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How To Change Privacy Settings On Xbox App

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How To Set Up Xbox Family Settings On Xbox One Xbox Series X

changing your xbox privacy settings

With the constantly growing popularity of multiplayer gaming, parents are discovering that it’s more important than ever to have systems in place to protect young children in online spaces. Microsoft makes it easy to put age appropriate limitations on child and teen accounts with Xbox Family Settings. These settings are available across Windows 10 devices and the Xbox family of consoles. For parents, an Android and IOS app is also available to set up and monitor Xbox Family Settings.

Set Screen Time And Update Content Restrictions

  • Activity Reports
  • Pause Screen Time
  • Enable Minecraft

Gain insight into your familys Xbox console gaming activity by viewing daily and weekly activity reports for each child. Understand how they are spending their time, and which games they are playing.

Create screen time schedules for each child. Customize each day of the week with different time ranges and what best fits your schedule.

Pause your childrens game time by temporarily blocking their screen time. When paused, your child will see the your screen time is up message until you decide they can play again.

Allow an exception for Minecraft, even if your child does not have permission for online multiplayer with other games.

Change Purchase And Multiplayer Permissions

While many of the privacy settings here only affect what information is publicly visible on your profile, and are pretty self explanatory, its worth highlighting a few features that change how a profile handles purchasing and multiplayer permissions.

To prevent a profile from being able to spend any money buying games, change the You can buy and download setting to either Only free content, or restrict purchasing completely by selecting Nothing.

To change whether or not a profile is allowed to connect to Xbox Live for multiplayer gaming, change the Allow setting to Block in the drop-down menu below.

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How To Turn Off Chat On The Xbox One Using The Browserthese Settings Are Found In The Privacy And Online Safety Section And Also Turn Off Other Social Features

  • Sign in to your Xbox Live account.
  • Choose your kid’s gamertag.
  • Select Privacy and Online Settings.
  • Default privacy and safety settings are in place for adults, teens, and children, but you can customize them. Click Custom.
  • Review the settings under Activities, Privacy, and Content.
  • It’s safest to block things entirely or limit them to “Friends Only.”
  • Save your settings and have your kid log out and log back in for them to take effect.
  • Playstation 5 Privacy Settings

    Xbox wont let me change privacy settings

    Let’s start with Sony! Since the launch in late 2020, gamers around the world have struggled to get their hands on a PlayStation 5. So, why would you want to spend your time in menus and settings when you could be enjoying the PS5’s ray tracing, haptic feedback, and super-quick loading times?

    Taking a dip into the PS5’s privacy settings doesn’t take all that long, however, and could save you some trouble further down the line.

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    How To Approve Purchases On The Xbox One Using The Parental Settings Appthis Lets You Approve Or Decline Requests To Purchase Apps Games Or Other Content

  • Sign in to your Microsoft account through the app and then select your child’s account.
  • Under the Ask to Buy tab, toggle this switch on
  • Parents will then receive updates on potential purchases every time one is attempted from a child’s account.
  • Parents will also be able to track the history of purchased titles, and can choose to provide additional funds for their child’s account, or view how much is remaining for their child to spend.
  • Caroline is Common Sense Media’s former parenting editor. She has many years of editorial and creative marketing writing experience and has held senior-level positions at, Walmart stores, Cnet, and Bay Area Parent magazine. She specializes in translating complex information into bite-sized chunks to help families make informed choices about what their kids watch, play, read, and do.

    An Ever Growing Suite Of Tools

    There will always be something for parents to learn with regards to keeping their children safe on Xbox. That said, Xbox Family Settings makes managing child accounts across a wide age range as easy as a couple of button taps. Xbox Family Settings is also not limited to just managing content and privacy settings, as it also allows parents to set up Screen Time and Spending Limits while also receiving weekly activity reports that track everything from browser searches to time spent in certain applications. There is also the added benefit that you only need to set up your Xbox Family Settings once, as they’ll carry cross all Windows 10 and Xbox devices where your child uses their Microsoft account.

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    What Is A Microsoft/xbox Account And Who Has One

    A Microsoft account is the base account system that comprises many components such as OneDrive, Office, Windows, Xbox, etc. Xbox accounts are used to manage game components that use Microsoft accounts, especially multiplayer.

    Xbox accounts were first used with the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. For better account security, privacy protections, and other benefits, Mojang accounts, which was Minecraft: Java Editions main account system from 2013 until 2020, began to be migrated to Microsoft accounts starting in early 2021.

    As of December, 2020, all new purchases of Minecraft: Java Edition were made on Microsoft accounts, and it is no longer possible to create Mojang accounts, nor is it possible to purchase Minecraft: Java Edition on Mojang accounts.

    In summary, this guide applies to:

    • All players of Minecraft Bedrock Edition
    • Players of Minecraft: Java Edition that purchased the game on or after December 1, 2020.
    • Players of Minecraft: Java Edition that purchased the game on or before November 30, 2020, that have migrated to Microsoft accounts via an official notice in the launcher

    This does not apply to those still on Mojang accounts. If you on a Mojang account and are being prompted for parental consent, follow the instructions provided by Minecraft to provide consent with a parents credit card.

    The Best Game Consoles

    HOW TO: Change Xbox Privacy & Online Safety Settings On Xbox com & Xbox One

    Whereas the Switch defaults to more stringent privacy settings, the PS5 and Xbox both default to lax privacy settings during the setup process, and if youre excited to start playing games, you might skip over these options without much care. Its worthwhile to give your account the occasional audit to make sure youre not sharing more than you expect. Plus, these assorted settings can affect how features work, especially in circumstances such as online play and group chat, so knowing which settings do what can help you troubleshoot issues that may occur.

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    Privacy Settings Panel: Windows 11 Vs Windows 10

    In Windows 10, the Privacy panel is divided into two sections, namely, Windows Permissions and App Permissions. Whereas, in Windows 11, Microsoft has combined the Privacy panel and the Security panel into one and named it Privacy & Security. Due to this, Windows 11 UI displays three sections under the Privacy & Security panel Security, Windows Permissions, and App Permissions.

    Windows 11

    To open the privacy settings in Windows 11, first, launch the Settings app and then click on the Privacy & Security on the left pane.

    In the Windows 11/10 Privacy Settings panel, you can set Windows permissions as well as App permissions. By default, the General settings tab under Windows permissions opens. Apart from General, you can set Windows permissions for Speech, Inking & typing personalization, Diagnostic & Feedback, and Activity History.

    Under App permissions, you can set permissions for various Windows apps such as Location, Camera, Microphone, Voice Activation, Contacts, Phone Calls, and so on.

    Windows 10

    To access these privacy settings, type Privacy Settings in the Windows Search field. Now click on Open and open the settings.

    When you open the Privacy settings, you will see the following Privacy settings panel.

    Set Up New Account On Xbox One

    To set up an Xbox One account to restrict games, use these steps:

  • Press the Xbox button on the controller.
  • Select the Sign in option.
  • Select the Add new option.

  • Sign in with kid’s Microsoft account.

  • Continue with the on-screen directions .
  • After you complete the steps, the console will block apps and games based on the age limit that you specified.

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    How Do You Change Parental Controls On Windows 10 Xbox

    You will need to create an account with Microsoft. You can restrict content by scrolling to your kids name. Then, select Apps, games, and media and choose Block inappropriate apps, games, and media. You can select the age limit for your child under Allow apps and games rated for, then click Allow apps and games rated for..

    Nintendo Switch Privacy Settings

    How to Manage your Privacy &  Online Safety Settings on ...

    The Nintendo Switch is an awesome little console that packs a big punch, and you can carry a tonne of classics, and new releases, around with you wherever you go. Now, there’s even a “Lite” version of the console, and new editions of the Switch come with improved battery life, better Joy-Con connectivity, and a slightly bigger screen.

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    To Control Which Apps Can Use Each Capability In Windows 10

  • Go to Start , then select Settings > Privacy.

  • Select the capability you want to allow apps to use, such as Calendar or Contacts.

  • Choose your preferred setting to allow apps to use, access, control, or read the capability

  • Choose which apps can use, access, control, or read the capability by turning individual apps and services on or off.

  • Apps Permissions Under Privacy Settings

    Under the Apps Permissions sections in the Windows 11/10 Privacy settings, you can set permissions for various in-built apps on Windows 11/10 PCs. You can change the privacy settings for the following apps:

  • Location
  • Videos
  • File systems.
  • Let us see some of these apps settings and how to set permissions for these apps.

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    To Control Which Apps Can Use Each Capability In Windows 11

  • Go to Start , then select Settings > Privacy & security.

  • Select the capability you want to allow apps to use, such as Calendar or Contacts.

  • Turn the setting on or off that allows anyone using the device to have access to the capability.

  • Choose which apps can access the capability by turning individual apps and services on or off.

  • Changing Xbox Privacy Settings

    How to change Xbox Privacy Settings 2020 Edition[Child lock included]

    IMPORTANT: If you are not considered an adult in your country, you cannot change these settings yourself

    Only adults will be able to change privacy settings. Regardless of how your Microsoft account is set up now, you will not be able to change your privacy settings unless you are added to a Microsoft family by your parents/guardians. Your parent/guardian must follow the remainder of this guide to grant you access to multiplayer on your Xbox account.

    Is my Microsoft account considered underage?

    Try going to in your browser. If, after logging in to your Xbox account you see the page in the screenshot below, your account is considered underage and your parents/guardian need to give you permission to play multiplayer. Continue with the instructions on this page.

    NOTE: If you see the privacy page, then directly change your privacy settings according to these instructions.

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    How To Limit Mature Content On The Xbox One Using The Browseryou May Find That Using Your Microsoft Account Is The Most Efficient Way Of Enabling Restrictions

  • Sign in to your Microsoft account.
  • Scroll to your kid’s name and select Content restrictions.
  • Next, go to “Apps, games & media” and turn on “Block inappropriate apps, games & media.”
  • Under “Allow apps and games rated for,” select the age limit you’d like to apply to your kid.
  • Scroll down to Web browsing and turn on “Block inappropriate websites.”
  • When your kid requests to use a blocked app or game, you can approve it and add it to the Always allowed list, which is under Content restrictions. You can also add websites to Always allowed. You can respond to their requests from your email, from your family page, or in person, of course.
  • How Do I Manage My Xbox Account On My Pc

    Can Windows 10 and Xbox One play together?. Certain multiplayer games offer cross-play, allowing people on Xbox One to play with people on Windows 10 devices and vice versa. On the same subject : Privacy pronounce. A related feature is Xbox Play Anywhere, which, when you own a game, lets you choose where to play: Xbox or a Windows 10 device.

    On your PC, go to and select Sign In. If there are any issues with your account, the instructions will help you resolve them. If you cannot proceed beyond the login screen, select Forgot my password and follow the instructions.

    How do you switch accounts on Xbox?. Press the Xbox button to open the guide. Select Profile & system, then select Add or Swap. Choose the profile you want to switch to. Enter the password to sign in to the Microsoft account for the new profile.

    Why cant I sign in to my Xbox account?. If you cant sign in to your Xbox after changing your Microsoft account password, your console may not have received the new password for your account. To do this, go to, select Sign in, then enter your Microsoft account email address and your new password.

    As long as you use the same Microsoft account on both platforms, you can buy on both platforms and play on both.

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    Xbox Series X Privacy Settings

    If you’re an Xbox loyalist, you’ll probably be after an Xbox rather than a PlayStation. The Series X is seriously impressive and seriously powerful. Not only will you be able to enjoy your games in 4K, but there are some exciting Xbox-exclusive titles set to hit the market in the next few years, too!

    Set Up A Child Account On Windows 10

    How To Change Privacy Settings On Xbox App

    To create a new child account on Windows 10, use these steps:

  • Open Settings.
  • Click on Family & other users.
  • Under the “Your family” section, click the Allow button for the child account.

    Quick note: The child account will appear under the “Your family” section because you previously added the account to the family group on your Microsoft account.

  • Once you complete the steps, the next time the family member signs in, they won’t be able to access content beyond the age restriction that you specified in the Microsoft account.

    Also, remember that a child account uses a standard account type, which means that they won’t be able to download and install any applications. If they ever need an app outside those offered by the Microsoft Store, they’ll need someone with an administrator account to install it.

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    Xbox One App: How To Allow Access Under Family Accounts

    Roblox games are created by our community of players and developers, and require access to both online multiplayer games and user created content.

    If your child is under a Family account on Xbox One, a few settings may require adjustment in order to ensure access to games on the Roblox app.

  • To begin, log into the main account that has control over the Family accounts
  • After that, go to All Settings -> Account -> Family
  • Once there, choose the child account for which you wish to allow access
  • Next, go to Privacy & Online Safety -> Xbox Live privacy -> View Details & Customize
  • Once on this page, you will need to make changes to settings is both “Communication & multiplayer” and “Game Content”.

    Communication & multiplayer

  • Select this section and locate, “You can join multiplayer games”
  • In the pull-down menu, choose Allow
  • Game Content

  • Select this section and locate, “You can see and share content”
  • In the pull-down menu, choose Everybody
  • Once done, back all of the way out to the list of family members. If you have more than one child for whom you wish to grant access, repeat these steps for each child.*Note* If your child’s “Access to content” is set below “Appropriate up to age 10”, a pop-up window will appear requesting parent permission to access the Roblox app.

    Additional Help

    How To Limit Mature Content On The Xbox One Using The Consoleyou Can Limit Access To Games As Well As Websites On The Xbox

  • Sign in to your Xbox.
  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide. Then go to System > Settings > Account > Family.
  • Select “Manage family members” and then find your kid’s name and select “Access to content,” then select the age limit you feel is appropriate for your child. Microsoft automatically sets default age restrictions for kids, but you can customize them.
  • Go back to the Family page and select “Web filtering.” Select the drop-down menu to view the available options.
  • When your kid requests to use a blocked app or game, you can approve it and add it to the Always allowed list, which is under Content restrictions. You can also add websites to Always allowed. You can respond to their requests from your email, from your family profile, or in person, of course.
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    How To Set Up Safety And Privacy Settings On My Xbox 360 Console

    The Xbox 360 console allows you to manage and customize each users access to games, movies, and television content. You can use parental controls to control the Xbox 360 console and to access Xbox Live. With Parental Controls, you can control the games that can be played, movies and TV shows that can be watched, amount of time per day or week each user can use the console, as well as whether they are allowed to access Xbox Live.

    In addition, you can also manage the online safety and privacy settings for any profile on your Xbox 360 console. You can block or allow access to Internet Explorer for Xbox, decide who can access your profile, and specify if you want approval to accept and send friend requests. To set up safety and privacy settings on your Xbox 360 console, follow the steps below:

    Set Up Safety and Privacy Settings on My Xbox 360 Console

    I. Change Your Safety and Privacy Settings

    STEP 1: Sign in to your Xbox Live account on your Xbox 360 console.

    STEP 2: Once you are logged in, go to settings, then select Privacy.

    STEP 3: Select Change Settings, and then select Customize.

    STEP 4: You can now change the settings according to your preference.

    STEP 5: Once youre done, press B on your controller, and then select Save and Exit.

    II. Change Your Childs Safety and Privacy Settings

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