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How Much Is Xbox Ultimate

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How Does Xbox Game Pass Compare To Xbox Live Gold

How to Convert Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass Ultimate Subscriptions

Xbox Live Gold is a different subscription service that gives players access to online multiplayer, and lets them claim free games on a monthly basis that will remain in their personal library until their Gold subscription ends. It typically costs $10 a month or $60 per year.

A regular Xbox Game Pass subscription also costs $10 a month, giving you access to more than 100 games to download to your PC or console, but you’ll still need a separate Xbox Live Gold membership to play most Xbox games online.

Meanwhile, an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership includes Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. The annual price of Game Pass Ultimate is equal to the yearly cost of subscribing to Live Gold and the basic Game Pass for console or PC .

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Review

Xbox Game Pass is a smart purchase even without the discount code because its the future of video games, according to Microsoft. The Netflix-style approach to playing a bunch of new and old games on the Xbox Series X .

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate review score: 5/5 stars

The fact that The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shreddars Revenge just launched on Xbox Game Pass, yet costs $39.99 through the PlayStation Store shows you that the value is there if you currently play games or if this will inspire you to pick up the controller more and get more use out of your new Xbox. Day one releases, which the PlayStation Plus Premium games list doesnt have, will quickly save you money.

This means that while your 12-month membership is active, you wont need to buy Halo Infinite or Forza Horizon 5 , as you can stream Microsoft and Bethesda games, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is worth it to add EA Games and PC capabilities. That alone makes it worth renewing your membership to Game Pass.

How To Convert Xbox Live Gold To Game Pass Ultimate

To transfer your remaining Xbox Live Gold prepaid time to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, use these steps:

  • Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass Ultimate conversion
  • Click the button.

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribe

  • Once you complete the steps, you can start using the Game Pass Ultimate benefits, including downloading and playing over 100 high-quality games, online gaming, xCloud game streaming, and exclusive discounts for purchasing games.

    After the period ends, you will need to pay $14.99 per month to continue with the service, but you can always opt out and continue with the Xbox Live Gold membership only.

    The only caveat about this is that it is a one-time deal for new Game Pass customers. After switching, adding more Xbox Live Gold prepaid time can be converted to Game Pass, but at an equivalent rate.

    Update January 21, 2022: This guide was published on March 2021, and its been revised to make sure the process is still accurate. Although Microsoft may updated the website design, the steps still apply to complete the task.

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    Everything Coming To Xbox Game Pass In May 2022

    As we all know, Xbox likes to announce its monthly Game Pass line-ups in two separate waves. The list below includes all the games we already know are coming to Xbox Game Pass in May 2022, alongside the new entries recently announced.

    We’re also expecting Assassin’s Creed: Origins and For Honor: Marching Fire Edition to hit the service at some point in May or June, so stay tuned for more information soon. We’re expecting another wave of games to be announced near the middle of the month.

    • Loot River Available Now

    Do I Need To Have An Xbox Live Gold Subscription

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 1 Month

    No, Xbox Game Pass is a completely separate subscription program. Xbox Live Gold is required to access multiplayer games on Xbox consoles, although free-to-play Xbox games no longer require Xbox Live Gold.

    Xbox Live Gold is included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, however, arguably making it the best value option.

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    Where It Falls Short

    As a jack-of-all-trades, XGPU doesn’t master every aspect. For instance, its cloud gaming stream is still limited to 1080p at 60fps, while Stadia can do 4K and GeForce Now 1440p at 120fps.

    And there are few things more rage-inducing than settling in to play on your PC and discovering that the game won’t launch until you update Windows because the Xbox app is too enmeshed with the Microsoft Store — a major buzzkill that has frequently impelled us to move on to other, non-Game Pass games.

    It offers a notable number of new games and Day 1 launches, but the library also sheds games regularly. Like many subscription services, the game you want always seems to be on the service you don’t subscribe to.

    While it’s great that EA Play is included in the subscription price for XGPU, it’s not integrated that closely. For example, on the PC you still need to install yet another launcher and family settings in XGPU don’t apply to EA Play.

    How To Get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate For Only $5 For Up To 36 Months

    Microsoft will convert your Xbox Live Gold subscription into an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free, and here are the steps to do it.

    The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription costs $15 every month, but there is a trick you can use to get up to 36 months for only $180 , bringing the cost down to $5 per month.

    This is possible because Microsoft wants to lure users to the service, so the company has a promotion that allows you to bring any prepaid time you have left on Xbox Live Gold to the Game Pass service at the same rate.

    Microsofts Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that gives you unlimited access to download and play over 100 high-quality games using the Xbox Live network on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, or PC.

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    What Exactly Is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the combination of two current programs: Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. Subscribers to Ultimate will have access to both for one monthly subscription cost instead of two separate ones. Additionally, the newer Xbox Game Pass for PC subscription is also included with Game Pass Ultimate.

    Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s subscription service that offers complete access to a huge library of games covering both Xbox Series X/S and backward-compatible titles. You can download these to your console to play in full for as long as you’re a paying subscriber or the games in question remain in the Game Pass library.

    Better yet, if a Game Pass title also supports Xbox Play Anywhere, you get access to play those on your PC, as well, as part of your subscription, even if you don’t have Game Pass Ultimate.

    The PC-specific Game Pass subscription has its own list of games, some of which cross over with the console program on account of Xbox Play Anywhere. But many are exclusive to PC, such as Age of Empires and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    Complete list of Xbox Game Pass PC games

    If you choose to buy any game you play in Game Pass Ultimate, you’ll get a 10% discount on it while you’re a member.

    Gold subscribers also get exclusive discounts every single week on games from the Microsoft Store, as well as additional discounts during special promotional periods.

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate provides access to all of this under one easy-to-manage subscription.

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 12

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 2021 Review – Worth Your Money?

    Use the digital code discount: TSCXULTI3

    Store Link: Currently Xbox Game Pass membership at 3 months is available through Eneba for $25.88

    If youre using mobile, tap the yellow triangle to reveal the Discount code field

    Add four: You can buy four of these for $100 , as its stackable, getting you 12 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

    Discount code last checked on July 23, 2022

    Eneba is a trusted site that Ive used time and time again

    Follow these instructions if youre confused about where to enter the Xbox Game Pas Ultimate 12 month digital code to get the deal:

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    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Design And Interface

    Because Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is made up of several elements, it doesnt necessarily have a unified interface. Instead, theres the Xbox app on PC, as well as a section on the Xbox dashboard .

    For console users, its hard to miss Microsoft has put Game Pass almost front and center on the home screen. With just a couple of button presses, users can start browsing the catalog.

    Each game has a trailer, screenshots, and the file size listed, so you can pack as much onto your hard drive as possible. You can also see at a glance if it has any enhancements for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

    You can also filter by genre, see what friends are playing, ask the app to “surprise me”, or flick through recommendations. It really is similar to Netflix, only with downloads instead of streaming, and shows games that are recently added or leaving soon, too.

    The ‘My Games and Apps’ menu will show which titles are from Game Pass or EA Play, too, so you can easily spot them amongst games youve purchased.

    For PC users, youll find Game Pass within the existing Xbox app, meaning you wont have to worry about downloading any extra launchers. Games dont have to be launched from the app either, meaning you can manage installations from the Control Panel, just as if youd installed the game from the Microsoft Store .

    Choose The Plan That’s Right For You

  • Game Pass Ultimate


    After any promotional period, subscription continues to be charged at the regular price and specified interval, unless cancelled in Microsoft account.

    Unlimited access to over 100 high-quality games across PC, console, and mobile devices

    New games added all the time

    Xbox Game Studios titles the day they release

    Member discounts and deals

    Free Perks including in-game content and partner offers

    Play games on your mobile phone and tablet from the cloud


    Xbox Live Gold includes Deals with Gold, Games with Gold, and console multiplayer

    A library of top Electronic Arts titles, exclusive rewards, and member-only content


  • $1.00*

    After any promotional period, subscription continues to be charged at the regular price and specified interval, unless cancelled in Microsoft account.

    Unlimited access to over 100 high-quality games on PC

    New games added all the time

    Xbox Game Studios titles the day they release

    Member discounts and deals

  • Get Game Pass for Console


    After any promotional period, subscription continues to be charged at the regular price and specified interval, unless cancelled in Microsoft account.

    Unlimited access to over 100 high-quality console games

    New games added all the time

    Xbox Game Studios titles the day they release

    Member discounts and deals

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    Is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Worth It

    If all our info is correct, this makes a lot of sense for new Xbox One S owners who wont have a disc drive, since theyll be relying mostly on digital subscription services anyway. You see this with new services like Google Stadia, which will be streaming through the Chrome browser, as well as Sonys mixed attempt with PlayStation Now.

    If youre looking to embrace a disc-free future , then Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a pretty easy budgetary decision to make.

    Editors note: This article is regularly updated for relevance.

    How To Redeem Gift Cards And Codes On Xbox

    How Much Is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate For One Year

    There are two ways to activate an Xbox Game Pass, other Xbox subscriptions and Xbox Live Gift cards. If you are using an Xbox One console, heres how to activate your Xbox subscriptions:

    • When on the Home screen, go to the Store
    • Find the Categories selection and choose Games
    • Choose the Use a Code feature
    • Sign in if prompted
    • Your prepaid key will either come in the form of a QR code or the 25-character code
    • In the case of a QR code, hold it to your Kinect sensor. In the case of the 25-character code, simply enter it by hand.

    If you want to activate your Xbox Live card via Web Browser, follow these instructions:

    • Go to and select the Redeem code feature
    • Click on the Sign In option
    • Log into your Microsoft account
    • Click on the Redeem option
    • Enter the 25-character code and click Confirm
    • Enjoy your purchase!

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    Cheap Xbox Game Pass Deal

    How much is Xbox Game Pass depends on where you buy it from is a perfect place to do so and for a significantly cheaper price. Security and great price are guaranteed as different sellers compete to offer you the best deal on our marketplace. Additionally, dont forget to keep an eye for special promotions on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Halloween as regular Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate price is bound to be even lower on these occasions! Xbox Game Pass deals you can find in our store:

    • Xbox Game Pass trials for new accounts
    • Xbox Game Pass 10 days subscriptions
    • Xbox Game Pass 1 month subscriptions
    • Xbox Game Pass 3 month subscriptions
    • Xbox Game Pass 6 month subscriptions
    • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trials for new accounts
    • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 1 month subscriptions
    • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 month subscriptions
    • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 6 month subscriptions
    • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 12 month subscriptions.

    New Tier Will Be Tested In Ireland And Colombia

    Microsoft has finally revealed the long-rumored Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family Plan, just days after a logo leak all about confirmed the new subscription tier. Xbox announced that the new plan, which will allow subscribers to share with up to four other friends or family members, is being tested in Ireland and Colombia, where it will cost 21.99 per month and 49,900 COP respectively.

    Friends & Family Plan members will gain all of the usual benefits of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which includes cloud streaming and a rotating selection of games. While pricing details haven’t been revealed in the U.S., it figures to be roughly $10 more than the current Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan, which currently costs $14.99. The plan will allow users to share the cost among multiple people, making it a boon for college students who are just now returning to the dorms.

    In addition to intial pricing details, Xbox also released an FAQ detailing how the service works and how it will work across different regions. It also confirmed that users can only be a member of one group at a time, and that group members can only join a group up to two times per year.

    Kat Bailey is a Senior News Editor at IGN as well as co-host of Nintendo Voice Chat. Have a tip? Send her a DM at @the_katbot.

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    Xbox Game Pass’ Family Plan Offers Unbeatable Value

    Xbox Game Pass was already hailed as the best deal in gaming, but this new family plan really extends that promise further. If it does ship at $25, per the test, for consumers in increasingly tough financial conditions, Xbox Game Pass will be a true godsend for gaming families everywhere. There’s every chance Microsoft may decide to bump up the price down the line, or even before launch, but right now I think it’s okay to remain hopeful that it will initially hit $25.

    For groups of friends at different levels of income, or larger families all of whom want to play games, this service offers access to premium titles at a scale never before seen in history. I have sad memories of being excluded from Nintendo games as a kid due to the premium price tags, while many of my friends discussed the same titles at school. Xbox Game Pass gives premium games another way to compete in a landscape that is increasingly skewing towards free-to-play, which is particularly timely given the economic hardships hitting many countries around the world right now.

    What Is Xbox Cloud Gaming

    How To Get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate For 1 Dollar Every Month Forever

    From Sept. 15, 2020, Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service, known as xCloud previously, became part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and is built into the Xbox Game Pass app on Android. Folks on iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux can also take part, with Xbox Game Streaming available through the browser at on Microsoft Edge, or on Windows, now through the Xbox app.

    It adds another tick in the value box to Game Pass Ultimate over regular Game Pass, too. Games are added to the cloud library on a slightly different schedule to console and PC, but regular additions are coming along.

    Additionally, Microsoft has been working on dedicated touch controls for some of these games allowing you to play on your phone or tablet without the need for a controller. Minecraft Dungeons was the first, but the feature has since come to titles such as Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and Dead Cells.

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    How Does It Work

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate allows you to install or stream any one of a rotating library of hundreds of games onto your Xbox console, PC, or Android device. Although widely hailed as a Netflix-for-games, only the game streaming section is truly instant, and the rest will require some time to install and update.

    Fortunately, you can queue up installs using the handy Xbox Game Pass app. The app also keeps track of your games and sends notifications of new releases. Its also where you start game streams on mobile devices, although this is exclusive to Android for now.

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    Just as Microsoft giveth, it also taketh away. Games are frequently removed from the service, but all saved data is retained. You will, however, have to buy the game to access them.

    You can also share Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with other users on your home Xbox. This works just like Xbox Live Gold. All you have to do is designate a home Xbox, which you can learn how to do here.

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