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How Does Xbox Game Pass Work

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How Do I Cancel My Xbox Game Pass

XBOX GAME PASS! What Games Are in It AND How it Works!

Not feeling it? Or maybe you just want to press pause for a while? You can cancel your Xbox Game Pass subscription online or via your console. To do it online:

Go to

Either choose if you want to stop paying and lose immediate access or choose if you want to stop paying but continue playing until your subscription expires.

Then just follow the on-screen instructions until its done.

To cancel your Xbox Game Pass subscription via your console:

Go to > >

Choose , then press on your controller.

Under , select and follow the instructions.

Why Can’t I Use An Iphone

Microsoft had harsh words to say about Apple when it was not allowed to bring its streaming app to the iOS App Store.

Apple says its rules are very strict on apps that contain other apps, or look like a store. It has said every video game included in the Xbox Game Pass should be submitted individually for review.

Microsoft says Apple is the only major platform to “deny customers from cloud gaming” and says it will keep trying. But other game-streaming businesses, like Google Stadia, have had similar problems.

Does Microsoft Remove Games From The Library

Sometimes Microsoft will remove games from the library. As noted things are on a rotating list of sorts.

While many games will be available in Game Pass Ultimate for quite a long time, and some have been there since the beginning, many will also rotate out. Usually the ones that leave are the new releases that are offered to Game Pass Ultimate members the day of release.

And sometimes the games that leave are titles that have simply been there a while, not getting much play time.

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What Is Xbox Cloud Gaming

Xbox Cloud Gaming is Microsoft’s gaming service that lives on the internet. Despite its name, you don’t need an Xbox console to use the service.

In fact, the main draw to Xbox Cloud Gaming is that it lets you play Xbox games without a console nearby. It’s great if you don’t own an Xbox console, or if you’re currently away from one.

Xbox Cloud Gaming lets you play the latest games at their best graphics fidelity on devices that could otherwise not run it. For example, you can play games on your phone, an underpowered PC, or even a television without a console attached.

What Video Games Are In Xbox Game Pass On Pc

Xbox Game Pass PC: How to Subscribe &  Download Games

Xbox Game Pass for PC grants access to a rotating list of PC video games that update several times per month. The majority of titles stay within the library for an extended period of time so theres little pressure to complete games as quickly as possible.

Only around 10 or so games are removed from the Xbox Game Pass for PC library each month.

Despite the Xbox branding, no Xbox, Xbox 360, or Xbox One console games are made available to play on Windows 10 with an Xbox Game Pass for PC subscription. With an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, however, you can use Xbox Cloud Gaming on a Windows 10 PC, accessing games via the browser.

The full list of current Xbox Game Pass for PC video games can be viewed on the official Xbox Game Pass website and within the Xbox app.

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When Will Xbox Cloud Gaming Fully Launch On Ios

Xbox Game Pass has already been on Android for a while now, and the iOS version was in beta, along with the PC version. Access was invitation-only. On June 28, Xbox announced that the iOS and PC versions of Xbox Game Pass are now live for everybody. All you need to do is sign up for an Xbox Game Pass subscription and sign on, and you’re good to play games on your iOS device, whether you want to use touch controls or use a Bluetooth controller.

What Are The Compatible Devices

You can access Xbox Game Pass Ultimate from your Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox Series X, or Xbox Series S console.

You can also access it from your PC, and from your Android smartphone or tablet if youre playing games in the cloud. All Windows PCs will be compatible so long as theyre running a more current version of Windows.

And the same thing goes for Android smartphones and tablets. As long as its a semi current phone with a fairly up to date version of Android, you can play Xbox games in the cloud through the Game Pass app.

Microsoft also expanded cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to iOS devices and PC. Access through those two device types was rolled out to users in a limited closed beta on April 20, 2021. Invites to test the service in the closed beta began rolling out on April 20 and continued to roll out to new devices over time.

Within the next few weeks, the cloud gaming service of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be available for Windows 10 PC browsers, Mac, and iOS outside of beta.

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Xbox Game Pass Explained

Could the Xbox Game Pass be your new favourite way to game? Weve got all the info you need to find out.

26 Mar 2021

Ever find yourself cycling through the same old games? If your collections getting stale, Xbox Game Pass is definitely your friend. Get over a hundred games right at your fingertips, ready to play whenever it takes your fancy! And, even better, Xbox Game Pass has just had some really big news.

On 12th March Microsoft added 20 classic Bethesda titles to the Games Pass roster. This is huge, since Bethesda are one of the best game developers around. Beloved, critically acclaimed games like Doom, Wolfenstein, loads of Elder Scroll games – all of them are now included in Xbox Game Pass. Yes please.

And then theres the news about EA Play. Back in November, EA Play announced all their games were available as part of Xbox Game Pass, but only on console. PC gamers everywhere can rejoice though, because EA Play is now included in Xbox Game Pass for PC too! Were talking The Sims 4, Titanfall 2, a bunch of Star Wars games. Thats a lot of play to sink your teeth into.

Sound good? Well then lets back up a bit. Heres the lowdown on everything Xbox Game Pass.

What Is Xbox Cloud Gaming On Ios

Xbox Game Pass Walkthrough

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a game streaming service package that includes Xbox Game Pass, which gives you access to a big library of Xbox and PC titles, and Xbox Live Gold. More importantly, it gives you access to Xbox Cloud Gaming, which allows you to start playing certain Xbox games on other devices, like your iPhone or iPad. The best part about it is that it lets you continue a game you were playing on your Xbox from your iOS device and vice versa. You don’t need an Xbox to use this service. You need a Microsoft account and an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

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What Are Some Of Its Best Features

If you love to jump on the newest games as soon as theyre released, the Game Pass gives you immediate access to the biggest titles. Simply pre-install the game so that its ready to play the minute its officially released.

Youll also get a back catalogue that includes Xbox 360 and 2001 Xbox titles!

How Much Does The Service Cost

There are a few different plans to choose from when it comes to Game Pass. But this is about Xbox Game Pass Ultimate so well be focusing on that price. As well as what you get for it.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs $14.99 a month. If youre a first-time subscriber though, you get the first month for only $1. Which means you end up saving $42 over the course of three months. After that 90 days is up your monthly subscription fee goes up to the $14.99.

You can also subscribe to Game Pass for PC, or Game Pass for Console. Both of which cost $9.99 a month, but come with way less features. Its well worth paying the extra $5 to get the complete package.

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What Is Game Pass And How Does It Work

There are actually two different versions of Game Pass: the console pass covers all Xbox One systems and the PC pass works on any Windows 10 computer. There are a few differences between the two when it comes to software, game library, and price, but well talk about all of that in more detail later.

Besides that, Game Pass system is pretty simple: you pay the monthly subscription fee and get to download games included on the pass without any additional charges. One thing we want to make very clear right away is that this is not a streaming service. These games will be installed on and run off of your PC or console, meaning for PC gamers, your hardware will need to be up to the task.

What Is Xbox Game Pass

How Xbox Game Pass works on Xbox One

Xbox Game Pass gives you unlimited access to a game library for one monthly fee. Rather than paying for each game you want to play, you pay $10 per month for unlimited access to a catalog of games. You can play these games all you like. Theres also a fourteen-day free trial to get you started.

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Unlike Sonys PlayStation Now, which streams games over the Internet, Xbox Game Pass isnt doing anything too unconventional. Paying the subscription fee allows you to download games to your Xbox One and play them like you would any other game you purchased from the Xbox Store.

This service requires an Xbox One. Microsoft may one day extend Xbox Game Pass to Windows 10 PCs, but that hasnt happened yet. While it does incorporate Xbox 360 games, those games can only be played in backwards compatibility mode on an Xbox Onenot on an Xbox 360.

Note that Xbox Game Pass is separate from Xbox Live Gold, Microsofts subscription service that enables online multiplayer gameplay, allows access to game deals, and offers free games every month. You can use Xbox Game Pass without paying for Xbox Live Gold. However, if a game available via Xbox Game Pass has online multiplayer features, you can only play multiplayer if youre also paying for Xbox Live Gold.

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Xbox Game Pass Is Great For Taking A Risk

One of this years Xbox Game Pass launch-day releases was The Medium, developed and published by Polands Bloober Team. The game, which landed in between a lower-budget indie title and a major AAA game, seemed to fit nicely in the Game Pass model. It maybe was a game that wouldnt have fared well at a retail $70 price point, but one that likely wouldnt have been profitable at $20 either.

Regardless, The Medium has been a sales success for Bloober Team, turning a profit less than a week after release. Its uncertain if that had to do with individual $50 sales, or from what Microsoft doled out through Xbox Game Pass. Likely, it was a mix of the two.

At the moment, The Medium still is available for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Unlike Microsoft-published titles, its unclear if The Medium will stay on Game Pass indefinitely.

The new game on Game Pass isnt going to happen unless Microsoft owns the developer, said Michael Pachter, a research analyst at Wedbush Securities in an email interview with Toms Guide. Thats what happened with The Outer Worlds, but you dont see games launch there and stay there for more than a month from other publishers.

The Outer Worlds was developed by Obsidian Entertainment, which is a studio thats now owned by Microsoft, meaning the game will stay on Game Pass indefinitely. If Microsoft wanted to land a third-party exclusive, compensation would be based on how large the Game Pass subscriber pool is.

What You Need To Get Started With Xbox Cloud Gaming

First up, in order to enjoy Xbox Cloud Gaming, you need to be subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tier. This gives you access to Xbox Cloud Gaming, which will work on any compatible device you own. You don’t need to buy a new Pass for each device you own one Pass will cover you for every device you want to use.

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To get started with gaming on the cloud, you need a device that’s compatible with it. This is a lot easier than it sounds because Microsoft has been hard at work bringing Xbox Cloud Gaming to as many systems as possible.

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Xbox Game Pass 2021 Review: Is It Worth It

I feel like even the biggest Xbox and Microsoft haters on the planet are hard-pressed to find a reason to dislike this service. For a maximum of $15 a month, you get blanket access to all Xbox Game Studios games, and soon, all ZeniMax Media games, a ton of classic EA games, and various other third-party games, no questions asked.

What Is Xbox Cloud Gaming And How Does It Work

Xbox Game Pass for PC Beta Impressions – Does it Work? Is it Easy to Use? Is it a Good Value?

Did you know you can play Xbox games on your mobile phone? Here’s how it works.

Cloud gaming has the potential to become the future of gaming, and Microsoft knows it. To help give its customers an exclusive peek into the power of cloud gaming before its rivals can, Microsoft has introduced the Xbox Cloud Gaming service.

So, how does the Xbox Cloud Gaming service work, do you join it, and what devices is it available on? Let’s find out.

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Phil Spencer Explains How Developers Get Paid From Xbox Game Pass

With Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft is offering unique deals to developers depending on their situation.

Microsoft’s subscription service Xbox Game Pass offers a tremendous value with more than 100 games in the catalog and first-party titles, including Halo Infinite in 2021, launching into the program at no extra cost. But one of the biggest questions surrounding the platform is how developers make money from it.

Speaking to The Verge, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said Microsoft makes all different types of deals with developers, depending on their unique situations.

“Our deals are, I’ll say, all over the place. That sounds unmanaged, but it’s really based on the developer’s need,” Spencer explained. “One of the things that’s been cool to see is a developer, usually a smaller to mid-sized developer, might be starting a game and say, ‘Hey, we’re willing to put this in Game Pass on our launch day if you guys will give us X dollars now.’ What we can go do is, we’ll create a floor for them in terms of the success of their game. They know they’re going to get this return.”

In some other cases, Microsoft will completely fund the production cost of a game. In this situation, the developer can make money from retail sales, while Microsoft may also allow these games to release on PlayStation, Switch, and PC, with the developers taking in that revenue, too. Microsoft uniquely benefits in these types of situations by having a game launch day-and-date on Xbox Game Pass.

How Does Xbox Game Pass Work: On Pc On Mobile Cost

What is Xbox Game Pass? Xbox Games Pass is the Xbox subscription service that gives gamers access to an increasingly large games library , that you can download and play on an Xbox One, the Xbox Series X/S and also Xbox Game Pass for PC. This article will go into more detail about the Xbox Games Pass, such as price, features and the Xbox Game Pass list of available games.

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Why Is Microsoft Doing This

Subscription services are where there is big money to be made.

A monthly fee of £10.99 is £131.88 a year.

Earlier in 2020, Microsoft said it had 90 million subscribers playing on its basic Xbox Gold service – and it is probably hoping to push as many as possible into the higher bracket.

And many people will buy a console anyway – they are usually cheaper than building a high-end gaming PC.

Perks Available For Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscribers

Xbox Game Pass: el Netflix de los videojuegos llega a México

Here are all of the perks currently available, as well as the deadlines for claiming them:

Current as of January 5th, 2022

  • – Halo Infinite – Pass Tense MA40 AR Bundle
  • SMITE X TRANSFORMERS – Autobots. Roll Out!
  • – Black Desert – Special Gift Bundle
  • – Disney+ – Enjoy Endless Series, Movies, and Originals
  • – Phantasy Star Online 2 – January Member Monthly Bonus
  • – Apex Legends – RIG Helmet Weapon Charm
  • – World of Warships: Legends – Hero’s Companion
  • – Crunchyroll Premium – Try Mega Fan Free For 75 Days
  • – Marvel’s Avengers – Disney+ Day Perks Pack
  • – Back 4 Blood – Battle-Hardened Bundle
  • – YouTube Premium – 3-Month Trial
  • – Dauntless – New Year’s Bundle
  • – Rogue Company – Season 4 Perk Pack
  • – Gems of War – Borealis Winter Bundle
  • – Super Animal Royale – Xbox Exclusive Perks Bundle
  • – Vigor – Make It Rain Bundle
  • – Discord Nitro – 3 Free Months of Nitro
  • May 3, 2022Spotify Premium – 4 months of ad-free music

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