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How Many Xbox One Games Are There

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The Xbox 360 is no longer on sale, but the platform remains alive thanks to Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S backward compatibility. The full list of Xbox 360 backward-compatible games on Xbox One and Xbox Series X and Series S consoles details what games run on Xbox 360, as well as the more modern Xbox consoles.

The Xbox 360 launched in 2005 to positive critical reception and propelled Xbox into the forefront of the console market. The console enjoyed a successful run alongside its PS3 counterpart, spawning some of the best games of all time. We’ve rounded up our favorites below, and many of them are backward compatible and playable on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S even today.

Xbox One Vs Ps: Value

The Xbox One S starts at $299 , putting it on par with the $299 PS4 Slim. However, it’s worth noting that both consoles go on sale all the time, and you can often find them both for as low as $200 . The One S doubles as a 4K Blu-ray player, so you’re arguably getting the most tech for your money with that machine.

If you’re on an extra-tight budget, you can opt for the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition , which has no disc drive and includes Forza Horizon 3, Minecraft and Sea of Thieves. However, the standard Xbox One S drops to that price frequently, so you’re probably better off waiting for a sale and getting the 4K Blu-ray drive for cheap — especially if you don’t want to rely entirely on digital downloads.

Microsoft has recently brought back the Xbox All Access program. This lets you lease an Xbox One S, Xbox One X or Xbox One S All-Digital Edition starting at $19.99 a month for 24 month. According to Microsoft, this program saves you more than $100 compared to purchasing the console and bundled games separately. All Access members can upgrade to the upcoming Xbox Series X console starting late 2020, though there’s no word yet on how much the upgrade will cost.

If you want 4K gaming, Sony’s PS4 Pro costs $399 , while the Xbox One X runs a hefty $499 . That’s a pretty big price gap, though Microsoft’s console offers a richer 4K gaming experience. .

Winner: Xbox One. The $249 Xbox One S is the cheapest console out there and doubles as a 4K Blu-ray player.

The Witcher : Wild Hunt

Monsters and myths aplenty

Reasons to avoid

Geralt didn’t have the smoothest of entries to Xbox One, but after some heavy patching and a lot of angry words about visual downgrades, we’re left with an RPG boasting tremendous scope and storytelling.

Oh, and combat. And don’t forget Gwent, the in-game card game. And there’s the crafting to get stuck into. And the alchemy.

You’re rarely short of things to entertain yourself with in The Witcher 3’s quasi-open world, then, and all the better that you’re in a universe that involves the supernatural without leaning on the same old Tolkien fantasy tropes. It’s invigorating stuff and especially worth picking up on Xbox One as a planned free upgrade for existing owners will keep you playing into the next generation too.

Once you’ve jumped in, you may want to check out the Witcher TV series with Henry Cavill taking on the role of Geralt.

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Xbox Game Pass Explained: From Xbox Game Pass Price To Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Explained

  • Standard Xbox Game Pass on console costs £7.99, â¬9.99 or $9.99 per month.
  • As well as the a standard Xbox Game Pass subscription, there is also Xbox Game Pass for PC, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – this combines Xbox Game Pass console and PC access, as well as Xbox Live Gold membership, all under one subscription, for £10.99 per month.
  • You may have heard about the $1 / £1 Xbox Game Pass deal. This is a regular promotion for your first month of Xbox Game Pass, but has also been an officially embraced low cost upgrade from a standard service to the all encompassing Ultimate subscription.
  • Like Netflix, titles will be added and taken away from the service over time. Microsoft has confirmed “at least” five new games every month, and are usually announced a week or so before they are added to the store.
  • Once an Xbox Game Pass title has downloaded to your hard drive, you can play offline for up to 30 days.
  • All future Microsoft published games will arrive on the service day-in-date with their retail releases – which includes major franchises such as Halo, Gears and Forza.

Best Xbox 360 Game Overall

Best Games to Play on Your New Xbox One

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a legendary RPG and represents the best of the Xbox 360 generation. Hundreds of quests, piles of mods, and dozens of different ways to play make Skyrim a game that keeps on giving, a decade after its original launch.

Best Xbox 360 shooter

It’s often said that sequels don’t live up to the quality of their predecessors, but Mass Effect 2 laughs in the face of that and surpasses the original Mass Effect in almost all respects. Packed to the brim with some of the best character writing and worldbuilding in all of gaming, Mass Effect 2 elevates the Mass Effect experience to an entirely new level.

Not everything is great â for example, Mass Effect 2’s cover shooter gameplay feels a little dated at points â but overall, the quality of the writing and the RPG depth on display here makes Mass Effect 2 one of the best story-driven RPGs ever made. Despite being an Xbox 360 game, thanks to backwards compatibility, this also ranks quite easily among the best Xbox games in general.

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Defend Your Honor: Dishonored

Arkane has become the master of the immersive sim, and you can arguably trace that back to Dishonored’s success when it launched on the Xbox 360. The plague-ridden world is full of mystery and wonder, jumpstarting a franchise beloved by many. Once you dive into Dunwall, it’s hard to turn back. With countless ways to replay the game, you can always keep coming back for more.

Zombie Apocalypse: Left 4 Dead 2

At the dawn of the zombie obsession that infected pop culture in the late aughts came Left 4 Dead 2, a perfect sequel that improved on just about everything from the first game. Left 4 Dead 2 was a showcase for how versatile Valve’s Source Engine is and captured everything from the PC version and laid it out perfectly on the Xbox 360. The replay value of Left 4 Dead 2 is something developers chase with every new live service game, but Valve knocked it out of the park on their second try. If only they could count to three …

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Xbox Game Pass Comparison

$9.99/£7.99/9.99 $9.99/£7.99/9.99

Suffice it to say, if you dont have the cash to make a big upfront purchase, then Microsoft still wants to get you on board for its next generation of consoles. You wont own any of the games you can play , but thats the trade-off you make.

Microsofts plans for the next generation of gaming are sprawling. Two consoles that are available via subscription and can play a huge chunk of your existing Xbox games, a new roster of games that will be playable on your existing Xbox One, a continuing focus on PC gaming, and a game streaming service mean that, no matter what hardware you own, theres a decent chance youll be able to pay Microsoft to play its games.

Weve written before about how the focus on trying to sell subscriptions rather than premium hardware means that the true next-gen Xbox is the subscription itself, rather than the hardware it plays on. Microsoft is casting its net wide, and it doesnt want any hardware requirements to get in the way of you subscribing.

Sony, meanwhile, is doing what its always done: its making a new console, developing exclusive games for it, and selling it. Its hard to argue too much with the approach when its done so well for the company so far, especially with the PS4.

Update November 12th, 1:30PM ET: Added hands on impressions now that the Xbox Series S and Series X have launched.

Xcom 2 And War Of The Chosen Dlc

How to play Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One

Firaxis Games managed to revive a long-dead strategy series in 2012 with XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and things only got better from there.

XCOM 2is a harder, more diverse, and more engaging game than its predecessor. It requires players to master both turn-based strategy and resource management as they attempt to overthrow alien occupiers before they unleash a mysterious weapon.

WithXCOM 2, failing to move your units into correct positions or taking too long to complete objectives could result in them being overrun and killed. Once theyre dead, theyre dead for good. Its enough to cause an anxiety attack, but with enough perseverance and a hefty dose of luck, you can repel the invaders and save the world.

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What Games Are Coming To Xbox Game Pass On Consoles In September

Here is the confirmed list of Xbox Game Pass games coming to consoles in September:

  • Craftopia
  • Final Fantasy XIII
  • Signs of the Sojourner
  • Surgeon Simulator
  • Clown Trick
  • Breathedge
  • Nuclear Throne
  • The Artful Escape

There will be more to come in future announcements from Microsoft every few weeks, so stay tuned.

Final Fantasy 13: Xbox One X Enhanced – And The Best Version Yet

Can I See Whats Being Played On An Xbox Remotely

Actually, you can. If you set up the primary account on the Xbox on your profile, download the Xbox app to your smartphone. Ensure that both are connected to the same wifi network and connect your phone to your Xbox. If you have a child in the house who may be secretly playing their Xbox, use the Xbox app to see which game theyre playing in real-time.

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Early Bird Rewards: Xbox One Day One Limited Edition

Commemorating the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft released a limited batch of “Day One Edition” bundles for early adopters. While the hardware remained essentially identical to its standard counterpart, the console was accompanied by an exclusive branded controller. Despite its various goodies for early adopters, the Day One Edition was priced identically to the standard edition.

I Made This: Xbox One Launch Team Limited Edition

The Best Free Games on the Xbox One

This variant of the Xbox One was produced for launch and distributed exclusively to select Microsoft employees that worked on the console. Without distinct limited edition consoles until late 2014, the device came in an exclusive glossy white, with “I Made This, Launch Team 2013” on the controller and console itself. With these consoles extremely limited to a subset of employees, finding one on auction sites won’t be cheap.

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Blank Slate: Xbox One White Special Edition

The first white Xbox One console arrived in late 2014, accompanying the launch of the action and adventure game, Sunset Overdrive. Deviating from the previous standard black consoles, the bundle offered a truly unique design that stood out against other hardware variants on the market. This console would also be repackaged under a second bundle for Halo: The Master Chief Collection later that year.

Xbox One 120hz Support Explained

To take advantage of 120Hz, you’ll need an Xbox One X or Xbox One S running the Xbox May 2018 Update. This update is currently limited to a subset of users enrolled in the Xbox Insider Program, ahead of a wider release set for the coming weeks.

Your Xbox One must also be connected to a compatible TV or monitor, which supports refresh rates over 60Hz. High refresh rates must be supported over HDMI 2.0, due to limitations of the Xbox One hardware.

Constraints of HDMI 2.0 also means 120Hz support cannot be used in conjunction with 4K resolution. And bandwidth limitations mean 1440p or 1080p resolution must be used, cutting a few pixels for those extra frames.

Some games provide the option to disable V-Sync, allowing them to output at high frame rates.

But even with the feature, don’t expect system-wide improvements. Many Xbox One titles are developed with hardcoded frame-rate limits, set between 30Hz and 60Hz. While some games are developed with uncapped frame rates, expect many games to see no changes. We recommend researching your favorite titles for details on frame rate settings.

Because of this resolution drop, the feature isn’t recommended for people many with 4K displays. With few games offering 120Hz support on the console, the benefits are limited. But for 1440p or 1080p users, there are advantages.

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order isnt exactly the most original or innovative game weve played. Its a blend of elements from big-name game franchises like Uncharted and Dark Souls, but with all the classic Star Wars tropes. Despite this, it excels because it so smartly pulls mechanics and structural pieces that fit the Star Wars formula well.

Split between exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat, Fallen Order never feels like its wasting your time. When you finally get protagonist Cal Kestis outfitted with his best Force powers and a customizable lightsaber, he feels like an unstoppable warrior who can take on waves of Stormtroopers without issue.

With brilliant performances and a mesmerizing score, the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is one of the best Star Wars games since BioWares Knights of the Old Republic series.

Read our full Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order review

American Gothic: Kentucky Route Zero

Xbox gamesharing issue “Each person can play only one place at a time” | Is there a fix to the bug?

It took nearly a decade for all five chapters of Kentucky Route Zero to come out, but the wait has been worth it. Not only is this surrealist journey through a dying American town somehow more relevant in the new decade than it was in 2013, but it forced the player to sit with it and play it over and over again. The ending might not be uplifting, and the game itself might be somber, but it conveys an important, decaying, and beautiful world that can only be appreciated by experiencing it yourself.

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New Games No Hardware

Say you dont own an Xbox or a gaming PC, but you do have an Android phone. Does Microsoft have any next-gen gaming options for you? Thanks to game streaming, it does. On September 15th, Microsoft added game streaming to Xbox Games Pass Ultimate, which costs $14.99 a month. The feature, which was known previously as xCloud, could give you a way to play many of the biggest Xbox Series X games without having to own any gaming hardware at all. You can stream them to a device as simple as an Android phone, for example .

Game streaming isnt an entirely new idea Sony launched its PlayStation Now service way back in 2014 to a muted response but Microsoft is taking a much more interesting approach. Rather than focusing on older titles, as Sony did with PlayStation Now, Microsoft says its new games will be available to stream the day they release and lists recent first-party titles like Forza Horizon 4, Gears of War 5, Tell Me Why, The Outer Worlds, and Ori and the Will of the Wisps as being among the 150-plus games available to stream at launch.

Microsoft promises to let you stream major Xbox games straight to your phone.Game streamings future on iPhones is uncertain


Xbox Game Pass briefly explained: console, PC, xCloud streaming and more

D: Dark Dreams Don’t Die

D4, the oddball point-and-click adventure game from the ever-bizarre and lovable Swery, is another reason to own an Xbox One. Drawing from Philip K. Dick’s trippy metaphysics, David Lynch’s surrealism, and LucasArts’ classic adventure mechanics, D4 is a far cry from the usual AAA offerings.

It tells the story of a widower, detective David Young, who is obsessed with unearthing the events that led to the death of his wife Little Peggy. The story involves time travel, a giant, and a woman dressed as a cat who may or may not be real. It’s a good old time.

Dark Dreams Don’t Die is the first part of a multi-arc story a story that may not see a conclusion due to Swery leaving the developer, Access Games.

Devil May Cry is a genre-defining action series that pits your demon-slaying protagonist against the hordes of hell, giving you a sword, guns, and a robust list of special attacks to string together in crazy and over-the-top combos. Devil May Cry 5 continues the series’ wild action legacy.

It takes elements from previous games, even including the fan-derided DmC: Devil May Cry reboot, and introduces all-new characters and gameplay systems for series fans and newcomers to enjoy. All systems have been rebalanced and streamlined, making them easy to grasp yet challenging to apply in practice and to master.

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Best Xbox 360 Racing Game

Project Gotham Racing 3

Project Gotham Racing 3 might not be backward compatible, but if you have an Xbox 360 console it’s worth nabbing a copy to experience this industry-leader from its time. PGR3 is an exciting and explosive racing sim that holds up.

Best Xbox 360 open-world game

While it may not be the prettiest or smoothest RPG in terms of graphics and gameplay, Fallout: New Vegas is still arguably the best post-apocalyptic RPG ever made due to how nuanced the game’s world, characters, and quests are.

Set in the remnants of the Mojave Desert years after nuclear bombs annihilated most of humanity, players will have to make engaging and thought-provoking choices about where they fit in amongst warring factions, opposed ideologies, and a desolate wasteland juxtaposed by the bright neon lights of New Vegas, a portion of Las Vegas saved from destruction by the mysterious Mr. House.

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