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Can You Use Xbox Controller On Pc

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How To Play Minecraft Java With Xbox Controller On Windows 10

How to use Xbox one controller on PC!
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One of the biggest differences between the Minecraft Java version and the Minecraft Bedrock/UWP version is controller support. The Minecraft Java version does not support controllers, while the UWP version has support out of the box with options to customize the controls.

Minecraft, when played on a PC, may work best if you play it with a keyboard and mouse, but everyone has their own preference when it comes to controlling a game.

How To Set Up An Xbox Controller For Elden Ring On Pc

Forget the mouse and keyboard.

Image via Bandai Namco

Elden Ring is available for PlayStation, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Steam Deck. If youre one of the many who play on PC and enjoy using a controller to play, youre in luck as Elden Ring has controller support. However, connecting it through your computer can be difficult as it depends on what controller youre using. If youre using an Xbox controller, heres how to connect it.

Connect A Wired Xbox 360 Controller To A Windows Pc

If you are using a Xbox 360 wired controller, you can follow these steps to install your Xbox 360 wired controller on Windows 10.

Step 1. Plug the USB connector of your Xbox 360 controller into any USB 2.0 or 3.0 port on your Windows PC.

Step 2. Then Windows 10 will automatically install drivers for the Xbox 360 controller. Just wait patiently and Windows will download or install the related driver software very quickly.

Step 3. When you see the pop-up notification that shows the drivers have been installed, you can use your controller immediately.

Step 4. Open a game that support your controller and then press a button, pull a trigger, or move a stick on the controller to test if your controller works properly.


  • If the Xbox 360 wired controller is not detected by your Windows PC, try re-plugging it into a different USB port, and then try again.
  • If your controller still does not work, try installing latest Windows updates and then try again.

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How To Connect Your Xbox One Controller With A Wireless Adapter

You also have the option to connect your Xbox One controller using a wireless adapter. Here’s how:

Step 1: Purchase the Xbox Wireless Adapter.

Step 2: Connect Xbox Wireless Adapter to an open USB port on your PC. Complete the setup process for the adapter as outlined here.

Step 3: Press the Guide button on your controller to turn it on.

Step 4: Press and hold the Sync button on top of the controller until the Xbox logo begins flashing .

Step 5: Press and hold the small sync button on the adapter. The Guide button will flash faster while searching for the pair. Once the Xbox logo on the controller stops flashing and turns solid, youre good to go.

How To Connect Your Xbox One Controller Using Usb

Yes, you can use an Xbox One controller on a PC: Here

Here’s how you can connect your Xbox One controller using a USB cord:

Step 1: Use a micro USB cable to connect your Xbox One controller to your PC.

Step 2: If you have a wireless controller, simply use your charging cable.

Step 3: If you have a wired controller, you can just plug it in like you would with your console.

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Way : Using A Usb Cable To Connect Your Xbox One Controller To Pc

Either a wired or wireless Xbox One controller, You can use a USB cable to connect it to your PC. Its very easy.

  • If your Xbox controller is wired itself, skip this step please If your Xbox one controller is wireless, plug your USB charging cable into the front of your controller.
  • Plug the other end into the correct USB port of your PC.
  • Windows will automatically install Xbox One Controller driver for you.
  • Now you can enjoy video games with your controller.

    If your Xbox One controller cant work properly, or Windows doesnt install the driver, follow How do I update my Xbox One controller? to troubleshoot the problem.

    How To Connect The Xbox One Controller Via Bluetooth

    Here’s where things get a little complicated. Certain models of the Xbox One controller can connect to any old PC Bluetooth adapter. Others can’t. Here’s how to tell if your Xbox One controller has built-in Bluetooth:

    The shape of the plastic molding at the top of the controller is your clue. The first iteration of the Xbox One controller does not support Bluetooth and has a few other annoyances. Its bumpers have a narrower click range, making them less comfortable depending on where you position your fingers.

    The redesigned controller launched with the Xbox One S console has a smaller plastic molding along the top. It also adds a 3.5mm headphone jack to the bottom of the controller, another easy giveaway. On top of that headphone jack, it also has built-in Bluetooth!

    1. Press the Windows key and type “Bluetooth” until search brings up the Bluetooth & other devices settings option. Click it to open that settings page. Here you should see your Bluetooth is set to “On” and is discoverable.

    Windows version note: Using the Xbox One controller via Bluetooth only works on Windows 10 with the Anniversary update applied.

    2. Turn on the Xbox One controller by holding the Guide button. Press the sync button on top of the controller until the Guide light begins to flash rapidly.

    Headset note: Only one Xbox One controller can be paired via Bluetooth. Headsets not supported.

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    Can I Play Xbox Games Without A Controller

    Video games with touch-enabled controllers can be streamed by Xbox Game Pass members across Windows PCs, iOS devices, and Android phones and tablets without a controller. As part of their improvements to the experience of playing games on a touchscreen, developers have taken the step of creating custom on-screen controls, gyro-correct controls, and improved graphics.

    How To Use An Xbox One Controller As A Mouse To Control Your Windows 10 Pc

    How to use xbox 360 controller on PC (Wired & Wireless) Windows 8/8.1/10 2018

    Windows 10 has built-in drivers that let you use an Xbox One controller within games, but what about using an Xbox One controller all the time? It’s a great alternative to a mouse if you use your PC as an entertainment center in your living room, and while not as accurate, it does a good job.

    There are several programs you can use that will give you the ability to use your Xbox One controller all the time, but we chose Gopher360. It’s free, it’s simple, and it’s functional. Here’s how to set it up.

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    What Should I Do First In Forza Horizon 4

    10 Essential Tips for Forza Horizon 4

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    How To Use A Micro Usb Cable With The Xbox One Controller

    Any decent cable will do the trick, even the one that you used to use to charge your phone.

    However, it’s not just desktop PCs that you can use an Xbox One controller with. It’s entirely possible to use it with a tablet or laptop, and in those cases, you may only have USB-C connectors available.

    The easiest thing to do is get a USB-C to USB-A dongle, allowing you to use a regular micro USB cable through the USB-C connector on your laptop or tablet.

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    How To Update And Configure The Xbox One Controller

    It’s not just games that have updates these days. So do controllers! While it’s not necessary to update your Xbox controller, if you want to, the process is pretty simple.

    1. Open the Windows Store and search for Xbox Accessories. Install the app and open it.

    Windows version note: The app only works with Windows 10 with the Anniversary update applied.

    2. Plug your Xbox One controller in with a micro-USB cable.

    3. Click the “More options” button to check if there’s a firmware update for your controller.

    Instead of configuring controller options on a game-by-game basis, you can also use the Accessories app to change button mapping, swap and invert sticks and triggers, and enable or disable rumble.

    If you have an Xbox One Elite controller, you can also use the Accessories app to configure options like trigger and analog stick sensitivity. You can save different configurations to the two profiles the controller supports.

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    Can You Use Wireless Xbox Controllers On Pc

    This $25 adapter has some benefits over Bluetooth. For starters, you can use up to eight gamepads with the adapter, while Microsoft recommends using just one at a time with Bluetooth. The headset jack is also enabled if you use the adapter, with adjustable settings in the Xbox app for Windows 10.

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    The Xbox Wireless Adapter

    Microsoft also has an official wireless dongle for Windows PCs that allows you to go wire-free. The first-generation controller and the original Xbox Elite controller don’t support Bluetooth, so to go wireless on your PC, you’ll need the dongle.

    It isn’t expensive, and the redesigned model is much smaller than the original. Simply plug it into your PC and connect your controller to is as you would the Xbox One, by holding down the pairing button on the top.

    Wired Or Wireless Here’s How To Get Gaming

    If you’re trying to game on PC and prefer a controller over mouse and keyboard, you have the option to use an Xbox One controller. And, since Windows 10 natively supports the Xbox One controller, setup is incredibly easy.

    However, the way you connect your controller to your PC may vary a little bit depending on which type of Xbox One controller you have and what method you want to connect.

    We’ll provide instructions for connecting using USB, Bluetooth and Microsoft’s wireless dongle. When it comes to Bluetooth, we’ll also help you figure out whether your controller supports it, as many Xbox One controllers don’t.

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    Is There A Third Type Of Controller

    The Xbox Series controller is the new type of controller thats known to be more expensive than the two. However, it will never confuse you whether to choose between a wired or wireless controller. This type of controller is the best as it can provide a wired connection via USB, and Bluetooth as well.

    This handy controller can easily be identified once you spot a little rectangular button between the view and menu buttons. This is the capture button of the controller, which lets you record your gameplay so then you can share it with your friends or if you want to keep a memorable moment in your favorite game.

    Another unique feature found in the Xbox Series Controller is the USB Type-C port, which is known to be more adaptable than the micro-USB. It is located at the top part of the controller the same as the old location of the micro-USB port for older models.

    Connect Your Xbox Controller To Pc With Bluetooth

    How to use an Xbox One controller on PC

    Pairing the Xbox controller with your PC over Bluetooth is almost the same as pairing it with your Xbox One or Xbox Series. You activate the controller by holding down the Guide button, then hold the Pairing button for three seconds until the Guide button flashes. This means it’s in pairing mode. If you’re connecting the controller to a console, you hold the Pairing button on the system itself. If you’re connecting the controller to a Windows 10 PC, you need to go through some menus. You also need a Bluetooth USB dongle if your PC doesn’t have Bluetooth. Here’s the full step-by-step process:

  • Hold the Guide button to turn on the controller.

  • Hold the Pairing button for three seconds until the Guide button flashes.

  • Right-click the Bluetooth icon in your system tray.

  • You can now use the Xbox Wireless Gamepad with your PC, and play the vast majority of modern games that support controllers. However, you can’t use the headset jack on the gamepad, just like Sony’s DualShock 4 and DualSense controllers. Although you can use a wired gaming headset with a controller and its associated game system, audio isn’t sent through the jack when it’s connected to a PC via Bluetooth.

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    How To Connect Xbox Controller To Pc Via Usb Cable

    The most straightforward way to connect your Xbox controller and PC is with a micro-USB cable . Simply plug the slim end into your Xbox One controller and the other end into a USB port on your PC. Hit the Xbox button to turn the controller on if it doesn’t do so on its own.

    On Windows 10, your computer should recognize the controller instantly. On earlier versions of Windows, the OS should automatically download drivers and your controller will be ready in a few moments.

    Note that even when plugged into a computer, the batteries in your Xbox controller will drain. We recommend picking up the Xbox One Play and Charge Kit to give your controller recharging capabilities. With it, your controller will charge when connected to your PC, eliminating battery life concerns.

    When you want to disconnect your Xbox controller from the PC, just unplug it. It may flash for a few seconds as it’s looking for other devices, but it will turn off before long.

    Turn On The Controller

    The most simple step of the bunch is to simply turn the controller on. Making sure its properly and fully charged is a must by plugging in the charge cable to either the Xbox console or a charger of any compatible kind. Once charged, press the big Xbox button on the front to turn the controller on, and it will flash a light to notify you that its active.

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    How To Connect An Xbox 360 Controller To A Pc

    The selection of games on PC is better than ever. With the rise of the indie scene and a multitude of digital storefronts selling games at discounts, theres nothing stopping you from enjoying whatever game you want. Well, almost nothing. While a mouse and a keyboard combo is a time-tested setup, sooner or later, youll probably need a controller.

    If you do some digging, youll find out that the Xbox 360 controller is the best choice for a majority of games. So you may be wondering how to connect an Xbox 360 controller to a PC. Is it complicated? Do you even have to do it?

    No matter how much you love playing games the traditional way, with a keyboard and a mouse, youll find a game that just feels off. Perhaps it has a bizarre keyboard setup that you cant change, or its just designed to be played with a controller. If you check the forums, youll see that most gamers recommend getting an Xbox 360 controller since its the best-supported option for Windows-based PCs. No disagreement here, Xbox controllers are high-quality devices that provide great functionality with a majority of games. And if youre playing a PC port of a console game, having an Xbox 360 controller is almost mandatory. So getting one is a no-brainer, but what about installing it?

    How Do I Pair My Xbox One S Controller To My Pc

    How to Connect an Xbox 360 Controller to a PC

    So, now the annoying stuff is out of the way, lets get your controller paired up! Now the good news is pairing your controller with your PC is almost as easy as pairing it to your XBOX so do not fear.

    Follow these step-by-step instructions to pair your controller:

    1.Firstly, make sure your windows 10 has the anniversary update installed and also make sure your controller is up to date via windows as well.

    2. Start by pressing and holding the XBOX button to switch the controller on

    3. Once your controller is switched on, open up Windows settings. You can do this by typing Settings in the Windows search bar at the bottom left. Once in settings, click Devices.

    4. Once in devices select Bluetooth and other devices

    5. Now select the Add bluetooth or other device

    6. When inside the Add bluetooth or other device window select everything else

    7. Your XBOX one s controller should be one of the options

    8. Select and pair the control to your PC

    And thats all there is to it, your controller is now paired and can be used with any game that supports a controller. One downside of the controller is that it doesnt support your xbox headset so you will have to use an alternative one which is plugged into the jacks. But apart from this its as good as playing your XBOX!

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    Connect Your Xbox Controller To Pc With A Wired Connection

    This is very simple, but you do need a physical cable connecting the controller to your PC. Here’s how you do it.

  • Plug one end of your USB-to-micro USB or USB-to-USB-C cable into the controller.

  • Plug the other end into your PC

  • That’s it! It will automatically configure under Windows 10 and work with virtually any game on your PC.

    If You Have An Older Xbox One Wireless Controller

    If you are one of the people without one of the Bluetooth equipped Xbox controllers, or you have a PC without Bluetooth, you’re going to need the Xbox wireless adapter. It’s a proprietary dongle Microsoft makes that pairs to the controller using a dedicated wireless connection.


    Once you have one of those adapters, you simply plug it in to a spare USB port on your Windows laptop or desktop, and then press and hold the pairing button on the side until the light starts blinking.

    Now you switch on your Xbox controller by pressing the central home button, and then press and hold the pairing button on the top edge until that big ‘X’ starts flashing.

    At this point the wireless adapter and your control pad should find each other automatically, and then after a few seconds they’ll connect and the lights will become constant and stop blinking on both devices.

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