or the Lost
  • Compare your purchase history to your bank or credit card statement.
  • Win User

    Can Two Accounts Have The Same Home Xbox

    How to view Order History on Xbox One (All Transactions on ...

    If you have more than one Xbox One console, or if you sign in on multiple consoles, we recommend you designate the most frequently used console as your home Xbox. Note You can have only one home Xbox at a time. You can share purchased games and Gold with others only on your home Xbox. You get 5 switches per year.

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    Microsoft Store Lost My Purchase History

    Discus and support Microsoft store lost my purchase history in XBoX on Windows to solve the problem M month ago I had trouble logging into Minecraft for windows pc starter pack, I tried to get help from Mojang support and haven’t gotten an answer/fix…Discussion in ‘XBoX on Windows‘ started by DukeThorinThunder, .

    How Can I Use Promo

    Some content can be obtained by entering a special sequence of characters at this page. For example, you can get a promotional code at a game show or from hardware bundles from our partners. Attention! Before activating the key, please make sure that you have logged in under the account for which you want to get this content.

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    Can 2 Xbox One Share Games

    As a by-product of the Xbox One policy of allowing you to use your games anywhere by signing in to your Microsoft Account, you can share your entire Xbox One library with a friend or family member. Your Xbox One account can be signed into two consoles at any one time, locally, and over the internet.

    How Effective Are Parental Controls

    How to view your Xbox order history – Tips and Tricks Friday

    If the question that parents have is whether parental controls and antivirus protection work, the answer is yes and no. They can be effective because they have the capability to prevent children from accessing things they should not when they are using a computer. … Doing all of these things will keep children safe.

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