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Do Xbox One Controllers Need Batteries

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Do Aa Batteries Last Longer Than Rechargeable Battery Packs

How To Use AAA Batteries For Your Xbox One Controller

Yes, in fact they do. The average lifespan of AA batteries in an Xbox controller is roughly 40 hours. The average lifespan of the most common rechargeable battery pack, the Xbox Play and Charge Kit, is only 30 hours. The Play and Charge kit’s battery life decreases over time too. Xbox Support even recommends AA batteries over a rechargeable alternative.

The Argument For Batteries

We thought long and hard about integrating batteries, Alam divulges. Rechargeable batteries have X number of cycles. After those cycles, the controller has to be replaced after one year of daily recharging, it seems to be losing its charge in a significantly faster timeframe than when it first did coming out of the box.

He goes on to explain that Microsoft give gamers the option to make the Xbox One peripheral a rechargeable controller if they desire, by using a play-and-charge kit, though this costs an additional $24.99. The inherent advantage of this though, is that if you do become fed up with the low amount of charge your controller is getting, you dont have to buy an entirely new controller, just a new battery pack. Alam also estimated that AA batteries would give a player roughly 40 hours of playtime but with rechargeable you have effectively less.

Rage Proof And Essential

Two additional goals that came out of the many, many tests that they conducted at Microsoft were to make the controller rage proof, and to keep the additions essential.

The first of these is demonstrated by the shell of the Xbox One controller, I have to make sure I can still throw my controller and have it not break out on me essentially things shatter in such a way that it doesnt break, explains Alam. Confusing? Yes. Contradictory? No what was meant by this statement was that there is an outer shell of sorts on the controller. This might shatter if the controller is thrown or dropped, but the controller should remain unharmed and unbroken.

As for keeping the controller essential, they experimented with lots of gimmicks for the controller screens, speakers, even smells. Yes, you read correctly, they tested out smell cartridges within the controller that would simulate burnt rubber, foliage or gunpowder depending on what you were playing. Fortunately, all of these were abandoned because they felt they were unnecessary or even distracting from the core experience.

Does this change your opinion on the Xbox One controller? Leave a comment with your view.

– This article was updated on November 17th, 2013

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Batteries In Xbox One Controller: 10 Questions

There is a lot of confusion about Xbox One Controller Batteries. People have tons of questions on their minds around that matter.

But dont worry Ive 4 years of experience with this Controller. So I know pretty much about everything.

So Ill answer all of your questions about the Xbox One Controller here in this post. So lets read.


Connect An Xbox Controller To Your Pc Via Wireless Adaptor

Xbox One Controller Charger 2 X 800mAh Rechargeable ...

Connecting your Xbox controller to your PC via an adaptor isn’t much harder than using a wired connection, but it does incorporate a few more steps. The process isn’t all that different from syncing an Xbox controller to a console, so if you’ve done that before, you have an idea of what to do here.

As an added note: This process won’t work with Xbox 360 controllers. You’ll need an Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S controller to make this work.

To connect an Xbox controller via an adaptor, you’ll need an adaptor–specifically, the Microsoft Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10. It will plug into a USB port on your PC.

Here’s what you do:

  • Put batteries into your controller and turn it on. The Xbox button will start blinking, signaling that the controller is on but not synced to anything. Press the sync button on the top of the controller, which will cause the Xbox button to start rapidly flashing.
  • Once the Xbox button has begun flashing, go to your adaptor and hold down the identical sync button. Hold it down for a few seconds . If the Xbox button on your controller eventually stops flashing and remains on, then the controller has successfully synced to your PC.
  • If the flashing slows down and goes back to the slow blinking from before, just repeat the process. It shouldn’t take more than two or three attempts. If the controller hasn’t successfully synced after that, something may be wrong with your controller and/or the adaptor.
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    How To Charge Xbox One Controller With Usb

    When charging your controller, you may use any phone charger with a micro USB port. According to the type of cable you choose and where you plug your device in, charging times vary.

    Its as simple as plugging a micro USB phone charger into the Xbox or a wall socket. Either one will do. Youll need an appropriate adapter head to connect it to a power outlet .

    You may also use any micro USB cord to connect a wireless Xbox controller to a computer or laptop. You can charge your controller with this.

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    You can, however, go further if you so desire. You may play games on your PC with the help of a controller connected to your computer. If you have Windows 10, you may stream your Xbox to your PC and use the linked controller to play the games. When your Xbox is connected to a TV or monitor, it can be used by someone else.

    Are Rechargeable Batteries Worth It For Xbox One Controllers

    The answer is YES! Rechargeable batteries are the best solution, and they will also help you save an incredible amount.

    In the long run, opting for a pair of rechargeable batteries for the controller will save a ton of money. Pack of regular can cost anywhere between $10-25, and buying them regularly cannot be considered cost-effective.

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    Are Wired Controllers More Responsive

    In highly competitive online multiplayer games, the more responsive your controller is, the higher the chance of winning the game. Many online gamers, especially professionals, rely on the responsiveness of a controller to win tournaments. If you are looking for a new gaming controller to play in online multiplayer games, you might be wondering if a wired controller would be more responsive.

    Wired controllers have more responsiveness because the signals from the controller to the console do not face any interruptions or interference. When you press a button on your wired controller, the signal travels through the cable to the console without interference.

    On wireless controllers, you might have less response because of numerous interferences or interruptions. For example, if you move too far from the console or place too many items between the console and the wireless controller, your controller might be less responsive.

    The result on your television will dictate which button you will press next on your controller. If the result on your television takes a long time to appear after pushing a button on your controller, it might leave you guessing what to do next, which might cost you a win.

    Playing a game with wired controllers ensures that you have a fast response hence, it is easy to correctly predict which button to push after seeing the desired results on the screen.

    Why Do Xbox One Controllers Need Batteries

    How to use Xbox One controller without batteries (Infinite battery Life!)

    This can be a personal choice of using a wired controller or a wireless controller working on batteries. But the majority of people who use Xbox One Controllers prefer to play wireless.

    Batteries can be handy when running out of power and youre in the middle of a game.

    The batteries also make your work easy, as some people dont like having batteries lying across the rooms, and they choose to use wireless .

    Wrapping up wires every time after use can be tedious, whereas the batteries need to be put on only once, and you are ready to go!

    In the end, its a matter of individual preference when everything else functions the same.

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    Other Products We Considered

    The Pocket-lint editorial team spends hours testing and using these battery solutions before recommending the best picks for you. We always consider a range of factors when it comes to putting together our best guides, including physically testing the products ourselves, consumer reviews, brand quality, and value. As such, many of the batteries we considered didnt make our final guide.

    These are the products we considered that ultimately didn’t make our top five selections, but they may still be worth considering for those who haven’t found a product they like in the picks above.

    How To Use Xbox Controllers On Pc

    On a Windows 10 PC, you can plug in Xbox 360, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X|S controllers to play certain games.

    Some PC games require a controller, and few controllers beat Xbox when it comes to PC gaming. Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S controllers can all be used to play games on Windows 10 PCs–for the latter two, you can even connect them to your machine wirelessly.

    There are actually a few ways to connect an Xbox controller to your PC. A wired connection is the easiest to do, though the two wireless options aren’t that difficult to pull off either. It really just comes down to your personal preference.

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    Why The Xbox One Controller Uses Batteries & More

    By now, Im sure many of you will have seen, or at least heard, about the Xbox One unboxing. A follow-up video that also featured Major Nelson was covered yesterday by Attack of the Fanboy, dealing exclusively with the new controller and its many tweaks.

    One of the most common questions, and sticks used to beat the controller with, is why are Microsoft still using AA batteries in their controllers? Well, a Kotaku interview with Zulfi Alam, head of Xbox accessories and co-star of Major Nelson in the aforementioned video, delves deeper. The full article can be found here, but it is very long, so weve hand picked the best bits for you below.

    Connect An Xbox Controller To Your Pc Via Wired Cable

    Xbox One Controller Charger with 2 x 1200mAh Rechargeable ...

    You can buy wired Xbox 360 controllers, but if you’re using an Xbox One controller, you’ll need a micro-USB cable, and if you’re using an Xbox Series X|S controller, you’ll need a USB-C cable. For Xbox One controllers, we recommend using the cable included in the Xbox One Play and Charge Kit. And for Xbox Series X|S controllers, you should buy the Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB-C Cable bundle. That said, in our experience pretty much any micro-USB or USB-C cable will do, so you may already have a cable you can use lying around your home–some of us use our old cellphone charging cables to connect our Xbox controllers to our Windows 10 PCs.

    Here’s what you do:

  • Simply connect your Xbox controller to your PC via the cable, and Windows 10 will automatically begin installing the necessary driver.
  • When the Xbox button on your controller lights up, you’re good to go. And that’s it! You don’t even have to worry about batteries–the micro-USB or USB-C cable will pull a charge from your PC, keeping your controller constantly juiced.
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    Xbox Series X Rechargeable Battery Is A Huge Step Back

    I’ve generally had very complimentary things to say about the Xbox Series X controller, which I actually prefer to the PS5’s DualSense. It may be a very conservative upgrade, but it’s a very conservative upgrade of one of the best controllers ever made.

    The Xbox Series X controller is comfortable, intuitive and versatile. The only negative issue is that it uses wasteful, expensive AA batteries and Microsoft’s official rechargeable battery pack, sold separately for $25, doesn’t address this problem nearly as well as it should.

    Like the Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers, the Xbox Series X/S controller uses disposable AA batteries by default rather than internal, rechargeable battery packs, such as those found in the PS3, PS4 and PS5 controllers.

    Without belaboring the issue, AA batteries are both wasteful and inefficient, and I’m generally not thrilled that Microsoft has passed what is essentially an additional cost onto the consumer rather than just building it into the price of the controller.

    Why Do Xbox Controllers Still Use Aa Batteries

    We take a deeper look at why Microsoft still insists on using AA batteries to power the Xbox controller. The reason is more logical than one might think. We even look at the difference between the DualSense 4 and the Xbox controller

    Its past midnight, you are in a heated match of Warzone with your friends, and suddenly you cant hear anything. You look down to see your controller is out of battery, so you scramble through the drawers to find batteries but by the time you get back online, you are dead. PlayStation’s players would have never felt this rage but we Xbox players definitely have, so lets look at why Xbox controllers still use batteries.

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    Xbox One Controller Will Work On The Pc But Not Yet

    Also included in the article is a section about portability for PC gamers. Though not directly from Alam, Kotaku say that a Microsoft spokesperson told them that there is still some work to be done. Essentially they say that in order to create a seamless experience for the user, they need to spend a bit more time tinkering to allow the Xbox One controller to work for supported PC or Mac games. Expect to be able to use them in 2014 is the message to take from it.

    Why Choose Aa Batteries Over Rechargeable Battery Packs

    Is Xbox One S Controller Rechargeable? (Does It Need Batteries)

    Rechargeable battery packs’ electricity hold are known to deplete rapidly with regular use. Since many people game for hours and hours every week, the lithium-ion battery used in rechargeable packs wears out quickly. Lithium-ion batteries also have a history of malfunctioning and sometimes even exploding. And when you run out of charge, you’re forced to sit close enough to your console to use a charging cable. AA batteries are more economical and convenient for use at home.

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    The Light Of My Battery Life

    The one consolation is that Microsoft’s rechargeable battery packs have generally been pretty good in the past. My Xbox 360 battery pack lasted for about seven years before it started losing significant amounts of charge my Xbox One battery pack is still going strong. Both of those battery packs also included a charging cable with an indicator light.

    Unlike most gaming peripherals, Xbox controllers do not have a light that indicates charge. The only way to check how much power you have left is to boot up your Xbox and check the top of the home screen or install a dedicated app on your PC.

    Older Xbox battery-pack charging cables partly alleviated this problem. The LEDs on the cables would glow orange while the controller was charging, and either green or white once the charge was complete.

    While Xbox One battery packs are compatible with Xbox Series X controllers, the charging cables are not, since newer controllers use USB-C rather than microUSB plugs. However, the Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB-C Cable for Xbox Series X is a huge step backward for one simple reason: There’s no indicator light.

    This may not seem like a big deal. After all, you get a battery pack and charging cable, and they work well what more could you want? But a charging light is an invaluable thing, especially if you have only one controller.

    Connect An Xbox Controller To Your Pc Via Bluetooth

    Connecting your Xbox controller via Bluetooth requires the most steps, but it’s also the only method that doesn’t ask you to buy anything other than the controller–no cables or adaptors are needed. That said, you will need to buy a specific controller.

    This method will not work for Xbox 360 or original Xbox One controllers. You will need an Xbox One controller that entered production alongside the Xbox One S or an Xbox Series X|S controller. So basically no Xbox controllers that were made prior to August 2016.

    The easiest way to know whether you have an Xbox controller that supports Bluetooth is to read the supported features listed on the side of the box it came in. If you no longer have the box, you can tell just by looking at how the controller is designed. The original Xbox One controllers have a larger plastic molding along the top. The newer Xbox One controllers and Xbox Series X|S controllers incorporate bumpers with a wider click range and feature a smaller top plastic molding.

    Here’s what you do:

  • Once you have the correct controller, you can start the process of connecting it to your PC. First, go into your PC settings and turn on Bluetooth.
  • Next, turn on your controller by holding down the Xbox button. The button will blink to signal it’s not connected to anything.
  • Hold down the Xbox button until it starts quickly flashing, signaling that the controller is now searching for something to connect to.
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