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Can You Use Xbox One Controller On Xbox Series X

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Troubleshooting Tips If Your Xbox Controller Isn’t Connecting

How To Connect Xbox One Controller To Xbox Series X / S!

Though the sync button attempts to make things as easy as possible, it might not work every time. If so, run through the following troubleshooting tips:

  • If you are connecting a controller wirelessly, and the Xbox button doesn’t blink when pressed, make sure you hold it down for a few more seconds – it won’t sync straight away.
  • It sounds obvious, but make sure it has enough battery life remaining. Also, make sure the batteries are properly connected it’s surprisingly easy to get the polarity of the respective batteries the wrong way round, so it’s worth double checking.
  • If you have waited too long to connect the controller after pressing the sync button, it will stop syncing, so double check it is still flashing as you are trying to connect when trying again.
  • For PC and mobile devices, remember some Xbox controllers will not have Bluetooth support, and require a dedicated official dongle. Also, though the Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S are compatible with controllers from either generation, they are not compatible with the Xbox 360 controller.
  • If connecting with a cable, Xbox controllers have different connectors according to the generation – Xbox One’s uses a USB Micro, while the Xbox Series X / S uses a USB-C connector – so make sure you have the correct one to hand.
  • If devices still aren’t finding one another, make sure your devices are fully up to date and running the latest firmware.

Xbox Series S/ X Did Not Change The Controller Design But Improved It For The New Generation

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S use the same controller

  • Xbox Series X controller shows up as Xbox Wireless Controller when pairin
  • Xbox controller has a USB Type-C port
  • Xbox wireless controller comes with Bluetooth connectivity

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S was launched in November last year and the new console comes with a new controller as well. The Xbox Series S/ X controller not only works with the current generation of Microsoft consoles, but also with the previous generation, among other devices. The new controller is more of an iterative upgrade over the previous generation controller but comes with Bluetooth functionality that allows it to be connected with various devices.

If you wish to use your Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S controller with your computer or mobile or other devices, you can do so by either using a USB Type-C cable, or by using a Bluetooth connection. You will need a USB Type-A to Type-C adapter if you want to use a wired connection on Android or laptops that do not have standard USB Type-A ports.

How To Sync An Xbox One Controller With The Series X

In order to sync your Xbox One controller with the Series X, check out the video below or follow the steps below it. This will guide you through the process of getting things setup.

  • The first thing you will need to do is find the sync button at the top of the controller. This is a small round button that has 3 curved lines beside it. It should be the same color as the plastic on the edging.
  • Press and hold this button until the light on the Xbox one controller starts to flash quickly.
  • Once this is flashing, you need to click the pair button on the Series X console. If you are using a series S, the button is in a different place, but it is still at the front. This guide from Microsoft will show you where to find it, if you are unsure.
  • Press the sync button on the console while the controller is still flashing. The light will begin to flash on the Xbox and after a few moments, the controller will sync with the console.
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    Other Functions Of Microsoft Edge On Xbox Series Xs

    Microsoft Edge functions much as it does on your mobile phone or desktop computer. There are a few different features that carry over between platforms.

    • Read Aloud – You can have a page read aloud by clicking the menu button and selecting Read Aloud. This is ideal if you’re using one of the best headsets for the console.
    • InPrivate Browsing – Selecting this browsing mode, also available via the settings menu, will let you browse Edge without the browser saving any previous pages, cookies, or temporary files.

    How To Connect Xbox Series X Xbox Series S Controller With Android Ios Devices

    Xbox Series X: Making Gamings Best Controller Even Better ...
  • Put your Xbox controller in pairing mode by pressing and holding the pair button on the top of your controller till the Xbox logo starts flashing.
  • On either Android or iOS, head to Settings.
  • Tap on Bluetooth.
  • On Android, select Pair new device. iOS users should see the controller at the bottom of the list under Other devices.
  • Tap on the controller and it will be paired.
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    It’s Easy To Connect Your Old Xbox One Controllers

    Want to connect an Xbox One controller to your shiny new Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S? Microsoft has ensured that almost every Xbox One accessory works with its next-gen consoles, including every Xbox One controller released to date.

    Whether you’re still using your trusty ‘Day One’ Xbox One controller or recently picked up the top of the range Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, we’ll show you how to connect your Xbox One controller to Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S.

    You can also use your new Xbox Wireless Controller on your Xbox One, Xbox One S or Xbox One X, too, so you’ll always have a pad to hand for that player two in your life.

    How To Connect An Xbox One Controller With A Cable

    1. If youve got a drawer full of dozens of Micro USB cables then youre pretty much set for an incredibly quick and easy connection. Simply plug your Xbox One controller into the Xbox Series X or Series S and, well, thats pretty much it.

    2. You can use the Xbox One controller as a wired controller even if it has no batteries in it. If youd rather go wireless, make sure its got batteries , and simply unplug the cable.

    3. Connecting the cable just once will magically pair your controller to the console for all future sessions, so all youll have to do after that is hold down the power button to turn the controller on, and youre all set.

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    How To Connect Xbox One Controller To Xbox Series X

    It’s surprisingly easy to connect an older Xbox One controller to the newer Xbox Series X and S systems.

    If you just got a new Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, you might be in a rush to go out and buy more controllers for it. After all, game systems have almost all only come with one controller dating back to the Sega Genesis. However, even though the Series X|S follows suit, the Xbox One controller is fully compatible with both systems. You can use it not only for playing Xbox One games on the newer consoles, but also all Xbox Series X|S games, which is different from how the PS5 supports DualShock 4 controllers.

    Connecting To The Device

    What Happens When you use Xbox Series S/X Controller on the Older Xbox One S


    • Insert Wingman XB into the Xbox 360 / Xbox One console USB port. Slow blinking of the Blue LED indicates that the connection to the console is successful.


    • Wired Connection:
    • Connect the Xbox 360 / Xbox One/ PS3 / PS4 / Switch Pro wired controller or game pad to Wingman XB through the USB port.
    • Using a X360 wireless controller:
    • Simply connect the wireless X360 wireless receiver to the Wingman XB through the USB port.
    • Using Xbox One wireless controller / Xbox One Elite Series 2 controller:
    • Connect the Xbox One wireless controller or the Xbox One Elite Series 2 to the Wingman XB and the controller will be ready for use. When connecting, hold the LED buttons at the two sides of the Wingman XB for 1 second to enter wireless connection mode. Then press the Pair button on the wireless controller to begin pairing. Fast blinking of Blue LED indicates that pairing is in progress.
    • Using PS3 / PS4 / Switch Pro wireless controller:
    • After completing the connection according to the instructions of the Wired Connection, remove the USB cable, and then wake up the PS3 / PS4 / Switch Pro wireless controller.


    • Check whether the two Blue LEDs at the sides of the Wingman XB are permanently on. This indicates that the connection is completed.

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    Using An Xbox One Controller With Xbox Series X

    Game controllers are rather expensive, particularly if you are someone who likes to get the pro model controllers. If you have multiple controllers for the Xbox One, one of which is the pro controller, you are likely asking yourself whether you will still be able to use this controller with the latest Xbox console.

    Microsoft has already confirmed that the controller from the Xbox One will indeed work with the Xbox Series S and Series X. The question you are likely having now is how to actually do it. The guide below will give you the steps to get this done.

    How To Use Your Xbox Series X Controller On Pc Via Usb

    Using a USB-C cable is the simplest way to play, as it removes any fears of the battery draining while you’re having fun. It does mean you’ll be tethered with the length of the cord, though. To set up your controller on PC for the first time, do the following:

    • Connect a USB-C cable to your controller
    • Connect the other end to a USB 3.0 or better port on your PC.
    • Windows should automatically install the correct driver. If it doesn’t, make sure you have the latest version of Windows installed.
    • When it’s ready, the Xbox button on the controller will turn white.

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    Connecting An Xbox One Controller Using A Usb Cable

    You can also connect your Xbox One controller to the Xbox Series X/S the old fashioned way using a wire.

    If you have an Xbox One controller, you’ll need to use a micro-USB cable. For Xbox Series X/S controllers, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 and the Xbox Adaptive Controller, you’ll need to use a USB-C cable.

    How To Change Controller Settings And Update Controller Firmware On Xbox Series X / S

    Poll: How Do You Feel About The Xbox Series X Controller ...

    Once you have connected your controller to an Xbox Series or Xbox One, there’s a few things you can do to customise the experience – from toggling rumble, updating firmware to setting your own control scheme.

    You can change the controller settings in two areas, which both cater for slightly different things:

    • Going to Accessories
    • Going to Controller to change button mapping, vibration settings, and copilot settings

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    Switching Xbox One Controller Profiles

    Xbox Series X controllers can use different profiles with remapped controls or inverted analog stick inputs. This is useful if you have motor difficulties or a specific preference for button use, and you can apply the same feature to Xbox One pads.

  • Open the Xbox Guide by pressing the Home button on your controller.
  • Head to the Profile and System menu .
  • Select Settings.
  • Choose the pad you want to change. Select Configure.
  • Select or create a new profile and save your settings.
  • Remapping your pad is just one of many accessibility options that makes Xbox Series X easier to use for everybody.

    Heres What You Need To Know About The New Xbox Wireless Controllers Buttons Features Bluetooth Compatibility And Customisation Options

    The new Xbox Wireless Controller that comes with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is very similar to the Xbox Ones controller, but with a few key differences.

    There are now grips on the triggers and bumpers, the d-pad has reverted back to more of a hybrid analogue, and theres a new Share button on the front.

    Heres everything that you need to know about the buttons on the Xbox Series X|S controller as well as all of the customisation options that you have for the new controllers.

    On this page:

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    How To Connect An Xbox Controller To An Xbox Series X / S Or Xbox One

    When you first set up your Xbox Series X or S, you can do so entirely through the mobile app – which is recommended to make logging into your account and confirming other details much quicker and easier.

    The controller which comes with the console should just then connect – but if not, or if you want to connect a different Xbox controller, then you can do so with the sync button.

    You can collect an Xbox controller either wirelessly, first make sure the console is switched on.

    Next, press the Sync button on both the controller and the console itself until both begin to blink – this might take 2-3 seconds.

    Pressing the sync button will see the glowing Xbox logo on both devices blink, indicating it is searching for the other. If you do them both around the same time, within a few seconds they should find one another, and sync.

    If for whatever reason the above wireless method isn’t working, you can also connect a controller to the console using a cable. This is also useful if the controller is out of battery, or you wish to preserve battery life.

    Finally – remember that all Xbox One and Xbox Series controllers can connect to both console generations. So if you want to buy an Xbox Series controller to make use of the dedicated share button on an original Xbox One, then go ahead.

    Xbox One Controllers Are Getting Xbox Series X/s Upgrades

    How to connect Xbox series X Controller to PC – Xbox Series S and One

    Microsoft announces that Xbox One controllers with Bluetooth support and Xbox Adaptive Controllers will be updated with Series X/S features.

    Microsoft will be releasing a new firmware update for Xbox One controllers, which will add a few new features that are present in Xbox Series X/S controllers. The Xbox line of systems is backward and forward compatible with controllers, meaning Xbox One controllers work on Xbox Series X/S and vice-versa. This is in direct contrast to PlayStation, as the PS5 DualSense controller doesn’t work on PS4.

    The Xbox Series X/S controller doesn’t have as many new features as the DualSense, but it’s still a well-received gamepad in terms of comfort and function. The Xbox Series X/S controller has a dedicated Share button, which makes it easier to take screenshots and record videos to be shared online on the console, similar to the DualShock 4 and DualSense controllers. Beyond that, the Xbox Series X/S controller didn’t add much, but it has excellent connectivity with a multitude of devices and is still considered to be the best choice for PC gaming. One change that some didn’t take well was a slight reduction in overall size, with some users reporting that holding an Xbox Series X/S controller is painful.

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    How To Change Microsoft Edge Settings

    There are a variety of settings you can change in Microsoft Edge. The settings menu is accessed at the top right of the screen.

    • You can change Privacy and Security settings, such as sharing search history, blocking cookies, and clearing your browser data.
    • Determine where downloaded files go. They are automatically stored to your Microsoft under the User Manager tab, though this can be changed.
    • The Advanced Settings tab allows you to turn off media auto-playing and control website permissions

    Xbox One And Xbox Series X Controller Compatibility

    • Xbox One Controller will also work on Xbox Series X and Series S
    • Xbox Elite Controller will also work on Xbox Series X and Series S
    • Xbox Adaptive Controller will also work on Xbox Series X and Series S
    • Xbox Series X Controller will also work on Xbox One, Windows 10 PCs

    This principle of backwards compatibility on the Xbox Series X has been core to its marketing in the lead-up to its November 10 launch, so rest assured if you recently invested in a new Xbox One gamepad, it won’t be totally obsolete come this holiday season.

    In fact, there’s no reason to not still be in the market for a new Xbox One controller, even with next-gen coming up. If you’re unsure about the new design of the Xbox Series X controller until you have one in your hands, or you just still love the feel of your existing gamepad, we have a roundup of all the best Xbox One controllers compatible with the Xbox Series X. Microsoft recently showed off the new Series X “robot white” controller, but we don’t know the individual pricing just yet–which is another reason you may want to stick with current-gen controllers.

    With the launch of the Xbox Series X and its lower-priced Series S version just a few months away, you may want to check out our Xbox Series X preorder guide for info on when and where you’ll be able to reserve yours early.

    Xbox Series X And Xbox One News

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