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Does Xbox One S Support 4k

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Xbox One S Is 40% Smaller With Built

Xbox one S 4K not supported on 4K tv FIXED

The Xbox One S is 40% smaller than the original a considerable reduction. Given that the original Xbox One is a chunky machine at 333mm x 276mm x 78mm, it dominates the comparatively slight PS4 this is an important change. However, PS4 Slim gives Xbox One S a run for its money in terms of sheer dimensions. Plus the power supply is now built-in.

So, 40% smaller and no bulky power supply? Thats a pretty big tick in favour of the Xbox One S.

If You’re A Gamer As Well As A Home Theater Enthusiasts Microsoft’s Game Console Is Also An Exceptionally Good Ultra Hd Blu

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This review doesnt touch the gaming side of the Xbox One S. If thats what interests you, this review discusses some of that. We used use the same 2TB model for this evaluation, but the less-expensive 500GB model will do just as well if you plan to use the machine as an Ultra HD Blu-ray player, media renderer, and 4K video streamer.


Updates that enable the Xbox One S to send Ultra HD Blu-rays high-definition audio bitstreams over HDMI to higher-end A/V receivers render it an incredible bargain, especially if you also enjoy playing video games. You’ll have to jump through a few hoops–including installing Microsoft’s Blu-ray player app–and you’ll need to figure out how to use the Xbox One controller to play Blu-ray discs , but those are one-time obstacles.


If you don’t want to deal with that, and you’re not interested in playing games, a conventional Ultra HD Blu-ray player, such as the Samsung UBD-K8500 or the out-of-this-world Oppo UDP-205 would be better choices..

Microsoft provides an HDMI input on the console, so you can connect your cable or satellite set-top box to the console and pass audio and video from the set-top box through to the Xbox One S. The box also has an infrared output for an IR Blaster, an optical S/PDIF out, a USB 3.0 port in front , a Bluetooth radio, ethernet, and an onboard 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapter.


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That Sounds Great Let’s See Some Examples

It’s clear from the example above, taken from the latest “Tomb Raider” game for Xbox One, that the HDR version has richer colors, more detail in the bright parts, and darker shadows that still maintain the details within, compared to the standard dynamic range display.

Look at the giant hole at the top of the picture, and the dome of the building. You can clearly see more detail around the edges of the hole as well as details on the highest dome, compared to the standard display.

Which Games Support Hdr

Does the Xbox One S support 4K UHD gaming?

So far, Microsoft says that “Gears of War 4,” “Forza Horizon 3,” “Scalebound,” and “NBA 2K17” will all support HDR.

As far as other games go, Microsoft told The Verge that it “gave developers access to a small amount of additional processing power” should they want to build HDR support into their games. Essentially, it’ll be up to game developers themselves. If they do, the Xbox One S will play those games in HDR.

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Xbox Series X Vs Xbox Series S: Which Game Console Is Best For You

Is the more expensive 4K Xbox Series X the right choice, or should you stick with the 1440p Xbox Series S?

Is 4K resolution and an optical drive worth an extra $200 to you? That’s the main difference between the $500 Xbox Series X and $300 Xbox Series S. Unless your life is ruled by FOMO, if money is any object, the console choice clearly comes down to talking yourself into buying the Series X rather than talking yourself out of it. And If you want a fan model, like the Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Limited Edition, your only choice is the Series X it’s in preorder now and slated to ship in early November.

Xbox One S: Hdmi Pass

One of the appealing things about the Xbox One is using it to control everything. It can control your TV, connected devices, sound system and so on. The integration of set-top boxes means that the OneGuide can serve up a menu of TV programming you might want to watch.

Cable, satellite or other set-top boxes took advantage of HDMI pass-through. HDMI pass-though, however, doesn’t support 4K sources. We tried connecting the Samsung K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player and although the image plays through the TV, it’s not Ultra HD Blu-ray quality with stunning HDR.

While you wouldnt need to connect a Blu-ray player, if you had thoughts of hooking up a Sky Q box or Ultra HD BT YouView box, you’ll lose the UHD parts.

The Xbox still outputs a 2160p signal to the TV, but we suspect it’s been downscaled to 1080p and then upscaled, rather than natively preserved.

We questioned Xbox about this and received the following statement: “Xbox One S does not currently support 4K pass-through via HDMI-in. We will continue to explore making the changes needed for the hardware to support pass-through as 4K broadcasts become more widespread.”

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Check And Test Your Hdmi Cable

If there is no issue with the HDMI ports then your HDMI cable is probably faulty, broken, or may even be incompatible. Some HDMI cables may also not be compatible with the TV due to different HDMI specifications.

  • The first step would be to check the HDMI cable you are using.
  • For better compatibility, it is recommended that you use a High-speed HDMI cable which has an HDMI logo engraved onto it. That logo verifies that the cable you are using is certified. High-Speed HDMI Cable
  • If you have the right cable and there is still no signal, then maybe try flipping the ends of the cable and then connect it.
  • If that doesnt work, then you should preferably try connecting using another cable.
  • Xbox One S: Ultra Hd Blu

    Xbox One S 4K Support No Power Brick!

    One of the most attractive things about the Xbox One S is the Ultra HD Blu-ray player. It’s the cheapest player on the market at the moment, with the 500GB costing £249, compared to the next cheapest, Samsung’s K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player at £350.

    On the Xbox One S you get the full Ultra HD and HDR experience. The visuals from those top-spec TVs are stunning. Sure the top spec Panasonic UHD Blu-ray player might just edge things out in terms of absolute picture quality, but as so much is governed by the performance of the TV it’s attached to, we think most will find themselves entranced by the richness and detail that Ultra HD Blu-ray offers from the Xbox One S.

    There’s a downside on the audio front with no support for Dolby Atmos, but if that matters to you, you probably fall into the camp of those who should buy a dedicated Ultra HD Blu-ray player anyway.

    The biggest downside in reality is control and noise. Firstly, you’ll want to buy the Xbox One Media Remote, because using a gaming controller is too clunky for regular movie watching. It’s only £15 and worth the upgrade.

    Secondly noise. The Xbox One S is a comparatively noisy player. The fan noise, disc whirring noises and the rest of the buzzing and chirping that goes with it makes it a lesser experience than either of the dedicated Ultra HD Blu-ray players currently available.

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    Which Xbox One Models Can Play 4k

    Each Xbox One model is different when it comes to 4K. Check yours below to see what it can do.

    • The original Xbox One: The original edition of the Xbox One comes with an HDMI 2.0 cable that lets you connect your Xbox One to a TV with 4K capabilities, but can’t play 4K itself.
    • The Xbox One S: The Xbox One S will stream and play videos in 4K, if you set it to do so. When it comes to playing games, the Xbox One S will upscale its graphics to play in 4K â meaning, for example, games with 1080p resolution will be bumped up to 4K resolution. Due to this, its appearance won’t be quite as high-quality as native 4K graphics.
    • The Xbox One X: The Xbox One X can stream, play videos, and play games in native 4K resolution. Because its 4K resolution is native rather than upscaled, the Xbox One X offers the highest quality 4K gaming experience for Xbox consoles.

    If you own an Xbox One console that supports 4K and you’re running it on a 4K television, but feel like it’s not playing in 4K, here’s how to make sure its capabilities are activated.

    You Should Buy The Xbox One S If

    You want gaming on a budget: Microsofts Xbox One S is one of the cheapest consoles on the market right now, and is often the star of bundles featuring a number of bonus accessories and games. For newcomers, this is a great console for jumping into the medium without breaking the bank, although its power is parallel to such value. Still, it more than does the job.

    You want to take advantage of Xbox Game Pass: Xbox One S is honestly a perfect machine for Xbox Game Pass, especially for those with a more powerful primary platform such as PS5 or a PC. Microsofts service has a selection of excellent titles on it right now, and all of its first-party efforts will arrive on day one at no extra cost. If you dont mind compromise in visuals and performance, this is the ideal way to try them out.

    You want a cheap 4K blu-ray player: It isnt the best of its kind on the market, but the Xbox One S includes a 4K blu-ray player for a ludicriously low price. Media enthusiasts with only a passing interest in gaming should consider the Xbox One S as a cheap way to play 4K blu-rays, since players on their own are far more expensive.

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    Xbox One S Review A Beautiful Upgrade But Only For 4k Fanatics

    Microsofts first major upgrade to console offers a sleek new chassis and 4K Ultra HD features but do you need them?

    The first major hardware update of this console generation has arrived. And while the Xbox One S provides a striking visual contrast to its aesthetically maligned predecessor, is there enough going on under the hood to justify an upgrade?

    Other Notes For 4k Ultra Hd Blu

    Xbox One S Does Not Support 4K Pass

    The Xbox One S has its quirks for sure. In both the Energy-Saving and Instant On modes, the system can take a little bit of time to boot up. Like the 360 before it, the Xbox One S will only really boot up with an active HDMI connection, which means turning it on and hoping it boots while watching a different HDMI source to save that boot-up time isn’t possible. The system has a vacuum disc drive which can only be ejected using the button on the front of the console. In terms of system updates, the Xbox One S gets them regularly even without opting in for Preview updates. The most recent one, the Fall update, greatly improved the system’s UI speed, but it also reshuffled the Dashboard, and necessitated a trip to the Video settings.

    In addition to system updates, the Blu-ray player app has its own updates. Ditto other video apps. On the positive side, compatibility with discs hasn’t been an issue for me at all . The Blu-ray app launches quickly and launches discs with impressive speed. The disc UI and controls remain superior in most respects to the UBD-8500.

    I now use a PDP Talon Media Remote when watching media on the Xbox One S. It’s IR-based and unlike the UBD-8500’s remote, the Talon Media Remote has all the controls I need, a backlight a runs on AAAs and not an annoying coin cell battery.

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    Change Power Mode Settings

    If you are using an HDMI splitter and not receiving any signal from the TV then this method might be helpful to you.

  • First, press the Xbox home button on the controller to bring up the side menu. Xbox Home Button
  • Now, scroll right to the gear icon and choose Settings.
  • From the options, select Power and Startup.
  • Afterward, select Power Mode & startup. Power Mode & Startup
  • Once there, change Power mode option from Instant On to Energy-saving. Power Mode Option: Energy Saving
  • This should remove your signal issues with the splitter.
  • Upgrade To Xbox Series X

    1. Game Pass monthly subscription required continues until cancelled. Game selection varies over time. Learn more at

    2. Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Console does not play physical discs.

    3. Dolby Atmos for Headphones requires additional purchase from Microsoft Store.

    4. Some apps require app provider-specific subscriptions and/or other requirements. See

    5. HDR functionality available with supported games and TVs.

    6. Online multiplayer requires Xbox Live Gold subscription .

    7. PC hardware requirements may vary for games on Windows 10.

    8. Xbox One Backward Compatibility feature works with select Xbox 360 games, see Xbox Live and broadband internet required for initial download of game to console.

    9. Excludes the Xbox One S stand that works exclusively with the Xbox One S. Xbox Kinect Adapter required for Kinect on Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

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    Xbox One S: Should I Buy It As A 4k Media Player

    Drawing all this to a conclusion. The Xbox One S has its positives: it’s the cheapest Ultra HD Blu-ray player on the market right now, it offers a range of 4K streaming services and will support HDR gaming in the future . Additionally, with the 3.5mm headphone socket on the new controller, you can play/watch/stream quietly and enjoy yourself in the middle of the night without disturbing others.

    Offering all the Xbox One features in a better-looking package, makes it a great choice for all-round entertainment especially if you choose the 500GB version thanks to the price, with the following caveats:

    • The Ultra HD Blu-ray player market is likely to change drastically in the next 6 months. Wait for IFA 2016 to see if anyone announces a player there: LG, Sony and Philips don’t yet have a player, and a cheaper model may appear very soon, and may offer streaming apps too.
    • If you’re a casual gamer but more serious TV watcher, then the Xbox One S is a good choice: aside from those apps mentioned, there’s services from UK TV channels, Now TV, Waiki TV and plenty more.
    • If you don’t have any provision for 4K streaming through your smart TV, the Xbox One S fills that gap for Netflix, but but other 4K streaming is currently limited.
    • There are few gaming changes aside from HDR support . If you’re a serious gamer, wait for the next-gen Xbox – Project Scorpio – to launch later in 2017.

    How To Download 4k Assets For Xbox One X

    Does Xbox One S Support 4K Gaming?

    Say you’ve got an original Xbox One or an Xbox One S and are looking to upgrade to a new Xbox One X at some point. That’s awesome and exciting, but there’s also a potential problem. See, when you download a 4K game on Xbox One original or One S, it doesn’t download the 4K assets. Your console can’t run them, so why waste storage space on them?

    But when you do buy that new Xbox One X and you transfer over your games, you’ll need to sit there and download all those 4K assets before you can play anything. To smooth this over, you’re going to need to make some changes. To do that, follow these steps.

    1) Press the Xbox button on your controller.2) In the guide, go System.3) Go to Settings.4) Choose Backup & Transfer.5) Select .

    When these are all downloaded, you can then transfer them to external storage for loading onto your new Xbox One X when you get it.

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    Ultra Hd Streaming: Netflix Considerations

    Aside from being an Ultra HD Blu-ray player – and the cheapest way to currently access those amazing optical discs – streaming is where most of the 4K action is. Netflix and Amazon Instant Video have been pushing 4K Ultra HD and HDR content harder than anyone else and are the main source of next-gen content for many.

    To access Netflix’s content you’ll have to upgrade your subscription to the 4K package , but it’s definitely worth it, as the resolution bump from Netflix makes a big difference, especially on TVs that are slightly too large for the room they’re in.

    The Xbox One S offers Ultra HD and HDR, although there’s only a few programmes offering HDR at the moment – Marco Polo being the notable example, but with more being added all the time. The UHD and HDR effect from Netflix doesn’t have anything like the impact that Ultra HD Blu-ray does, but it’s still excellent to watch.

    One nice trick to get around the control issues of Netflix on the Xbox is to use the built in DIAL feature. No one talks about this, but it’s a casting protocol, like Google cast, that will let you control playback with your phone. Simply open the app, hit the cast button and select the Xbox. As long as you’ve signed into the Netflix app, it will play your content. Simple.

    As most smart TVs offer Netflix as an app , there’s perhaps no need to have your Xbox on as well it may just be easier to use the TV app, save power and save noise.

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