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How To Change Xbox Gamertag On Pc

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How To Change Gamertag Name On Xbox App

How to Change Your Xbox Gamertag on PC!

Your Gamertag must be in the required alphabet and be no longer than 12 characters. Microsoft implemented a suffix system for users with the same Gamertag. If your chosen tag already exists, it will provide you with up to five unique digits.

The digits will be displayed smaller than the tag text in this situation. Youll be given a Gamertag when you join up for a Microsoft account for the first time.

  • To update your Gamertag, follow these steps:
  • Open the Xbox app on your phone.
  • Choose Menu from the menu. Select your Gamerpic by clicking on it.
  • Choose Customize from the menu.
  • Select Change Gamertag from the menu.
  • You are allowed to modify your Gamertag once for free. If your free pass has expired, you will be charged the $9.99 cost.

Changing Your Gamertag On Xbox Series X/s Or Xbox One

To change your Xbox gamertag directly in your Xbox, use the following steps:

  • On your controller, press the Xbox button
  • Go into Profile & System, and choose your gamertag
  • Choose Profile, and then Customize Profile
  • From there, underneath Choose your new gamertag, type in your desired name and then hit Check availabilty
  • If your new desired name is available and you want to lock it in, hit Change gamertag
  • Changing Your Xbox Gamertag On Pc

    If youre using Windows 10 or 11, the Xbox Console Companion comes pre-installed with the system. So you can change your Gamertag on Windows easily following these steps.

  • Click on the Windows Start button.
  • Look for the Xbox Console Companion app.
  • Log into your account.
  • Click Customize Towards the right of the new menu.
  • Select Change gamertag.
  • Type in your desired Gamertag and click Check availability after being redirected to Xboxs social site.
  • Double-check the information on the new window, then press Change gamertag to confirm the changes.
  • The process is the same if you use the Android App.

    An Xbox Gamertag must follow Microsofts Community standards for Xbox, have up to 12 characters, including spaces, and cannot begin with a number.

    If youve already changed your Gamertag once, Microsoft will prompt you to pay for another change before finishing up.

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    How Do I Find Someone’s Name From Their Gamertag

  • First, you’ll need to know the person’s gamertag
  • Next, go to a website called Xbox Live Gamertags and type in their gamertag
  • You should be able to find all of the games they have played with that account on this site
  • If you want to add them as a friend or send them an invitation, click “Send Request”
  • If they accept your request then congratulations! They’re now your friend 🙂
  • How To Change Your Gamertag On The Xbox One Console

    How to Change Your Gamertag for FREE on Xbox Live and Xbox.com

    If you would rather update your Gamertag using your Xbox One, make sure that your console is up-to-date and runs the latest firmware. If youre all up to date, simply tap the Xbox button on the controller which will take you to the overlay menu. From here, you need to move left through the available tabs towards the Gamerpic and click on the profile that you wish to make changes to. Click on ‘My Profile’, then select the Customize Profile option. On the left side of the display, you need to click on your Gamertag. The next page will allow you to check and update a new Gamertag. Find the right Gamertag and confirm the changes.

    Once the changes are made, the new Gamertag will reflect across all platforms.

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    Change Xbox Gamertag Using Xbox 360 Gaming Console

    On your Xbox 360 console, go to Social, and then select Sign In or Sign Out.

    Next, choose your profile to sign in.

    Then, scroll right to Settings and choose the Profile tab.

    Now, select the Edit Profile option > Gamertag> Enter New Gamertag.

    Choose a new gamertag and then hit the Done button to save the changes. If the gamertag you entered is already taken, youll be prompted to try another gamertag.

    After you enter or select a new gamertag, hit the Yes, use this gamertag link.

    How Can You Earn Points On Xbox

    Follow the below steps to earn points on Xbox:

    • Gamers can earn points on Xbox by searching on Bing and making a purchase at the Microsoft Store.
    • A weekly set of activities is also given to you if the players complete them, they get some benefit points.
    • Xbox Game Pass members can earn points by playing games from the Xbox game pass library.
    • To earn additional points, you can play and watch the games. You can play new releases, rent Microsoft movies & TV, and download new apps.
    • Also, attend and acknowledge the monthly surveys, buy games, and participate in fun quizzes and polls.


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    How To Change Xbox Gamertag Online

    If you find it difficult to enter the new Gamertag using the on-screen keyboard, you can use this method. Having a unique Gamertag will help you to identify your profile in situations like when you want to gameshare on Xbox.

    Open any of the web browsers you have on your PC.

    Go to social.xbox.com/changegamertag and log in with your Xbox account if asked.

    Enter your new Gamertag in the specified area and click on the Check availability button.

    If the exact is already taken, it will show the Gamertag with some numbers. Click the Change gamertag button if you are okay with it. If you are not, click the Back button.

    If you enter a unique Gamertag, the numbers wont appear. Now, click the Change gamertag button.

    On the confirmation screen, click Change gamertag once again.

    When it is changed, you will get the Success screen.

    You can use this method to change Xbox Gamertag on phones too. All Android and iOS smartphones are applicable.

    Can You Change Xbox Gamertag

    How To Change Xbox Gamertag For Free On PC (2020)

    First, you can display your real name instead of your Gamertag, but most people opt for the anonymous option.

    Then, when you change your Xbox Gamertag, youll keep all of the data. That means personalized options, games, apps, friends, and achievements.

    You also wont need to do anything else to access your account. In other words, you can play your games without major issues after the change.

    Microsoft allows you to change the Gamertag for free with a single tag. Even if the console creates your Gamertag automatically when you first sign in to your account, this is the case.

    However, after a first Gamertag change, you will have to pay a fee for subsequent name changes. The cost varies according to currency and region.

    Lastly, Microsoft can deem a Gamertag inappropriate or harmful and change it without warning. It may do it even after you have already changed your handle name.

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    Change Xbox Gamertag Pc

    Open the Xbox software by selecting it from the Start menu on your Windows 10 device to alter your gamertag. To access your profile image in the app, click or press the upper-left corner of the screen. You will be presented with information on your Xbox profile. To make changes to your profile, go to the bottom of the profile window and click Customize next to your photo.

    How To Change Xbox Gamertag Using The Xbox Console Companion App

    For computers and laptops, Xbox has its own app called the Xbox Console Companion app. It is available on the Microsoft Store but, it requires Windows 10 OS. Check the Windows version and install the app on your PC.

    Install the run the Xbox Console Companion app on your Windows 10 PC.

    Log in with your Xbox account.

    Click on the Gamerpic icon on the top left of the screen.

    Now, click on the Customize option below your profile.

    On the next screen, click the Change gamertag button.

    Type your desired Gamertag and click on the Check availability button.

    If it is available, click Claim it. If not, enter a unique Gamertag and try again.

    Note: This method only works for the first time . If you are going to change your Gamertag for the second time or by paying money, you will be directed to the payment option.

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    How To Change Your Xbox Gamertag

    When you create an Xbox Gamertag, that becomes your alias for every game you play on the platform.

    However, many gamers change their minds on what they want their gamertag to be.

    While your reason for changing your Xbox gamertag may range from changing to a cooler name to fixing something dumb you came up with as a kid, its not a difficult process to switch it.

    And, in this guide, well go over the step-by-step process of changing your Xbox Gamertag.

    How Many Times Can I Change My Gamer Tag

    How to change Xbox Gamertag via PC Xbox app, Online, or Console

    The gamer tag is the most important aspect of your online gaming experience. It’s how you identify yourself to other players, and it can be a lot of fun personalizing your character to reflect who you are in real life. Unfortunately, there are some limitations on just how many times you can change your gamer tag before being stuck with the one that was created for you when you first signed up for an account. Here’s all the info about how often gamers should be changing their tags so they don’t get stuck with an old version of themselves!

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    How To Change Offline Profile Into An Xbox Gamertag

    If you have a Microsoft account that is not linked with the Gamertag, you can convert that profile into a Gamertag. To do so,

    Sign in to the Microsoft account that you want to change into Gamertag on your Xbox 360 console.

    Go to Settings and choose the Profile icon.

    Choose the Join Xbox Live.

    Enter the basic information like first name, email, password, and more.

    Verify all the credentials and review the Microsoft Services Agreement.

    If the entered Gamertag is not taken, it will be assigned to you.

    Xbox app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones, but you cant edit your Gamertag using the app. If you want to change your Gamertag for free for the second time, you cant. Yet, you have the option to create a new Microsoft account and choose your desired Gamertag. But you will lose all your progress in the old account.

    These are the different ways that you can use to change the Xbox Gamertag. Similar to that, you can also change your age on Xbox. Dont forget the thing that Xbox offers a change of Gamertag free for only one time. When you choose your new Gamertag, make sure you do it right.

    How To Change Gamertag From The Xbox Website

    If you don’t have access to your console, you can still change your gamertag from any web browser.

  • On your internet browser, navigate to the Change Gamertag page on account.xbox.com.

  • You’re prompted to enter your account information. Do so.

  • Enter your new gamertag, then select Check Availability.

  • Just like on the Xbox One, if the gamertag is available, select Claim It.

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    Why You Might Want To Change Your Xbox Gamertag

    If you and your friends share a console or if you play Xbox Live with mostly strangers, otherwise known as “randoms”, there is a good chance that it would be beneficial for you to change your current gamertag.

    When playing online, people often get into conversations about what games they like and dislike. Sometimes, the conversations gravitate toward one’s gamertag. In a conversation about Call of Duty, the person you’re playing with might ask what your gamertag is. It would be beneficial if that person was not confused by your current name and instead remembered the correct one.

    Another example in which a change in your gamertag would be beneficial is when you enter a lobby but forget to invite your friends from Xbox Live or forgot to tell them to join. It becomes difficult for these people to find you because they have no idea what your current name is since it does not say who invited whom in the lobby. In order for them to find you, they will need either your gamertag, email address or gamer picture .

    The last example, which may or may not be relevant, is when you are given an achievement that requires you to search for the gamertag that earned it. If your profile picture isn’t correct, then there would be no way of knowing what your current gamertag is.

    Use A Different Microsoft Account In The Xbox App

    How to Change Your Xbox GAMERTAG For FREE! (2022) | Change Gamertag of Xbox Account

    If you dont want to pay to change your Xbox gamertag, you have one more option. You can sign into the Xbox application with a different Microsoft account. To do so, click the gear icon at the bottom-left corner of the Xbox app and select Sign Out under your user account.

    When you try to sign in again, the Xbox app will attempt to sign you in with a the same Microsoft account youre using with Windows 10. However, you can click the Sign In With a Different Microsoft Account link under Use Another Account.

    The new account can be anything you like. You could even create a new Microsoft account specifically for this purpose. After you sign in with a Microsoft account thats never had an Xbox Live profile before, youll be able to choose a gamertag for it. That gamertag will appear in the Xbox app and in Xbox services in Windows 10s Store apps. Your original Microsoft account will still be used for your Windows account, the Windows Store, and other services in Windows 10.

    When you sign in with a new Microsoft account, youll wont have any of the achievements, friends, and other data associated with the old Xbox profile. Its a fresh account. If you want to create a new gamertag without losing your achievements or friends, youll need to pay $10 for the gamertag change service.

    With Microsoft increasingly competing with Steam for PC gaming, its worth noting that Steam allows as many free name changes as you want.

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    How To Change Xbox Gamertag On Xbox One

    You can change your gamertag directly from your console by following these steps.

  • Press the Guide button in the very middle of the Xbox controller.

  • Select your picture in the upper left corner of the screen, then press the A button.

  • Select My Profile> Customize.

  • Select your gamertag and input the new name you desire. The system will tell you whether or not the option is available.

  • Select Claim It and you’re done.

  • Changing your gamertag will have no impact on your saved preferences, achievements it will simply change your displayed name and how people find you on the Xbox network. It will also automatically change on Friends’ lists, but they may not know who you are.

    How To Change Xbox Gamertag On Different Devices Heres A Guide

    When you are unsatisfied with your current Xbox gamertag, you can change it manually. Sometimes, you may just want to change it back after Xbox changes gamertag by itself. No matter for what reason, you can refer to this Xbox gamertag change guide of MiniTool to do that.

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    Xbox Gamertag Change Free

    To access the guide, press the Xbox button on your controller. After selecting Profile & System, choose your gamertag from the drop-down menu. Choose My profile> Customize profile, and then choose Gamertag from the drop-down menu. Choose a new gamertag by scrolling down to the Choose your new gamertag section, typing the new gamertag you want into the available text box, then clicking the Check availability button.

    How To Change The Gamertag On An Xbox One Or Xbox Series Console

    What is the Xbox Gamertag?

    Because the Xbox Series and Xbox One console families now use the same software, updating your gamertag on an Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Xbox One S, or Xbox One X is the same.

    To do so, start your console and sign in normally. To access the Profile & system screen, press the Xbox button and utilize the bumper buttons. Select your profile and then My profile > Customize profile, then enter the gamertag youre presently using.

    Enter the gamertag you want into the text box under Choose your new gamertag, then click the Check availability button to do a search. Continue to try until you discover a gamertag that is accessible and that you like.

    Examine the appearance of your gamertag and ensure that any digits shown after your selected handle are correct. Then, using the Change gamertag button, you may claim the gamertag. The first modification is free, but if youve already used it, youll have to pay to finish the procedure.

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    What Is Meant By Gamertag

    A Gamertag is a specific name that you give to yourself in the gaming world, and you can also change it if you do not like your game tag. The purpose of the game tag is to show your identity, and a good game tag helps you increase your friends, which helps you level up. A gamerpic represents a user profile, and a Gamertag appears on the right of the gamerpic.

    In addition, when you create an account for your Xbox console, it will automatically give you a Gamertag. So you can share your identity with other players. After some time, if you feel your username is not good or attractive, you can also change your Gamertag. So here, we will learn how to change the game tag.

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