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How Do You Take Apart An Xbox One Controller

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How to take apart an Xbox One Controller
  • After unscrewing all the screws, the controller will come apart. Turn your controller, give a little shake, tap all the screws out and lift out the face plate carefully .
  • Next, flip the controller again and remove the back plate. Just be careful that you dont catch any wires.
  • You now have access to the rumble motors, triggers, and some additional screws that you can leave alone unless you need to replace specific components on the circuit board. To access most of the other components, remove the assembly from the front case and flip it around.

  • Now from the front side, you can clean the buttons, analog sticks, remove the analog sticks, remove the d-pad ring and d-pad, and more.
  • In this way we can easily take apart Xbox one controller for cleaning and repairing. Use the professional or normal screwdriver and follow the above steps very gently. To reassemble the controller, simply reverse all these steps again. Place the controller assembly back in the front case, close the rear case, tight again all screws and then cover the grip covers and battery cover back into place.

    Dissembling the Xbox One controller with Torx screwdriver may be the best option because its really easy to use. But if the Torx screwdriver is not available at your home and still you need to fix the controller ASAP, use the normal screwdriver for the same purpose.

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    Why You Should Consider Cleaning Your Xbox One Controller

    There are two main reasons why you should take cleaning your Xbox One controller seriously:

  • To avoid the spread of germs
  • To maintain the top performance available with the device
  • As such, you should be sure to have the right cleaning equipment available:

    • Cotton swap
    • Anti-bacterial wipes
    • Small vacuum cleaner/cleaner with a narrow nozzle

    All these items can be used together to help clean your Xbox One, or Xbox Series, controller. Before you start cleaning, take a few minutes to gather them together, along with your controller, on a clean and tidy surface.

    How To Take Apart Xbox One Controller Complete Guide

    How to take apart the Xbox One controller can be a very confusing task for people who do not know exactly what they are doing. With so many different kinds of Xbox Ones that you can choose from, you really need to know how to remove them before you can start using them again.

    The Xbox One controller is made up of two main pieces. The first piece is called the transmitter and the second is called the receiver. Both of these parts need to be taken apart properly before you are going to be able to put them back together again.If you do not take these two pieces apart properly then there are a lot of problems that you will encounter when you try to put them back together. If you make the mistake of trying to remove the transmitter by yourself then you will find that it will be difficult for you to do it correctly. You will also find that it will be quite dangerous if you take this route as well because you could possibly break a bone when you try to take the pieces apart.

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    Tools For Taking Apart An Xbox One Controller

    Before going to take apart and disassemble an Xbox One controller, choose the clean and clear workspace at your home. It will help you to prevent screws or other parts from falling on the floor or getting lost. After that, try to arrange some tools for disassembling your Xbox one controller. Otherwise, its not possible for you.

    According to the Google search quarries, some users want to know how to how to take apart xbox one controller without screwdriver or how to open xbox one controller without torx. But believe me guys, dont go for teardown of your Xbox one controller without having the proper tools.

    • Screwdriver or T-8 safety Torx : If you are ready to tear down your Xbox One controller at your own home, use a Torx bit in a driver or use a dedicated Torx driver but it has to be a T-8 safety Torx. Its because a regular T-8 Torx will not fit into the Xbox One controller screws.
    • Prying tool : Use the professional paying tool or anything that is enough to fit inside the gap of the controller housing and the end covers. Alternatively, you can use the ATM card or visiting card or SIM card etc.

    How To Clean Your Xbox Controller Without Taking It Apart

    How to Take Apart an Xbox One Controller

    Most Xbox controller cleaning jobs require nothing more than an external sweep. Still, even if your controller seems relatively clean, you should give it a full cleaning. Sweat and dust can easily build up in the crevices of your controller, and although you may not see the buildup, its almost certainly there. Heres what youll need to clean your Xbox controller without taking it apart:

    • Cotton swabs
    • Isopropyl alcohol
    • Canned compressed airl
    • Spray bottle

    You may need water as well, depending on the percentage of your isopropyl alcohol. In order to be considered rubbing alcohol, a bottle of isopropyl alcohol needs to be at least 70% alcohol to 30% water. If your bottle has a higher percentage, you may need to dilute it with water. Dont go overboard, though isopropyl alcohol is still the recommended cleaning medium.

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    Four Reasons To Take Apart An Xbox One Controller

    Your Xbox One controller gets a lot of action. As a result, it needs to be regularly maintained. Beyond occasionally wiping the buttons clean, you probably don’t do this.

    However, maintenance to ensure long term performance from the controller requires you need to know how to safely take the Xbox One controller apart. This might be to:

  • Repair or replace a thumbstick
  • Repair or replace a button or trigger
  • Check battery connections
  • Clean any dirt that has accumulated around the controls
  • Keep reading to learn how to open your Xbox One controller for cleaning and repairs. Note that these steps are specifically for Microsoft-produced Xbox One and Xbox One S controllers rather than later or third party devices. If you have a third-party Xbox One controller, these typically feature eight screws than can be removed with a small Philips screwdriver.

    Having said that, you can use this guide to open a first generation Xbox Series X/S controller.

    How To Take Apart And Disassemble An Xbox One Controller

    Jul 30, 2019 How to take apart an Xbox One controller · Slide the pry tool between the plastic seam on the grips as shown. · Next, well remove the screws.

    14 steps · 1 hr · Materials: Xbox One Controller Action Button Gasket, Xbox One 1.Remove the battery pack cover.2.We recommend using a nylon spudger for this step. A metal spudger is shown.3.There is a hidden screw located in the middle of the controller behind the label.

    Jan 12, 2021 How to Take Apart an Xbox One Controller · Use a prying tool to gently separate the right or left grip cover. · Once the covers have started to

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    Reasons To Take Apart Your Xbox One Controller

    There are various reasons which require you to take apart your controller, ranging from simple cleaning to fixing issues with buttons or joysticks. Below are four possible reasons that warrant disassembling your Xbox One controller:

  • Drifting thumbsticks
  • Inoperable Audio Jack
  • Sticking buttons
  • Once youve successfully taken apart the controller, you will have access to each of these components and more, and you can attempt repairs without getting into advanced techniques like de-soldering wires.

    Fully Teardown Your Xbox One Controller

    How to Take Apart an Xbox One Controller

    Want to know more about how your Xbox One controller works? Consider a full teardown, stripping the device down to just the PCBs. You might even take this a step further and detach the triggers, thumbsticks, buttons, and more.

    Be aware that a further teardown will expose electrical components. As such, you will need to take precautions to deal with the risk of static electricity damaging your controller.

    Going further, four thin wires can be found on the left and right side of the controller . Two wires on each side are for the rumble motor, while the other four connect the two PCBs. These can be de-soldered with care, but this is only really necessary if you’re stripping it down for replacement components.

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    The PCBs, meanwhile, can be detached from the interior plastic chassis by removing four small screws.

    Take care labelling and annotating the procedure, however, or else you’ll end up with a controller you can’t play with!

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    Repair And Replace The Thumbstick

    Once the Xbox One controller is open, you can conduct a variety of repairs. Fixing unresponsive buttons with additional cleaning and thumbstick repair are examples of this. In most situations, this problem may be resolved by soldering a short metal rod into the thumbstick and inserting it into the circuit board’s analog controller.

    How To Take Apart Xbox One Controller Without Torx

    In this section, we will show you how to take apart Xbox One controller without Torx.

    Now, here is the tutorial.

  • Prepare a 2mm slotted screwdriver. It would be better if it is electronics grade.
  • Then take down the two millimeters slotted bit. There are seven screws including the hidden bonus screw.
  • Wedge the screwdriver and you can unscrew them easily. You must unscrew all of them. Otherwise it wont be taken apart.
  • After that, you have successfully disassembled Xbox One controller without Torx.
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    Remove Torx Screw Behind The Battery Pack

    Located behind the battery pack cover is a sticker with device and warranty information. The middle of this sticker is covering a screw that is needed to separate the front, and back of the Xbox One controller.

    This will void your warranty on the controller. Microsoft will not repair a controller or console that has been tampered with.

    Poke a hole in the sticker with your screwdriver. Remove the screw behind the sticker and set it aside in a safe place for when we reassemble the Xbox One Controller.

    S To Take Apart Xbox One Controller

    How to Take Apart an Xbox One Controller

    First, you need to take a tray or something to keep screws and other parts of the controller. You should not miss any of them.

    • Remove the batteries first.
    • Get the prying tool and slide it through the plastic seam on the grips.
    • Apply some force with the tool and get rid of the grip.
    • There are two grips. Do the same for the other one as well.
    • After that, remove each of the screws.
    • Once the screws are removed the Controller will come apart. Be careful with it when you pull it apart. If you do it too hard, the cables may get damaged.
    • Get the T8 screwdriver and remove the five security screws. One of the screws is hidden behind the sticker of the battery housing.
    • Now lift the back panel.
    • Also, you can lift it apart from the main controller now.

    Right now you can replace the thumbstick, D-pad, and other buttons at this stage. Now you have taken apart the Controller. You will be seen the PCB now and further repair may need some electronic knowledge. Now let’s go through some of the tasks that you can perform after disassembling the Controller.

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    Now You Know How To Clean Your Xbox One Controller

    From simple exterior cleaning to cracking it open to clean inside, your Xbox One or Series S|X controller should now be clean.

    We’ve given you everything you need to clean your Xbox One controller, except the materials. Be sure you have them on hand before you start cleaning. Keeping your game controller clean is something you can easily keep on top of with a quick wipe down. However, you should probably make a point of giving your Xbox One controller a deep clean once a month.

    Once you’re done with your game controllers, it might be time to make your workspace clean and virus free.

    What You Will Need To Disassemble Your Xbox One Controller

    Opening an Xbox One controller isn’t as easy as cracking open an old radio. You can’t use standard screwdrivers to get inside an Xbox One controller. Instead, you’ll need a Torx screwdriver—and that’s not all:

    • Torx screwdriver
    • Flathead screwdriver
    • Plastic prying tools
    • Plastic spudger or disposable knife

    Don’t have all the tools needed to gain access to your Xbox One controller’s interior? Worry not—various Xbox One controller tool kits can be bought online.

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    S To Disassembling The Xbox One Controller

    Follow the steps below to take apart Xbox One controller

  • Use a tray to avoid any loss of the screws or other parts of the Xbox One Controller.
  • First of all, use a prying tool to separate the left or right grip cover.
  • After the covers start to separate, use your hands to carefully pull them off.
  • Remove both of the grips with this process.
  • Remove your battery cover and the battery.
  • Now you can unscrew the device, start with the hidden screw inside the battery place. Use the T-8 safety Torx bit, do this process carefully.
  • Now unscrew the screws at the grip with the help of a Torx bit or driver.
  • Do this for both of the grips.
  • When you unscrew the controller, it will come apart.
  • Now you can get access to the various components of the Xbox one controller. Includes rumble motors, triggers, and additional screws that should be untouched unless you need to replace any of the components from the Circuit board. To get access to more components, you can remove the assembly from the front end and take it out.
  • Here you can remove the analog sticks, d-pad ring, and d-pad, and many more. You can replace them I needed otherwise you can clean the buttons and all other components.
  • If your d-pad isnt working correctly, you can fix this. Use a pray tool or tweezer to pop off the spring steel d-pad ring.
  • Lift the d-pad arms, this will apply more pressure, and reassemble it. If the problem still persists, you need to replace it with a new d-pad ring.
  • Remove The Screws Of Xbox One Controller

    How to Take Apart Xbox One Controller & Assemble (No Torx Needed)

    If your controller has never been taken apart, the sticker inside the battery compartment will be intact. You will need to push through the sticker with your Torx bit or cut it away to access the hidden screw.

  • Unscrew the security screws : Now you will see 5 screws on the Xbox One Controller body. If you are unable to find the 5th screw, check the hidden screw inside the battery compartment. Remove all the 5 Torx Security Bit screws with the Use a T-8 safety Torx bit.
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    Remove The Xbox One Controller Handle Covers

    The next step is to remove the handle covers from the side of the Xbox One controller. This will allow you access the torx screws to remove the front and back panels of the controller.

    Id highly recommend using something like a small plastic trim tool so you dont damage the plastic on the controller.

    If you dont happen to have a plastic trim tool, you can gently pry the plastic cover handles off with a small flathead screwdriver.

    Note: This may damage the plastic finish on your controller.

    The easiest way to remove the handles is to insert your plastic trim tool or flathead screwdriver at the base of the handle where the back, sides, and front of the controller molding all meets.

    Once you get hold of an edge, gently pry it off the controller. You might hear a few snaps those are typically the clips releasing. Just make sure nothing is broken in the process.

    You can always buy replacement parts controller parts on Amazon if you accidentally break parts and need to replace them.

    Reasons To Take Apart Xbox One Controller

    If your Xbox Controller is not able to run there is definitely some problem. I hope you will try to fix it with the basic troubleshooting methods and have already updated the firmware.

    You can take apart Xbox One Controller to do some more fixes. Here there are some reasons that lead to this type of problem.

    • Drifting analog Sticks To solve this, you can clean the analog sticks and if necessary, you can replace them.
    • Malfunctioning D-Pad To solve this, you can solve this problem by carefully pry up the tabs which are on the spring assembly. This will push down with more force, moreover, you can replace them if required.
    • Inoperable audio jack You can check the jack is properly set up or connected, replace them if required.
    • Sticking Buttons For this problem, you will need to clean it. You can use the canned air or any other method to remove the dust stick to it. It is possible after removing the circuit board assembly from the controller housing.

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    > the Best Way To Require Aside An X

    How to take apart Xbox one controller now to know just how exactly to take-apart x-box One control, we offer you all the tutorials that can be not difficult to follow along with!

    1) To begin with, we must get ready the essential goods: t 6 T8 t-10 Screwdriver package, also obviously, x-box Certainly control.

    2) You may use the tray to stop wires or alternative areas from falling onto the ground or becoming missing.

    3) Just take the orange pry software in the application package.

    4) Twist the pry program between your vinyl seam onto the grips.

    5) Lever the clasp away in the home to control human anatomy. Be aware there is additional glue retaining it in place below the plastic, and so you shouldnt be scared of employing a few drives.

    6) Continue doing this to grips.

    7) Future, we will get rid of the screws. As soon as the screws have been removed, your x box control will soon probably emerge like a sandwich. Be exceptionally careful since, if you pull it away too much, you can hurt the cable which connects the battery into the circuitry.

    8) Come across your t-8 screwdriver in the own apparel, and start taking away the 5 screws. Certainly, one of those wires will be hidden supporting the decal on your own battery home.

    9) At this time youre able to look in the inner workings of ones gamepad.

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