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How Much Does The Xbox X Series Cost

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Xbox Series X Xbox Series S Price

Just How Much Will The Xbox Series X Cost?

Unlike traditional next-generation console launches, Microsoft debuts Xbox Series X alongside a more affordable Xbox Series S. The Xbox Series X costs $499 in the U.S. In contrast, its smaller sibling, Xbox Series S, costs $299. It brings both consoles in line with the Xbox One S and Xbox One X pricing when they first released. Both Xbox One and Xbox One X were positioned at $500 from launch, so this isn’t a surprising move on Microsoft’s part.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S pricing varies worldwide, and we’ve wrapped up a comprehensive list of RRPs for both consoles in top regions.

598,000 398,000

Microsoft is also offering both consoles through its aforementioned 24-month financing plan dubbed “Xbox All Access.” Those eyeing Xbox Series X can purchase the console at $35 per month, or $25 per month, with 0% APR payments. Xbox All Access also includes its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription over that 24-month window, bundling Xbox Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold, and EA Play on PC, alongside cloud streaming on Android devices.

However, before entering Xbox All Access, understand that purchasing any device through monthly installments comes with serious risks. While the low entry price proves alluring, and Microsoft provides zero-interest plans for all buyers, you’re locked into regular payments for two years. Xbox All Access often comes out cheaper than paying upfront but make sure you can cover the expense for the entire plan.

New Games No Hardware

Say you dont own an Xbox or a gaming PC, but you do have an Android phone. Does Microsoft have any next-gen gaming options for you? Thanks to game streaming, it does. On September 15th, Microsoft added game streaming to Xbox Games Pass Ultimate, which costs $14.99 a month. The feature, which was known previously as xCloud, could give you a way to play many of the biggest Xbox Series X games without having to own any gaming hardware at all. You can stream them to a device as simple as an Android phone, for example .

Game streaming isnt an entirely new idea Sony launched its PlayStation Now service way back in 2014 to a muted response but Microsoft is taking a much more interesting approach. Rather than focusing on older titles, as Sony did with PlayStation Now, Microsoft says its new games will be available to stream the day they release and lists recent first-party titles like Forza Horizon 4, Gears of War 5, Tell Me Why, The Outer Worlds, and Ori and the Will of the Wisps as being among the 150-plus games available to stream at launch.

Microsoft promises to let you stream major Xbox games straight to your phone.Game streamings future on iPhones is uncertain


Xbox Game Pass briefly explained: console, PC, xCloud streaming and more

Should You Buy An Xbox One In 2021

With everything considered, is the Xbox One worth it right now? In most cases, we would say no. With the retail price of the Xbox One X and S matching the price of an Xbox Series X or Series S, there’s no real reason to buy an older console. The newer generation gets you faster performance and is a more future-proof purchase, compared to investing in outdated hardware.

While you can access most of what makes Xbox great on the Xbox One right now, that won’t last forever. Before long, Xbox-exclusive titles won’t release on Xbox One anymore, and Game Pass might begin offering exclusives for Xbox Series X/S.

Right now, it’s difficult to find either next-gen Xbox, thanks to scalpers. But that shouldn’t tempt you into buying an older console. Wait until the new consoles are readily available, and your money will be much better-spent.

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If there are a couple of Xbox titles that you can’t wait for, and you have a decent computer, see if they’re on Game Pass for PC. That can hold you over until the Series X/S is back in stock.

In short, we’d only recommend buying an Xbox One in 2021 if you can find it for a huge discount and don’t plan to upgrade for years. Otherwise, the matching prices and enhanced power of the Series X/S make the newer systems worth waiting for.

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Where To Find Xbox Series X Series S In Stock

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S stock is going fast, making it crucial to have your cash ready once the time comes. And while we’ve committed our full-time team to track Xbox stock, it’s also sometimes merely down to luck. Keep an eye out for notifications from your preferred retailer and check back frequently where possible.

Tips For Securing Your Console

Xbox Series X May Cost Rs 60,000: Would You Pay So Much ...

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S dont stay in stock for very long, but having a bit of online shopping savvy can increase your chances of successfully checking out. Here are some tips for giving yourself the best shot at bringing a new console home.

Create accounts with every major retailer

Every second matters when youre trying to secure an Xbox Series X, which is why you should create accounts and store your payment info at a few retailers ahead of time. YouTuber Jake Randall recommends storing a PayPal or Apple Pay account instead of a credit card if possible, as it will allow you to circumvent some of the heavy site traffic that occurs during a restock.

Once youre logged in to stores such as Amazon and Best Buy and already have a payment option set up, youll have much less clicking and typing to do once its time to add that new Xbox to your cart.

Follow Xbox Series X restock trackers on Twitter

Twitter is often the fastest way to get alerted to major console restocks, thanks to a variety of accounts that are dedicated to keeping tabs on the latest Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5 availability. We recommend following accounts such as , and and signing up for Tweet notifications so that you never miss an alert.

Avoid shady sellers

Keep trying

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Xbox All Access Customers:

Were excited to offer you even more flexibility when it comes to your upgrade option. You will be able to purchase Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S with Xbox All Access at any time, including during the pre-order window, from any participating Xbox All Access retailer without having to wait to complete your minimum payment requirements for upgrade.

Should You Get An Xbox Series X Or Series S Console

In a head-to-head evaluation of the Xbox Series X and Series S, Digital Trends praised the Series X for its cutting-edge gaming experience from Microsoft, delivering games in resolutions up to 8K in a compact, minimal form factor. The same evaluation pointed out the Series S price point allows more players to get into the Xbox world without breaking their budgets.

So, which should you buy? Assuming you could actually buy both consoles, the extra $200 list price cost of the Xbox Series X is totally worth it. The Series X console is more powerful than the Series S overall, including a faster CPU, 8K video supported compared to the Series S 4K limit, more memory, and twice the SSD storage. In addition, the Series X console has a 4K UHD Blu-Ray optical drive. The drive has two huge advantages: You can play games on physical media, plus you can play Blu-Ray media.

The Series S lets you play all the new Xbox games, so if thats your sole motivation to buy the latest generation new Xbox console, it makes sense to save the $200. If you want to play games with the most powerful console and the highest video resolution, however, the Xbox Series X is still the smarter choice.

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Xbox Series X Vs Xbox Series S Games

So heres what you need to know: both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are able to play exactly the same games, although theyll undoubtedly look best on Xbox Series X.

The kind of compromises we expect to see on Xbox Series S will focus on the drop to 1440p resolution from 4K, and maybe some more minor changes that probably wont be as noticeable.

Both consoles offer full backwards-compatibility with Xbox One, Xbox 360 and original Xbox games. So while we’re still waiting for some of the biggest next-gen exclusives like Fable 4 and Halo Infinite to launch, there’s still plenty to play, particularly if you have a large library of titles already. If you own a lot of physical copies, though, be mindful that these wont work on Xbox Series S due to the lack of disc drive.

Cheapest Way To Ship An Xbox

How Much Are The PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series X Going To Cost?

FedEx is the cheapest way to ship an Xbox game console and accessories based on the Xbox Series X example x 9 x 15 and weighs 15 pounds).

We recommended checking with FedEx and UPS to find your exact shipping cost once you have the console and accessories packed and ready to ship. And while we understand that you likely want to find the cheapest way to ship your Xbox you should also consider the convenience. If the shipping costs are similar , it may be better overall to use whichever shipping option is closer and more convenient.

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Xbox One Provides Access To Game Pass

These days, Xbox Game Pass is the biggest draw of an Xbox console. If you’re not familiar, Game Pass is a monthly subscription that provides unlimited access to over 100 games.

You can download and play them on your Xbox for as long as you stay subscribed, and it’s full of high-quality games. Plus, all titles published by Xbox Game Studios come to Game Pass on their day of release.

Game Pass is $10/month for console only. There’s also Game Pass Ultimate, which is $15/month and includes access to Game Pass on PC, as well as Xbox Live Gold and other perks. For more info, see our full guide to Xbox Game Pass.

Both the Xbox One line and Xbox Series X/S provide full access to the Game Pass catalog, at least at the time of writing. The Xbox Series S|X will run the games better and faster, however, thanks to those consoles packing SSDs and more powerful internals.

That means if you want to check out lots of the titles on Game Pass, an Xbox One is a decent way to do so. However, many of the same games are on Game Pass for PC, so if you have access to a decent gaming computer, an Xbox One is largely redundant.

Xbox Series X Review: A Full Year Later The Xbox Series X Is Proving Its Worth

On Nov. 10, 2020, Microsoft unleashed the Xbox Series X onto the world, and millions have already purchased the console, and its sibling, the Xbox Series S.

For those taking a more cautious “wait and see” approach, you might have been put off by the Xbox Series X launch lineup. You may have been wondering how the consoles held up over time. After over six months of near non-stop usage, I’m pretty confident to call the Xbox Series X my favorite console of all time.

For over a year, my Xbox Series X has become my primary console of choice, and the cornerstone of my leisure time. And after Microsoft’s E3 2021 showcase, I couldn’t be more excited for the platform’s future.

As the Xbox Series X passes its first birthday, we’re going to cover the hardware and design, its capabilities as a gaming console, as well as a centerpiece of your entertainment system. What are we losing, and what are we gaining? Are the tradeoffs worth it? Do the games honor Microsoft’s claim that this is the most powerful gaming console ever made? And is the Xbox Series X a worthwhile gaming investment for the future?

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Xbox Series X Vs Series S

The Xbox Series X isnt the only console in the new Xbox lineup, with the cheaper all-digital Xbox Series S also now available. It doesnt have quite the same raw power, but it might be a much better buy for gamers on a budget .

The Xbox Series S has the same CPU as the Xbox Series X, but with a much less powerful GPU. The console is still more powerful than an Xbox One X, but targets 60fps at 1440p instead of native 4K like the Xbox Series X. It can still be upscaled to 4K, and supports framerates of up to 120fps.

The Xbox Series S has all the same features of the Series X, but with less GPU power to target 1440p at 60fps.

Removing the more powerful GPU hardware and the disk drive has enabled the Xbox team to reduce the consoles size by 60% compared to the Xbox Series X. This will make it a much more comfortable fit in most entertainment centers, and it doesnt come at the cost of loud fans or poor heat dispersion.

Apart from the resolution and size, the two consoles share all the same new features mentioned above, like Quick Resume, an upgraded SSD, ray tracing, and more. Its the cheapest way to access next-gen hardware and games, although you wont get pure next-gen resolutions. Check out our full comparison at the article below.

Other Things You Need To Know About The Xbox X Series

nazartdesign: How Much Does Xbox Series X Cost

This gaming device comes in simple rectangular shape design. On the front side of the Xbox Series X, there is an illuminated Xbox logo and a disk slot, which will be a relief to those looking to buy physical copies. The top of the console is more interesting. Hiding under a centered top grille is a bright green circle, which appears to me like green LEDs or a painted component.

You can set up your Xbox device vertically or horizontally. And the larger size allows for a single, massive fan that pushes hot air out the top. As a result, the Xbox Series X should be no louder than the Xbox One. Before buying the gamers, always look for the controller equipped in the Xbox set, whether it is comfortable enough or not.

Though the Series X controller looks very similar to the one used in for the Xbox One, there are some minor but significant differences. The biggest update Xbox has made in this addition is adding a share button. The button is located in the new controller this new button will let Xbox gamers instantly send content to friends with the press of a button.

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Have You Started Saving To Pay The Xbox Series X Price

We all know that the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles are due this year in the holidays, but we dont know how much theyll cost or even an actual release date.

There are definitely some concerns about anything that was planned to be happening this year, and thats all because of the chaos of COVID-19. But these consoles are apparently still on track despite Coronavirus.

While many people can make educated guesses or suddenly become market analysts, its always nice to hear from someone who actually knows what theyre talking about.

Xbox Series X Standby Cost Per Week Month And Year

US gamers spend 6.76 hours per week gaming. So obviously they spend 161.24 hour per week not gaming .

Lets take the extreme case. Lets assume that gamers dont use their console for anything else, like streaming.

Lets also assume that they leave their console in standby mode when theyre not gaming.

Then how much does standby mode on Xbox Series X cost over a longer period of time?

$2.63 $31.61

Also included in the table is the power off mode where the console can consume up to 2W while still plugged in.

In the US, on the average price per kWh, if gamers leave their Xbox Series X on standby mode when not gaming they can expect to pay 61 cents per week, $2.63 per month and $31.61 per year in electricity costs.

Standby mode can cost over twice as much in electricity per year compared to gaming.

Again, this is an extreme case and not likely to occur. But it does help put the potential wastage into perspective.

We can obviously save money and reduce our carbon footprints when turning off the console completly.

I mentioned this alarming statistic when working out PS5 electricity costs, but its worth repeating:

Carbon-dioxide emissions from gaming in the US is equivalent to running over 5,000,000 cars.

And with that, lets take a look at how you can reduce your carbon footprint when gaming, while also reducing your electricity bills.

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How To Actually Measure Power Consumption

The easiest way you can measure Xbox electricity usage is with the use of Kill A Watt Meter. By using this gadget, you can very precisely measure and monitor how much electricity did some device consumed in real-time. For those who want to buy this, you can get it easily on Amazon HERE.

This Watt Meter will also help you to measure any other electrical device that you have in your house. With it, you will get a much better insight into how much power each electrical device consumes. So I definitely recommend that you buy this device!

If you want to know how much power TV use, read this article How Much Electricity Does a TV Use?

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