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How Much Does An Xbox Cost

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Best Xbox One S Deals

How Much Should Xbox One Cost?

The Xbox One S carries a recommended retail price of $299. It upscales your current games collection from 1080p to 4K resolution and supports HDR . It also has the ability to stream content from Netflix, and .

There are over 1300 Xbox One games on offer including major franchises such as Halo, and Forza Horizon so there’s no chance you’ll get bored.

The Xbox interface works well following a major update and the Xbox wireless controller is superb .

There’s also the option to go for the pared-down All Digital Edition. It lacks a disc drive meaning it won’t double as a Blu-ray player but it costs $50 less than the standard One S.

Either way, you could save a small fortune with our handpicked Xbox One S deals below…

How To Ship An Xbox Console With Dhl And How Much Does It Cost

You can easily mail your Xbox console for around $40 by using DHL ground freight. The cost of delivering your PC console over a long distance could exceed $150. If youre concerned about the safety of your console, you can spend a little more and choose one of their packing options. To find the best delivery quotes, use the shipping calculator.

How To Save On The Xbox Series X Price

The Xbox Series X price is still a hefty chunk of cash to spend. But you don’t necessarily have to pay it off in one go. Enter Microsoft’s fancy Xbox All Access system. This is a payment plan, and it allows you to get an Xbox Series X for a monthly fee spread over two years. It’ll set you back $34.99 per month in the US, £28.99p/m in the UK, and $46p/m in Australia.

Interestingly, Xbox All Access doesn’t just get you the console. It also offers 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate as well. Because Game Pass is a bit like Netflix for gaming , that’s a solid deal. Particularly due to the fact that new Xbox exclusive games like Halo will appear on Game Pass for free on the day of release.

Thanks to this, Xbox All Access might be one of the more sensible options when it comes to buying an Xbox Series X. Indeed, it saves you money in the long run. Sure, you’re only getting a small amount knocked off the overall price, but it’s still cheaper than buying the console and two years of Game Pass separately.

However, be advised that you won’t find Xbox All Access in many stores besides Microsoft. GameStop and Walmart fill that role in the US, and Game or Smyths have the honor in the UK.

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You Want It All For Less

If youve been playing your Xbox One for years and youre just ready for next-gen and everything it has to offer, Xbox All Access makes sense for you.

Xbox All Access provides a new console plus 24 months of games and multiplayer for a simple monthly price. Thats everything plus the kitchen sink for $20-$60 less than youd pay piecemeal, and the low monthly payments may help you balance your budget better than a massive upfront expenditure.

How Long Will The Xbox One Last

Review Xbox Series S: How much is it cost

Since the Xbox One is an aging console, eventually it won’t receive new games anymore. We’ve already mentioned above that Microsoft ceased production of Xbox One consoles, meaning that the system won’t be around for much longer. But how long should you expect the Xbox One to receive support?

To get an idea, let’s consider the last generation. The Xbox 360 launched in 2005 and was discontinued in 2016. After the Xbox One launched in 2013, the Xbox 360 continued to receive some cross-generation games.

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2014’s Forza Horizon 2 was the last Xbox 360 entry in the Xbox-exclusive series, while 2015’s Rise of the Tomb Raider came to both Xbox 360 and Xbox One. For yearly third-party titles, 2016’s Madden NFL 17 was the last Madden released on Xbox 360.

The Xbox One S and One X both launched mid-generation in 2016, which is a distinction from past patterns. However, since Microsoft discontinued all Xbox One models together, it’s doubtful that we’ll see any games come to the Xbox One X but not the original Xbox One.

Some of the biggest Xbox exclusives to launch in 2021 did so on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, such as Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite. However, this isn’t likely to continue. Most of the big Xbox Game Studios titles that have been announced without a release date, such as the next Forza Motorsport and Fable games, are only coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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How Long Does It Take To Ship An Xbox Console

The time it takes to transport an Xbox console primarily depends on the final destination. Shipping your item domestically could take up to a week. On the other hand, global shipping may take a week or longer.

You can choose priority services from several courier companies for faster delivery, i.e., within a few business days.

Th And 19th Centuries

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How Much Will the Xbox One Cost? – Xbox One Reveal

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How Much Does Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Cost

Xbox Games Pass Ultimate is priced at $14.99/£10.99 a month. You can cancel at any time.

As mentioned, it includes Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Games Pass for PC and EA Play. Plus, Microsoft’s cloud service, Cloud Gaming, is part of Ultimate at no extra cost.

The standard console-only version of Games Pass doesn’t include Gold, EA Play, Cloud Gaming or the PC version. It costs $9.99/£7.99 a month. It’s the same price for the PC-only version when subscribed to separately. Ultimate is clearly the better deal.

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Adding Family Members To Your Microsoft Account

It’s pretty easy to add family members to your Microsoft Account, which you can do ahead of the general rollout of this plan.

Unless you’re part of the Xbox Game Pass Ireland and Columbia Insider test, you can use the family section on Microsoft’s website to manage a variety of family safety features for youngsters, including screen time permissions, age restrictions on content, and even set up blockers for unsavory websites on Microsoft Edge.

  • Head to your Microsoft Account page on the web and log in.
  • Scroll down to the bottom to find your family section, or head to this link to manage it directly.
  • From here, you can add family members, as well as set up screen time and permissions for youngsters who are attached to your account.
  • How Much Does It Cost

    This is how much the Xbox Series X and Series S will cost in SA

    Xbox All Access costs $22.99, $24.99, and $34.99 per month for an Xbox One S, Series S, and Series X respectively.

    Heres a quick recap of the difference between consoles.

    • The Xbox One S is a faster version of the Xbox One released in 2013, able to run exclusively last-gen Xbox One games at 1440p .
    • The Xbox Series S is an all-digital version of the Series X with no disc drive and less power. The Series S is impressively petite and affordable, but unable to play games at native 4K resolution.
    • The Xbox Series X is the true next-gen experience youre looking for, able to play current and next-gen games at native 4K in disc or digital format.

    Struggling to choose between Series S and X? The S makes sense if you have no interest in buying, selling, or trading physical copies of games, and you either lack the interest or dont have a TV capable of playing games in true 4K.

    But for my money, Im going for the Series X Ill make back the $10 per month or $200 cash eventually, and in the meantime, Ill get to enjoy Cyberpunk and Halo in true 4K.

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    Why Might The Xbox Series X And Playstation 5 Be Expensive

    People fearing the worst point to the console specs and what the equivalent setup would cost if you were building a gaming PC. Both consoles come with high-capacity SSDs which could easily sell for over £100 on their own, and the closest thing to the GPU in both machines will currently set you back about £350 on its own.

    Thats already £450, and were still missing most of the things that would make the consoles run: a CPU, motherboard, RAM, PSU, gamepads and a case. Yknow: little things.

    Put it through that frame of reference and a console war in the £600+ range doesnt seem implausible massively eclipsing both the Xbox One and PlayStation 3 launch prices.

    Why could the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 price be surprisingly low?

    But and its an enormous but youve got to remember what happened to those high-priced consoles after they went to market.

    The best available figures show that the PS4 is hammering Xbox One on sales by 110 million to 47 million.

    The Xbox 360 vs PS4 was closer over the course of a generation, with both selling around 85 million units. However, Sony rapidly discounted that launch price, and note that it had handsomely won the two previous generations it competed in.

    I believe in the saying “never say never”But I gotta say never. No way this console is over $499.

    Albert Penello

    Is It Available On Windows Pcs

    It is! There’s now also a dedicated PC Game Pass. It can be subscribed to on its own or as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which includes console, PC, and an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

    You can play games on any version of Windows via a modern browser on the Xbox website or natively via the Xbox app from the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 and 11.

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    Xbox Series X Standby Cost Per Week Month And Year

    US gamers spend 6.76 hours per week gaming. So obviously they spend 161.24 hour per week not gaming .

    Lets take the extreme case. Lets assume that gamers dont use their console for anything else, like streaming.

    Lets also assume that they leave their console in standby mode when theyre not gaming.

    Then how much does standby mode on Xbox Series X cost over a longer period of time?

    $2.63 $31.61

    Also included in the table is the power off mode where the console can consume up to 2W while still plugged in.

    In the US, on the average price per kWh, if gamers leave their Xbox Series X on standby mode when not gaming they can expect to pay 61 cents per week, $2.63 per month and $31.61 per year in electricity costs.

    Standby mode can cost over twice as much in electricity per year compared to gaming.

    Again, this is an extreme case and not likely to occur. But it does help put the potential wastage into perspective.

    We can obviously save money and reduce our carbon footprints when turning off the console completly.

    I mentioned this alarming statistic when working out PS5 electricity costs, but its worth repeating:

    Carbon-dioxide emissions from gaming in the US is equivalent to running over 5,000,000 cars.

    And with that, lets take a look at how you can reduce your carbon footprint when gaming, while also reducing your electricity bills.

    How Much Does A Graphics Card As Powerful As The Ps5 Cost

    What Should The Xbox Series X Cost?

    Consoles currently use the same components as a gaming computer. Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X use an AMD processor and graphics card that are based on solutions developed for PC gaming. But what gaming graphics card is equivalent to the one used by the PS5?

    We must emphasize that the Sony console does not use a graphics card as such. It makes use of an AMD APU, which is basically uniting a processor and a graphics card in the same package. This makes it difficult to compare the performance of this graphics card with a dedicated graphics card.


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