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How Much Is The New Xbox Series X

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Xbox Bundle Deals In Australia

Xbox Series X Review

Will Xbox Series X bundles appear over the next few months? There was already a Halo Infinite bundle, but that’s long sold out. Whether more stock will arrive ahead of the game’s December release is unknown, but if it does return we’ll let you know with an update at the top of this page. The Xbox Series X Halo Infinite bundle was AU$849, so pretty much the console, with an added AU$100 for the game.

So yeah: You shouldn’t expect big discounts when it comes to bundles, as stock is still rare. We don’t normally see price-drops in the early days of a console’s life-cycle, so Xbox Series X deals are probably going to be a similar price to buying the console and games separately. If anything, it’s more likely that retailers will slash prices on extras like Xbox Live Gold deals or a few free months of Xbox Game Pass.

With more first-party Microsoft games on the horizon, such as Senuas Saga: Hellblade 2, we may see more bundles. No word as yet on whether Forza Horizon 5 will get its own bundle, but we’ll keep an eye out.

For other possible bundle inclusions, take a look at our roundup of upcoming Xbox Series X games for a clearer picture.

Xbox Series X Latest News And Rumors

If you desperately want an Xbox Series X console right now you can score one courtesy of Walmart and Xbox All Access. You’ll need to open a new line of credit to get your console and you’ll pay in monthly installments of $35 for two years.

If you’d rather purchase your machine outright, then GameStop will be offering the chance to purchase a console during an in-store Xbox Series X restock today. The original tip-off came from Matt Swider, who is a highly reliable source. Stores will be handing out stock from their usual opening times, but we expect queues to begin forming well before then.

In the meantime, make sure to read our up-to-date Xbox Series X restock tips guide. This article walks you through the process of buying a console at every major retailer including which premium memberships get you early access. It’ll help you be prepared for the next Xbox Series X stock drop.

The Xbox Series X stock shortage is even starting to impact Microsoft. Over the weekend some players at the first major Halo Infinite esports tournament were forced to play on development machines as Microsoft was unable to supply enough Xbox Series X consoles for the event. You know the restock situation is bad when even Microsoft can’t get hold of enough consoles!

The True Cost Of The Xbox Series X: $960/896

With the above taken into account, getting the most out of the Xbox Series X is going to cost you $960/£896. Thats a fair bit for a dedicated gaming machine, but its still quite the bargain.

To get equivalent 4K performance from a gaming PC, youll need to spend some $1,500, though we appreciate that gives you a far larger library of games to choose from. But in comparison to what we believe to be the true price of the PS5, the Xbox Series X is the winner given its that bit cheaper with all its extras added into the mix. Though for the performance they deliver, both consoles still offer impressive value for money.

However, getting hold of an Xbox Series X is very difficult at the moment. So if you can hold off until 2021, you might be able to get yourself a well-priced Series X bundle, and youll have more games to tap into on Game Pass – hopefully in the form of Xbox Series X exclusives. After all, 2021 is looking like the year that these new games consoles come into their own.

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Xbox Series X Vs Series S

The Xbox Series X isnt the only console in the new Xbox lineup, with the cheaper all-digital Xbox Series S also now available. It doesnt have quite the same raw power, but it might be a much better buy for gamers on a budget .

The Xbox Series S has the same CPU as the Xbox Series X, but with a much less powerful GPU. The console is still more powerful than an Xbox One X, but targets 60fps at 1440p instead of native 4K like the Xbox Series X. It can still be upscaled to 4K, and supports framerates of up to 120fps.

The Xbox Series S has all the same features of the Series X, but with less GPU power to target 1440p at 60fps.

Removing the more powerful GPU hardware and the disk drive has enabled the Xbox team to reduce the consoles size by 60% compared to the Xbox Series X. This will make it a much more comfortable fit in most entertainment centers, and it doesnt come at the cost of loud fans or poor heat dispersion.

Apart from the resolution and size, the two consoles share all the same new features mentioned above, like Quick Resume, an upgraded SSD, ray tracing, and more. Its the cheapest way to access next-gen hardware and games, although you wont get pure next-gen resolutions. Check out our full comparison at the article below.

Xbox Series X Ui And Dashboard

Xbox Series X May Cost Rs 60,000: Would You Pay So Much For Microsoft

While the external design of the Xbox Series X is a considerable departure from its predecessors, the console’s UI and dashboard have undergone more subtle changes.

The Xbox Series X dashboard is pretty much the same as the Xbox Ones. The main reason for this is because Microsoft rolled out a meaty update to the Xbox One back in August 2020 to make its UI more streamlined, and to converge it with that of the Xbox Series X.

That means the Xbox Series X UI still has a tiled layout, with customizable pins, so you can choose which games and apps you want to see first on your home screen, and offers easy access to games, apps, party chat and other features via the Xbox button on your controller. It’s a pretty streamlined interface, and allows for plenty of customization options and easy navigation.

Customization seems to be at the heart of the Xbox Series X UI. In addition to being able to move around your pinned games and apps, Microsoft is also letting players express themselves a bit more with the inclusion of new profile themes that act as a background for your profile page. Players can also now finally use dynamic backgrounds, which offers a more personalized home screen option for those who are bored of the Xbox One’s static offering.

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Choosing The Right Xbox: Series X Or Series S

  • Weve added new information on user interface and usability improvements, the new Xbox Wireless Headset, and other additions to the platform.

A new generation of video game consoles has been out for more than a year, though stock shortages continue. The Xbox One is no more, replaced by a pair of new Xbox consoles. The $500 Xbox Series X and the $300 Xbox Series S are both based on a similar foundation, and both will play all of the same games for years to come. But each model targets a different level of speed and graphics performance, and with that in mind, were here to help you figure out which one you should buyor, if you need to buy one at all.

Youre going to hear a lot about 4K if youre shopping for video games or a TV. It represents the next big step in high-definition video, with 3840×2160 pixelsfour times the resolution of 1080p.

Our pick

Get the Series X if youll use it with a 4K TV , want the absolute best in graphics like raytraced lighting effects, or if you want a disc drive for games and movies.

Buying Options

May be out of stock

How Would A Comparable Pc Stack Up

If you were to build a computer with similar capabilities to the Series X today, though, itd likely cost quite a bit more than that.

The Xbox Series X, like other consoles, will use an 8-core, 3.8 GHz CPU based on AMDs latest Zen 2 architecture. Technically, it runs at 3.6 GHz when simultaneous multi-threading is turned on for a total of 16 threads, and 3.8 GHz when limited to eight threads. Itll also contain integrated graphics , which makes comparisons tough as of right now, there is no APU in the desktop market that even comes close to what Microsoft is promising for the Series X. AMDs most powerful model is the Ryzen 5 3400G, which is only four cores with 1400 MHz of graphics horsepower. Newer APUs are on the horizon, though. The Ryzen 7 4700G is expected to cost around $300, but theres still a lot we dont know about those next-gen chips.

Of course, if you were to build a gaming PC, you probably wouldnt go for an APU with integrated graphics anyway youd grab a standalone CPU with a dedicated graphics card. The $289 Ryzen 7 3700X is the closest equivalent to the Series Xs CPU, though its likely a bit more powerful than what the Series X will have, thanks to its boost clock of 4.4 GHz. But its not too far off in terms of core count, clock speed, and architecture.

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Xbox Game Pass: $100 /96

Xbox Game Pass offers you access to more than 100 Xbox games, from modern Xbox One titles to classics from the original Xbox. And it now offers access to a suite of Electronic Arts games by bundling in an EA Play membership, all for a monthly fee of $9.99/£7.99. This is one of gaming’s best bargains. It will also get better as all future first-party Xbox games will be made available on Game Pass from the day of their release. With Microsoft buying Bethesda, you can also expect a suite of games from its studios to get added to the service.

Game Pass is basically the killer app for the Xbox Series X and one wed deem essential. However, that means you need to part with some $100/£96 per year for the standard Xbox Game Pass subscription. Opt for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which throws in PC games and game streaming to Android phones, and youll need to part with $14.99/£10.99 per month its a superb bargain, but still adds to the overall cost of owning an Xbox Series X.

Auto Hdr On Xbox Series X

Does the Xbox Series X make gaming PCs obsolete?

Like the Xbox One, the Xbox Series X allows for calibration of HDR for games. We’d advise setting this before playing any games, as it ensures the balance of contrast is spot-on, giving you the best visuals possible.

For our initial review, we primarily had access to a selection of backwards-compatible titles which are the best indicator of the boost in performance the Xbox Series X delivers over its last-gen counterparts. With the above settings enabled, we found that the games immediately looked better on the Xbox Series X which isn’t particularly surprising, given that Microsoft has implemented native HDR for these titles.

We go into detail as to how this performance boost improves Xbox Series X Optimized titles further down, but in short, when playing backwards-compatible titles on the Xbox One S and Xbox Series X versions side-by-side we could clearly see the visual upgrade.

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Xbox Series X Controller

  • Feels familiar in the hand yet subtly different
  • Works on a range of devices
  • Improved tactile textures and refined geometry
  • New Share button

The Xbox Series X Controller feels familiar in the hand yet subtly different, with improved tactile textures and refined geometry making for a more ergonomic, and more comfortable, playing experience.

On the surface, the Xbox Series X controller doesnt look like a particularly drastic departure from its predecessor. It sports a similar shape, and keeps the traditional button and trigger layout. On closer inspection, though, you begin to notice the subtle differences Microsoft has implemented.

For a start, the gamepads exterior now sports a matte finish that closely matches the consoles design. While this certainly looks sleek, it does come with drawbacks the black controller that comes with the console easily picks up scuffs and scrapes that are noticeable, and considering the amount of hands-on time controllers are subjected to its possible that youll find it hard to keep yours looking in tip-top condition for years to come. Other color variants of the controller are available though , including Electric Volt, DayStrike Camo and Pulse Red, and some may be less prone to scuffs.

But theres a lot about the controllers design that hasnt changed. It keeps the 3.5mm audio jack and expansion port at the bottom, its USB charge port and pairing button at the top, and its View, Menu and Xbox buttons on the face.

Tips On Finding An Xbox Series X In Stock

Its no surprise that the Xbox Series X is still tough to find, given the systems popularity and global supply chain issues. Still, there are ways to score the Xbox Series X if you know where to look.Here are a couple of strategies to prepare for the next Xbox Series X restock.

  • Check Out Used/Refurbished. Search for used and refurbished consoles at retailers that offer those options, such as GameStop and Amazon.
  • Know the Timing. Know when to check for restocks. When not widely publicized, restocks tend to occur around 1:00 p.m. ET. Target is an exception, as they restock at 9:00 a.m. ET.
  • Set a Deal Alert. When you set up a Deal Alert, you will get notified when the Xbox is restocked or when there is a sale.
  • Sign Up for Store Memberships. If youre signed up for a membership from retailers like Best Buy or Walmart, watch out for notifications on restocks. Also, consider downloading the app for the retailer of your choice to receive instant push updates on restocking.

This may be obvious, but dont fall for Twitter links or deals that are too good to be true. When an item is hard to find like the Xbox, there will be opportunists out there who will try to scam you.

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Xbox Series X: Price And Costs

We revealed exclusively via our sources that the current intended retail price of the Xbox Series X is going to be $499, matching the launch price of the Xbox One X of yesteryear. Microsoft later confirmed it to be official. The Xbox Series S is expected to cost $299, similar to the Xbox One S. Microsoft has now confirmed these reports.

Microsoft has been expanding its Xbox financing program, Xbox All Access, and we expect Microsoft will leverage these financing options more broadly to try to help people manage costs, making next-gen more accessible than ever.

Wired Controllers Are A Thing Of The Past

Xbox Series X launches in SA on 10 November

In the days of the Xbox 360, you wouldnt find it strange to see a wired controller from Microsoft. But as technology gets better, the wire has been dropped in favor of a fully wireless system. Especially for the latest version of the console, there are no wired controllers made by Microsoft.

If you do want one, several third-party makers still keep the technology going, but PowerA is the only company to make officially licensed wired Xbox controllers.

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So How Much Will The Playstation 5 And Xbox Series X Cost

So after all that, the answer to the question how much will the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X cost is frustratingly: we simply dont know.

However, youve come all this way, so Im going to pin my flag to the mast with a guess. The kind of guess that you can later hold against my credentials when it turns out Im catastrophically wrong.

From the specs involved, my guess is that both consoles will be the priciest in UK history, but not by as big a margin as you might imagine. I suspect both will come in at under £500, with a further big discount for getting a machine without a disk drive, because the advantages of avoiding the second-hand market for publishers are enormous.

So, cards on the table. My guesses :

  • Xbox Series X: £499
  • PlayStation 5 : £399
  • Xbox Series S : £350

Lets see how that goes

You Dont Have To Buy The Official Controller

Most gamers tend to go for the official device from Microsoft, but there are plenty of Xbox One controllers to choose from. Third-party manufacturers use the same internal technology for connecting to the console but add their own features to the controller. While it is typically better to use the official controller, you might prefer third-party controllers that have rubbers grips, interchangeable thumbsticks or a completely modular system.

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Xbox Series X Price Analysis And Release Date

  • Xbox Series X release date: Out now
  • Xbox Series X price: $499 / £449 / AU$749

The Xbox Series X launched globally on November 10, 2020, giving Microsoft a two-day head start against Sony’s PS5, which released on November 12 .

Xbox Series X stock is hard to come by. Select retailers have shown Xbox Series X stock available to order, but supply has been snapped up almost immediately.

The Xbox Series X is priced at $499 / £449 / AU$749. A lower-specced, digital-only version of the console, the Xbox Series S, also launched on November 10, priced at $299.99 / £249.99 / AU$499.

While this isnt exactly pocket money, its a pretty decent price for the new Xbox. Its the same price as the Xbox One was at launch, and matches the MSRP of the Xbox One X, both of which are nowhere near as powerful as the Xbox Series X. And, considering that the Series X has specs similar to a gaming PC, the $500 mark is pretty good going youll be hard pressed to find a gaming PC at this price tag.

However, as mentioned, if you want get the most out of your Xbox Series X we recommend picking up an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which costs $15 / £10.99 / AU$15.95 a month . While this is an additional outlay, it does grant you extra access to hundreds of Xbox Game Pass games , Xbox Live Gold, cloud gaming and monthly free games, which should save you money in the long term compared with buying games separately.

  • Emits same amount of heat as Xbox One X
  • Minimal UI and dashboard updates

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