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Do Xbox One X Controllers Work On Xbox One

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How To Use Your Xbox Series X Controller On Steam

What Happens When you use Xbox Series S/X Controller on the Older Xbox One S

In most cases, your Xbox controller should automatically work with a PC game if it’s connected. As Xbox controllers are among the most popular controller choices for PC gamers to use, everything generally works automatically without any special settings.

If you want to absolutely guarantee that everything functions as intended, however, you can enable something called Big Picture Mode. Here’s how.

  • Open Steam.
  • Make sure your controller is connected via USB-C or Bluetooth.
  • Select Steam settings.

It Comes With Haptic Feedback

Sony‘s impressive DualSense, the latest arrival in the PlayStation family tree, propelled Haptic Feedback in the spotlight of the new features coming with the next-gen. But did you know the Xbox Series X controller also comes with this? As a matter of fact, Haptic Feedback has been around for a while, even the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons and the Xbox One controllers have it.

Haptic Feedback is an improved type of rumble functionality, that works to further immerse players in a gaming experience. The haptics in the Xbox controller are found within the triggers, to provide rumbling sensations at the fingertips, and underneath the analog sticks, for more powerful vibrations.

Xbox Series X/s Launch Model

A fourth revision of the controller was released in November 2020, which is bundled with Xbox Series X and Series S, and backwards compatible with existing Xbox One consoles. It has a refined build with a slightly smaller body, a “Share” button on the center of the controller below the “View” and “Menu” buttons, a circular dished D-pad similar to the Elite Controller, and a USB-C connector instead of USB Micro-B. The controller also supports Bluetooth Low Energy, and can be paired to a Bluetooth device and an Xbox device simultaneously. Microsoft announced in June 2021 that the Xbox Design Lab will continue with the Series X/S controllers, allowing users to create their own custom designs.

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Will Xbox One Controllers Work On Xbox Series X And S

Microsoft has been vocal about the fact they want the focus to be on players when creating the new consoles.

Not only will Xbox One controllers be usable for the Xbox Series X and S but the next-gen controllers will also be backwards compatible .

The new controller will also work with the Xbox Adaptive Controller, an addon which supports players with disabilities.

Microsoft has been making backwards compatibility a core value for the Xbox franchise.

I still remember the joy I felt finding out I could play Viva Pinata on the Xbox One, dumb I know, but a feature that had been overlooked.

If you have a controller that holds sentimental value or you just bought one but also want the new console, don’t sell it!

As well as the many reasons to keep your Xbox One controller, there’s currently no confirmed price for Xbox Series X and S controllers and I’d rather not break the bank!

Check out our Series X and Series S pre-order guides by clicking the link.

How To Use Your Xbox Series X Controller On Pc Via Usb

Best Xbox One Wireless Controllers 2020

Using a USB-C cable is the simplest way to play, as it removes any fears of the battery draining while you’re having fun. It does mean you’ll be tethered with the length of the cord, though. To set up your controller on PC for the first time, do the following:

  • Connect a USB-C cable to your controller
  • Connect the other end to a USB 3.0 or better port on your PC.
  • Windows should automatically install the correct driver. If it doesn’t, make sure you have the latest version of Windows installed.
  • When it’s ready, the Xbox button on the controller will turn white.

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The Light Of My Battery Life

The one consolation is that Microsoft’s rechargeable battery packs have generally been pretty good in the past. My Xbox 360 battery pack lasted for about seven years before it started losing significant amounts of charge my Xbox One battery pack is still going strong. Both of those battery packs also included a charging cable with an indicator light.

Unlike most gaming peripherals, Xbox controllers do not have a light that indicates charge. The only way to check how much power you have left is to boot up your Xbox and check the top of the home screen or install a dedicated app on your PC.

Older Xbox battery-pack charging cables partly alleviated this problem. The LEDs on the cables would glow orange while the controller was charging, and either green or white once the charge was complete.

While Xbox One battery packs are compatible with Xbox Series X controllers, the charging cables are not, since newer controllers use USB-C rather than microUSB plugs. However, the Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB-C Cable for Xbox Series X is a huge step backward for one simple reason: There’s no indicator light.

This may not seem like a big deal. After all, you get a battery pack and charging cable, and they work well what more could you want? But a charging light is an invaluable thing, especially if you have only one controller.

How To Connect Your Xbox One Controller To Xbox Series X/s

Turn on your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series X by pressing the power button and turn on your Xbox One controller by holding down the ‘Xbox’ button. The Xbox button will flash, which means it’s not connected to the console yet.

On your Xbox Series X, press the Pair button which is located on the front right of the console above the USB port. The Xbox Series S Pair button is located on the front left, right of the USB port. You should see the illuminated Xbox logo begin to flash.

Within 20 seconds, press and hold the Pair button on your Xbox One controller until the Xbox button starts flashing rapidly. The Pair button can be found on the top of the controller between the bumper buttons and next to the controller’s charging port.

The Xbox button will remain lit once it’s successfully connected to the console.

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Connect Your Xbox Controller To Pc With Bluetooth

Pairing the Xbox controller with your PC over Bluetooth is almost the same as pairing it with your Xbox One or Xbox Series. You activate the controller by holding down the Guide button, then hold the Pairing button for three seconds until the Guide button flashes. This means it’s in pairing mode. If you’re connecting the controller to a console, you hold the Pairing button on the system itself. If you’re connecting the controller to a Windows 10 PC, you need to go through some menus. You also need a Bluetooth USB dongle if your PC doesn’t have Bluetooth. Here’s the full step-by-step process:

  • Hold the Guide button to turn on the controller.

  • Hold the Pairing button for three seconds until the Guide button flashes.

  • Right-click the Bluetooth icon in your system tray.

  • You can now use the Xbox Wireless Gamepad with your PC, and play the vast majority of modern games that support controllers. However, you can’t use the headset jack on the gamepad, just like Sony’s DualShock 4 and DualSense controllers. Although you can use a wired gaming headset with a controller and its associated game system, audio isn’t sent through the jack when it’s connected to a PC via Bluetooth.

    How To Connect An Xbox Controller To A Pc Or Mobile Device Using Bluetooth

    Will The Xbox Series X Controller Work With Xbox One & Should you buy one?

    Certain generations of Xbox One controller have Bluetooth support, allowing it to connect to PC or mobile device as well as an Xbox One or Xbox Series controller.

    You can tell at a glance by the look of the controller if the plastic around the Guide button is set within the face of the controller, it does not. If it is, then it does. Here’s an image from the official support website showing the difference:

    The first generation Elite controllers also do not have Bluetooth. If your controller does not fall into the above example, then you should be good to go.

    From there, it’s similar to how you would sync it to an Xbox device, thanks to the dedicated Sync button on the controller, which is located at the ‘top’ of the device, between the triggers, and next to the USB port.

    Press and hold the button until the glowing Xbox guide button starts to blink, indicating it is syncing.

    Now on your device, go to your Bluetooth settings, and search for add for a new device. This varies according to the platform – for example on iOS, it can be easier to turn Bluetooth off then on to ‘force’ it to look for new devices, while on Windows, there is a dedicated ‘Add a device’ helper.

    The Xbox controller should be then listed according to the device in question. Select it, and it should connect, as indicated by a solid glow on the Xbox controller.

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    Xbox Series X Has Announced Backwards Compatibility For All Xbox One Controllers In Stark Contradiction To A Recent Ps5 Announcement

    Xbox fans will not be forced to purchased additional devices as their current Xbox One controllers are still compatible with the new console. This tongue-in-cheek response to the PS5s inability to play new releases with older generation consoles has left Xbox fans rejoicing.

    As the Xbox One was not backwards compatible with the Xbox 360 controllers, this may mark a whole new precedent for the consoles future.

    ICYMI: Xbox Series X is backwards compatible with ALL Xbox One controllers across ALL games Official Xbox Controllers

    Xbox UK

    However, fans are also skeptical towards the new controllers, given expectations are always high between the PlayStation and Xbox communities. Although its never black and white, a backwards compatible console can be an indicator that the next-generation machine lacks the technology and innovations to be ahead of its competitors.

    A user on Twitter responded to the announcement with, Xbox Series X does absolutely nothing to advance the controller experience. This tweet is literally bragging about Series X using an Xbox One controller, which may be true to a certain extent.

    The Xbox Series X controller features a re-designed D-pad and share button along with a few other performance enhancing updates. These improvements are definitely noticeable, but not a revolution in any way. On the other hand the PS5 may not be backwards compatible, but its console looks and feels completely new.

    How To Get A New Xbox One Controller Inexpensively Or Find A Used One

    Purchased directly from the website, a wireless Xbox One controller will cost you anywhere from $59.99 to $179.99 for special editions.

    You can also find great prices on Xbox One controllers on Amazon, where a wired controller sells for as little as $24.99 and wireless controllers can be found for $39.99.

    Yet another option is to consider auction sites like eBay or a retail store like GameStop where great deals are often available on used but perfectly serviceable Xbox One controllers.

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    So Can You Use An Xbox Series X Controller With An Xbox One

    Short answer: Absolutely yes

    Microsoft has been outspoken about its desire to keep everything compatible. And this holds true not only for games across generations but with hardware as well. The Xbox Series X controller comes with complete backwards compatibility and support for the Xbox One.

    Some additional features even have backwards compatibility support. The new controller comes equipped with a new located in the middle. This will allow users to instantly take screenshots or video clips of their gameplay with the push of a button. So get the 360 no-scopes ready, youll be making a sniper montage in no time. And yep, this feature also has full support on Xbox One.

    So whether youre wanting to play some couch co-op with friends and family on the Xbox One, or you just want to have that new controller experience on some of your older Xbox One games, the Xbox Series X controller can fit all of your needs, no matter which console you are playing on.

    Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our or .

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    How To Use An Xbox One Controller On Android

    Take THAT, Sony!

    Did you know it’s possible to use an Xbox One controller with your Android device? With the release of the Xbox One S, Microsoft started outfitting its Xbox One controllers with Bluetooth radios. While this feature was made mostly for PC gaming, you’ll be happy to know that it works surprisingly well with Android phones and their games. While more appropriate controllers for mobile gaming are available, this is a nice trick to have in your back pocket. So for those wondering how to use an Xbox One controller on Android, here’s how.

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    Series X Controller On Xbox One

    Does the new controllers that come with the series x work on the Xbox one?

    Yes it does. I dont have the controller myself but Microsoft said that it works on Xbox one consoles

    Do the plug and play kits work on both?

    The rechargeable battery packs fit in both controllers and will power them as far as I know. However, the new Series X controller has a USB-C port, whereas the older revisions of the Xbox One controller use USB-Micro B. This could mean that the newer rechargeable pack can only be charged while inside the Series X controller, or just that It charges better versus using a Micro-B cable for the same pack. Would need to test this new pack in an old controller to know for sure.

    How To Connect An Xbox One Pad To Your Xbox Series X

    Pairing your pad with a console is incredibly easy to do. First, switch on your Xbox One controller and Xbox Series X console.

    Next, hold the Pair button on the pad until the logo flashes. Youll find the button between the USB port and LB.

    Then press the Pair button on your console. Its found next to the USB port to the front.

    When the logo on both devices flashes, it means theyre searching for a device to connect to. The lights will turn solid when you have paired the two.

    If you still have your Xbox One pad paired to another console, you might find this process also automatically switches your old console on, too, so keep an eye out for that.

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    Support On Other Platforms

    Drivers were released in June 2014 to allow Xbox One controllers to be used over a USB connection on PCs running Windows 7 or later. The Xbox One Wireless Adapter for Windows is a USB dongle that allows up to eight controllers to be used at once wirelessly. Upon its release in October 2015, it was supported only by Windows 10. Drivers for Windows 7 and 8.1 were released in December 2015. An updated version of the adapter, with a smaller form factor, was released in August 2017.

    Per a partnership between Microsoft and Oculus VR, the Oculus Rift CV1virtual reality headset initially included an Xbox One controller, up until the launch of the Oculus Touchmotion controllers.

    On Windows 10, support for the controller is built-in, including support for wireless audio when using the wireless dongle or USB cable . The controller is also manageable via the Xbox Accessories app, whose features include button remapping , input tests, and firmware update. On Windows 7 or 8.1, drivers are required, and the aforementioned features are not available.

    Microsoft also supports Bluetooth-enabled Xbox One controllers on Android, specifically listing support for Minecraft: Gear VR Edition on certain Samsung Galaxy devices.

    In June 2019, Apple announced support for Bluetooth-enabled Xbox One controllers in iOS 13, macOS Catalina and tvOS 13, which became available in the fall of 2019.

    Easily Connects To Pc

    Xbox One Play and Charge Kit Works with Series X Controller?

    Xbox controllers are renowned for their ability to easily connect to computers. With the next controller, you can use Bluetooth to connect wirelessly and play on compatible games.

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    To do this, make sure both your controller and computer are up to date each should be as long as you have used both recently. Next, hold the pair button on the controller for three seconds and ensure that Bluetooth is turned on in your settings. Now you can add the controller as a device in your Bluetooth tab.

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