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How To Change Language On Apex Legends Xbox

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Changing The Language Settings On Consoles In Apex Legends


Xbox and PlayStation users will have the easiest time changing the language settings in the game. There are technically two options that players can use, but the first involves opening up Apex Legends. Once the game is open, players can head to the settings, find the language tab, and choose the desired option.

Players could always choose the default language of their consoles to change that as well. That change would also translate to Apex Legends by default, but players can always go back to their settings in either area to change the standard language.

Console players who are using the Nintendo Switch have a bit more of an obstacle before changing their Apex Legends language. Players will need to head to the Switch eShop and search for new dialect packs. Downloading the desired dialect audio pack will allow players to make a change to Apex Legends.

How To Place The Apex Legends On The Computer

  • For people who play from a computer and have already downloaded the title and also have the original launcher on your desktop, proceed to log in to the application, after you have logged in with your account, go to the icon “My Game Library, Choose Apex Legends.
  • Then right click to get the options, followed by clicking on “Game properties“, click on “Advanced execution operations “, finally, proceed to choose the language you want and save the changes made.
  • You wait a few seconds for the game to update the selected language and then open the Apex Legends. Ready that’s all.

How To Change Language In Apex Legends On Steam

Apex Legends was also released on Steam more than a year after its launch. A lot of players instantly made a shift from Origin to Steam. If youâre one of them, then there exists a way to change the language in Apex Legends through Steam as well.

To do change your language on Steam, you will need to:

  • Open Steam and log in to your account
  • Go to your Library where youâre keeping all your games stored
  • Locate Apex Legends and right-click on it
  • From the menu that will appear on your screen, click on âPropertiesâ
  • This will open a menu where youâll see an option called âLanguageâ
  • Select whichever language you need and restart Steam
  • After you launch Apex Legends through Steam, you will now see a different language in the game.

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    Why Is Apex Legends Popular

    Apex Legends prioritises the presentation of high-quality information above the dissemination of a massive amount of it. Apex Legends meteoric rise to prominence may be attributed to a number of factors, including its nimble and responsive controls, its diverse and engaging cast of characters, and the design incentives it employs to keep players on the move.

    Language Change For Apex

    Apex Legends

    Open Origin Launcher and select Apex Legends. You will see a screen similar to the one below. Open the settings menu by tapping the little gear icon near the play button, then choose Game Properties.

    You will end up in the General tab, where you can see the installation size, CD key, etc. Go to the Advanced launch options section. The first option youll see is Language. Use the drop-down menu to choose the language thats right for you.

    Save your changes and restart the game. Apex Legends should now be in your preferred language!

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    How To Change The Language In Apex Legends Steam

    You can also use Steam to launch Apex for PC. The platform lets you choose your game language, just like Origin.

    • Start Steam to locate Apex Legends within the Library.
    • Right-click the game to open the Properties menu.
    • Navigate to the left side of the screen to access the Language tab.
    • Select your preferred language to start the online game with the new language.
    • Another method is available to modify your language. Its slightly more difficult.
    • Go to your Library by opening Steam.
    • Right-click on Apex Legends to find it. Select the Properties option.
    • Navigate to Launch Options, and then go to the end.
    • You can replace the last word of the line denoting the current language, e.g. Japanese or Italian, with your preferred language.
    • Close the window to restart this game.

    If the game uses the same language after updating your language packs, you will need to delete the files or rename them.

    • Navigate to your Library by opening Steam.
    • Right-click on Apex Legends to locate it.
    • Select Manage, followed by Browse local files.
    • Navigate to the Audio, then to the Ship directory.

    This window should contain a lot of languages. Select the unwanted languages and click the Delete button at the top of the menu. Alternatively, you can rename them so Apex doesnt recognize them. You can force the game to use your preferred language.

    Go back to Steams main menu, and then launch the Apex.

    The Apex Legends Video Game: Changing The Voices

    Are Legends able to speak French? Where are the original English voices? The final release is now available! Unexpected surprises are in store for you.

    Youll be surprised to hear your favorite characters voices being performed by new actors when you first start the game .

    Respawn has a French dub to cover all legends. Its a wonderful idea! Sometimes, their sentences may differ word-for-word. This can make it quite amusing.

    You are probably reading this to find out how to revert back to the original FR voices. Its possible the dubbing chose may not be appealing to everyone so why not let them decide?

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    Changing The Language In Apex Legends

    For the PC version of Apex Legends, players will launch the title from one of two applications: Steam and Origin. The steps to change the in-game language on both of these launchers are found below.


    • Right-click on the game title and hit Properties
    • Locate the Language tab on the left side of the screen
    • Select the preferred language

    How To Change Language In Apex Legends On Xbox/playstation

    How to play apex with Japanese voices on Xbox one

    On consoles, both Xbox and PlayStation there arent any in-game settings to change the language so users unfortunately are limited to only one option. Its changing the system language to the language you need.

    Head to your consoles settings and look for Language or Language & Location . Then choose the language you want. This will also then change the games language to match the systems if the game supports that language. Language download should not be huge, only around 900MB.

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    How To Change The Language In Apex Legends On Steam

    Steam is the other launcher you can use to play Apex Legends on PC. Like Origin, the platform allows you to choose your game language:

  • Start Steam and locate Apex Legends in the Library.
  • Right-click on the game and select the Properties button.
  • Navigate to the left part of the screen and go to the Language tab.
  • Choose your preferred language and start your Apex Legends with your new language installed.
  • You can use another method to change your language, too. Bear in mind that its slightly more complicated:

  • Open Steam and go to your Library.
  • Find Apex Legends and right-click on the game. Choose the Properties option.
  • Navigate to the Launch Options sections and go to the end of the line in the box.
  • Replace the lines final word denoting the current language with your preferred language.
  • Close the window and restart your Apex Legends.
  • If the game still uses the same language even after updating your language pack, youll need to delete or rename the old files:

  • Open Steam and navigate to your Library.
  • Locate Apex Legends and right-click on it.
  • Choose the Manage option, followed by Browse Local Files.
  • Go to the Audio folder and then the Ship folder.
  • You should find a bunch of languages in this window. To get rid of unwanted ones, select them and press the Delete button in the upper part of the menu. Alternatively, rename them into something Apex Legends wont recognize. This way, the game will be forced to use your preferred language.
  • Changing Language On Steam

    To change your language in Age of Empires 4 using Steam, follow the below instructions:

    • Make sure Age of Empires 4 is not running, and that your Steam Library is open.
    • From the library page, left click Age of Empires 4, then select ‘Manage’ and ‘Properties’.
    • Navigate to the ‘Language’ tab.
    • Using the drop-down menu, simply select the language you would prefer to use.
    • Provided that Age of Empires 4 supports your preferred language, the relevant language pack will install and then be active in-game.

    That’s all you need to know about changing the language in Age of Empires 4. If you’re new to the game or just need some tips, we recommend checking out our beginners guide and the keyboard shortcuts available to use. For those of you who are more experienced, however, we have a nifty achievements guide for completionists.

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    Put The Voices In Spanish From The Xbox One

    To finish with this guide and that you leave here knowing how to put the voices of Apex Legends in the Spanish language in each of the consoles, finally you will be explained how to perform the process in the Microsoft console.

    You do this by first pressing the Xbox button on your controller for a few seconds to show the internal options, once they appear selectSystem and then Settings.

    After this you will be in a section with many options, choose System again, and then click on Language and localization, This will leave you in a section where you can choose both the language of the console and the region of the same, make the changes you want and thats it, the console will restart and now you can play Apex in Spanish.

    With that last thing you saw, you have finished todays guide, so there is nothing else you can do here today, you are free to go and find more articles related to this topic, such as: How to disable the chat microphone and bookmarks in Apex ?, so that nobody bothers you while you play.

    How To Change Language In Apex Legends Easily On All Platforms

    Buy Apex Legendsâ¢

    Here are 5 simple methods for you to change language in Apex Legends for PC, Xbox, PS, and Nintendo Switch.

    Apex Legends is available on different platforms, and thankfully you can change the language of the game on all of them. If youâre currently trying to do it, then our guide on how to change language in Apex Legends is going to benefit you greatly.

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    How To Change Your Language In Apex Legends Ps4

    • May 23, 2022

    How To Change Your Language In Apex Legends Ps4? Launch Apex Legends. Go to Settings. This window will display the option to change your language. Select the desired language and return to your game.

    How do I change the language on Apex to English? Find Apex Legends in your library. Right-click on it then press on Properties. Find the language tab at the left of the window. Here you can select your desired language. Dey 14, 1400 AP.

    Can you change Apex language on Xbox? How do I change the language on Apex Legends Xbox one? To change the language on Apex Legends Xbox one, first open the game and go to the main menu. From there, select Settings and then Language. From there, you can select the language that you want the game to be in.

    Change The Language In Apex Legends Using A Pc

    The video game is played by most people via their PCs, whether they are using Origin or Steam. This section will explain how to change the language in Origin. Here are the steps:

    • Open Origin to find Apex Legends within the Library
    • To go to the settings, click on the game icon and then press the gear symbol.
    • Navigate to Advanced Launch Options.
    • Choose your preferred language and you are good to go.

    Check out our post if you want to change your real name on Xbox: How To Change Your Real Name On Xbox App?

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    How To Change Language In Apex Legends On The Playstation 4 And Playstation 5

    To change the language in Apex Legends on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, you will need to change the language of the console itself. This isnât a difficult process, and hereâs what you will need to do:

  • Go to the âSystem Settingsâ
  • Navigate to the âLanguageâ option
  • Open âSystem Languageâ
  • Select the one you want from the list of languages that will appear on the screen
  • Once done, restart the console for the changes to take place.

    Use The Downloaded Audio Language

    How To Change The Language In Apex Legends (PS4)
    • Move the language file downloaded in step 1 to the audio / delivery folder of the game installation folder
    • Right click on the game and click on properties
    • In the General tab, click on Set launch options
    • Enter the command + miles_language The language string is the following general_ of the audio file. For Japanese audio this would simply be + Japanese miles_language

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    Change The Language Of Apex Legends On Pc

    With the above and learned to put the voices of Apex Legends in Spanish if you language user PS4, in case you are, then it is time to see how the change of voice or language is done in your PC.

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    How To Change The Sound Of The Mail Notifications On My Mac Os?

    To achieve this you must have already installed and downloaded the game with the launcher Origin Original. Once you have s go to «My game library» within the same launcher, this section will all your games, find Apex and the find stand on it and click right.

    This will open a drop-down options, select «Properties of the game» , and then press «Options and advanced execution» If all went well a section will open where you can choose the language just give click.

    Follow These Instructions To Change The Fr And Vo Voices In Apex

    We wont disappoint you with our answer Its impossible! Its not possible in the game. It is impossible to alter the audio settings of the games dubbing, which is shameful.

    You can still play the game on an Xbox One or PS4 console in English. The dubbing will return to the original. Although you can locate the original dubbing , it is not practical.

    Players will need to wait for a future update to see if Respawn teams have an option to allow users to change the voices of their favorite characters.

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    Apex Legends Mobile: How To Change Language From Chinese To English

    Apex Legends came out all the back in 2019. The game took the world by storm and completely transformed the battle royale genre. The game took heavy inspiration from Titanfall 2. The games movement mechanisms are proof of this. With the addition of Legends that had unique abilities, Apex Legends really did blow the battle royale genre wide open. And now 3 years after its initial release, like every respectable battle royale out there, the game is getting a mobile version. The mobile version is a very watered-down version of the original game. Despite that, the game has been pulling in amazing reviews from fans all around the world

    Now that Apex Legends Mobile is out, some people have been very confused about the in-game Language Settings. They have been all over the internet trying to look for ways to change the language. Some have been trying to do it all on their own but as you know, its very difficult to navigate a Settings menu that is made up of a foreign language. Well, thats where we come in. Today, were gonna show you how to change Apex Legends mobiles language from Chinese to English. We will be switching the language back from Chinese and the process should be the same for all other languages. Lets get into it.

    Change The Language Of Apex Legends On A Nintendo Switch

    Buy Apex Legends Founder Pack Xbox ONE Xbox

    There is no direct way to modify the Apex language on Nintendo Switch. You will need to modify the language settings on your console. The change should be applied in your game.

    These steps will change the language of your Nintendo Switch

    • Go to the Home Menu.
    • Select the System Settings option.
    • Navigate to the left side of the screen.
    • Scroll down to the System window.
    • Press the Language button on the right-hand side of your screen.
    • You can choose from English, Italian or Dutch as well as Portuguese and 12 other languages.
    • Start your Nintendo Switch and Apex Legends will now run in the language you prefer.

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    How To Place The Apex Legends On Xbox One

    Like the previous procedures, it is usually very easy to change the language on Xbox One, After you download the game, go to the main menu, hold down the Xbox icon on your controller for a few seconds to bring up the options menu, then go to “System“, Then click”Settings“.

    Followed by looking for the icon “Language and Localization, Then choose the language of your preference. Also, you can press the icon “RestartFor the changes to be saved and updated.

    How To Change Language On Apex Legends Xbox

    Change Apex Legends language on Xbox and PS4/PS5. Launch Apex Legends. Go to the Settings menu. Find the Language option. Choose any of the supported languages

    There are other answers below:

    To change the language in Apex Legends on your Xbox, start the game and go to the Origin Launcher. From there, click on the game and then select the Settings tab. You can then select the languages and then click on the Progressed Launch Options.

    Just change the language on the console to english, and it will download the english language. Then restart the game and you will have english. Message 24 of 53

    How To Change Language On Apex Legends Xbox. Apex Legends may be found in your library. You may choose the language you want to use from this menu. At Apex Legends Saga 10 now in full swing, there will no doubt be a slew of new players for us to compete against. Like other games, its player base is made up of a diverse variety of players from

    Search Apex Legends or Apex Legends *language*. Download the language pack. The method has different feedback from users. If it didnt work properly for you, the best way to do it would be changing the systems language and reinstalling/reupdating Apex Legends on your Nintendo Switch.

    If you guys need help let me know in the comments and send me a requestCHECK OUT MY UPDATED VIDEO OF THIS FOR HELPalso the people copying my video i ask that

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