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How Much Is The Xbox Series

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Xbox Series X/s Consoles

How Much Are The PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series X Going To Cost?

An Xbox Series X costs £449/$499 – that includes the Xbox Series X console and the new Xbox Wireless controller. Aside from all the cables and perhaps a free trial for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, no other extras will be included. Here’s the Digital Foundry review should you want to see how the console performs.

If you want to go for an Xbox Series S instead, that’ll set you back £249/$299. Remember, though, that’s the less powerful version of the next-gen console. It’ll still comfortably run all upcoming Xbox games but it won’t run games natively at 4K, doesn’t feature a disc drive and has a smaller 512GB NVMe SSD. However, you’ll get support for 1440p at 120FPS and 4K upscaling, as well as the same raytracing and variable refresh rate features as with the Series X.

If you’re willing to sacrifice those additional features, you do save a considerable chunk of change on the console. Definitely worth it if you aren’t playing on a 4K TV or aren’t too fussed about all the extra performance benefits. For more help on making that decision, do take a look at our guide to the differences between the Xbox Series X and S.

In the UK:

The full list of Xbox All Access eligible countries and retailers:

  • Australia at Telstra
  • South Korea at SK Telecom
  • Sweden at Elgiganten

Xbox Series X Review: Price And Availability

Released worldwide on November 10, 2020, the Xbox Series X is nearing its first birthday, at the time of writing. And it’s still stupidly hard to buy.

We’ve been tracking Xbox Series X restocks for month upon months, and still most retailers are out of stock. When they do get new stock in, it sells out in moments. Sadly, with semiconductor shortages ongoing, it doesn’t look like the Xbox Series X restock situation will get any better before 2023.

If you do find an Xbox Series X in stock, then expect prices to start at $499 in the U.S. and £449 in the U.K. On paper at least, the Xbox Series X matches the price of the PS5 in those respective nations. However, its more expensive than the PS5 Digital Edition, which costs $399, or £349. But these consoles are often found in bundles that come with a higher ticket price.

Us: Xbox Series X Order Details

The Xbox Series X costs $499 in the US while the all-digital Xbox Series S is $299. Many stores are out of stock so be prepared to search high and low. One place you can buy the new Xbox Series X is StockX, but be prepared to pay more than the list price. Buyers are currently asking around $400 for the Series S and $700 for the Series X. You’ll also want to make sure the console has the right plug for your region.

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Xbox Play And Charge Kit

Buying new batteries is a drag, and this simple kit will allow you to do away with AA batteries for good. Much like its predecessors on older Xbox consoles, this pack plugs into the back of your controller to provide power and recharges when plugged in via USB-C.

A single kit will cost $24,99. This sounds expensive, but if you think about how many batteries youd have to buy over the years, its worth it.

Xbox Series X Price: Game Bundles

Xbox Series X launches in SA on 10 November

Some of the biggest titles are usually partnered with a new console. This year’s instalments include FIFA 21, Fortnite, Rainbow SixSiege and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, all of which are confirmed for the new console.

We know that Microsoft has teamed up with EA to bring over 60 of EA’s biggest games to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which gives you access to 100+ games stored in the cloud.

Halo Infinite would likely have been the most-wanted launch title, and the most popular bundle, but 343 Industries, the studio in charge of the game, recently announced that they had made the “difficult decision” to delay its release until 2021.

Retailers such as Best Buy are already offering the Xbox Series X and Series S bundled with accessories such as extra wireless controllers and subscriptions to the online gaming platform Xbox Live. Stay tuned, and we’ll bring you more as we get it.


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Xbox Series X Cost To Run Per Week Month And Year

Now that we know the running cost for each mode per hour, lets take a look at how much our electricity costs could be per week , per month and per year .

To work this out lets use the average number of ours gamers in the US spend gaming 6.76 hours p/w.

The table below shows the average weekly, monthly and annual cost that US gamers can expect to pay in electricity charges to run their Xbox Series X.

$1.20 $14.39

In the US, on average, gamers can expect to pay 19 cents per week, 80 cents per month and $9.64 per year in electricity to run their Xbox Series X.

At maximum capacity, it costs US gamers 28 cents per week, $1.20 per month and $14.39 per year, on average, in electricity costs to power their Xbox Series X.

Notably, it costs Xbox Series X gamers $1.60 less per year at max capacity compared to PS5 gamers playing the same amount. See how much it costs to run a PS5 per week, month and year in the US. Alternatively, get the direct PS5 vs Xbox Series X power consumption comparison, here.

So now we know what it costs on average while gaming, but what about when the console is not in use?

What Smart Delivery Games Will Be Optimized For The Series X

Developers who launched games on the Xbox One and offer their titles as part of Smart Delivery will have the option to upgrade their games’ graphics so it uses the Series X’s hardware upgrades to its full potential.

It’ll be up to the individual developer to decide whether or not they want to essentially remaster their title for the Series X. During its Xbox Game Showcase announced that a handful of more titles will receive the Smart Delivery treatment once the Series X launches

Here is the current list of Smart Delivery games that will have improved textures and graphics when players run them on the next-gen consoles.

  • Halo Infinite
  • Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2
  • Yakuza: Like a Dragon
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  • Sea of Thieves

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Who Buys Used Xboxes

We often get asked what happens once you have sold your Xbox to SellCell? It’s pretty simple, the buyback company will inspect the device and make a decision on whether they resell it straight on if it’s in good condition. If they need to refurbish the Xbox for sale the buyer may need to make some repairs or swap out some parts to put it back into good working order. If the device is in a particularly bad state it will probably need to be recycled. A device is largely recycled if it can’t be repaired or it is not economically viable to do so. The devices that are resold will end up in the US or even in international markets.

When Will The Xbox Series X And Series S Be Easy To Find

How Much Will The XBox Series X Cost?

The Xbox Series X and Series S launched on November 10, 2020, and have been in short supply ever since. This supply shortage, which also affects Sonys PlayStation 5, PC graphics cards and other components, as well as microprocessors used in vehicle production and other electronics-based devices, is widespread, related to Covid-19 and other production problems, and is likely to persist throughout 2021. The Xbox Series S has recently become easier to find, though its often out of stock. We expect it will be difficult to find an Xbox Series X until some time in 2022.

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Xbox All Access Customers:

Were excited to offer you even more flexibility when it comes to your upgrade option. You will be able to purchase Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S with Xbox All Access at any time, including during the pre-order window, from any participating Xbox All Access retailer without having to wait to complete your minimum payment requirements for upgrade.

Best Xbox S Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Shannon Flynn

Looking for the hottest Black Friday and Cyber Monday items? Find Xbox Series S deals and get info on this bestselling holiday item here.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are all about snagging the best deal on popular products. To help you know more about what you’re buying, and to help you make the most educated choice possible, here’s what you need to know about shopping for Xbox One S Black Friday deals.

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Is Microsoft Even Planning To Turn A Profit

Hype for Xbox Series X has been building for months, but now that Microsoft has confirmed the existence of a $299 Series S and now that weve seen a leak claiming a $499 price tag for the Series X we have a better idea of what the full Xbox lineup will look like when both allegedly launch in November.

What Is The Xbox Series S Price

This is how much the Xbox Series X and Series S will cost ...

The Xbox Series S price is just $299 in the USA and £249.99 in the UK. If you’re going above that, make sure you’re getting some games or accessories bundled in there.

In the US, we’re often only seeing the Xbox Series S priced way higher due to it being widely sold out, so we’d hang on for units to appear at the proper price rather than relying on third-party sellers.

It’s surprising us that you can get a Series S at most of the big UK stores without any issue at all as stock seems to be plentiful at RRP. That could all change though as we get closer to Christmas, so don’t wait too long if that’s the console you want.

It’s worth familiarizing yourself with the difference between Xbox Series S and the Series X, too – they’re not the same console, despite a similar name. Confused? Here’s the short version: the Series S is much cheaper, but it doesn’t have a disc drive. That means you have to download all your games digitally, which can ironically be more expensive in the long run.

The Series S can’t display games in 4K resolution either. However, the Series S can still play all the same next-gen games, albeit digitally. That means you’re getting a similar experience with Xbox Series S deals to the one you’d enjoy with Xbox Series X, just not in 4K. And if you don’t have a 4K TV anyway, that’s not going to be a problem.

We’ve got everything you need to know about the console and Xbox Series S deals below.

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Xbox Series X Price Vs Playstation 5 Price

After many leaks and speculation, Sony confirmed the PS5 Digital and PS5 prices at £360 and £450 respectively. That came as a pleasant surprise to those who’d expected the PS5 to be priced much higher than the rival Xbox Series X.

As it turns out, the full-fat PS5 and Xbox Series X cost the same, although the all-digital Series S undercuts the PS5 Digital Edition by a fair margin of £90 .

Bear in mind, however, that the Xbox Series S is less powerful than the Series X, whereas the PS5 Digital Edition is identical to the standard PS5 except for the lack of a disc drive.

What Is The Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X is the star of Microsoft’s next-gen show and the bigger, badder sibling to the Xbox Series S. Built around powerful new hardware from AMD, including its new Navi graphics architecture and a Zen 2 CPU, the Series X is designed to minimize load times and get you into games as quickly as possible. In the announcement reel, Microsoft employees threw out some pretty baller numbers: four times more powerful than the current most powerful console on the planet, the Xbox One X, four times better performance than the current generation in terms of load times, and the biggest generational leap in Microsoft’s console history.

Xbox Series X In Detail: GamesRadar+ has been exploring the Xbox Series X in detail, so be sure to click the link to find all of our exclusive reporting, hands-on impressions, interviews, and more.

Dynamic Latency Input optimises latency, starting with the Xbox Wireless Controller, which makes sure that input is synchronised immediately with what’s displayed, making controls even more precise and responsive. HDMI 2.1 support introduces even more latency-reducing technology too.

Smart Delivery is super exciting too, and means you’re getting the best version of the game possible without having to pay for the Xbox Series X version. Basically, if you buy a game on the Xbox One, you will also be able to play on Xbox Series X – including Halo Infinite.

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Controllers Haptic Feedback Is The Way To Go

Sony moved away from its own formula with the DualSense controller alongside the inclusion of Haptic feedback, the controller feels very balanced and is satisfying to use. The Haptic upgrades and adaptive triggers also help to transform the game youre playing to a new level of immersion, when used correctly in games it helps add to the experience.

The Xbox Series X controller doesnt have as much oompf as Microsoft, taking on mostly the same design and feel as the controllers that came before it, this is still a very comfortable and satisfying experience, but the lack of Haptic feedback is noticeable once youve played on the PS5.

Exclusive Games God Of War Or Forza 5

Just How Much Will The Xbox Series X Cost?

One of the biggest selling points for Sony in the last few years has been its long and impressive list of PlayStation exclusive games. As mentioned before, the sequel to God of War and Horizon Forbidden West are PS exclusives, alongside the newly released Deathloop, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart and Death Stranding Directors Cut.

There will likely be many more exclusive titles coming to the PS5 over its lifetime, so it depends on how much these games appeal to you if youre on the fence about which console to buy.

Mircosoft, meanwhile, also has a fair few exclusive titles to its name, with Halo Infinite and Microsoft Flight Simulator being the standouts. It is down to personal preference, but it can feel like Sony has a better handle on its exclusives, with most of them becoming iconic games.

But where Microsoft may be lacking in terms of exclusivity, it is winning in terms of game streaming, with Xbox Game Pass making some great strides this past year, offering not only cloud streaming but an expansive game library.

It will depend on each gamers personal taste and how often they try out new titles Sony is great at releasing a couple of exclusive quality games, while Microsoft is offering up thousands of games for a monthly price. It will ultimately come down to which games you prefer and if you like to stick with what you know or venture out into unknown territory.

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Xbox Series X Review: Verdict

The Xbox Series X is the one Xbox to rule them all. Its a single machine thatll run generations of Xbox games, and run them well. Furthermore, itll do so without looking fussy or making a racket.

Sure, $499 is still a good wad of cash to drop on a gaming machine that hasn’t yet shown any breathtaking next-gen capabilities. But I think its a reasonable price to pay for the tech youre getting. The latest AMD processor and graphics technology promises a lot of power, and the joy of loading games up in mere seconds rather than minutes cant be underestimated. While PCs have had SSDs for a while now, you’d struggle to build a gaming machine with this power and advanced storage for $1,000, let alone half that price.

I was originally expecting to feel a little disappointed with the Series X, given that theres no one killer app or game to really make it feel like a next-gen powerhouse. But as games now look so good, were not going to get the graphical leap we’ve seen in previous generation consoles. Rather, the Series X is all about making the experience of gaming easier, faster and just better.

With that in mind, the Xbox Series X is a triumph in the here and now. But I cant wait to see what it will be able to do in a years time

List Of Xbox Series X And Series S Games

The following is a list of games that have been announced for release on Microsoft‘s Xbox home video game console family including the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Both were released on November 10, 2020.

The Xbox Series X and Series S have full backward compatibility with Xbox One games as well as several Xbox 360 and original Xbox games that were supported on the Xbox One, excluding those that used Kinect. This list excludes backward compatible games. Most Xbox One games that also have an Xbox Series X/S version will automatically download the Xbox Series X/S version for the system via Microsoft’s “Smart Delivery” program, without an additional purchase.

Developers can also target for an “Optimized for Xbox Series X/S” branding, indicating that the game is running natively as an Xbox Series X/S game and not under backwards compatibility.

There are 311 games currently on this list.


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