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How Does Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Work

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Phil Spencer Himself On Gamers Worried About Game Pass

Does Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Work with a VPN?

There is a great interview on Eurogamer where Xbox Game Studios head Phil Spencer talks about some consumers concerns about Game Pass. Here is an excerpt.

The thing at the highest level, which will probably get me in trouble, is as gamers you should focus on what you want, not focus on, like, my P& L , or the P& L of the console you chose to invest in. I see this dialogue about somebody worried that somehow Xbox is gonna make less money, or their console is gonna make less money if they tell me a game is going to be on a different platform before it actually comes out, or its gonna be in a subscription, which is really what I want, but somehow thats gonna mean less money for them so I dont want them to do that because Id rather pay more money so

You should focus on you as a gamer and the things that matter to you. We as the people running the business I am incented to run a good business inside of Microsoft and in the long term. Ive been here for 31 years. I dont know that Ill make 31 more, but Im not going anywhere tomorrow. Were building an Xbox business for the long run. Ill tell you, Game Pass today is a strong part of that, and it continues to get stronger, and it supports the building of great IP.

Phil Spencer to Eurogamer

Ultimately time will tell but I think its too early to have this concern. Also the quality of games available on Game Pass has gone up since the service has lost, the opposite of what this poor quality buffet theory suggest.

Xbox Cloud Gaming From September 2020

Microsoft’s cloud game streaming platform formerly known as Project xCloud is an official product as of September 2020, and is part of the increasingly attractive Game Pass Ultimate package.

The library of games has shrunk somewhat from that which was offered during the testing period, but there are still some of Microsoft’s finest in there for launch along with some top titles from third-party publishers. Most recently, titles brought in-house with Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda have joined the game streaming ranks.

Cloud Gaming is part of the main Game Pass app for Android, while on iOS, Mac, Chrome OS, and Linux, Xbox Cloud Gaming is available through the browser.

How Many Games Are Available

So Xbox Game Pass is pretty simple: For $10 per month, you get access to a catalog of games and you can download and play them all you want on your Xbox One.

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What makes or breaks a service like this is the selection of games. As of July 12, 2017, there are 119 games available in the catalog. They arent all Xbox One games. In fact, the majority of them are Xbox 360 games that you can play on your Xbox One through the backwards compatibility feature.

You will see some big-name games here. Youll find five games from the Gears of War series, Halo 5: Guardians, all three BioShock games, NBA 2K16, Saints Row IV: Re-Elected, and more. But the list is rounded out with older Xbox 360 games and smaller indie games. That doesnt mean theyre bad, but you certainly arent getting all the latest full-price Xbox One games. You can view the full list of Xbox Game Pass games on Microsofts website. Microsoft adds new games every month.

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How Does The $1 Xbox Game Pass Upgrade Deal Work

Ok, here is the deal. Since Xbox Game Pass Ultimate first launched, there has been a frequent promotion that allows you to upgrade to a month of Ultimate for only $1. That alone is a pretty cool deal but, it goes much deeper than that.

The way this promotion frequently works is that if you have Xbox Live Gold, Xbox or PC Game Pass, you stack all of the services time together and it converts into time for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

What do I mean? Ill break it down. Lets say, you already have Xbox Live Gold paid for lets say, 10 months. Well for $1, you will get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for that 10 months of Xbox Live Gold+1 extra month for upgrading. That makes a 11 total months of ultimate.

Another example. Lets say you have 6 months of gold and already have 3 months of game pass you paid for. For $1 you would then get that 6 months of gold plus your 3 months of game pass added together to become 9 months total. Then you get the extra 1 month for upgrading for a total of 10 months of Game Pass Ultimate.

You can stack up to 36 months together. THis deal only works if you havent previously already upgraded to Game Pass Ultimate. This specific promotion seems to come and go. You can look into it more if you are thinking about upgrading to see if this deal is still valid.

I myself made the upgrade a few months back. If you really want to get a lot value out of it I highly suggest adding more months of Xbox Live Gold before the upgrade.

Xbox Live Gold: Who Its For

Microsoft announces Xbox TV app and xCloud stick  geaRXNews

Xbox Live Gold starts at $9.99 per month and is currently required for playing most Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S games online. It also gets you access to a handful of free games every month, as well as exclusive discounts.

If you only play a handful of online titles on your Xbox One, Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S and arent interested in the hundreds of games available on Game Pass, youll technically save a bunch of money sticking with Gold compared to the $14.99 per month Game Pass Ultimate subscription. And since Gold is no longer required to play free-to-play titles such as Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone, you could get by without paying for either service depending on your game of choice. But its worth considering the long-term value of switching to Game Pass Ultimate.

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Xbox Game Pass For Pc

Play over 100 high-quality PC games on Windows 10. Now includes iconic Bethesda games, new day one titles, and the EA Play on PC catalog. Join now to get your first month for $1.

Subscription continues automatically at $11.99/mo. unless cancelled through your Microsoft Account. See terms*. Requires Windows 10 and the Xbox app to play PC games. Get help here.

How Much Is Xbox Game Pass

So what is the Xbox Game Pass price? There are several different subscription options available. You can choose the Xbox Game Pass for consoles, or Xbox Game Pass PC alone for $9.99 per month, or the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate version for $14.99. If you prefer not to have a monthly subscription, you can also choose to purchase a Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 12 Month, 3 Month or 1 Month digital code through .

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Is Xbox Game Pass A Bad Thing For The Gaming Industry

I have been seeing this question now and then. It seems that some people view Game Pass as a bad thing. Game Pass is still very new and evolving, right now I feel like its a great service and a good thing for consumers and many developers. With that said I think its worth diving into some of the negativities I have seen associated with Game Pass.

You dont own the games: This is absolutely true, when you sign up for Game Pass, you do not own any of the game associated with it. You are essential renting them.

Thinks of it like Redbox, Blockbuster, Netflix. You are paying for access to these games. They go away when you end your subscription or if they get taken out of the service.

I think its a reasonable and fair proposition. The consumer always has the option to buy the games as well. Its not as if all of your save data and time put into the games goes away if a game leaves the service.

Game Pass Cheapens the Value of games: I dont know if there is enough evidence out there to suggest this. In theory I suppose it could make some gamers value games less. There are certainly games I havent bought because I know I can get them on Game Pass.

Does that mean I no longer will pay full price for games? No, I still buy games that arent on Game Pass all the time. Nor do I expect all games to be cheaper or available through another service. I can only speak for myself here though.

What Is And How Does Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Work For Xbox And Pc

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Conversion Overview – How it Works, What’s Included, $1 Deal & More!

If you are a fan of Xbox games, then we will tell you about the new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This is the full version of Xbox Game Pass , and its Ultimate offer gives you many advantages, so you can enjoy the world of Xbox.

Remember that with Xbox Game Pass we can have access to a catalog of more than 200 titles that allow us to enjoy many games. When you buy Xbox Game Pass Ultimate , you can enjoy many benefits , which you will love to know and enjoy both on your console and PC.

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Do You Get A Discount On Xbox Game Pass Games

Typically yes. There are appears to be a discount system in place that breaks down in the following way.

If a game has been on Game Pass for less than 30 days: 0% Discount.

If game has been on Game Pass after 30 days: 10% Discount.

If a game has been on Game Pass for more than 90 days: 20% Discount.

Does Xbox Game Pass Work On Multiple Devices

The central idea behind the Game Pass, is that your subscription is linked to your Xbox profile, rather than a specific console. So this means that you can use your Game Pass on any device that supports the service an Xbox, a PC, or an Android device. So in that sense, yes, it does work on multiple devices.

But the question can also be interpreted as: does Game Pass work on multiple devices at the same time? The answer in this case, is a little more nuanced. It is possible, just, to use Game Pass on two devices. In order to do this, you would need to designate an Xbox as your Home console. Anyone who then uses that console can access the benefits of Game Pass. Meanwhile, you would be able to sign in on another device using your Xbox profile, and also enjoy access to your Game Pass.

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$10 Per Month Or $60 Per Year

Xbox Live Gold is the online subscription service that started in 2002 for the original Xbox, and it allowed players to play multiplayer games online with voice chat. Since then it has offered more benefits such as special discounts and four free games monthly. A subscription for Xbox Live Gold costs $10 per month .

Adding to the nomenclature confusion: The online network has heretofore been known as Xbox Live, but will soon be changing its name to “Xbox network.” But it appears that Xbox Live Gold isn’t going anywhere.

For now, you need Xbox Live Gold to play any online multiplayer games. But recently, it appears Microsoft might change the rules to allow Xbox gamers to play free-to-play games online such as Fortnite and Apex Legends.

But here’s the important takeaway: Xbox Game Pass includes Xbox Live Gold, and adds access to dozens of games, too. Anyone interested in Gold should check out Game Pass first.

How Do They Afford To Sell Game Pass For So Cheap How Is This Sustainable

Buy Xbox Game Pass Ultimate+GOLD+EA ACCESS 12 mo. 400 ...

Well I dont work for Microsoft or Xbox so I dont know the exact details but basically, it looks like they are willing to offer so much value up front because its really good marketing.

Right now they want to get as many people into the Game Pass service as possible to build their audience. Letting people jump in for $1 or other low prices gets them into the subscription ecosystem.

The more people they have subscribed, the more monthly/yearly revenue they can generate from the service. Also the more people on board, the more attractive the service could be for some developers.

Essentially, Microsoft is probably taking a hit up front to hopefully reap high financial benefits down the line as Game Pass becomes more a household service. This is all just speculation but seems to make sense.

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How Does Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Work

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is very simple. You pay a monthly subscription fee and you immediately gain access to a large library of Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360, and even original Xbox games that you can then play for free either on your Xbox One or PC.

All you need to do is sign up for the service, look through the catalog either on your system or through the Xbox Game Pass app and choose to install as many games as you like. There’s no limit and you can play the games for as long as they’re available through the service.

One thing that makes Xbox Game Pass Ultimate very different from something like Netflix is that you don’t stream the games. Instead, you download them before playing them. If you have a poor internet connection speed, this may be an issue, especially if you have limited bandwidth from your ISP. You may also need to consider hard drive space on your Xbox One or PC and need to delete games before you can download new ones.

Otherwise, there are no restrictions implemented by Microsoft when it comes to how much you can download.

Games can leave the service. Once they do, you can’t play them anymore unless you purchase them separately. Similarly, if your subscription expires, you no longer have access to the games you’ve downloaded, although you will retain any progress you’ve made so you can return to them if you choose to resubscribe.

How Much Does Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Cost

Xbox Games Pass Ultimate is priced at $14.99/£10.99 a month. You can cancel at any time.

As mentioned, it includes Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Games Pass for PC and EA Play. Plus, Microsoft’s cloud service, Cloud Gaming, is part of Ultimate at no extra cost.

The standard console-only version of Games Pass doesn’t include Gold, EA Play, Cloud Gaming or the PC version. It costs $9.99/£7.99 a month. It’s the same price for the PC-only version when subscribed to separately. Ultimate is clearly the better deal.

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Is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Worth It

For anyone with a relatively small game library, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is an incredible value. Microsoft is pushing the service hard with its new consoles, and the pricing reflects that. Its easily the best deal in gaming.

That said, if youre someone who plays one or two competitive games online, its probably cheaper to buy the game and pay for Xbox Live Gold. Likewise, for PC-only gamers, Xbox Game Pass for consoles and Xbox Live Gold are useless for you.

For everyone else, though, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cant be beaten. The addition of EA Play in 2020 was the icing on the cake.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: What Is It

How to get Xbox Game Pass Free Every Month (Ultimate 2021) Complete Guide

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the combination of two services offered to gamers by Xbox: Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. You’ll get both services for one monthly fee rather than paying out for the two modes separately, which will save you money and hassle.

Game Pass is the bit that gives you access to Microsoft’s bulging library of games across the history of the console. A huge list of games will become free for you to download and play at any time, with no limits to what you download or how much you play, so long as you continue to subscribe.

Some of the games on this list are even top-tier titles, like Sea of Thieves, Senua’s Sacrifice, or any and all games from the Halo, Gears or Forza series.

And if any of these games are part of the Xbox Play Anywhere system, like Ori and the Will of the Wisps, you can switch over to play them on your PC or smartphone and continue your progress elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Xbox Live Gold is the online multiplayer aspect of Microsoft gaming, though there are a few other benefits to signing up.

The multiplayer aspect is the big part of Live Gold. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to form and join voice parties with friends, send messages and play online friends.

However, Microsoft also gives you the chance to download and play four additional games every month. Two of them will be Xbox One titles, and the other two will be backwards compatible games from the history of Xbox.

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Is Xbox Live Going Away

Microsoft isnt planning to rename Xbox Live or discontinue Xbox Live Gold. It is an important part of gaming on Xbox today, and will continue to be in the future. While its clear Xbox Live Gold isnt going away, Microsofts statement doesnt mean the service wont be made free at some point in the future.

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