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How Much Does Gamestop Pay For Xbox 360

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Can I Sell My Ps3 At Gamestop

Trading In My XBOX 360 COLLECTION… How Much Will GameStop Pay Me?? (You’ll Be Surprised)

Originally Answered: Can you sell a PlayStation 3 at Gamestop? You can definitely try, though you wont receive what youd want/ask for it. To obtain fair market value for your console, and any games you may want to include with it, youre better off trying to sell it on your own.

Is There A Rest Mode For Xbox

Sleep mode is a shorthand for putting your Xbox on standby, rather than switching it off completely. Its the Xbox equivalent to the PlayStation 5s Rest Mode. Technically, the Xbox offers more than one kind of standby mode. There is the Energy-saving power mode, which is designed, as youd expect, to save energy.

Is An Xbox 360 Worth Anything

How much is an Xbox 360 worth today? As there are a ton of variables, this answer largely depends on the model and the condition the console is in. But based on the average price of units sold on eBay in recent months, this is what Xbox 360 consoles are currently selling for: Xbox 360: $74.

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How Much Does An Xbox One Trade In For At Gamestop

Xbox OneGameStopGameStopXbox OneXbox OneGameStop’strade

. Similarly, you may ask, how much will I get if I trade in my Xbox one?

GameStop has rolled out a new promotion where it will pay $50 extra when you trade in any model of either console. GameStop’s trade value page shows that the trade values for Xbox One start at $100 and $125 for the PS4, both for 500 GB systems, before the extra $50 is added on.

Beside above, how much will GameStop give me for games? On old games Game Xchange will give you a trade in value of around $5 or so and sell for $10. Gamestop will buy for 2.50-3 and sell for 10-15.

Just so, what do I need to trade in my Xbox one at GameStop?

GameStop will give you cash or credit for your Xbox One trade-in. Just be sure to have your identification. Like Amazon, you need to provide the retailer with your console, your controller and your power adapter. Unlike other stores, GameStop also requires an HDMI cable for every trade-in.

What is a used Xbox one worth?

Xbox One prices, trade in values and places to sell

Xbox One Console Brick-and-Mortar Stores
Xbox One 500 GB
Xbox One S 500 GB $95
Xbox One X 1 TB $185

Is A Ps3 Worth It In 2019

How Much Does Gamestop Pay For Used Xbox 360 Console

Its worth it if youre intent with it is only to play ps3 games on it. Its worth getting the ps3 right now. The games are still readily available in used video game stores, and with how cheap they can be gotten you may eventually end up with a collection of those games that would rival your ps4 game collection.

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Get Cash Or Trade Credit

If you like the quote you get, you can accept it. You can get cash and credit.

While cash is useful because you can spend it anywhere, credit is generally the better choice. This is because credit offers tend to have a higher value than cash ones do.

How much money can you get?

Well, this depends on what it is that you are trading and what condition your stuff is in.

Obviously, newer games and consoles tend to bring in more cash.

Handily enough, theres a tool on the Gamestop website that you can use to determine the value of the stuff you want to trade.

This is a good starting point as it saves you going into the store and wasting your time with stuff that doesnt have much value.

I had a look at some estimates from Gamestop for games, consoles, and devices just to give you some examples of what you could get:

  • Grand Theft Auto 5: Customers get $8 Trade Credit Value and $6.40 cash value.
  • 500GB Xbox One Console with Original Controller: Customers get $70 trade credit value and $56 cash value.
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 for PlayStation 4: Customers get $10 in trade credit and $8 in cash.
  • Wii System with Remote Plus for Nintendo Wii: Customers get $20 in trade credit and $16 cash value.
  • Customers can get $1.50 trade in credit and $1.20 in cash.

Gamestop also features a list of specific trade in offers on its website.

These are great because you can actually get an idea of the type of cash or credit that you could get.

Question: How Much Can I Sell A Used Xbox 360 For

Xbox 360 Sell Prices

Xbox 360 Console Online Marketplaces
Xbox 360 S 250 GB $26
Xbox 360 S 320 GB $28
Xbox 360 E 4 GB $10
Xbox 360 Core 4 GB $70

Is Xbox One or Xbox 360?

  • The Xbox One is latest as compare to Xbox 360 as Xbox 360 was launched in 2005 and Xbox One was launched in 2013. As the latest console is Xbox One, so it is better in many aspects than Xbox 360 i.e. better graphic, fast processing speed and advanced controllers. Xbox One is slightly larger than Xbox 360.

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How Long Will An Xbox 360 Last

Microsoft Xbox 360

Lifetime: 8 years excluding the end date. Reportedly in development since about half-way into the Xboxs life, the Xbox 360 looks like both a hit and a miss in hindsight. While PS3 had its exclusives, Microsoft was not without wins, including Gears of War, and its Xbox Live success.

Bring Your Stuff To Gamestop

Trading In My XBOX 360 COLLECTION… How Much Will Best Buy Pay Me??

First, you need to bring your unwanted stuff to your closest Gamestop store.

Wondering, where can I find a Gamestop near me?

Well just visit this page and youll be able to find your nearest store.

Once youve located your store, gather up your unwanted stuff and bring it in.

What can you trade in Gamestop?

You can bring in lots of different game related and tech items, including:

  • Games: Whether its Minecraft or Gears of War or games for the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360, you can trade pretty much any game at Gamestop.
  • Gaming consoles: You can trade in a whole host of consoles from the Nintendo Switch to the Xbox One.
  • Phones and Tablets: The programs not just for games and consoles. You can trade in other devices whether its your old iPhone or Samsung.
  • Accessories: Tech accessories can also be traded for credit.

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What Should I Do With My Old Xbox 360

Luckily, several retailers including Best Buy will accept your entire console for recycling. At Microsoft stores, you can trade-in an Xbox for store credit if it still works otherwise, the company will recycle it on your behalf. Nintendo also offers a take-back recycling program for any of its consoles.

How Much Does Gamestop Pay For Original Xbox

On the Xbox front, GameStop offers $60 in cash or $75 in credit for the launch Xbox One, $80 in cash or $100 in credit for the Xbox One S, and $140 in cash or $175 in credit for the Xbox One X. Best Buy: Like Amazon, Best Buy allows you to trade in your old console but only for in-store gift card credit.

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Will Gamestop Take Broken Consoles


Hereof, can you trade in a broken Xbox to GameStop?

but at least if you buy from a big store and it is broken, you can take it back to them . Everything at GameStop comes with a 30 day defective guarantee, so even if you do buy a used 360 and it’s broken you can take it back to the store and get an exchange.

Similarly, can I sell my broken ps4? The answer is YES we do buy broken Playstations! As with any device Playstations can often be damaged or not in full working order. We deal with specialist electronics buyers who will also buy your broken Playstations.

Herein, does GameStop give cash for consoles?

Cash money. If you’ve ever traded in a game at GameStop , you probably got two offers: one for how much cash they’d give you for the game, and one for store credit. GameStop accepts trade-ins for games, consoles, accessories, and even electronics like phones, tablets, and smart home devices.

Can you sell a broken Xbox?

broken xbox resale value. You can get it repaired for free, or sell it to gamestop for $0. Your choice.

What Is The Most Reliable Xbox 360 Model

How Much Does Gamestop Pay For Used Xbox 360 Console

I would say go for a xbox 360 slim or xbox 360 E. The olde models like core, arcade, pro, and elite are great consoles as well but are louder, have less space for games and save data in most cases, and have issues with the older ones have issues like the red ring of death. Id personally go with the slim.

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Does Gamestop Take Original Xbox

GameStop will now accept trade-ins for retro games and a number of retro consoles at all of its locations. According to the companys twitter, the games retailer will take classic consoles like the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super NES, and Sega Genesis all the way up through the PlayStation, Xbox, and Gamecube.

Can You Sell Broken Xbox 360

There is a market for used game consoles, and someone may be willing to buy your broken Xbox 360 to repair or use for spare parts. Check with shops that deal in used equipment, such as GameStop. You may be able to find a local buyer by listing it online on classifieds sites like Craigslist, or even in the newspaper.

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Can You Put Xbox In Sleep Mode

This is another power mode available in Xbox One consoles. It is similar to turning off your Xbox One console when its not in use. When you use the Energy saving mode, it will turn off the console. Under this mode, you wouldnt be able to use voice commands to turn the system on, even if it has a Kinect.

Enroll In The Powerup Rewards Program

Is GameStop Still Up to Their Xbox 360 Trickery? – Opening Up a Used Console from GameStop

The PowerUp Rewards program at GameStop offers members-only benefits. The program is tiered, and the basic membership is free. The free tier offers points, which can be redeemed for discounts and other perks, based on how much you spend in the store. Free members also get birthday bonuses.

The trade-in perks dont really kick in until you get a PowerUp Rewards Pro membership. This costs $14.99 a year, but it is worth it if you frequent GameStop.

The perks dont really kick in until you get a PowerUp Rewards Pro membership. This costs $14.99 a year, but it is worth it if you frequent GameStop.

Pro members get:

  • Double points on purchases and trade-ins

  • 10% extra trade-in credit for used games

  • Discounts on used games

  • A digital subscription to GameInformer magazine

  • When I traded in the games above, I unfortunately didnt have an active Pro membership. My trade in value couldve been 10% higher from the get-go, which would have almost paid for the cost of the membership in a single trade.

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    Is It Possible To Buy A Ps2 At Gamestop

    No. GameStop no longer purchases PS2 consoles as of 2013. The company is looking to get into retro gaming, so it is possible they could start accepting PS2 trade-ins again but as of right now, they only sell the console. Does GameStop carry PS2 consoles in-store?

    GameStop, Inc. reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the offer for any reason without notice. Games, Consoles, and Accessories at any local GameStop store! Systems, select first party accessories, and select games only. Defective, damaged or defaced product are not eligible for trade. Trades must be in full working condition.

    Best For Control Of Pricing: Ebay

    Its hard to think of selling items without thinking of eBay, isnt it? eBay still stands strong as a marketplace, and its worth considering if youre looking to sell your console. eBay does have a benefit over some of its other competitors because it allows the seller to control the pricing of its item. Instead of allowing someone else to determine what your item is worth, you can establish a minimum accepted payment and wait for someone to purchase the item before you ship it out.

    To sell on eBay, you have to set up and verify an eBay account. Once your account is set up, you can create a listing for your Xbox 360. Your listing can include as much information as you want, including physical details and photos. You can also choose whether you want to set a fixed price for the console or allow others to bid on it based on the starting price that you establish. You can control other aspects as well, including shipping options for the buyer. Once the item is sold, youll be responsible for shipping the item directly to the buyer. Youll receive the money minus eBays fees, which are determined based on the sale price and other factors as soon as the buyers payment clears.

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    How Much Money Does Gamestop Pay For Used Video Games

    The amount of money GameStop pays for used video games varies by game for example, used copies of the games Mario Kart 8,Super Smash Bros and Hyrule Warriors for Wii U have cash values of $35 each as of January 2015, while Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Grand Theft Auto V games for Xbox One have a cash value of $30 each. Other games may bring even less Super Mario 3D World and Bayonetta 2 for Wii U have cash values of $27 each, while Dragon Age Inquisition for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are valued at just $25.

    If gamers trade their games in for other merchandise, the amount given is slightly more and can net an additional $2.50 to $3.50 per game.

    All games traded in or sold to GameStop must be in full working condition to receive the maximum full value. Games that are not in good condition may still be sold but may bring less money.

    In addition to buying games, GameStop buys game systems, laptops, tablets, smartphones and game accessories, including Disney Infinity and Skylander figures. GameStop also runs promotions where it gives extra credit for old game systems when customers preorder upcoming game systems in advance.

    What Do I Need To Do To Trade In My Stuff At Gamestop

    How Much Does Gamestop Pay For Used Xbox 360 Console

    Youll need to gather all the electronics you want to trade in and take it to your nearest GameStop. To get your payout, youll need to show a valid ID and fill out a simple application, similar to the ones at pawn shops. A fingerprint is required.

    Your items may be subject to manager approval, and they might test your electronics on-the-spot to make sure they function properly.

    Once everything is good to go, you then select your payment method.

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    Pros And Cons: Gamestop Trade

    As far as trade-ins go for various devices, the many different programs out there vary widely in terms of value and ease. A trade-in program might be the top choice for some but not even make the list of options for others.

    For some gamers, in particular GameStops trade-in program could be a great option, especially for frequent store customers. For others? Probably not so much. So, lets take a look at how GameStop stacks up to what we have to offer at GadgetGone, one of the most popular online trade-in companies.

    Exchange Your Gift Card For More Cash

    The Penny Hoarder has an in-depth guide that teaches you how to sell gift cards for cash. I used a couple of the gift-card-exchange sites to test which one would give me the most cash for a Shell gas card and for the default GameStop gift card.

    The reason I recommend transferring your trade-in credit to a Shell gas card is because that card is the most universally in demand. Most people need gas. Not everyone wants GameStop credit.

    Here are the results:


    GiftCash seems like the best choice, offering $100.03 in cash for the Shell Gas card.

    Remember the initial cash offer from GameStop? It was $72.40. Now were talking Benjamin Franklin.

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    How Much Can You Sell An Xbox 360 For

    Theres no set price for an Xbox 360, but there are some general estimates to go by. Its important to keep in mind the storage capacity and condition of your console. For example, a 4GB console will be worth less than a 250GB console.

    Generally speaking, used Xbox 360s tend to sell for between $20 and $120. This depends, though. If you have an unused limited edition console in mint condition, it could be worth $500 or more. On the flip side, if you sell an Xbox 360 without cables or anything else, it might be worth as little as $15.

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