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How To Change Region On Xbox One

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What Is Region Lock

How to Change Region / Location in XBOX One Console?

Before you start, keep in mind that the trick you will learn to change the country or region code for Xbox 360 games is completely legal and it will not represent any legal or ban problem for you.

Now, if you are a novice player, you will surely wonder why you have to change region to play certain games. Well this is because Microsoft From this console I implement a blocking system by regions or countries.

Which limit the use or download of a game in the store, to only specific areas of the planet. The main reason for this blockade is to reduce the piracy of some of their games, as well as launch exclusives from certain studios in some parts of the world where they will sell better.

How To Change Language In Xbox One

To change language in Xbox One, follow the prescribed steps.

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller.
  • Move to Profile & system tab.
  • Select Settings.
  • Go to System > Language & location.
  • Now, change whichever language of the option you want.
  • After making the required changes, click on Restart now.
  • Once your Xbox will be restarted, the language will be changed. You can also change your location from here.

    How To Change Language In Xbox 360

    If you want to change language in Xbox 360, follow the prescribed steps.

  • Open your console and go to the Settings tab.
  • Now, click on Family and make sure that its not turned on.
  • Go back and then click on System.
  • Navigate to Console Settings > Language and Locale > Language.
  • Select the language you want to use.
  • This will change the language of your console. If you want to change the location as well, click on Locale from Language and Locale option and then select a country. This should do the job for you.

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    Get At Least 10 Usd Xbox Live Gift Card

    When you try to pay for a subscription with a card issued by a bank outside of Game Pass supported regions, you will get an error.

    However, buying a gift card seems to solve this problem. For example, SEAGM is a reliable gift card seller from Malaysia, and you can buy one, with instant delivery, from here.

    It is advised to have at least $1 + One months worth subscription fee, meaning that you will need a minimum of 11$. Once you have received your 25-digit codes, proceed with the following steps:

  • Head to the official Xbox Game Pass website.
  • Log into your Microsoft Account. Your account MUST link to a usable phone number for verification.
  • On the Xbox Game Pass page, click on JOIN NOW.
  • Choose the PC version of the pass.
  • Pick Redeem a gift card when selecting a payment method.
  • From your SEAGM account, click on Retrieve Card to display your 25-digit code.
  • Copy and paste it into the Xbox redemption page.
  • You may need to fill in an address. If youre outside of the USA, make sure the ZIP code matches the state.
  • Once youve added enough funds, proceed to purchase the Game Pass membership.
  • Change Region On The Xbox One

    Is Xbox One Region
    • To change the Region on your Xbox One, go to the settings. You can find this either on the start screen or on the tile in “My games & Apps”.
    • To select the Controller in the “System” and navigate to the tab “location”.
    • Under “language & location” you can for both your Region as well as change the voice output on Xbox One. You start the console again.

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    Change Region On Xbox One

    In the event that you not only have an old generation console, but also a new one, you should know that in this one you can also change the region and it is much easier.

    You just have to go to the section of Setting, Then toAll configuration, ThenSystemAnd finally toLanguage and location .

    Here will be a list called Locations, Choose the one you want and then press the button Restart now. When the restart is complete, the process is finally over and your Xbox will be in another country.

    And so you know not only to change the country or region code for Xbox 360 games, but also for Xbox One. Now go ahead and let the fun begin!

    Remember that there are many more tricks that can be used for this console, for example it is recommended that you look for how to change to the best DNS on PS4 and Xbox One to play online, or how to activate and use Xbox live Gold on Xbox 360, things that will complement your experience.

    Is Xbox Game Pass Available Internationally

    Yes, users around the world can get an Xbox Game Pass account and benefit from premium features like access to over 100 games, exclusive discounts, or an included EA Play membership.

    Xbox Game Pass is currently available in the following locations:

    North America: United States, Canada, Mexico.

    South America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia.

    Europe: Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom.

    Oceania: Australia, New Zeeland,.

    Asia: Hong Kong SAR, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Turkey, UAB, Vietnam.

    Africa: South Africa.

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    What Can I Lose Or Keep If I Change My Region

    • The profile information of the Xbox

    Your unlocked achievements, your game tag and the other things of your Xbox would successfully move with you when you change the region.

    • The account balance

    The sad part is that the money in your Microsoft account would not move with you after you change the region. This is why most people just spend the money left in their account before they change the location of the account.

    Money cannot be transferred to two different regions.

    • Game pass subscription or Xbox Live Gold

    If you have Xbox Live Gold or any subscription, it will move to your new account in the new region. However, if the subscriptions are not available in the new country, they might not work anymore in spite of being active.

    If you realize that the subscriptions arent working at the new place, just cancel them to stop the recurring billing process.

    Can I Connect My Xbox One To My Pc With Hdmi

    How to CHANGE Xbox One Region and Language Settings | (Remove Region Lock!)

    Connecting the Xbox One to a laptop via an HDMI cable is simple and easy. With this, insert the other end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI port of the laptop. It is worth noting that some laptops do not possess a port for HDMI. If this is the case with your computer, you might need to buy an HDMI adapter.

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    Change The Region In Xbox 360 And Xbox One

    To change the region on Xbox 360, follow the steps given below:

  • First sign in by entering the email address and password of your Microsoft account.
  • Next, you will have to add the credit card and enter the new billing address of the new region.
  • Now, open the Settings option on your console and then select the System option.
  • Open the Console Settings and then select the Language and Locale option.
  • Finally, select the Locale option and then select the locale.
  • To change the region on Xbox one, follow the steps given below:

  • First, you will have to sign in to the Xbox one console.
  • Next, press the Xbox It will open the guide.
  • Select the System option and then select the settings option.
  • Then, select the System option and open the Language & location option.
  • Finally, select the new region from the given list and select the Restart now option.
  • Can I Plug My Xbox Into My Pc Hdmi

    If your monitor supports HDMI, you can just plug your xbox into that. PCs dont have any video INPUTS though, not by default. There is hardware that will receive a video signal, but thats meant for streaming/recording gameplay, and not actually playing the game as there will be a slight delay. Its also not cheap.

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    How Do You Get No Tax On Xbox

    How to bypass Sales Tax on the Xbox Marketplace:Sign into your account on to My AccountGo to Billing Contact Information.Change your billing address to another city, state, and zip that does not have sales tax on downloadable content. ( Like, Fargo, ND. Save your information.Oct 24, 2013

    How To Change Your Region

    How to change the Microsoft Xbox One store region

    It’s best to change your region only if youre moving to a new country or region for an extended period.

    Note: Lebanon Microsoft Store for consumers closed on October 28, 2021. However, customer support is still available through Microsoft Support and Microsoft products are available through our partners in the region.

    To change your region, use one of the following options:

    Change your language and region in Microsoft Store online

    Go to Microsoft Store online. At the very bottom of any page, select the World icon to choose your language and region.

    Change your region in Windows

    When you make your first purchase in the new locale, you’ll be prompted to update your billing info.

  • Select Start > Settings > Time & Language> Language & Region.

  • Under Country or region, select your new region.

  • You can switch back to your original region at any time.

  • Troubleshooting issues when changing your region

    If you cant activate Microsoft 365 in a different region from the one you purchased it for, you can:

    • Wait for the existing Microsoft 365 subscription to expire, assuming the expiration date is very soon.

    • Cancel the existing subscription.

      Note: In either case, you can’t purchase a subscription for your new region until the existing subscription is gone. For more help with this issue, contact Office support.

    If you cant change country or region, it might be for one of these reasons:

    You cant fix errors related to backward compatibility by changing your account region.

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    How Does The Migration Process Work

    • Go to and login with the account you want to migrate.
    • Once you log in, you will have to verify yourself using a code that will be sent to the email account that is associated with that account.
    • Next, you will get a list of things that will be moved with you and a list of things that will not.
    • The next screen, you will be able to select a country you want to move in.
    • Done this, you will have to accept new terms and conditions and your account will be moved instantly.
    • You can understand this because the URL in your browser will have the new country code, e.g. IN was for me, which stands for India.

    The best of the migration process was it was so damn fast. No paperwork, no waiting time. All it required was three steps. However, You can only move between Xbox Live regions once every three months. Below is a video demo:

    S To Fix Game Pass Is Not Available In Your Region

    • If you see the Xbox Game Pass is not available in your region issue, you first need to check out their list of supported countries.
    • Make sure that you have the latest Windows 10 update, as Xbox Game Pass For PC requires this.
    • Adjusting the date and time on your PC can sometimes bypass the geo-blocking issue.
    • Another solution that seems to work is to get at least a $10 Xbox Live gift card from a reliable gift card seller in Malaysia.

    Xbox Game Pass video game subscription service is becoming more and more popular globally, especially because of people spending more time at home and also its growing game database.

    Thanks to its large game catalog, users now have the possibility of choosing the right game for them, no matter what they feel like playing at that moment in time.

    You can enjoy unlimited access to all the available games for a $10 monthly fee and there are three tiers to Xbox Game Pass: Console, PC, and Ultimate.


    The first includes only Xbox games, the second is for Windows PC gamers and the third covers both platforms.

    If Game Pass is not available in your country and you downloaded it on your PC, note that there are other users, too that experience the same problem as you do.

    Heres our step-by-step guide to help you quickly bypass the geo-blocking issue.

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    Change The Country/region On Microsoft Account

    To change the Microsoft region, follow the steps given below:

  • First, you will have to sign in to the Microsoft account.
  • Next, select the More actions option and then select the Edit profile option.
  • Click on the Edit country/region option and update the new country, state, zip code and all the other required fields that are shown.
  • Finally, click on Save to save the changes.
  • Access Us Xbox One Apps With Vpn

    How to Change your Region on Xbox One X | Xbox Ambassador Series

    VPN, or virtual private network, enables you to change your public IP address. You can use VPN to get an American or UK IP address from anywhere in the world. Not only that. VPN also encrypts all of your traffic and protects you from potential DDoS attacks while gaming online.

    • Unfortunately, Microsoft has not added a VPN client to the Xbox One. This means that you have to alternative methods to enable VPN on Xbox:
    • Setup VPN on your router.
    • Setup VPN on your PC and enable Network Sharing. This way, the Xbox One will share your computers VPN connection.
  • If you want to unblock American apps such as Netflix, Fox, HBO, or Showtime, connect to a US VPN server.
  • For UK apps access, use a UK VPN server instead.
  • ExpressVPN are the go-to VPN provider when it comes to accessing geo-restricted apps on Xbox One. They have a 30-day refund policy as well. Other than that, you can use any of the VPN services in the following list to

    • Best for streaming and privacy
    • High speed servers in 160 VPN locations
    • Works for Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu
    • 24/7/ live chat support

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    How To Unblock American Xbox One Apps With Smart Dns Proxies

    Unfortunately, gaining access to US Xbox apps is not enough. You still have to mask your Xbox One online location in order to be able to watch geo-restricted American content. There are basically two ways to do so. The first is Smart DNS proxies. Heres how to use Smart DNS on your Xbox to watch American or UK channels overseas.

    • First of all, you have to sign up with a reliable Smart DNS proxy service. Do not use free DNS codes you find online. They rarely work and will most probably jeopardize your online security/privacy.
    • Once you have register your Smart DNS account, setup Smart DNS on your Xbox One.
    • Now, restart your Xbox One and watch the likes of BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO Go, Crackle, Vudu, Amazon Prime, and FXNow.

    Unlocator is a Smart DNS proxy service that actually supports unblocking geoblocked channels on Xbox One. You can sign up for a free 7-day trial to test their service risk-free.

    Is Xbox One Region

    While you are tired of video games and trying to relax by watching some Blu-ray and DVD movies, Xbox one seems to have the ability to open some mainstream files. Speaking of playing optical media content, individuals have questions about the Xbox One Blu-ray region. And part of people is right now confronting the region issues from the discs. Is Xbox One region free to play my discs? Lets find out today.

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    How Do I Buy An Xbox Vpn Game

    Heres what you need to do:Download VPN Unlimited for your phone.Create a new KeepSolid ID and launch VPN Unlimited.Connect to a VPN server located in the Xbox gift cards country.Now launch the Xbox app and activate your Microsoft Store gift card for your Xbox account in the Shop section.Jan 11, 2021

    How To Change Region On The Microsoft Store Website

    How to change the Microsoft Xbox One store region

    If you want to change region and language on the Microsoft Store website, you have to follow these steps:

    • At first, open the Microsoft Store website.
    • Then, scroll down the page and click on the language next to the globe icon.
    • Next, choose a region from the list.
    • Finally, the website will reload with the new settings enabled.

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    How To Change Region On Xbox One: Access Deals And Demos From Other Countries By Changing Your Xbox One Region

    Find out everything you need to know how to change region on Xbox One and make the most of deals and demos from around the globe.

    Consoles are still region-locked, or at least a lot of the content on them is, so you might be wondering how to change region on Xbox One.

    This geo-locking is one of the reasons that a lot of people have multiple Nintendo Switch accounts or PS4 profiles. It lets you access another country’s store without actually moving.

    Sometimes other countries just have the best stuff, and rather than doing something foolish like move, it’s best to just tell your Xbox One that you’re somewhere else.

    It’s not a perfect solution though, but we’ll get into that after we tell you how to actually do it in the first place.

    So, here’s what you need to know how to change region on Xbox One.

    How To Change The Microsoft Store Location And Language

    There are several ways to change the Microsoft Store region: Using your Xbox console settings on the desktop via the settings of your Windows PC or on the Microsoft Store website in your preferred browser.

    G / O Media can receive a commission

    On Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One:

  • Press the Xbox Button on your controller to access the Guide menu on your Xbox Series X |S or Xbox One
  • Go to Profile & System> Settings> System> Language & Location.
  • Select your desired location from the Location perform.
  • Choose Restart now to apply the changes and restart the console.
  • After restarting the console, open the Microsoft Store page, and it should load the store based on your consoles new location.
  • On the Microsoft Store website:

  • Open that Microsoft Store website.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the language next to the globe icon.
  • Select a location from the list.
  • The website will reload with the new one Settings activated.
  • On your Windows PC:

  • Open the Windows start menu.
  • Go to Settings> Time & Language> Region.
  • Choose a new location from the Country or region perform.
  • Close the settings menu.
  • Open the Microsoft Store and it should open based on your regional settings for the store.
  • Note that if you select a country with a different language, the language on your device and in the Microsoft Store may change. Google Translate can help you navigate these menus, but the layouts and options are largely the same for all regions.

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