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How To Cancel Xbox Live Subscription On Phone

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Free Xbox Live Vs Xbox Live Gold Vs Xbox Game Pass

How to cancel a Xbox subscription | Microsoft

The free version of Xbox Live offers basic support and functionality. Then theres Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass for those who want to pay to get more out of their console. Heres a look at what you can do with each subscription.

Free Xbox Live features:

  • Use of all apps, such as Netflix, Microsoft Edge, Skype, and more.
  • Create a Gamertag.
  • Game previews and beta access.
  • Xbox Marketplace access.
  • Messages with other Xbox Live users.

Xbox Live Gold features:

  • All features from the free version.
  • Two free games per month.
  • Up to 50% discount on games, add-ons, and more.
  • Access to Xbox Live Parties and chat.

Xbox Game Pass for PC features:

  • Access to over 100 high-quality games.
  • New games are added often.
  • Early access to Xbox Game Studios titles.
  • Exclusive discounts.
  • All EA Play on PC titles

Xbox Game Pass for console features:

  • Access to over 100 high-quality games.
  • New games are added often.
  • Early access to Xbox Game Studios titles.
  • Exclusive discounts.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate features:

  • Xbox Live Gold included.
  • Access to over 100 high-quality games.
  • New games are added often.
  • Early access to Xbox Game Studios titles.
  • Exclusive discounts.
  • Play on console, PC, or Android .

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Thats a good amount of cash, so we understand why you might want to cancel Xbox Live Gold. While the free games and substantial discounts can save gamers money in the long run, some people may not be taking advantage of the subscription.

What Would Happen If You Cancel Xbox Live Subscriptions

Prior to canceling Xbox Live subscriptions, you would better know what would happen if you cancel it. There are 2 different results after you cancel Xbox Live.

  • If you cancel Xbox Live subscriptions and receive a partial refund, you will lose access to all Xbox Live Gold services at once, including voice chat, online play, and some exclusive games with Gold.
  • If you cancel Xbox Live recurring payments or turn off the automatic renewal, you will not experience any change immediately. The access to all Xbox Live services will be retained until your remaining subscription time


If you obtain games through the Xbox 360 consoles with Xbox Live Gold, you still can keep and play the games even without an active Xbox Live subscription.

In addition, the Xbox One Games with Gold program are only available when you maintain an active Xbox Live subscription. If your Xbox Live Gold account is also canceled, the Games with Gold will be not available.

Right now, I believe that you already have an overall understanding of the cancellation. Next, lets see how to cancel Xbox Live subscriptions.

Do you want to cancel your Xbox Game Pass? Here is a full guide.

Does Cancelling The Subscription Will Affect Anything

You may feel that if I cancel the subscription then my achievements, my saved files, etc. may also get deleted.

But trust me, theres nothing like this. Cancelling a subscription will not affect your achievements, saved files, etc. The games that youve bought will also remain on your console. But the matter of concern is you will not lose access to Games with Gold games. The biggest impact is you will no longer be able to play online or use some apps that consume online access.

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How To Turn Off Xbox Live Auto

If you’re currently using Xbox Live Gold, but you’re afraid you’ll eventually stop using it and forget to cancel, you can turn off automatic renewals right now. This allows you to continue using Xbox Live Gold, and you maintain access to the free games that come with the subscription while it’s active, but you won’t accidentally spend a bunch of money on a renewal later on.

Turning off Xbox Live Gold auto-renewal works a lot like canceling the service, and when you cancel you actually have the option to simply cancel future payments. When you turn off recurring billing, you retain access to all of the Xbox Live Gold features until the end of your current subscription period. At that time, you have the option to renew manually if you’re still using the service.

Here’s how to turn off Xbox Live Gold auto-renewal:

  • Navigate to xbox.com and log in to the Xbox Network or Microsoft account associated with your Xbox Live Gold subscription.

  • Select your profile icon in the upper right corner of the page.

  • Select Subscriptions.

  • Cancel Xbox Live From Your Xbox One

    Xbox Live 3

    If youre not a PC gamer, dont worry you can also cancel your subscription straight from your Xbox console. Simply follow the steps below.

  • Turn on your Xbox console.
  • On your Settings menu, pick Accounts.
  • You will then be presented with a list of options. From this, choose Subscriptions.
  • You will then see all the subscriptions you have on your Xbox Account, including your Xbox Live Gold subscription. Navigate to the subscription you want to cancel, and then press A on your controller.
  • The next section will present you with the details of your subscription. Under the Payment and Billing section, you should be able to find the Cancel Subscription button. Choose that.
  • There will be other instructions that you have to follow, so simply follow on-screen instructions until you cancel your payment.
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    Xbox 360 Console For Unsubscribing

    Microsofts upgraded console version 360 promises better streaming and performance. The cost of subscribing being slightly high for some, its usage may have to be stopped. To cancel your Xbox subscription, you can find the relevant option in Accounts. On pressing A, you should be navigated to Payment and Billing where you can go through the further instructions.

    • View Settings on the Xbox 360 Console.
    • Press the option of Accounts
    • Shift to Subscriptions. Choose any one of these.
    • View the section available for Payment and Billing.
    • Then you can go ahead with Cancel Subscription.
    • You should see further directions. Please administer them.

    How To Cancel An Xbox Game Pass Subscription On Xbox And Pc

    One of the hallmarks of the Xbox ecosystem is Xbox Game Pass. For a monthly fee, gamers get access to more than 100 titles, ranging from seminal classics of yesteryear to the biggest releases of today. Xbox Game Pass may be one of the best deals in gaming, but there may come a time when you need to cancel. Maybe you are taking a gaming break or youve played all of the best games on Games Pass. Whatever your reason, the folks at Xbox have made the process fairly painless, as long as you know where to look.

    Here is how to cancel an Xbox Game Pass subscription on Xbox and PC.

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    What Happens When You Cancel Xbox Game Pass

    Once your subscription is canceled, you can continue enjoying all the benefits of your existing package until the next billing date when the subscription ends. To restart your subscription, visit , sign in to your account, select the Xbox tab and follow the on-screen instructions.

    How To Cancel Xbox Live Subscription

    How Cancel Xbox Live Subscription (Quit Console or Online Game Pass Autopay Monthly Renewal Gold)

    Canceling an Xbox subscription is easier than you may think. Microsoft keeps streamlining the process so that you can cancel Xbox Live Gold subscription in a few steps.

    You can cancel Xbox Live through a web browser or via the console. Both options lead to the same Microsoft Service & subscription management site.

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    Why Would I Want To Cancel My Subscription

    Although the service doesnt have too many downsides, there are still several reasons why someone might want to cancel their Xbox Game Pass subscription.

  • If you dont have a lot of time to play, you might end up not playing some games.
  • Access to free games is gone once the subscription lapses.
  • You may already own some of the titles on offer.
  • You may want a more diverse array of games.
  • How To Cancel Xbox Live: Wrap

    Xbox Live Gold is a great subscription for any hardcore gamer. It enables multiplayer for many big-name games and gives you free access to a ton of games for free.

    However, if youre just a regular player, subscribing to Xbox Gold might be unnecessary since some games are already free to multiplayer. If youre sticking to games like Fortnite and PUBG, you might find that the Gold subscription is not worth its significant price tag. Whatever your reasons are, now you know how to cancel your Xbox Live subscription. If you want to know how to cancel other services like HBO, Hulu, and Netflix, be sure to check out our other posts!

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    How To Cancel Xbox Game Pass

    Need to save a few bucks, and Xbox Game Pass is unfortunately on the budget chopping block? Here’s how you can quickly cancel your subscription to Microsoft’s gaming service.

    Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription has proven itself to be one of the most valuable services for accessing classic, current, and upcoming video games. If for some reason you need to cancel your subscription, doing so thankfully isn’t a hassle and you won’t need to jump through any hoops to call it a day with Game Pass. Here’s how you can cancel your subscription and save some cash every month.

    Before you begin, it’s worth noting that cancelation will result in you losing several of the other less-obvious benefits associated with the service. Discounts on games, access to the Xbox Game Pass titles currently installed on your console, and online multiplayer through Xbox Live Gold if you have the Ultimate version of the subscription, are just some of the features you’ll have to do without.

    You’ll also no longer have access to Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming and several monthly perks for select games, although you can gain some of these vital features back with a separate Xbox Live Gold subscription.

    How To Cancel Xbox Live Subscription 360 Console

    EA Access

    For Xbox Live subscription cancellation the points are:

  • Initiate the Xbox console
  • Select Accounts under the menu on settings.
  • Hit on the Subscriptions section.
  • In the next step, choose the subscription that you are looking to cancel and then tap on the A button.
  • Now, under the section of Payment and Billing, click the Cancel Subscription option.
  • Further, follow the prompted instructions in order to complete the process.
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    Countries With A Prorated Refund

    Different countries have different prorated polices, for example the duration of the subscription and whether or not it’s an initial purchase can determine if you’re eligible for a prorated refund.

    To cancel your subscription and receive a prorated refund , contact support. Check your eligibility below.

    All subscription lengths

    All subscription lengths are eligible for a prorated refund if the purchase was made from one of the following countries:

    Troubleshoot Issues If You Can’t Cancel Your Subscription

    If you don’t see Manage on your Services & subscriptions page, and can’t cancel or turn off recurring billing, try the following:

    • Make sure you’re signed in with the same Microsoft account you used to purchase your subscription.

    • If you see Turn on recurring billing instead of Manage, your subscription will expire at the date shown for your subscription and you don’t need to do anything else.

    • Check if a payment method needs to be updated. If it does, we’ll let you know when you arrive at Services & subscriptions. To fix any issues, go to Payment options on your Microsoft account dashboard. If you need to change how you’re paying for your subscription, see Change the payment method for a Microsoft subscription.

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    How To Cancel Your Xbox Game Pass Subscription After Its Due

    Unfortunately, its not possible to cancel your subscription after the payment due date if youve not paid the current balance. If you let your subscription continue past your billing due date and fail to send a payment, Microsoft suspends your account but wont cancel it.

    To fully cancel your subscription, youll have to pay the past due balance first. In these circumstances, you might also want to contact Microsofts customer care for further guidance.

    How To Cancel Xbox Live Subscriptions

    How to cancel your xbox live subscription

    To cancel Xbox Live Gold directly, you can visit the Xbox website. This website can help you cancel it and turn off the automatic renewal, or get the refund for any Xbox Live subscription that you dont use. Lets follow the steps below.

    Step 1. Click here to open the official Xbox website and log in to your Microsoft account that is associated with your Xbox Live account.

    Step 2. In the new page, scroll down your Profile icon on the top right corner.

    Step 3. Then select Subscriptions.

    Step 4. Navigate to the Xbox Live Gold tab on the Services & subscriptions page.

    Step 5. In the Xbox Live section, select Manage.

    Step 6. In the new window, go to the Payment settings section and click Cancel.

    Step 7. Then a message will pop up asking you whether you want to end your subscription at once, just click the Next.

    Step 8. Select Confirm cancellation. After that, you will receive a partial refund and also lose access to all the Gold benefits.

    Well, if you want to continue using Xbox Live Gold until its time runs out, you can disable the automatic renewal. Lets move on to the next part.

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    After You Cancel Xbox Game Pass

    You will still have access to Xbox Game Pass until the current subscription ends. This could be the end of the month or longer if you have paid for multiple months in advance. Xbox does not offer the option to cancel and partially refund for prepaid months, so you will need to ride out however much time you have left.

    Once your subscription lapses, any games that you downloaded via Game Pass will become inaccessible unless you renew your subscription or buy them outright. If at some point in the future you decide to jump back in, then Xbox Game Pass will take you back with open arms, and you can once again play those games and more.

    Editors’ Recommendations

    How To Cancel A Recurring Xbox Live Subscription Auto

    Once you cancel your Xbox Live gold subscription, in order to stop its auto-renewal the steps are:

    Step1: First, sign in to the Xbox account by using the details of the Microsoft account.

    Step2: Now, search for the particular service that is to be prevented to get renewed automatically.

    Step3: Then, hit the Turn off auto-renew option.

    Step4: Finally, select the button on Confirm and it is done.

    Thus, by now we hope that you have attained the idea on How do you cancel your Xbox Live subscription and find this article helpful.

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    How To Cancel Xbox Subscription Using An Xbox Console

    It is also possible to use your own Xbox console to cancel subscription to Xbox Live Gold. This works for all of the consoles that can take advantage of the service in the first place namely, Xbox 360 and all of the consoles after that .

    The process of canceling a subscription for different console generations might be slightly different for the first few stages, but all of them mostly revolve around getting to the Settings menu of your Xbox account/console. In most cases, including our Xbox One subscription cancellation use case, pressing the Xbox button on your gamepad would bring up the dashboard with multiple settings, one of which is the Profile & system menu.

    Choosing this menu should present you with multiple account-related options, one of which is the Settings menu that we were looking for. In the Settings menu, all you have to do is to find the Account option, and the Subscription menu directly after that.

    The Subscription menu should provide you with the list of all your active subscriptions, including Xbox Live choosing it would give you an option to cancel Xbox One subscription . You should follow all of the steps on the screen to successfully finish the process of Xbox membership cancellation.

    Cancelling Xbox Live Subscription On Your Computer

    How to Cancel Xbox Game Pass Subscription [Full Guide]

    The easiest way to cancel Xbox live is to do it on the Xbox website as this will confirm your Xbox cancellation immediately and in case you are eligible for a refund you can apply for it too.

    • Visit xbox com > > Click on your profile picture & the 3 dots next to it
    • Select Microsoft Settings from the drop-down menu
    • You will see the Xbox Settingsoptions on your left-hand side from the dropdown
    • Select the Xbox Subscription you want to cancel from Subscriptions option > > Click Manage > > Cancel
    • You would need to search a bit by scrolling down if there are multiple services that youve taken from Microsoft

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    Canceling Xbox Live Gold Membership Recurring Payments On Phone Xbox One Series S/x

    The steps to manage your recurring billing settings and canceling your Xbox Live Gold subscription charges take only a few minutes. You can also check if you are eligible to get a refund for the payments already made. You can follow this guide on any web browser on your computer, mobile phone or even on Xbox One, Series S/X consoles.

    How To Disable Auto

  • Sign into your Microsoft account.
  • Navigate to the Xbox Live Gold subsection of the page.

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  • Choose Turn off auto-renew.
  • Select Confirm cancellation.
  • Upon completing the steps, your Xbox Live Gold subscription will no longer renew going forward. Your existing Xbox Live Gold membership will continue until the current paid period passes, meaning all benefits are still usable in the meantime.

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