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How Much Is The Xbox Series X Gonna Cost

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Simple Xbox Series X Energy Saving Tips

How Much Are The PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series X Going To Cost?
  • Unplug. This can stop you wasting over $30 p/y while also reducing your energy wastage.
  • Use the Xbox Series X energy-saving mode. To change to this mode, go to My Games and Apps > Settings > Power mode and Startup from the General tab > Select Power Mode. And while youre at it, set your controllers to turn off automatically too.
  • Dont stream. If you have a Smart TV or a streaming stick, like Chromecast, use that. Xbox Series X is a games console not an unnecessarily powerful streaming device .
  • Be careful of your set up. Dont set your console up between your set-top box and TV. This can require your console to be turned on unnecessarily when using your set-top box.
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    Xbox Series X Review: Performance

    There are now more Xbox Series X optimized games than there were at launch, showcasing what the 12 teraflops of graphics power can do when its applied to patched games, both old and new.

    One of the standout titles is Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. While not a Xbox Series X exclusive it’s a game with impressive visuals and graphics setting, and is best played on new games console hardware. When it first launched on the Xbox Series X its performance left something to be desired as there were frame rate drops, some screen tearing and an overall performance profile that didn’t stand up to the PS5 version.

    But after a major patch, the game runs a lot more smoothly on the Xbox Series X. It targets 60 frames per second, and in my experience mostly reaches that. But it uses a dynamic resolution, which can scale from 4K down to 1440p when there’s a lot of action on the screen. So its not delivering a true 100% native 4K experience.

    Maybe its a testament to the quality of the upscaler in my 4K TV, but I can’t really tell when there was a resolution drop. And for a game that looks as good as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, its impressive that a $500 box is pumping out crisp visuals and a steady frame rate similar performance on a PC would require an investment of at least $1,000.

    Gears 5 is one title that has been given the full Xbox Series X optimization treatment. That means it can run at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second, or 120 fps if you have a compatible TV.

    The Best Tvs For Gaming On Xbox Series X

    To get the most out of the Xbox series X, youll need a 4K television.

    Many next-generation games allow you to choose between a performance mode and a graphics mode. The former downgrades the visuals slightly for smoother framerates, while the latter mode enables higher resolutions and more fancy effects at the expense of framerate.

    If your TV only goes up to 1080p, you wont be getting the most out of your new Xbox series X. To help you upgrade your set without breaking the bank, weve pulled together a list of the best 4K TV deals for entertainment, movies and gaming.

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    Can I Move My Xbox One Games And Saves To An Xbox Series X Or Series S

    If you have an Xbox Live account on an Xbox One that has been connected to the internet, your game saves already live online in the cloud, and they will be available while youre signed in on your Xbox Series X or Series S. You can also transfer games and saves from an Xbox One console to an Xbox Series X or Series S over your network or via a USB hard drive. And if you have an Xbox 360 but dont have an Xbox One, good news: Microsoft is making cloud saves for Xbox 360 owners free, separate from your Xbox Live subscription.

    For backward-compatible games on the Series X and Series S, your saves from a previous-generation Xbox should work. That should also apply to games that support Smart Delivery. For games with an Xbox One version separate from the Xbox Series X and Series S versionsuch as NBA 2K21 or save compatibility falls on the developer to implement .

    How Much Do Xbox Consoles Cost

    Xbox Series X price, pre

    Before we discuss specifics, it’s important to consider the price of each Xbox console. While there are other factors that go into deciding if an Xbox One is right for you, the value for money is one of the most practical.

    The Xbox One S retails for $300, while the more powerful Xbox One X has a standard price of $500. There’s also the All-Digital Xbox One S for $250, which lacks a disc drive. Since the original Xbox One is much older, it’s not worth considering now.

    However, you’re unlikely to find an Xbox One device at these prices now. In January 2022, Microsoft announced that it had stopped manufacturing all Xbox One consoles, including the Xbox One X and Xbox One S. This means that the main markets for them will be used, where prices can vary wildly.

    The sticker prices of the Xbox One line match the new Xbox Series X and Series S exactly: the Series X is $500, while the Series S is $300. As a result, it doesn’t make sense to pay for an Xbox One when a newer, better console is available at the same price.

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    Xbox Series X Review: Ports

    Keeping with the clean look, the Xbox Series X has only a USB 3.1 Type-A port and a Blu-ray disc drive on the consoles front. There’s also a wireless controller pairing button. That makes it very easy to quickly plug in a controller to charge, or an external hard drive to transfer games and saves to and from the Series X.

    Around the back of the Series X, theres a much wider port selection. Youll find one HDMI 2.1 port: crucial for gaming at 8K, and allowing TVs with 120 Hz panels to take advantage of the 120 frames per second frame rate for certain games. There are also two more USB 3.1 ports – handy for external storage that you plan to keep connected to your console – as well as an Ethernet port and Kensington lock.

    Theres no optical audio connection or HDMI-in port, like there were on the Xbox One and One X. However, dropping optical audio is likely to be a pain for only people with powerful audio systems, and the HDMI connection can still carry Dolby Atmos and surround sound signals. Were not really sure if many people used the HDMI-in, so dropping it from the Series X isnt a big deal. It also avoids any chance of plugging an HDMI cable into the wrong port, then wondering why your TV isnt getting a signal: something that’s happened to me before.

    The most noteworthy port however, is the expansion slot. This is for the proprietary external PCIe 4.0 SSD that will let you expand the Series X with an extra 1 TB of speedy storage.

    Xbox Series X Review: Games And Ecosystem

    Witcher 3’s performance mode hits 4K 60 FPS with ease, even without the future optimization patch CD Projekt RED is working on.

    The Xbox Series X has promised to be the “world’s most powerful console,” but what does that mean in reality? At least, in theory, it means that games will hit 60 frames per second more consistently, at 4K resolution more consistently, while also bringing in some next-gen visual features. Some of those advanced features include ray-tracing reflections and shadows, which aims to cast light more dynamically, rather than artificially, elevating the visual fidelity of your games. Microsoft also offers FPS Boost and Auto HDR to enhance past-gen games, too, while other companies are eager to sell those enhancements for a premium.

    The architecture brings in some of the latest tech from AMD, with a massive CPU boost over the past-gen consoles. The way Microsoft has built its Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S platform enables past-gen games designed for Xbox One to gain natural performance boosts on Xbox Series X.

    Gears 5 is staggering in its beauty, a monument to the skill and passion of The Coalition.

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    Is It Still Worth Buying An Xbox One In 2022

    Should you buy an Xbox One X or Xbox One S in 2022 with the new consoles available? Here’s what you need to consider.

    While the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S arrived in late 2020, the Xbox One is still available, at least as a second-hand console. But is buying an Xbox One a good idea in 2022?

    Let’s take a look at what the Xbox One offers and if you should still buy it with the next generation of consoles available.

    Best Xbox Series X Deals

    How Much Will The XBox Series X Cost?

    Shannon Flynn

    Looking for a great deal on an X Box Series X gaming console? Here we break down what the best deals are and where to find them.

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are all about snagging the best deal on popular products, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find significant saving opportunities at other times of the year. To help you know more about what you’re buying, and to help you make the most educated choice possible, here’s what you need to know about shopping for Xbox X gaming console deals.

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    Xbox Series X And The Future

    A console is only as good as its ecosystem, and when it comes to Xbox, Microsoft certainly has a few tricks up its sleeve. Microsoft has purchased Bethesda Softworks and ZeniMax Media, which would give it controlling ownership of DOOM, Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, Dishonored, Prey, and various highly anticipated games like Starfield. After E3 2021, we practically have confirmation that the vast majority of these games will also be exclusive to platforms where Xbox Game Pass exists, effectively making them Xbox console exclusive.

    You also have Xbox Game Pass, which is undeniably one of the best deals in gaming.

    Microsoft has been investing in its first-party portfolio more than it ever has in the past. Hellblade II’s in-engine trailer from 2020 is tantalizing. Microsoft is absorbing major industry talent in California with its studio, The Initiative, to build Perfect Dark. Fable is coming back, built by a large team at Playground Games. And Forza Motorsport 8 is in the pipeline as well.

    Microsoft continues to enjoy robust support from major third-party publishers, including Ubisoft, 2K, and EA. Microsoft also invests in projects from second-party studios, with Asobo’s Flight Simulator 2020, and Moon Studios’ Ori the Will of the Wisps. A cursory glance at our best upcoming Xbox games list reveals dozens of titles worth looking forward to.

    Microsoft Xbox Series X

    Microsoft sells their own product directly, if youd prefer to get it from them. You wont pay any less, but there are advantages to buying from the manufacturer directly. You may get better customer service, and they can resolve any issues you may have faster than other suppliers would. Check the link here to see if Microsoft has done an Xbox Series X restock lately.

    Xbox Series S

    You can buy the Series S directly from Microsoft as well, though you should know there are few differences between the Series X and Series S consoles. The Series S may be restocked faster and will cost less because it has fewer features. It still loads really quickly and has a high frame rate, and on you can check the store page here to see when it is in stock.

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    Tips On Finding An Xbox Series X In Stock

    Its no surprise that the Xbox Series X is still tough to find, given the systems popularity and global supply chain issues. Still, there are ways to score the Xbox Series X if you know where to look.Here are a couple of strategies to prepare for the next Xbox Series X restock.

    • Check Out Used/Refurbished. Search for used and refurbished consoles at retailers that offer those options, such as GameStop and Amazon.
    • Know the Timing. Know when to check for restocks. When not widely publicized, restocks tend to occur around 1:00 p.m. ET. Target is an exception, as they restock at 9:00 a.m. ET.
    • Set a Deal Alert. When you set up a Deal Alert, you will get notified when the Xbox is restocked or when there is a sale.
    • Sign Up for Store Memberships. If youre signed up for a membership from retailers like Best Buy or Walmart, watch out for notifications on restocks. Also, consider downloading the app for the retailer of your choice to receive instant push updates on restocking.

    This may be obvious, but dont fall for Twitter links or deals that are too good to be true. When an item is hard to find like the Xbox, there will be opportunists out there who will try to scam you.

    Xbox Series X Review: Games

    Xbox Series X and S Canadian Price Guide

    The Xbox Series X didn’t launch with a vast amount of games, but it now has an enviable library of titles that are more next-generation than they are cross-platform.

    Highlights include Forza Horizon 5, Halo Infinite and Elden Ring, with a slew of oddball games like The Ascent and Chorus, to take advantage of the console’s hardware. Even Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, a proper cross-gen game, benefits massively from running on the Xbox Series X.

    It is worth noting that these are not Xbox Series X or Series S excusive games, as Microsoft has committed to pushing them out for the Xbox One as well as Windows 10 and Windows 11 PCs. But I’d argue, unless you have one of our best gaming PCs or best gaming laptops, they are worth playing on the flagship Xbox.

    And more are set to come, with notable highlight set to be Redfall, Fable 4 and Starfield. But while you wait for those games there’s a bevy of Xbox Series X and Series S enhanced games to play. The likes of Cyberpunk 2077, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and Destiny 2: Beyond Light and Sea of Thieves will all run better on the Xbox Series X than other Xbox hardware.

    You can check out the best Dungeons and Dragons video games to play on the Xbox Series X here. You can also check our PS5 exclusives vs. Xbox exclusives story to see how the two libraries stack up.

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    Will There Be A Second Next

    The Xbox Series X will come with a cheaper, less powerful counterpart called the Xbox Series S, which will also be released on November 10 and similiarly be available for pre-order on September 22.

    Microsoft was forced to reveal its entire next-gen console master plan after a batch of major leaks blew the lid off of the Series S on September 8. Read more about the more affordable next-gen Xbox here.

    Xbox Series X: Launch Date And Stock Checker

    Our sources confirmed that the Xbox Series X would launch alongside the Xbox Series S on Nov. 10, 2020, and indeed, Microsoft delivered.

    The vast majority of stocks are now sold out as of writing in 2022, owing to the ongoing semi-conductor shortage hitting the world’s tech. If you’re lucky, you may still be able to nab one from various retailers including Walmart, the Microsoft official store, Best Buy, Amazon, and more.

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    Xbox Series X Price: What Microsofts Next

    The Xbox Series X may list for $500, but if you want to own one, double that. Heres what you need to know about pricing on the next-gen console.

    Microsofts official list price for the new Xbox is either $500 or $300, depending on the model. The Xbox Series X costs $500, while the more modest Xbox Series S lists for $300. The Series S has a slower processor, less internal storage, 1440p output instead of 4K and no optical drive. Despite crippling inventory shortages, all the major retailers continue to respect this pricing and sell the consoles at Microsofts list price. Thats cold comfort, though, because of the chronic out-of-stock status means that the only real marketplace to snag the Xbox Series X/S is through resellers where it regularly sells for no less than twice the price.

    Weve been offering the same advice for months now: Wait until you can get an Xbox Series X at the $500 retail price and avoid resellers and bundles.

    In the meantime, Xbox restocks do happen on a regular basis, and gamers with fast reaction times have managed to snag a console. We are keeping an eye on inventory drops and let you know when one is imminent. Be sure to check out our Xbox Series X restock status article for more details. Below is a list of all the major retailers to help you get your own console.

    Xbox Game Pass: $100 /96

    10 Tips To OPTIMIZE Your Xbox Series X|S

    Xbox Game Pass offers you access to more than 100 Xbox games, from modern Xbox One titles to classics from the original Xbox. And it now offers access to a suite of Electronic Arts games by bundling in an EA Play membership, all for a monthly fee of $9.99/£7.99. This is one of gaming’s best bargains. It will also get better as all future first-party Xbox games will be made available on Game Pass from the day of their release. With Microsoft buying Bethesda, you can also expect a suite of games from its studios to get added to the service.

    Game Pass is basically the killer app for the Xbox Series X and one wed deem essential. However, that means you need to part with some $100/£96 per year for the standard Xbox Game Pass subscription. Opt for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which throws in PC games and game streaming to Android phones, and youll need to part with $14.99/£10.99 per month its a superb bargain, but still adds to the overall cost of owning an Xbox Series X.

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