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How Much Data Does Xbox Live Use

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Start Gaming On Your Xbox Using Your Mobile Hotspot

How Much Bandwidth Does An Xbox One Use?

At this point your setup should be complete. Start gaming using your hotspot. If your signal is good, and the cellular network is not overcapacity, you should have a decent gaming experience. If the cell phone tower you are connecting to is overcrowded you will likely experience ping spikes. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about this issue. This is the harsh reality when it comes to using a mobile hotspot for gaming. Mobile hotspots are hit or miss for gaming performance and this can change from minute to minute.

If you are traveling and want to use your Xbox online without using public Wi-Fi, a mobile hotspot is a viable option. A mobile hotspot can offer an acceptable gaming experience but you will have to set your expectations accordingly. A mobile hotspot is not a suitable replacement for a high speed cable or fiber internet connection.

Tips For Using Less Data Playing Xbox Live

If you find youre using too much data playing Xbox Live, here are a few ways to reduce the amount of data you use playing online games.

Turn off auto-updates. Game downloads, patches, and updates use far more data than gameplay. Keep yourself from exceeding your monthly data limit by turning off auto-updates and manually updating your games when you know you have extra data. To turn off auto-updates:

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  • Select System> Settings> System> Updates.
  • If you switch auto-updates off, your console will tell you about any new updates when you launch your game. Then, you can choose to update the game immediately or to delay the update for some other time.To see a full list of updates:

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  • Select My games & apps> See all.
  • Select Updates in the drop-down menu.
  • Play games with fewer players. The more players in a game, the more data your network exchanges with other players networks. This data includes information like the stats, score, and locations of each player. To save data, avoid Battle Royale style modes and, instead, choose multiplayer modes with fewer players.

    Play without voice chat. If you use voice chat while playing Xbox Live, expect to use almost twice as much data. For example, playing a game like PUBG for an hour without voice chat uses less than 30 MB of data. With voice chat, playing PUBG for an hour uses 50 MB of data.

    How To Check Your Xbox Data Usage

    Your Xbox has a bandwidth usage tracker to help you keep an eye on your data. In the Settings menu, navigate to the General tab on the left. The Network Settings menus symbol has an antenna with a small settings gear as a subscript. Check the options for the bandwidth usage tracker.

    Inside the tracker, youll see a breakdown of your usage over the past 12 hours and summaries for recent months. A ticker on the top left shows you the current usage, but its not much use while stuck in a menu. The service provider may have different numbers than the ones on the Xbox, but the hourly report is a good way to test the expected usage of your favorite applications.

    For a proper test, disable automatic updates and set aside an hour block of time for each usage. Actively use the service for a set amount of time, then stop. Dont just leave a game idle, since the data may spike during activity. Wait until the next hour block begins to test another game or application, or the usage numbers will overlap. Grab the usage from the hourly breakdown, and multiply it as necessary to reach the real hourly usage.

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    Required Diagnostic Data Summary

    Examples Include
    Device connectivity and configuration This type of Required diagnostic data includes details about the console, its configuration, and connectivity capabilities.
    • Device settings and configurations, such as networking and hardware data
    • Diagnostic information about the user’s internet connection to understand how that may impact connectivity to Xbox Live services
    Product and service performance This type of Required diagnostic data includes details about console health and performance.
    • Basic error reporting, such as whether updates were successfully installed
    • Errors about user sign-in success and failure data that help identify issues that would prevent a user from playing online
    Software setup and inventory This type of Required diagnostic data includes software installation and update information on the console.
    • Operating system information such as firmware version, console system details and updates status
    • Events to track Game or App install success and failures that allow critical issues to be identified

    How Much Data Does An Xbox Use

    How Much Does Xbox Live Cost?

    As we already mentioned, downloading games and updating them can quickly amount to your full data package.

    This can happen, especially when you just get a new console and youre eager to try out all the titles youve been excited about.

    Keep in mind that some newer titles weigh over 100GB, reaching up to almost 300 GB with updates .

    Of course, many more are in the area between 50 GB and 100 GB, so plan on creating your library gradually if data is an issue for you.

    Compared to creating a title base, actually playing the games isnt too taxing if youre not planning on taking a vacation soon and going on a game-playing marathon .

    Most of the titles shouldnt use up more than 300 MB per hour, and thats on the heavier side.

    A lot of games found in the library should only be around 100 MB hourly.

    As a tie-in, the Xbox Live service is really not a concern if youre not using it to download anything.

    Youre good to go with just a couple of MB.

    It may come as a surprise, but streaming apps and services can eat up a lot more data than multiplayer gaming.

    Music isnt too big of a problem, but listening to the biggest quality available can set you back up to 100+ MB hourly, which is around the same level of online gaming.

    Something that demands more attention is video streaming.

    Whether you prefer fun YouTube videos or serious thrillers, keep your eye on the video quality settings.

    For example, Netflix 4K streaming can go up to 7 GB per hour!

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    Xbox Data Usage: How Much

    Heres the data usage of an Xbox:

    Generally, games shouldnt use up more than 300 MB per hour, and thats on the heavy side.

    As a tie-in, Xbox Live isnt that important if you dont download anything from it.

    However, downloading and updating games can quickly take up your data package. For example, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is about 200 GB

    If you want to learn all about how much data your Xbox and whether it makes sense to use a hotspot, then this article is for you.

    Keep reading!

    Check Your Bandwidth Usage

    To check your bandwidth use, which is the same as your data use on an installed mobile broadband connection, navigate to the Bandwidth usage setting in your Network settings.

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
  • Select System> Settings> All settings> Network> Network settings > Troubleshooting.
  • Select Bandwidth usage from the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Bandwidth usage is a log of your consoles bandwidth use. This log breaks down your bandwidth use by hour and by month . By checking Bandwidth usage, you can see how much data you currently use, how that number relates to your monthly data limit, and how it relates to your past data use.

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    How To Keep Your Xbox Data In Check

    If you want to get the overall picture, a detailed breakdown of bandwidth is available within your Xboxs settings.

    This may vary a bit based on the version, but usually, you can find it by:

    • Going to your Settings app
    • Navigating to the Network tab
    • Accessing network settings

    This should show your Xboxs data usage on the screen, split hourly for the last day, along with a monthly usage breakdown.

    It gives you an overview of your data spent and its relation to your package cap.

    Even though its useful to know how to track this regularly not to over-step, a better approach is to know your biggest spenders in advance so you can plan properly and not blast through 900 GB in the first week of the month.

    How Much Data Does Streaming Use

    Setting Up My Xbox 360 for The First Time in 2021

    Weve seen how much bandwidth audio streaming uses. While the overall usage when streaming music can become data-heavy, video streaming is naturally even more bandwidth-intensive.

    Its important to note that there are many video streaming platforms with varying types of content and, therefore, available video quality. For example, with Netflix being a dedicated service for watching video content , both the platform and its users strive for the highest possible video quality.

    On the other hand, platforms like YouTube hold a lot of audio-only content with placeholder videos or types of content where video quality is not as important as the sound.

    The best approach to accurately answer the question How much data does streaming videos use? is to look at both the general bandwidth usage for video streaming and the video quality settings and data appetite of specific streaming platforms.

    Here are the averages for video streaming data usage:

    • Ultra-low quality video in the 240p-340p area consumes, on average, 300 MB each hour.
    • The default video quality on YouTube, 480p, will spend 700 MB hourly.
    • HD quality videos of 720p use 0.9 GB per hour.
    • The second tier of HD videos – those of 1080p – will drain around 1.5 GB for every hour streamed.
    • 2K videos bring the hourly bandwidth usage to 3 GB.
    • Lastly, UHD or 4K streaming data usage records a whooping 7.2 GB each hour, so its probably best to select this video quality only when using uncapped plans.

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    Test Your Network Speed And Nat Type On Your Xbox

    Test your network speed on your Xbox. If you are getting 3 Mbps or higher download and upload speed you are in good shape. The latency is the most important number here. If your latency is less than 85 ms you will likely have no major issues. Some games are playable with a latency as high as 120 ms, but games with fast motion including first person shooters benefit greatly from a lower latency .

    Next you will want to test your NAT type. In most cases you will get a strict NAT type when using a mobile hotspot. This is due to the way that cellular carriers operate their networks. Most cellular carriers use a technology know as carrier grade NAT . Your mobile hotspot acts as a secondary NAT device. When you have two devices performing NAT connected to each other you will almost always get a strict NAT type.

    For some gamers this not an issue. Other gamers really want to get an open NAT type. The best way to get an open NAT type when using a mobile hotspot is using a VPN service. This does not work in all cases but it is one of the few methods that is capable of getting you an open NAT type on a cellular network.

    The best VPN service for Xbox gaming is ExpressVPN. The VPN I personally use and recommend is ExpressVPN. They are optimized for performance and offer servers in many countries. If you want to try ExpressVPN they offer a moneyback guarantee. If the service doesnt work out for you, you do not pay.

    How To Check How Much Data Xbox Live Uses

    There is an easy way for you to see how much data you are using on Xbox Live. These steps will help you determine how much data your Xbox Live account is using.

    The Xbox button or home button is located in the middle of the controller.

    • Go to System.
    • Select Troubleshooting.

    The Bandwidth Usage option will appear.

    You may also need to locate your Xboxs MAC address if you are connecting for the first time and have trouble finding the network.

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    How Much Data Does Online Gaming Use Spend Your Bandwidth Wisely

    KommandoTech earns commission via affiliate programs, meaning we may earn a fee when you click on our linkand decide to purchase a product. However, every review we commit to is unbiased, objective, and producedbefore we ever join a company’s affiliate program.

    Online gaming has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the 1990s. Back then, most people would go to gaming rooms or host LAN parties, as dial-up and early cable internet were too slow and unreliable for competitive gaming. Fast forward to 2021, and we have lightning-fast Wi-Fi adapters that allow 4k streaming and download entire music discographies within minutes. With these advances in internet technology came bigger and more bandwidth-intensive games. So, how much data does online gaming use these days? Lets find out.

    How Much Data Does An Xbox One Use On Hotspot

    Strange PC Games Review: how much data does xbox live use per hour

    Back in the day, we only mentioned data in gaming while thinking about our memory cards or how many CDs a game comes on.

    Newer generations of consoles changed that and brought us things like online co-op multiplayer games you can download and, more recently, even streaming services.

    No matter the upload or download speed, many people still have limits on their internet packages.

    So its important always to remember your consoles bandwidth usage, so you dont end up with an unpleasant surprise in your mailbox at the end of the month.

    Lets learn about Xboxs data usage and what you can do to keep your favorite console in check.

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    Overview Of Required And Optional Data

    Microsoft is dedicated to being transparent with our customers and giving them more control over their data. As part of this work, weâre moving our major products and services to a model where the personal data we collect from customers as they use their devices will be classified as either Required or Optional. This will make it easier for our customers to find information about the data we collect and how we use it, and to make informed choices about their privacy.

    This article provides an overview of the types of data that are Required and Optional, the specific categories of personal data that are collected by the Xbox console, and how our customers can change their privacy settings to customize the data they share with Microsoft.

    Can You Play Xbox On A Hotspot

    One thing that makes your online gaming experience enjoyable is a smooth internet connection. Sadly, we dont always have it that way, and the internet connection in your house might interfere with the smooth progression of your game.

    When this happens, your phone comes to the rescue. Thank goodness! You can link your Xbox console to your phones cellular connections via its in-built hotspot feature and resume your game in no time. This option works well, especially if youre playing an online game with friends or colleagues. You wont have to worry about any network interference.

    To connect your console to your phone internet via hotspot, all you need to do is create a hotspot connection on your mobile device and find your consoles access point that can be visible through Settings options.

    From Settings, go to Network and locate your phones hotspot. Then enter your phones hotspot password to access its internet. Its that simple. Now, your phones internet is tethered to the Xbox console.

    This step applies to any mobile device, whether iOS or Android, as either operating system has the mobile hotspot feature. All you have to do is ensure that you have sufficient data on your phone. Otherwise, theres no point in creating any connection between your console and your mobile device.

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    What Are Games On The Heavier Site And On The Lighter Site Of Data Consumption

    Even though the streaming can be quite taxing, we still have the number one reason for getting the Xboxthose sweet AAA exclusive titles.

    No matter the genre, some titles fall in the must-have category.

    Here are some of the most popular games at the moment that can eat through your data package in a matter of hours:

    • Microsoft Flight Simulator: 127 GB
    • NBA 2k21: 121 GB
    • Red Dead Redemption 2: 110 GB
    • Warhammer Vermintide 2: about 100 GB

    If these arent your style and youre on the lookout for some smaller games without the flashy graphics, take a look at some of these titles that are more data package friendly:

    • Riptide Gp2: about 0.13 GB
    • Crimsonland: about 0.2 GB
    • Bike Mayhem 2: about 0.21 GB
    • Badland: Game Of The Year Edition: about 0.25 GB
    • Bridge Constructor: about 0.29 GB

    Approximate Data Usage For Popular Games

    How To Transfer Data From Xbox One To Xbox Series X | S

    Every game uses up a different amount of data per hour, but approximately how much data do popular games use up?

    Destiny 2 data usage 100MB

    We all know how addictive video games can be, and lets be realistic, most people spend much longer than an hour gaming. But the more hours you game, the more data is eaten up.

    While some games use up as little as 10MB of data per hour, others can jump over the 150MB/h mark, a daunting figure for those with a data cap. Yet, the data per hour depends on what you play.

    If you enjoy playing an open-world game like Grand Theft Auto V while voice chatting with your friends, your data usage will be high. On the other hand, if you prefer Rocket League or even PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds , as shown in the report done by WhistleOut, the data usage per hour will be as little as 40MB.

    Though these numbers totally depend on what youre doing in the game, and even 40MB/h can add up fast.

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