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How Much Is Xbox Live Gold For 3 Months

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Best Xbox Live Gold Deals For December 2021

redeeming Xbox Live Gold 3 month card

In order to maximize some games, you need to take time to play their online multiplayer modes. However, gamers who own the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and the all-new Xbox Series X will need to have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription. For savings so that your budget to buy games will remain unscathed, weve scoured the web and rounded up all the best Xbox Live Gold sales in one place, including Xbox Live Gold 1-Month, Xbox Live Gold 3-Month, and Xbox Live Gold 6-Month subscriptions. You should also check out the 12-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which offers more benefits beyond Xbox Live Gold membership.

The Variety Of Xbox Live Gold Deals

Here you will find a plethora of Xbox Live Gold deals for and Xbox Live codes for all Xbox needs! If you wish to buy Xbox apps, or desire to improve the looks of your Xbox console and other devices, then Xbox Live Gift cards are the exact thing you need as you can make convenient purchases with them at the Xbox store! Not to mention the Xbox Game Passes, and evenXbox Game Pass Ultimate for those seeking an unprecedented challenge.

Get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate For Only 1

Right now, you can get your first month of Game Pass Ultimate for just £1 that’s a healthy saving of 91%!

Game Pass Ultimate includes all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, plus access to 100+ top-notch games for console, PC and Android devices, plus Xbox Game Studio titles on the day of release, free in-game content and exclusive member discounts.

If you just purchased an Xbox Series X or Series S, it’s a no brainer especially for a quid. .

After you’ve enjoyed the first month for only £1, your Game Pass will auto-renew on a rolling £10.99 per month contract. There’s no lock-in contract, so you can cancel at anytime no pressure.

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Xbox Live Gold Membership Card 3 Months Key

Buy Xbox Live Gold membership card 3 months key and gain access to the full set of features of the Xbox Live service network! If you happen to be one of the Xbox consoles owners, you probably are familiar with the free Xbox Live service meant for gaming and content distribution. However, without the Xbox Live Gold subscription, you have access only to a fraction of all the awesome features this service can provide! Make a worthy investment and explore everything youve been missing!

Xbox Live Gold Benefits

Microsoft 3 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership Subscripti

If you want to play all of the top Xbox multiplayer games online, you need an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Without it, you won’t be able to enjoy competitive bouts of or join a 12-player race in Forza Horizon 4.

Xbox Live Gold also gets you two free games a month for Xbox Series X/S, One and 360. The Xbox 360 games are backwards compatible, so you can play them on an Xbox One. Compared to PlayStation Plus, which only gets you two games per month, Xbox Live Gold is seriously-good value.

The benefits also include ‘Free Play Days’ and up to 75% off in the Microsoft Store, meaning you can pick up some of the hottest add-ons and games at a fraction of their usual price without leaving your sofa.

When you factor in all the perks, an Xbox Live Gold subscription is a no-brainer especially if you opt for a 12-month subscription. It means a bigger upfront outlay, but you stand to make some seriously juicy savings over the course of the year.

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Xbox Live Gold Gift Cards

If your looking for Xbox Live Gold gift cards ahead of the holiday season, you’ll be happy to learn you can gift a membership quickly and easily, whether you’re buying through Microsoft or a third party like CDKeys or Amazon. Many retailers have their own gifting services, in which case you’ll just need your recipients email address but if you don’t want to use this service, simply make a note of the code you receive with your order and pass it on to the recipient.

You can redeem your Xbox Live Gold gift card directly at Microsoft.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Who Its For

For just a few extra bucks per month at $14.99, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gets you all of the perks of Xbox Live Gold and a whole lot more. The highest tier of Microsofts gaming subscription service, Game Pass Ultimate, provides access to hundreds of games that you can play on Xbox, PC and even your Android phone via cloud streaming.

Xbox Game Pass massive game library includes all Xbox Game Studios releases on the same day they hit shelves, meaning subscribers automatically get titles like Gears 5, Minecraft Dungeons and the upcoming Halo Infinite without having to shell out an extra $60 a pop. Thats not to mention the troves of big-name third-party titles on Game Pass including Doom Eternal, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and Destiny 2 as well as a huge collection of compelling indie titles like Donut County and Among Us.

If any of those games are of interest to you, subscribing to Game Pass Ultimate could save you a ton of money that youd otherwise spend buying them a la carte. And if you also play games on PC or want the ability to stream your Xbox games to your Android phone while on the go, Ultimate is a no-brainer.

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Is The Xbox Live Gold Price Increasing

For one hot second the Xbox Live Gold price was increasing, however as of January 2021, that decision has been reversed . It seems the backlash was too great for Microsoft to put its costs up at this stage.

James Pickard is a Deals Editor at TechRadar. After many years of scouring the net for the cheapest games and tech for his own personal use, he decided to make it his job to share those bargains with you. James also has over five years of experience covering some of the biggest sales events of the year at Eurogamer and VG247, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Amazon Prime Day. When not deals hunting, James can be found on the PS5, watching a classic film noir or cheering on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Heavy Criticism Spurs Microsoft To Reverse Course On The Same Day

Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Unboxing

Microsoft Corporation took less than 15 hours on Jan. 22, 2021, between announcing a large price hike for its Xbox Live Gold subscription plan and offering an apologetic retraction in the face of fierce and widespread criticism. Microsoft had planned to double the annual cost of Xbox Live Gold in select markets, including the United States. In its original announcement, Microsoft said: “In many markets, the price of Xbox Live Gold has not changed for years and in some markets, it hasn’t changed for over 10 years.”

  • Microsoft had planned to double the annual cost of Xbox Live Gold membership plans in select markets, including the United States.
  • In the face of heavy criticism, Microsoft rescinded the price hikes on the same day that they were announced.
  • Microsoft has retained incentives for Xbox Live Gold members to migrate to the costlier Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan.

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Choose The Plan That’s Right For You

Devoted to PC gaming? Committed to your console? Theres a plan for you.Or, with Ultimate, get it all including playing games from the cloud, Xbox Live Gold, and more.

Have a code or gift card? Redeem.


Get your first month for $1,then $16.99/mo.

Subscription continues automatically. See terms.

  • Play over 100 high-quality games on console, PC, and mobile devices
  • New games added all the time
  • Xbox Game Studios titles the same day as release
  • Exclusive member discounts and deals
  • Play games from the cloud
  • Free Perks including in-game content and partner offers


Xbox Live Gold includes Deals with Gold, Games with Gold, and console multiplayer

A library of top Electronic Arts titles on console and PC, exclusive rewards, and member-only content

Playstation Multiplayer Beats Xbox On Value

With this change, it’s undeniable that PlayStation Plus offers a higher value proposition. 12 months of PlayStation Plus costs just half of what 12 months of Xbox Live gold costs now, but that’s not all. PlayStation Network doesn’t gate users who want to play free-to-play games. You know, games that are supposed to be free, like Fortnite or Rocket League.

Would you rather pay $120 a year for access to Fortnite or $0 a year?

Particularly for parents who may be struggling to justify monthly subscriptions as it is during the pandemic, letting their kids get access to these games without additional costs is undeniably offering better value. If you’re a non-gaming parent of a youngster or someone who doesn’t really play too many games, would you rather pay $120 a year for access to Fortnite or $0 a year?

I’m not sure what Microsoft thinks Xbox Live Gold does so much better than PlayStation Network to justify this price disparity.

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Best Xbox Live Gold Deals 2021

If you want to enjoy everything the Xbox Series X and Xbox One have to offer, you’ll need an Xbox Live Gold subscription. Buying direct from Microsoft isn’t always the cheapest place, though. As you’ll see, the best Xbox Live Gold deals can often be found at Amazon and CD Keys.

We’ve shopped around, found today’s cheapest Xbox Live Gold memberships, and listed them below. So whether you’re due to renew your Xbox Live subscription or about to sign up for the first time, don’t reach for your money until you’ve checked the discounts and offers below.

This Is Really About Xbox Game Pass

Buy 3 months XBOX Live Gold gift card  subscription WW ...

I predicted a while ago that Xbox Live Gold’s paywall would eventually go away but not any time soon. As Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers swell to replace the lost potential income from Xbox Live Gold, which is substantial, it stands to reason that gamers in markets that may be mobile-first, where Microsoft currently has zero presence, could become the subsidizing factor needed for Xbox console hardware. Indeed, the reason Xbox are generally cheaper entry points to high-end gaming is that they’re subsidized by their subscriptions and services. Remove Xbox Live Gold overnight, and you blow a massive hole in your cash flow.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives you access to a wide variety of benefits and is undoubtedly of a much, much higher value now than Xbox Live Gold by itself. No doubt, it is ultimately the plan to persuade gamers to move from Xbox Live Gold to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Whether that Xbox Live Gold’s paywall goes away entirely depends on how much of that cost is already factored into Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and the truth is we simply don’t know whether or not that’s the case. What certainly is the case is how old-fashioned and, frankly, weird Xbox Live Gold feels in 2021, when you’re playing on merged multiplayer servers with PC and mobile gamers who, of course, don’t have to pay to play.

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What Do You Get With Xbox Live Gold

You get nothing but the best quality benefits with Xbox Live Gold. Xbox Gold subscription is a service upgrade to the standard free Xbox Live, otherwise referred to as Xbox Silver, for which you have to pay in order to access all the best deals and assets provided by Xbox Live Network. Perhaps the selling point for Xbox Live memberships is the multiplayer that you are provided by Xbox Live Gold. The multiplayer will allow you to enjoy such games as Borderlands 3 with plenty of Xbox players across the world, or your neighbours next door! Other benefits include:

  • 2 to 4 free games per month
  • Member-exclusive discounts up to 75% for games, DLCs and many more
  • Advanced online accessibility with improved match-making and smooth gaming network.

Enjoy the most renowned Xbox titles and benefits that will certainly provide a smoother gaming experience and the Deals with Gold discounts will definitely repay in the long run. If you have an Xbox console, then a membership is a must for a full gaming experience.

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What Microsoft would really like is for Gold members to switch over to an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. With that in mind, Microsoft is offering to convert remaining Gold time to Ultimate if you choose to upgrade. It will honor that offer up to a maximum of 36 months.

An Xbox Live Gold subscription unlocks access to online multiplayer, game discounts, and two free games every month. On the other hand, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes all the features of Gold, but adds access to over 100 games to play each month. However, it is more expensive at $14.99 per month.

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Best Xbox Live Gold Deals

The best-value way to get Xbox Live Gold is to stump up for a 12 month subscription. Microsoft charges £50 / $60 / AU$80 per year. However, you can also opt to pay £18 for 3 months or £7 for one month.

We’re confident we can beat those prices and have shopped around and spotted some serious discounts on Xbox Live Gold memberships…

Xbox Live Games With Gold Free Game For October 2021 Potentially Leaked

Unboxing: 3 Month Xbox Live Gold PUBG Edition

One of the free games coming to Xbox Live Gold subscribers via Games With Gold for the month of October has potentially leaked. Despite it already being September 22, Xbox hasn’t revealed Xbox Live Gold’s free games for the month of October. This may change as early as tomorrow, but it may not change until next week. That said, in the meantime, one of the free games in question may have leaked, courtesy of Microsoft itself.

The leak comes courtesy of Reddit, but more specifically via an official Xbox server, which, for some reason has an image of Hitman 3 with an Xbox Live Gold banner. Of course, the knee-jerk reaction to this from many is to assume this is related to Games With Gold, and this is a reasonable assumption, but it’s also possible this is part of Free Play Days. In fact, there’s a much higher chance it’s part of Free Play Days, which routinely makes games free-to-play for a limited time.

HItman 3 was just released this year and is one of the year’s biggest releases, so it’s hard to imagine Xbox has managed to lock it down for Games With Gold, especially once you consider the fact that Games With Gold has almost exclusively had lackluster lineups each and every month. Meanwhile, Free Play Days regularly features more notable and newer games.

It’s also possible this is some type of glitch or error. While not as likely, it has happened in the past, and it’s important to keep in mind as a possibility.

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Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Card

Join the worlds premier gaming community. Xbox Live unites gamers across Xbox One and Windows 10, so you can play with friends and connect with a massive community of players. Build your gaming legacy by unlocking achievements, sharing epic game clips, amassing Gamerscore, and perfecting your avatar. Stay on top of all the action, see what your friends are playing, follow your favourite games, start a party chat, and check out whats trending. And take your games and friends with you, everywhere you go. With Xbox Live Gold, you get free games every month, the most advanced multiplayer, exclusive member discounts up to 75% on games in the Xbox Store and more. All available on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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Xbox Live Gold Price: What Do You Get For Your Cash

The main draw to that Xbox Live Gold price is access to online multiplayer, as it’s the only way to play co-operatively or competitively online on Xbox. However, there are other benefits included to sweeten the deal a little, like two free monthly games and exclusive discounts at the Microsoft Store as well.

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