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How Do You Play Xbox Games On Your Phone

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Does The Type Of Controller I Use Matter

Stream Xbox To Your Phone, Play Anywhere! | Game Pass & Remote Play

Many Xbox games cannot be played by touchscreen . For this reason, a bluetooth controller is recommended when playing Xbox games on your phone. But will any controller do?

While there are a few different Xbox controller options to choose from as listed here at , your best option is the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. It offers the most comfort and offers a pretty reliable bluetooth connection. That said, you can use any bluetooth Xbox controller that you want. You dont even have to use an Xbox controller there are many generic controllers that will still work with both apps .

How To Play Xbox Games On Your Phone With Microsoft Xcloud

Stream Xbox games directly to your phone with Microsoft’s xCloud game-streaming service. Here’s what you need to get started and how to use the service.

The Xbox Series X and S are here, but if you’d rather not spend several hundred dollars on a next-gen console, Microsoft’s xCloud game-streaming service brings top titles to your mobile device, provided you have a robust internet connection. It’s easy to use, but you’ll need a few things before you get started.

What’s Xbox Play Anywhere

If you bought a game digitally on Xbox, it’s attached to your account. Some of these digital games are ‘Xbox Play Anywhere’ titles, meaning that Xbox allows you to play it on your computer without having to buy it again. You can work on the same save files and achievements on both devices. Most Game Pass games are Xbox Play Anywhere titles.

Only games on the Xbox Play Anywhere list can be enjoyed on your PC. Many people who are subscribed to the Game Pass enjoy it but you can also buy individual titles if you prefer. To check if you’ll be able to play a particular Xbox game on PC, search for it on their website or on the Xbox PC app.

Here’s how to do it:

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What Is Remote Play

Remote play uses the Xbox App to give you full control of your Xbox Series X or Series S console. And unlike streaming Game Pass, which you cant use on Apple devices, you can use remote play on your iPhone or iPad.

It bypasses Microsofts servers to create a direct connection to your console. Instead of gaming through the cloud, youre loading a game thats already installed on your console, and your device acts as the screen.

Remote play is a fantastic way to enjoy your Xbox One and Series S/X games on the go . Provided you have a good connection on both sides, youll be able to use it wherever you are.

How To Set Up Xcloud With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Releases Beta App For Android So You Can Play Games ...

Setting up Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on your phone is a straightforward process.

1. Download the Xbox Game Pass app

First, you’ll have to download the Xbox Game Pass app from the or your respective Android phone’s storefront. At this time, xCloud isn’t supported on iOS because of Apple’s terms of service were too restrictive until earlier this month.

2. Log in to the App using your Microsoft account

You’ll have to connect your Microsoft account to the app before you can access your games online via the Cloud tab within the app.

3. Subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

In order to play titles via xCloud, you will need an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which will be attached to your Microsoft account if you’re already a subscriber.

The service normally costs $14.99 a month, but Microsoft is offering new subscribers their first month for only $1 in order to get more people into the service.

4. Start playing!

After that’s all set up, you should be ready to go. Just choose one of the supported games, connect a controller, you will be able to start playing.

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Head To The Xbox Console Companion App To Find Your Xbox

On your computer, download the ‘Xbox Console Companion’ app. It’s worth noting that this is different than the ‘Xbox’ app. Once you have it, choose the ‘Connections’ tab from the sidebar it’s second from the bottom and uses a minimalistic picture of an Xbox console.

Clicking it will prompt the app to look for local Xboxes to connect with. Choose yours from the menu that comes up! Note that it will only appear as long as your Xbox and your computer are using the same WiFi network.

Stream From The Cloud

This service only works if you subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate, which costs $15 per month.

With this plan, you can not only stream your purchased Xbox games but more than 100 games in the current Game Pass library. You cannot stream these games from the cloud using the Xbox app this service requires the Xbox Games Pass app.

Microsoft still lists this service as a beta, so expect some issues for now.

Note: You are not required to install these games on your Xbox One console.

Step 1: Open the Xbox Game Pass app.

Step 2: Sign in to the same Microsoft Account used to access your Xbox One console.

Step 3: Tap the Cloud tab.

Step 4: Tap the green Play button on any game you own or from the Game Pass library.

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How To Stream Xbox Games To Your Phone Or Pc With Remote Play

Remote Play lets you stream games from your Xbox to your phone, tablet, or PC. It’s convenient and easy to use, but you will have to set it up first. Here’s how to get started streaming your Xbox games locally.

Image: Microsoft

If you have an Xbox, it goes without saying that the best experience is sitting on your couch in front of a big HDR TV with good gaming features. But sometimes your TV isn’t availablemaybe you’re out of the house, someone else is hogging the living room, or youre just too lazy to get out of bed for some Gears of War. Microsoft has you covered with Remote Play, allowing you to stream games from your Xbox right to your phone, tablet, or PC.

It should be noted that this is different from Xbox Cloud Gaming , which streams games from Microsofts own servers to your device. Remote Play renders those games on your home Xbox to another device. The feature doesn’t require an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, but you will need a compatible controller.

Remote Play is a convenient feature that is easy to use, but you will have to set it up first. Here’s how to get started streaming your Xbox games locally.

Install Xbox For Android


Several Xbox apps have been released for Android over the years. At the time of writing, Xbox Game Streaming has been folded into the main Xbox app, so install this. You don’t need the Xbox Game Pass app for streaming on your own network.

: Xbox for Android

Once installed, sign into the app with your Xbox account.

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Important Notes On Game Streaming

Now that you know how to play Xbox video games on a phone, here are a few things to keep in mind before you dive into the vast catalog of Game Pass titles.

First of all, cloud streaming is still not available worldwide. Unlike consoles and even Game Pass, Microsoft is yet to open up streaming to a broader audience. Visit the list of currently supported countries to check whether cloud streaming is available in your region or the country youre planning to travel to. You may need to get a good VPN for your phone if the service isnt available where you live.

It should go without saying, but when you stream Xbox games on the phone, you can quickly spend your entire monthly mobile plan. Unlike Netflix, the stream both receives and sends the data at a high refresh rate.

Lastly, the platform is still in beta, according to Microsoft. There are still some unironed kinks here and there, so you may run it some stuttering, lose your connection, or the app can even crash. Microsoft is constantly improving the app, so all the problems we ran into may very well be gone by the time your read this. In any case, its a great way to play Xbox games remotely, especially since you dont even need to own any dedicated gaming hardware.

How To Play Xbox Games On Your Android Phone With Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate now includes cloud gaming, which means you can play Xbox games on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Youll need a few things to make sure this works right, but once you meet those requirements you can play many of your Xbox Game Pass favorites on your Android device no matter where you are.

Previously known as xCloud, cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a great way to experience the future of Xbox. Though, its only part of Microsofts vision for that future. If youre not sure how to get Xbox games on your Android device, this guide will walk you through each step. And from here on out, playing Xbox games on your Android device with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate couldnt be any easier.

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Xbox Remote Play Guide: Best Ways To Play Xbox On Mobile

Xbox Remote Play is a newcomer to the gaming scene, having been launched only in September 2020. Just as the name says, Xbox Remote Play lets you stream games remotely. Xbox definitely isnt the first to come up with this service Sonys PlayStation has launched their very own Remote Play feature years before Microsoft did. However, unlike PlayStation Remote Play, Xbox lets you play games anywhere even when youre miles away from your console.

In this guide, well tell you everything you need to know about this new feature of gaming with Xbox: how it works, what youll need, and how to set it up.

  • Pros and Cons of Playing Xbox on Mobile
  • What Are The Minimum Specs For Xbox Game Pass On Android

    You Can Now Stream Your Xbox One Games To Your Phone

    The list of essentials for Game Pass streaming on your phone is pretty short. Heres what you need:

    • A compatible mobile device: Android version 6.0 or greater, Bluetooth version 4.0+
    • A compatible Xbox Wireless Controller with Bluetooth
    • 5GHz Wi-Fi or mobile data connection 10Mbps download speed
    • The Xbox Game Pass app

    If youre unsure which version of Android youre currently running, just head to Settings > About Phone > Software Information. Devices running Android 6.0 or greater will be able to run cloud-based games on Game Pass.

    Most modern smartphones will be using Bluetooth version 4.0 or higher as standard, but you can double-check if you want to make sure. Once again, head into Settings > Apps.

    From here youll want to find Bluetooth and then scroll down to see the version youre running.

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    What Games Can I Play

    While Xbox Game Pass includes hundreds of titles, not all these games are compatible with xCloud. Still, you’ll find a healthy amount of games to play from your Android devic check out the complete list of compatible games under the Cloud-enabled section.

    Xbox diehards will find first-party exclusive series like Halo, Gears of War, and Forza well represented, with multiple titles available to stream. Games affiliated with Xbox Game Studios are also on offer, including Doom Eternal, Dishonored 2, The Elder Scrolls Online, Fallout 76, The Outer Worlds, Sea of Thieves, and the Wasteland series. Microsoft seems to offer its own games first before expanding into third-party titles, so expect more to come as xCloud expands.

    Still, there are plenty of third-party AAA games available right now, including Destiny 2, Nier: Automata, PUBG, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, The Witcher 3, and several Yakuza games, to name just a few. Indie darlings like Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Celeste, Dead Cells, Enter the Gungeon, Hollow Knight, Katana Zero, Streets of Rage 4, and Tell Me Why are also available to play from any device.

    Stream Xbox Games To Your Phone Or Tablet

    For on-the-go Xbox gaming, download the Xbox app for your Android or iOS device, sign in, and connect a controller to your phone. An Xbox One controller will do nicely, especially paired with a foldable clip, though you can also use mobile controllers designed for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices like the Gamevice.

    From the Xbox app on your phone or tablet, tap the Connection icon in the upper-right cornerit’s the one that looks like an Xbox with radio waves coming out of it . Tap the console in question, then choose Remote Play on This Device to start a remote session. Remember, the closer you are to the router, the better your experience will be over Wi-Fi.

    Note that the Series X may have one or two quirks at this time as well, though in my experience it can vary from game to game. Forza Horizon 4, for example, currently has a bug when streaming from the the Series X where moving the joystick also presses the corresponding D-Pad button. Other users report audio crackling when streaming with the latest Xboxes.

    While it is now physically possible to stream from your new console to a mobile device, it hasnt been perfected yet. Hopefully, Microsoft and developers will continue to improve the experience as they roll out more streaming support for the Series X and S.

    More Inside

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    Boot The App And Launch A Game

    Once youre signed in with your Microsoft account, youll should tap or select the cloud option beneath the top section of the app where it shows a highlighted game.

    After thats selected, every game you see below should be eligible for you to play right from your phone or tablet. Go ahead and click one, then hit Play on the next screen as seen below. Itll take a few moments for your device to boot into the game, but once it does, your save data will automatically sync with your progress on your Xbox One and PC, if youve already started the game there.

    Update, September 15th: Added more context now that xCloud has officially launched today.

    What Can You Play

    How to: Play Xbox games on your Phone Anywhere | Free, Easy, Legitimately

    Most Xbox Games Pass titles are available on the Android Cloud Gaming beta, but youll find there are a couple of exceptions to that rule.

    The lineup is likely to change, but you can find the full titles you can play on the Microsoft website directly and look for the ones that say they work on both console and Android.

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    How To Play Xbox With Airpods

    Also, can I use AirPods with Xbox one? Yes, its possible to use your AirPods as an Xbox One gaming headset in fact, you can use any pair of wireless earbuds or wireless headphones and its pretty simple to do. The reason why AirPods wont play in-game audio is that the Xbox One dont support Bluetooth.

    Furthermore, how do I connect my AirPods to my Xbox one without the adapter?

    People ask also, does AirPods have a mic? Theres a microphone in each AirPod, so you can make phone calls and use Siri. By default, Microphone is set to Automatic, so that either of your AirPods can act as the microphone. If youre using only one AirPod, that AirPod will be the microphone. You can also set Microphone to Always Left or Always Right.

    Similarly, can you hook up AirPods to Xbox series S? You cant pair AirPods directly to an Xbox Series X or S. You can use the Xbox app on your phone or tablet to chat with your Xbox Series X or S friends using your AirPods. You can also stream Xbox Series X|S games to your phone with your AirPods connected.If you connect a third-party Bluetooth adapter to your PS4, you can use AirPods. The PS4 doesnt support Bluetooth audio or headphones by default, so you cant connect AirPods without accessories. Even once youre using AirPods with PS4, you cant do things like chat with other players.

    Set Up An Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Subscription

    Before you can start diving into your favorite Xbox games, youll need the subscription.

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is $15 a month, so you may want to consider if youre going to be using it for more than just cloud gaming. And if not, then consider whether $15 a month is worth it to you to get cloud gaming on your Android device through Game Pass.

    In either case, this will be the first step. You can set up your subscription here if you dont already have one. In addition to cloud gaming, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has a few other benefits too.

    You can also use it to play Xbox games on your PC as well as your Xbox console. Assuming you have one of or both of those. One thing to keep in mind is that the PC and console games lists are slightly different than that of the cloud gaming list.

    As youll actually have a few games that can be played on either Xbox One or PC, but not via the cloud gaming option. It also comes with a Xbox Live Gold at no extra charge , and you get additional exclusive perks and discounts.

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