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How Long Has Xbox One Been Out

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The End Of The Xbox One

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The Xbox Two, otherwise known as Project Scorpio, and the Xbox One will undoubtedly have a period where they will overlap and both will be available to purchase. This was made evident during E3 2016 when Project Scorpio/Xbox 2 was announced. The question is how long until Xbox One goes the way of the 360?

More important, how will the Xbox One sing its final swan song? Will it go out with a bang or a whimper? How will Project Scorpio enter the playing field next year and assert itself without alienating the current owners? Perhaps even more important is how Xbox One S fits into all of this. Microsoft is clearing trying to juggle multiple generations at once, so let’s take a look at how this master plan could pan out.

Enjoy Dynamic Dashboard Backgrounds

Profile Themes are a new addition to the next-generation of Xbox’s user interface, allowing players to express their identity more easily via a number of dynamic dashboard options that’ll bring more personality to your menu navigation.

Several of these themes are even inspired by titles from Xbox Game Studios, including Sea of Thieves and Gears 5, allowing you to show support for your favourite Xbox exclusives in a whole new way.

Xbox Series X Review: Controller

Ever since Microsoft came up with the Xbox 360 controller, Ive been a fan of the Xbox controllers, and the new Xbox Wireless Controller is a neat evolution of its predecessor. Though glance at the peripheral, and youd be hard-pressed to spot any major differences from the Xbox One controller.

But thats not a bad thing, as its a fantastic controller. Small improvements like textured triggers and an improved D-pad take a familiar controller and simply make it better.

The Xbox Wireless Controller has long been one of the most comfortable controllers Ive used, taking the Xbox 360 controller and building upon it. And the same is true with the new controller, though it does have a few extra features.

From a quick glance, the most notable change is the addition of a share button for sharing screenshots and recordings with a simple tap. Youll then notice that the D-pad is a hybrid one: a concave disk that should deliver more precision, particularly if you play traditional beat-em-ups. The finish on the new controller has a more matte look, with the black appearing smokier. The Xbox button is also now all-black.

The new controller fits my hands almost exactly like its predecessor. The triggers are slightly smaller and feel a little more tactile, as do the shoulder buttons. And the joysticks have a firmer, more satisfying click to them than those on the older controller.

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Xbox One Review: Kinect

There’s a good chance if you’re reading this review anytime after the initial first few months of launch that you don’t have access to a Kinect sensor, but we’ll round up its functions and usability because we’re thorough like that. The Kinect sensor has been re-vamped since its first introduction on Xbox 360. It can now monitor heart-rate and muscle density meaning the virtual drill-instructors on the Fitness App will be doing players more good than ever.

Kinect also comes into its own on the video calling in Skype. Not only does the sensor produce a streaming video of the player at a pretty reasonable quality, but if they get up and wander about the room, the camera will track them.

The sensor’s fidelity and spatial requirements have been vastly improved players no longer need to stand so far back from their TV set although players may find themselves having to repeat the odd voice command.

Kinect can also track more players up to four players can jump into a Kinect game now, and the sensor’s facial recognition technology can differentiate between them.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that Kinect is better able to filter out intruding lights and sounds.

Unlike the previous iteration, the new Kinect module can work in almost pitch dark and isn’t interrupted by lights angled towards it. It’s also able to differentiate between the players voice and sounds coming out of the TV’s speakers.

Xbox Series X And The Future

Xbox One Install and Setup

A console is only as good as its ecosystem, and when it comes to Xbox, Microsoft certainly has a few tricks up its sleeve. Microsoft has purchased Bethesda Softworks and ZeniMax Media, which would give it controlling ownership of DOOM, Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, Dishonored, Prey, and various highly anticipated games like Starfield. After E3 2021, we practically have confirmation that the vast majority of these games will also be exclusive to platforms where Xbox Game Pass exists, effectively making them Xbox console exclusive.

You also have Xbox Game Pass, which is undeniably one of the best deals in gaming.

Microsoft has been investing in its first-party portfolio more than it ever has in the past. Hellblade II’s in-engine trailer from 2020 is tantalizing. Microsoft is absorbing major industry talent in California with its studio, The Initiative, to build Perfect Dark. Fable is coming back, built by a large team at Playground Games. And Forza Motorsport 8 is in the pipeline as well.

Microsoft continues to enjoy robust support from major third-party publishers, including Ubisoft, 2K, and EA. Microsoft also invests in projects from second-party studios, with Asobo’s Flight Simulator 2020, and Moon Studios’ Ori the Will of the Wisps. A cursory glance at our best upcoming Xbox games list reveals dozens of titles worth looking forward to.

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Xbox One Review: Games

Cuphead has technically appeared on Nintendo Switch as well, but we’re still counting it as an Xbox One exclusive.

At launch, Xbox One didn’t have the best selection of games, but in the years that have followed some real crackers – both exclusive and multiplatform – have hit the console, bolstering its ever-expanding library.

Halo 5: Guardians is easily one of the best and a must for new adopters. Integrating one of the best single-player campaigns into the series’ most robust multiplayer offering, Halo 5 is a shooter fan’s dream land. And with no certainty that Halo Infinite will launch on Xbox One in 2020 , Halo 5 remains your one-stop shop for spartan battles on Switch.

Xbox One supports all the usual iterative sports simulators, including FIFA 19, Madden 19, NBA 2K19, NHL 19 and more. For shooter fans outside of Halo, Xbox One has Overwatch, Paladins, Fortnite, PUBG and all the recent Call of Duties and Battlefields. It’s not exactly short on multi-platform games.

Fortnite is free-to-play and is full of fun and enjoyable modes to enjoy alongside the usual battle royale matches.

On the exclusives front, Xbox One doesn’t have quite the firepower of PS4, but it does have plenty of memorable games such as Cuphead, Forza Horizon 4, Gears of War 4 and more. There’s plenty more on the horizon, and you can play most if not all of them with a Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

System Software And Features

Both consoles feature a similar user interface to the Xbox One, but there has been a 40% reduction in memory use to improve its speed. According to the UI development team, the Home section loads in about half the time as it did on the Xbox One. Other changes include adding rounded UI elements, a more-readable font for text elements, rearrangement of certain aligned features, and improvements to the sharing functions. These changes were brought to the Xbox One system software, the Windows’ Xbox application, and the Xbox mobile application around September 2020. Based on system previews, about 200 GB of space was reserved on the internal drive of the Xbox Series X for system files.

The console’s Quick Resume feature will allow users to suspend and resume more than one game at a time, and also resume suspended games after a reboot of the console.

Several video and streaming media services will be available through the system software on the consoles’ launch notably, it will be the first time that Apple TV+ will be available on Xbox consoles.

Microsoft plans to migrate the xCloud service from Xbox One S-based blade servers to Xbox Series X-based systems by 2021.

The Xbox Game Preview program, which allows games to be released through an early access model, continued into the Xbox Series X/S line with Spacebase Startopia as the first such title offered under the program in January 2021.

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Hours Played Xbox Series X

Since youre here, you may be curious if things have improved with the newest console. If you do have an Xbox Series X, its important to mention that like the Xbox One, not all games on the Xbox Series X provide the time played.

But, if the game does provide this information youll find it under the Gaming tab on the Profile screen. Click the game youre interested in and select Progress. The hours played for that particular game will show here.

Xbox One Review: Controller


While the Elite controller is the best version of the Xbox One pad, this standard edition is still a brilliant little controller.

At first glance, the Xbox One’s controller looks like a dead-ringer for its predecessor. Dual thumbsticks, face buttons, shoulder bumpers, D-pad and twin triggers are all where you’d expect to find them. But pick it up and play with it and the improvements become apparent.

The triggers feel smooter, the D-pad and shoulder buttons feel more responsive and the twin-sticks meld snugly to the player’s thumbs. The pad overall feels more molded to the player’s hands and the smooth surface is svelte to the touch. Instead of a Start and Select button, you have an Apps and Menu button, but they serve the same purposes in-game.

The most notable improvement are the rumble-filters beneath the controller’s casing that give players a sense of immersion the Xbox 360 didn’t have physically.

Much has been made of the control pad’s re-design, but believe the hype this controller is a marked improvement on its predecessor. It’s build quality still feels a little plasticky, but it’s analog sticks are of a high quality when compared to easily frayed sticks on the PS4’s DualShock 4.

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Xbox Series X Price Analysis And Release Date

  • Xbox Series X release date: Out now
  • Xbox Series X price: $499 / £449 / AU$749

The Xbox Series X launched globally on November 10, 2020, giving Microsoft a two-day head start against Sony’s PS5, which released on November 12 .

Xbox Series X stock is hard to come by. Select retailers have shown Xbox Series X stock available to order, but supply has been snapped up almost immediately.

The Xbox Series X is priced at $499 / £449 / AU$749. A lower-specced, digital-only version of the console, the Xbox Series S, also launched on November 10, priced at $299.99 / £249.99 / AU$499.

While this isnt exactly pocket money, its a pretty decent price for the new Xbox. Its the same price as the Xbox One was at launch, and matches the MSRP of the Xbox One X, both of which are nowhere near as powerful as the Xbox Series X. And, considering that the Series X has specs similar to a gaming PC, the $500 mark is pretty good going youll be hard pressed to find a gaming PC at this price tag.

However, as mentioned, if you want get the most out of your Xbox Series X we recommend picking up an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which costs $15 / £10.99 / AU$15.95 a month . While this is an additional outlay, it does grant you extra access to hundreds of Xbox Game Pass games , Xbox Live Gold, cloud gaming and monthly free games, which should save you money in the long term compared with buying games separately.

  • Emits same amount of heat as Xbox One X
  • Minimal UI and dashboard updates

What Is The Preferred Internet Speed And Data Package For Xbox Live

Microsoft does have some minimum requirements for Xbox Live, but theyre very conservative.

Online gaming
< 150 milliseconds < 150 milliseconds

If you intend to play a lot of games online, you should really be ensuring your internet speed is over 10 megabits per second, and your ping is below 40. The faster your Net speed, the less lag there is between what you see on screen, and what is actually happening. Lag can cause a lot of frustration as you play. For example, it will feel like you just shot an opponent in a game, when in reality they were no longer in the spot they appeared to be in.

Also note that wireless connections will be slower than wired connections, and that your speed can be impacted by other people on the Network doing high-bandwidth activities such as downloading a large file on the family PC or streaming high definition TV or movies.

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How The Xbox One Might Be Different

I think the Xbox One is likely to follow this pattern as well, but with a few twists and turns in the process. By explicitly keeping the Xbox One in the product stack, Microsoft is telling developers to plan to optimize for three different platforms and two console generations. The fact that both are x86 CPUs with AMD GPUs will cut down on a lot of cross-platform headaches, but the fact remains that the older system uses a different and much less powerful CPU, combined with an older GCN architecture rather than newer RDNA2.

The original Xbox One SoC.

Nonetheless, theres no ignoring the fact that the original Xbox is built with either a decent low-end GPU or a low-end mid-range GPU, depending on how you want to split the difference. It lacks the fast storage of later platforms and it lacks the horsepower. Eventually, Microsoft is going to want to put the console out to pasture.

This may not sound like much in the PC world, where upgrading your hardware has always improved performance and visual quality in games. There are old titles you couldnt play at top-notch detail when they were new that will now play at those settings on integrated GPUs. World of Warcraft Classic, for example, runs just beautifully on the Surface Laptop 3s integrated Intel solution, even at high resolution. The most popular old titles often have extensive texture upgrade options, allowing you to breathe new life into old, dated titles. Fair point.

List Of States And Territories

New Xbox One Update Brings Social and Mobile Features

Several dependencies and similar territories with broad autonomy are also found within or in close proximity to Europe. This includes Åland , two constituent countries of the Kingdom of Denmark , three , and two . Svalbard is also included due to its unique status within Norway, although it is not autonomous. Not included are the three with devolved powers and the two , which despite having a unique degree of autonomy, are not largely self-governing in matters other than international affairs. Areas with little more than a unique tax status, such as and the , are also not included for this reason.

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Best Xbox Steering Wheel Hori Racing Wheel Overdrive: 8999 Gamecouk

There are more sophisticated and elaborate racing wheels for the Xbox series X but the full-size Hori wheel is built from the ground up to work perfectly with Microsofts next-gen console.

It has a simple design belying superb build quality and durability, and can be clamped to a table for a secure ride. Shifting paddles and turn ratios can all be customised in terms of function and sensitivity, and the wheel comes with a set of foot pedals for a complete racing simulation.

Why This Is The Case

Although one could argue that the lack of an hours played option is just happenstance, theres a bit more to it than that. After six years on the market, Microsoft wouldve solved it, otherwise.

The main thing about gaming consoles and video games, in general, is the aspect of getting hooked on playing them. With teens and tweens as main target groups, Microsoft knows that this may deter worried parents from purchasing video games for their children. This is, most likely, the main reason you cant find out for how long youve been playing a particular game on your Xbox One.

Although this might be frowned upon, you cant blame Microsoft for trying to sell more consoles, especially with PlayStation as their main competitor. Video games might be addictive but this addiction isnt really a dangerous one. All it essentially boils down to is consciously limiting your playtime. Plus, there actually is a way to see how many hours youve played an individual game for.

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Change The Volume Of Individual Party Members

We all have that one friend in our Call of Duty: Warzone squad who just speaks a little louder than is necessary, but with no way to turn them down without reducing your ability to hear the rest of the team, we simply had to grin and bear it.

With Xbox Series X, that niggling frustration is a thing of the past, as the console now lets you adjust the volume of individual party members, rather than the party as a whole. Finally, our eardrums can rest.

My Time Isnt Updating Whats Happening

How To Check When Your Xbox Live Runs Out On Xbox One 2021 (Works 100%)

Several users have reported that their Xbox isnt updating the time played on various games in various regions. While Microsoft hasnt released any official word on this some speculate that it is due to server maintenance issues. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eIf your achievements are not updating on your Xbox, try the Xbox app. Even though your console may have an issue, Microsoft should still track them so you may see them there.

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