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How To Cancel Xbox Gold Subscription

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How To Cancel Xbox Game Pass On Pc

How to End Subscriptions on Your Xbox One – Cancel Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass

Cancelling an Xbox Game Pass subscription on a PC is straightforward.

  • On your browser, visit the official Microsoft website at .
  • Sign in to your Microsoft account.
  • Scroll down and click on the Manage tab next to Xbox Game Pass. This will launch the subscription management page.
  • On the management page, select Cancel.
  • At this point, Microsoft will give you the option of merely pausing your recurring subscriptions. But to cancel them completely, simply select Turn Off Recurring Billing to confirm the cancellation.
  • After successfully canceling your Xbox Game Pass subscription, a new page will open with a confirmation message from Microsoft stating that you wont be charged on the next billing date.

    Cancel Your Xbox Live Gold On The Xbox One

    To cancel Xbox live gold on your Xbox consoles follow the steps below

  • On your Xbox controller press home button
  • Now click on settings
  • Now in the account sections click on Subscriptions
  • Select Xbox Live Gold from the subscribed services
  • Now from the payment and billing option select view and manage subscriptions. This will open your Microsoft account from there you cancel or manage Xbox gold subscription
  • Locate Xbox live gold subscription and click on manage
  • Now youre on the payment setting page. From here you can cancel the Xbox live gold subscription. Here youll also get the option to turn off your auto recurring bills to stop auto-renewal of Xbox live Gold subscription.
  • Turn Off Xbox Live Gold Auto-Renewal

    Follow the steps to turn off Xbox Live auto-renewal

  • Visit or just click on the given link, and sign-in to your account.
  • Go toProfile . Click on My Microsoft Account from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on Services & Subscriptions
  • Locate your Xbox live gold subscription and click manage next to it
  • Now youre on the payment setting page, Click on change and from the drop-down menu click on Turn off Recurring billling
  • A pop-up will appear asking if you are sure to cancel or turn off recurring billing for Xbox live gold subscription.
  • Click on Confirm Cancellation
  • Your Xbox live gold recurring billing is turned off now
  • How To Cancel Xbox Live Subscriptions

    To cancel Xbox Live Gold directly, you can visit the Xbox website. This website can help you cancel it and turn off the automatic renewal, or get the refund for any Xbox Live subscription that you dont use. Lets follow the steps below.

    Step 1. Click here to open the official Xbox website and log in to your Microsoft account that is associated with your Xbox Live account.

    Step 2. In the new page, scroll down your Profile icon on the top right corner.

    Step 3. Then select Subscriptions.

    Step 4. Navigate to the Xbox Live Gold tab on the Services & subscriptions page.

    Step 5. In the Xbox Live section, select Manage.

    Step 6. In the new window, go to the Payment settings section and click Cancel.

    Step 7. Then a message will pop up asking you whether you want to end your subscription at once, just click the Next.

    Step 8. Select Confirm cancellation. After that, you will receive a partial refund and also lose access to all the Gold benefits.

    Well, if you want to continue using Xbox Live Gold until its time runs out, you can disable the automatic renewal. Lets move on to the next part.

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    How To Cancel Xbox Live Gold Subscription From The Xbox 360 Console

    To cancel Xbox Live Gold Subscription using your Xbox One, the following steps would help.

    • Turn on your Xbox console, select Accounts in the Settings menu.
    • Select the Subscriptions options.
    • Choose the subscription you want to cancel and press A.
    • You would be directed to the Payment and Billing section, click on Manage then select Cancel Subscription. Your Xbox subscription will now be cancelled.

    How To Change Your Game Pass Subscription Payment Plan

    If I buy this can I cancel the subscription and keep Xbox ...

    In addition to different membership types, you also have multiple payment plans for all Game Pass tiers. This lets you pay a flat-rate monthly fee, or save money by paying upfront for a three-month, six-month, annual, or biennial subscription.

    Note: its currently cheaper to pay monthly than switch to a three- or six-month payment plan .

    Go to, then over to Services & Subscriptions.

    Locate your Game Pass subscription and press Manage.

    Click on Change, and in the drop-down menu, select Switch plan.

    Your current plan is labeled as such. Now, click on any other payment plan.

    Beneath your card details is an alert detailing how much youll be charged at your next billing date.

    Click Confirm to accept.

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    How To Turn Off Xbox Live Auto

    If you’re currently using Xbox Live Gold, but you’re afraid you’ll eventually stop using it and forget to cancel, you can turn off automatic renewals right now. This allows you to continue using Xbox Live Gold, and you maintain access to the free games that come with the subscription while it’s active, but you won’t accidentally spend a bunch of money on a renewal later on.

    Turning off Xbox Live Gold auto-renewal works a lot like canceling the service, and when you cancel you actually have the option to simply cancel future payments. When you turn off recurring billing, you retain access to all of the Xbox Live Gold features until the end of your current subscription period. At that time, you have the option to renew manually if you’re still using the service.

    Here’s how to turn off Xbox Live Gold auto-renewal:

  • Navigate to and log in to the Xbox Network or Microsoft account associated with your Xbox Live Gold subscription.

  • Select your profile icon in the upper right corner of the page.

  • Select Subscriptions.

  • How To Cancel An Xbox Live Subscription

    Looking to cancel an Xbox Live subscription? Here are the steps youll need to follow.

    Xbox games offer some great single-player action, but where they really shine is in online multiplayer. Being able to play against your friends, or even total strangers, anywhere around the world is what gaming is all about.

    If you have an Xbox, you need an Xbox Live subscription in order to be able to enjoy all this multiplayer action. If youve got a subscription that you no longer use or cant really afford, then figuring out how to cancel it might be tricky.

    If you want to cancel an Xbox Live subscription, here are the steps youll need to follow.

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    Not A Fan Anymore Stop That Auto

    Xbox Live Gold comes with a lot of benefits, like free games each month, but it doesn’t make sense to stay subscribed if you aren’t actively using the Xbox network service. Whether you just want to take a break, or you’re done with the service forever, you have to follow some very specific steps to cancel your Xbox Live Gold subscription, or Microsoft will continue to charge you each time it comes up for renewal.

    Cancel Your Microsoft Subscription


    Select the correct link for help with canceling a Microsoft 365 or Xbox subscription. For all other subscriptions, follow the steps in the section, Cancel other Microsoft subscriptions.

    Tip: If your payment needs to be updated, you’ll find details about that on the Services & subscriptions page of your Microsoft account dashboard.

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    Someone You Know Such As A Family Member Bought Something With Your Card

    If you add your payment info to another person’s Microsoft account or allow others to share a device with your account, they may have bought something without saying so at the time.

    To help avoid unexpected charges from family members or others:

    • Don’t invite others to use your card to buy something on their account. Instead, give them a gift card to add to their account.

    • Don’t share your account password.

    How To Cancel An Xbox Game Pass Subscription

    Whether you picked up an Xbox Game Pass trial or plan to cancel a paid subscription, it’s easy to back out. Microsoft has shaken up the process over the years, eliminating the ability to cancel directly through the Xbox console interface. Still, all you need is a device connected to the web.

    It’s worth stressing that canceling an Xbox Game Pass subscription revokes all benefits from the subscription. Former Xbox Game Pass members lose access to the Xbox Game Pass games list, including all titles currently installed on your devices. Unless you’re purchasing games permanently through the Microsoft Store or as a physical disc-based copy, renew your subscription to play them again on your Xbox or PC.

    Canceling an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription also means you lose access to supplementary benefits like Xbox Live Gold, the online membership required for multiplayer across consoles. You also lose Xbox Game Pass cloud gaming through Android devices, exclusive discounts, and unredeemed perks. However, Xbox Live Gold is still available for purchase separately after canceling Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

    These are the steps to cancel Xbox Game Pass from the web. While often easier to cancel Xbox Game Pass through a PC or mobile, it’s also possible through the integrated Microsoft Edge browser available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles.

  • Choose Turn off recurring billing.
  • Select Confirm cancellation.
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    How To Stop Xbox Live Auto

    • Sign in to Xboxwith your Microsoft account > > Locate the Xbox service you want to stop the auto-renewal for > > Click on Turn off auto-renew > > Click Confirm.

    What Happens After Cancelling an Xbox Live Subscription?

    One of these things can happen:

    • If you cancel your subscription and request a refund, then youll immediately lose access to all Xbox Live Gold features such as online play, Games with Gold, and voice chat.

    Canceling Xbox Live subscription will not cancel your Xbox Live account. Users will retain the Gamertag, achievements, saved game files, and other downloadable contents purchased through the service.

    Xbox Live subscribers with Xbox 360 consoles can retain and play they got with Games With Gold program even if their Xbox Live subscription isnt active.

    Xbox One games provided through the Games With Gold, however, is only available as long as the Xbox Live subscription is active.

    Is Xbox Live Gold Worth It After 2021 Changes

    How to cancel an Xbox Live Gold subscription on Xbox One ...

    Microsoft just dropped some significant changes to Xbox Live Gold, opening multiplayer to all users for free-to-play games and unbinding other social features from the paid subscription. It allows any Xbox owner to play many of the most popular Xbox games online, including Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Apex, without forking out for additional charges.

    Xbox Live Gold remains essential for most Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S owners, with the majority of multiplayer experiences still tied up in the membership. The change is directed towards those who exclusively play from the few dozen free-to-play games, especially suited to those frequenting today’s top battle royale titles. The move has also detached Party Chat and Looking for Group services from Xbox Live Gold, now freely available to all Xbox users.

    Whether Xbox Live Gold is still worthwhile depends on your playing habits and whether you regularly play titles online outside the free-to-play offering. Many of the most popular games on the platform, like Call of Duty and FIFA, still require an active membership to access multiplayer features. Xbox Live Gold also retains other exclusive benefits like the Games with Gold program and member-only discounts.

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    What Happens When You Cancel Xbox Live Subscription/membership

    When you cancel your Xbox Live Subscription you will lose all the benefits which come with your Xbox Live Gold Subscription. You will not able to get free games and also you cant play online multiplayer games though. After canceling your Xbox Live Subscription you will receive a partial refund only if you cancel the subscription immediately.

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    How Do You Cancel Your Xbox Live Subscription

    To cancel your Xbox Live package:

  • Visit the Xbox website using a browser.
  • Find the My Xbox tab and enter your credentials to sign in.
  • In the resulting pop-up menu, click on the three small dots and then select Subscriptions.
  • Open the Xbox Gold Live package and click on Manage.
  • Select Cancel Subscription and click on Next.
  • Cancel Your Xbox Game Pass Subscription Using A Pc

    How to CANCEL Your Xbox Live Gold Subscription!

    First, open any browser and navigate to your Microsoft accounts Services & Subscriptions page. Log in to your account if needed.

    Next, locate your Xbox Game Pass subscription and click the Manage link under the Xbox logo.

    In our example, were canceling Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Again, if you dont have this specific plan, youll see Xbox Game Pass and/or Xbox Game Pass for PC on the list. Youll see the Xbox Live Gold subscription as well.

    On the following page, click the Cancel link.

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    How To Cancel Xbox Live Gold Or Game Pass Subscription

    If you are ready to cancel Xbox Live Gold but still want to keep your free account, heres how to do it.

  • Open a browser and go to your Microsoft account.
  • Log in using your credentials.
  • Click on the Service & subscriptions tab.
  • Look for your Xbox Live Gold subscription.
  • Select Manage.
  • Find Turn off auto-renew and click on it.
  • Select Confirm cancellation.
  • Your Xbox Live Gold subscription will continue for the duration that was already paid for. After that, your account will revert back to the free Xbox Live tier.

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    How To Save On Xbox Game Pass

    Considering ending your Xbox Game Pass subscription due to the monthly cost? Xbox Game Pass for console and PC comes in at a fixed $10 monthly fee, while Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs $15 with each billing cycle. But if you choose to stay, some storefronts provide the opportunity to save on your subscription. Many third-party outlets offer frequent discounts on redeemable codes for those purchasing upfront monthly and yearly subscriptions.

    The best Xbox Game Pass deals often provide small savings over the usual rates, ideal for those looking for opportunities to trim their monthly costs. The biggest savings usually apply to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Microsoft all-inclusive subscription, especially ideal for those looking for the best value from Game Pass sales.

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate


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    Troubleshoot Issues If You Can’t Cancel Your Subscription

    If you don’t see Manage on your Services & subscriptions page, and can’t cancel or turn off recurring billing, try the following:

    • Make sure you’re signed in with the same Microsoft account you used to purchase your subscription.

    • If you see Turn on recurring billing instead of Manage, your subscription will expire at the date shown for your subscription and you don’t need to do anything else.

    • Check if a payment method needs to be updated. If it does, we’ll let you know when you arrive at Services & subscriptions. To fix any issues, go to Payment options on your Microsoft account dashboard. If you need to change how you’re paying for your subscription, see Change the payment method for a Microsoft subscription.

    How To Cancel An Xbox Game Pass Subscription On Xbox And Pc

    How to Cancel Xbox Live Gold Subscription

    Microsoft has seen continued success with its game subscription service Xbox Game Pass, delivering a rotating library of games for a flat monthly fee. What started as an Xbox One console membership now extends to the Xbox Series X and Series S, coupled with separate PC and mobile offerings. The ever-growing list of benefits makes it one of the most valuable subscriptions in gaming, but that doesn’t mean Xbox Game Pass is for everyone. Here’s how to cancel your Xbox Game Pass subscription.

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    Cancelling Xbox Live Subscription On Your Computer

    The easiest way to cancel Xbox live is to do it on the Xbox website as this will confirm your Xbox cancellation immediately and in case you are eligible for a refund you can apply for it too.

    • Visit xbox com > > Click on your profile picture & the 3 dots next to it
    • Select Microsoft Settings from the drop-down menu
    • You will see the Xbox Settingsoptions on your left-hand side from the dropdown
    • Select the Xbox Subscription you want to cancel from Subscriptions option > > Click Manage > > Cancel
    • You would need to search a bit by scrolling down if there are multiple services that youve taken from Microsoft

    Cancel Your Xbox Game Pass Subscription Using An Xbox

    On the Xbox home screen, open the guide by using your controller to highlight your profile icon and then pressing the A button. Next, navigate through the menus tabs and select the gear icon. This loads the System tab.

    Navigate down, highlight Settings, and then press the A button.

    On the following screen, highlight Account and then navigate to the right to select Subscriptions. Press the A button to proceed.

    Highlight your subscription and press the A button to continue.

    Under Payment and Billing, highlight View and Manage Subscription and then press the A button.

    Microsoft Edge loads your account on Use your controller to find the subscription you want to cancel. Highlight the Manage link under the Xbox logo and then press the A button on your controller.

    Use the controller to move the onscreen cursor and highlight Cancel. Press the A button to finish.

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