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How Much Is Ark On Xbox

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See How Many Hours Youve Played An Individual Xbox One Game


Sorry about the concerned mom tone, but spending lots of time on a game is also a sign of dedication and expertise. Hundreds of hours played doesnt always equal great skills, but most of the time it does.

Now you can show off to your friends and colleagues after taking a screenshot of your hours played on Xbox One. Heres how to see the exact numbers:

  • Boot up your Xbox One and Highlight the game you want to check the hours played on.
  • Use the hamburger menu key on your controller to bring up the App menu.
  • Then tap on Go To Official Club.
  • Scroll left or right to access the Progress tab on the new screen youll see.
  • Youll land on the Achievements tab. Scroll down and select on the Stats tab.
  • The Stats tab will show you total hours played, and some other interesting game statistics. Here you can click on Compare with Friends and see who spent more hours playing this game. If you dont see any stats, the game data may not have updated or it doesnt support the feature.

    You can follow these steps to check your hours played for any game on Xbox One. This method is tested and works on the current Xbox One update. Theyve changed these settings a lot this year, and you can probably guess why!

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    What Makes Ark: Survival Evolved Ideal For Cross Platform Play

    Ark: Survival Evolved is an action-adventure MMO in an open-world setting that asks you to stay alive on a mysterious island inhabited by a bunch of exotic creatures. The games developers, Studio Wildcard, drew their inspiration for some of these from real, extinct animals such as dinosaurs, while imagination was the force behind others like the next-gen robots.

    The game mechanics are exciting and fun expect to hunt, jump and tame and ride the many colorful creatures. You even get to build a portable house-base on their backs in order to survive in this fantastic game world.

    Its nature as an exploration-adventure survival game with a massive user base makes Ark: Survival Evolved perfect for cross-play. There are no unfair advantage issues that make shooting games a little unsuitable to playing cross platform. On the contrary, the MMO characteristic means as the number of users grows, the game also grows. The more, the merrier.

    Microsoft Is Rebuilding An Exclusive Game Strategy

    Microsoft has been on a studio-buying spree lately, snapping up Bethesda in 2020, and companies such as PlayGround Games, Obsidian, Undead Labs, Ninja Theory, and Compulsion Games over the past couple of years. Where Bethesda is concerned, Microsoft has said that the entire point is to create an ecosystem. In theory, at least, that means some of the titles developed by these studios in the future will also come to PlayStation 5, though there could still be timed exclusives for the Xbox / PC side of things.

    Sony, of course, continues to invest in building a more conventional ecosystem of first-party PlayStation 5 titles that dont focus on sharing games across devices in quite the same way, probably because Sony lacks Microsofts ties to anything like an equivalent Windows ecosystem. The next-generation of console devices has barely launched, but games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Astros Playroom have both driven chatter in ways that the Xbox Series X has struggled to match.

    Both companies are dealing with this problem, with Sony suggesting that true next-generation games are probably a year or two away, but that gap also means Microsoft has time to polish its strategy for enticing gamers in the Xbox or PC universe to sign up for Xbox Game Pass. Sony will benefit over the same period from its own exclusive releases, even if they arent aimed at quite the same goal.

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    My Time Isnt Updating Whats Happening

    Several users have reported that their Xbox isnt updating the time played on various games in various regions. While Microsoft hasnt released any official word on this some speculate that it is due to server maintenance issues. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIf your achievements are not updating on your Xbox, try the Xbox app. Even though your console may have an issue, Microsoft should still track them so you may see them there.

    Is Ark Cross Platform Enabled

    Buy ARK: Survival Evolved EU (Xbox Live)

    Heres burning question from the Ark community is Ark Cross Platform? Being a popular open-world MMO even in 2021, Ark: Survival Evolved is ideally suited for cross-play to bring together players from different platforms.

    If you are looking to enjoy the games action-adventure fun with your friends on other platforms PC, Xbox One, PlayStation, mobile you would also want to know the answer to this million-dollar question.

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    Microsoft Picks Up Ark Ii As An Xbox Exclusive

    Microsoft has added another exclusive to its own stable of games. Ark II, the sequel to the hottest bug simulator of the 2010s and starring Vin Diesel, will apparently debut as an Xbox exclusive, though its probably time-limited as opposed to permanently locked away from the platform.

    The interesting thing about Microsoft choosing to snag Ark II is that the company explicitly moved away from this strategy with the Xbox One. This is true even if you expand the definition of exclusive to mean Released on everything but PS4, including PC as opposed to Released only for Xbox. The former is much more likely to match Microsofts exclusive releases going forward, because the company is making services like Xbox Game Pass and xCloud critical to its future, and both services are intended to make it easier to play the games you want to play on the device you have handy. If you havent seen the Ark II trailer, or you just enjoy watching Vin Diesel spear a dinosaur, check it out:

    The trailer showcases Vin Diesel and his family beating up some new humanoids , facing off with a Yutyrannus, and then interfacing with far more modern technology that his character is clearly familiar with. Theres not much back story or plot explicitly provided in the video.

    If youre wondering how Vin Diesel fits into this title, specifically, Microsoft writes:

    What You Need To Know

    • ARK: Survival Evolved is a long-running survival and crafting game with a dedicated playerbase.
    • It’s notorious for how demanding it can be on gaming hardware, and runs quite poorly on the base Xbox One.
    • Today, ARK: Survival Evolved released an update enhancing and upgrading the game for the Xbox Series X.
    • That means players can play ARK: Survival Evolved in a gorgeous 4K resolution on next-gen launch day.

    ARK: Survival Evolved is still a very popular survival game that collects regular updates and expansions on top of the absolutely massive game that already exists. However, ARK is also notoriously demanding, especially on aging console hardware like the OG Xbox One or One S, which can barely play the game at a 720p resolution. Today, ARK: Survival Evolved is releasing an update for the game that enhances the title for the upcoming Xbox Series X, netting a huge number of improvements ahead of the console’s launch on November 10, 2020.

    The side-by-side comparison in the above trailer shows just how impressive this update is, with ARK: Survival Evolved looking like two completely separate games from Xbox One to Xbox Series X. In some ways, ARK: Survival Evolved squeezes more out of the Xbox Series X even than gaming PC’s, which is an interesting note. Improvements included in ARK’s Xbox Series X update include:

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    How To View Hours Played On Xbox One

    As new consoles become available in 2020, the Xbox One is an iconic gaming system. It was released in late 2013, which was seven years ago. Were pointing this out because it still has some minor flaws.

    One of which is the transparency of some of its features. Namely, many people still dont know how to find out how many hours theyve spent playing individual games on Xbox One. Other companies, like Valve, however, are very honest in showing these statistics.

    Microsoft seems to take little issue with time played, but game developers may make this difficult for users to see. Only certain games will show the exact hours played, youll have to use deductive reasoning for those that dont make this information readily available.

    Hours Played Xbox Series X

    ARK: Survival Evolved XBOX ONE TUTORIAL – “How to Make a Private Server / Dedicated Server!”

    Since youre here, you may be curious if things have improved with the newest console. If you do have an Xbox Series X, its important to mention that like the Xbox One, not all games on the Xbox Series X provide the time played.

    But, if the game does provide this information youll find it under the Gaming tab on the Profile screen. Click the game youre interested in and select Progress. The hours played for that particular game will show here.

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    Ark: Extinction Will Head To An Earth Ravaged By Gigantic Titans And Much More

    The next DLC pack for survival title Ark: Survival Evolved has been announced for this fall, and it looks like an apocalyptic doozy. Called “Ark: Extinction,” the expansion pack will take players to an Earth ravaged by the elements, gigantic titans, and strange creatures.

    The team at Ark developer Studio Wildcard offered a brief look at what to expect with a fresh trailer, and there’s plenty of eye candy here.

    The trailer is a little light on details, but Studio Wildcard elaborated on a bit of what to expect via PC Gamer. Players will be able to check out new dinosaurs in Extinction, including a synthetic one that can climb walls, along with “Gasbags,” which operate like floating pack mules.

    As for the huge titans one of which can be seen in the trailer you’ll have to find them through dungeons before fighting them. There’s no word on how many of these bosses there will be, but they’ll be one of the more dangerous additions coming along with Extinction.

    In terms of items, players will be able to get their hands on drones that they can use to scout the landscape, along with a unique cryochamber that lets you freeze creatures and take them with you. Your frozen creatures can then be deployed whenever you need them. But you’ll have to keep an eye on the time, as the ice surrounding the creatures will slowly melt as you journey around the landscape.

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    Can I See Whats Being Played On An Xbox Remotely

    Actually, you can. If you set up the primary account on the Xbox on your profile, download the Xbox app to your smartphone. Ensure that both are connected to the same wifi network and connect your phone to your Xbox. If you have a child in the house who may be secretly playing their Xbox, use the Xbox app to see which game theyre playing in real-time.

    Youve All Been Waiting For News On Rentable Servers For Ark On Xbox One The Wait Is Over: Xbox One Servers Are Coming On October 25th But Some Things Will Be A Little Different Than Other Nitrado Servers And We Need To Talk About Them

    Ark: Survival Evolved (Versão do Xbox One)

    Many of you have been wondering why private Xbox One servers were delayed in comparison to PlayStation 4. Rentable servers are relatively new terrain for Xbox One, which means that much work had to be done behind the scenes, both on an organizational and on a technical level. On top of everything Microsoft and Studio Wildcard had to sort out, we also had a part to play:

    That means: Please do not charge your Nitrado account in anticipation of Xbox One servers! You will not be able to purchase Xbox One servers with your Nitrado account credit.

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    Xbox One X Enhancements:

    • Own one disc and play on both Xbox One and Xbox One X!
    • The Eyes Have It – Enjoy Detail Mode with buttery smooth 30 FPS gameplay at 1440p or 60 FPS at 1080p in Medium Quality
    • Brilliant HDR Output Option
    • See Farther, and With More Detail: In 1440p Detail Mode, long-range shadows, high quality textures and extended draw distances enhance visual fidelity, while the TrueSky system renders volumetric clouds, realistic atmospheric fog & sunlight scattering, and dynamic weather systems.
    • Split Screen and Split Up: In local split screen multiplayer mode, players can now split up to independently explore the islands
    • More Power Means More Players: With increased hardware performance, Xbox One X servers can now host 70 Xbox One players in a game
    • Get There Faster: Improved loading and streaming times get you where you want to go on the ARK faster than before!

    Help The Commands Do Not Work On My Xbox One

    If you cannot get the commands to work, but you are able to input them on your pause screen, you might want to try the following things to solve the problem:

    • Use adminCheat in front of you commands and see if that makes a difference.
    • Try turning your console off and on again, join the server again and see if you can use them now .
    • If these options didnt work post a comment below and we will try to help you out

    If you ran into any inconsistencies in this post, leave a message below and we will adjust it as soon as possible. In case you have more information that is worth adding, share it and well update the post with it!

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    Where Can I Use Cheats

    Currently you should be able to use cheats in your single player game and on dedicated servers. Non-dedicated servers are not fully supported, but we got varied reports on this. It seems you wont be able to make other people admin at this moment, making it only for yourself possible to use the commands. It should be possible to make other people on your non-dedicated server admin, by following the steps that are listed under How do I make other people admin on a non-dedicated server?

    Playstation With Other Devices:

    How much FPS ARK Survival Evolved on Xbox Series X?
    • Arc is Cross Generation on PlayStation
    • Outside the PS ecosystem, you cant cross play Ark with other devices like Xbox One, PC, or Nintendo Switch.

    You can play the game in multi-player mode with your friend if both are on a PlayStation device you may be on PS4, while he may be on PS5. As long as players are on the PlayStation platform, they can game together. But if someone uses Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, they are out.

    However, Wildcard Studio has not released any version of Ark: Survival Evolved for the PlayStation 5. Players still use PS5 by running the PS4 version of the game, albeit with a slight performance and reliability hit.

    Wildcard Studio has earned its claim to fame in the gaming world purely based on Ark . Along with their many operating subsidiaries, they are going the full distance to make Ark even better. Lets hope we soon get a PlayStation 5 version of the game to achieve full cross generation support on these devices.

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    The Road Ahead Hope For Cross Platform Ark

    Is Ark cross platform play coming any time soon? Cross play is a trend that is growing in popularity and makes business sense. With social computing and social gaming being the next frontiers in tech, no studio can withhold support for seamless online multi-player cross play for long.

    Ark is a top-rated survival game. Riding on its massive success, it is in the process of being converted into an animated series with a brilliant star cast that includes Hollywood bigwigs like Russell Crowe and Gerard Butler.

    Hence, we believe it is only a matter of time before Studio Wildcard includes expanded cross play support for Ark. The official website also mentions that they plan to soon release a new version, Ark 2 . Perhaps, we will see more cross play in the new version. We really hope we do.

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