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Can You Use Wireless Headphones On Xbox One

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If Your Headset Has A Wireless Adapter

How to connect any Bluetooth Headset to your Xbox One

Some wireless headsets come with a USB adapter that plugs into the console and transmits sound data to the headphones. If this is the case, all you need to do is turn on the Xbox One, connect the adapter, and switch on the headset. It will connect automatically, and the Xbox One will immediately switch the audio output to your headphones.

How To Enable Bluetooth On Xbox Controllers With An Audio Jack

How you connect any Bluetooth adapter depends on what type of Xbox controller you have. Regardless of which model you have, to enable controller audio remember to sync your Xbox controller with the Xbox One, first.

Newer game pads have a built-in 3.5mm audio jack. This is the simplest way to connect wired and wireless headphones.

  • Plug the Bluetooth transmitters 3.5mm male connection into the audio jack in base of the Xbox One controller.
  • Pair your headphones to the adapter.

It’s a easy as that.

Dont forget, you can connect to your TV, too. Since these devices arent specifically made for your Xbox, you can plug them into more or less any device with a headphone port to give it Bluetooth capabilities. That includes your TV.

So, if you dont want the Bluetooth dongle dangling between your hands while you play, check your TV has an audio jack and plug the adapter into that instead.

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How To Connect An Incompatible Headset To Xbox Consoles

If you thought the instructions above were a little complicated, wait until we go through the process of connecting non-compatible headphones to your Xbox One or Xbox Series console.

Since Xbox doesnt support the use of Bluetooth headphones, youll have to rely on ingenuity and a few additional tools to connect Bluetooth devices to your Xbox console.

Depending on your particular scenario and the tools and devices at your disposal, there are 4 main ways to connect an incompatible Bluetooth Headset to Xbox:

  • Connect the headset using a Windows PC This is doable via the Xbox Console Companion app. The only condition is that both devices need to be on the same network. For the best results, you will need an ethernet connection)
  • Connect the headset through a TV If your TV supports Bluetooth connections, youre in luck. You can easily connect your headset to your TV and use it when playing games on your Xbox. However, this method has its limitations as youll see below.
  • Connect the headset via the Xbox App In case you only care about using your headset to communicate with your mates on the party chat. This method will not allow you to hear game audio via your wireless headphones.
  • Connect the headset by using a Bluetooth Transmitter If you have some cash on the side, investing in a Bluetooth transmitter is probably the best way of ensuring the best audio experience. The drawback is that you wont be able to use your headphone microphone.

2.1 Connect Bluetooth Headset via PC

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If You Already Have Bluetooth Headphones

Before you decide to connect your existing Bluetooth headphones to an Xbox One, you need to nail down a purpose. Are you trying to enjoy game audio without waking up your neighbors or being distracted by their noise that seeps through your walls? Or are you trying to chat with friends as you play Halo 3 in co-op for the 400th time?

The reason that distinction matters is that non-Xbox Wireless devices can’t really do both. It’s one or the other. We’ll start with listening to game audio first. If you’re just trying to listen to your games, a Bluetooth transmitter that plugs into the 3.5mm headphone jack on the Xbox controller will do the trick. This one from Uberwith will run you $36, but Amazon reviews say it does its job by transmitting audio to Bluetooth headphones. They also note that it has a built-in microphone for voice chat since your headphones’ mic won’t work, but many reviews warn that the audio quality on that mic is terrible. You should probably only use it for listening, in other words.

It’s not great that people with Bluetooth headphones can’t just connect them to an Xbox One without spending at least a little bit of money and/or putting faith in third-party Bluetooth transmitters. That’s the reality of the situation, whether it’s because of Bluetooth latency or some other technical hurdles behind the scenes, but at least it’s possible. Here’s to hoping this isn’t a problem in six or seven years when more new consoles launch.

Connecting With Alternative Headphone Models

You Can Use Bluetooth Headphones With Xbox One, It

Do you have a second set of alternative headphones that you havent attempted to connect yet? If so, nows the time to dust them off to see if they work with your Xbox One. Lets take a look at some other;branded headphones compatible with Xbox;before we break the bank to buy a new set of gaming headphones.

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Can I Use In

Unfortunately, when using a Bluetooth headset you will often find that you are limited to only hearing the game audio, and you may be unable to use the headphones microphone function for in-game chat. It is possible to be able to get the talkback feature working through your Bluetooth connection but this will require a Bluetooth transmitter adapter to be used that allows this function. This type of adapter can be expensive, so be prepared for it to use up your budget. However, for people who enjoy playing Xbox One games, the option to be able to join up with other players and use the talkback feature is invaluable.

Using certain Bluetooth headsets with the Xbox One can sometimes have its limitations, as sound quality can be compromised and affect the fun you get playing your video games. However, there are a variety of good quality Bluetooth headsets for Xbox One players that will provide you with amazing sound experience, so ensure you buy headphones that will meet your expectations and allow you to enjoy playing your Xbox One.

The Solution To Connecting Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One Controller

So, weâve found out that the Xbox One doesnât have the Bluetooth transmission module, and the Xbox One Controller doesnât have it either. The official stereo headset adaptor from Xbox doesnât work too.

I deliberated a lot about this and tried to reach a safe, working solution to this issue thatâs been the cause of frequent headaches for me. That is because Iâve always wanted my high-end Beats and Airpods to work with the Xbox One without having to buy a new wired Beats.

One still has to buy something but wouldnât have to spend a couple of hundred bucks on a new wired headset. Instead, Iâve found a very affordable solution that involves buying a Bluetooth transmitter to connect it directly to your Xbox controller.

The first thing you have to do is buy a suitable, reliable Bluetooth transmitter. You can find many all around the web, but Iâve recommended a few further down in the article. Buy one with a 3.5mm jack and insert it into the Xbox One Controller 3.5mm jack input.

The next step involves pairing the transmitter with your headsets. Follow the necessary pairing procedure, and there you go, youâre now able to hear chat or game sounds directly from your Xbox One on your favorite Bluetooth headphone.

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If Your Headset Doesn’t Have A Wireless Adapter

If your wireless headphones don’t connect through a USB dongle, you’ll have to take a few more steps, but the process is typically no more complicated than syncing a controller. Here are three ways you might get your headset working.

These are general directions that may not apply to all models of headsets. Refer to your device’s documentation for specific instructions.

  • In some cases, the headset comes with a base station that connects to the console and relays the wireless information. Attach the base station to the USB and optical cable ports. Typically, your headset will automatically pair with the base station, but you’ll need to charge it completely before you use it.
  • For other headsets, press the sync button on the left side or lower-right corner . Hold the power button on the headphones until it pairs with the console.
  • Connect your headset to the Xbox One via the USB, and then turn on the peripheral. Once the Xbox recognizes the headset , you can unplug it.

How To Use Bluetooth Headphones On Xbox One


#Solution 1: Connect your Bluetooth Headphones Directly to your Xbox One Wireless Controller

If you have the latest Xbox One wireless controller, then there will be a 3.5mm headphone jack present on the controller. You can directly connect your Bluetooth headphones to the Xbox One wireless controller and use the headphones.

#Solution 2: Use a Headset Adapter for Xbox One Wireless Controller

If you are using an older version of the Xbox One Wireless controller, then you can make use of a headset adapter in order to connect your Bluetooth headphones to the controller. The headset adapter can be connected to the Xbox One wireless controller, and in turn, the headphones can be connected to the adapter.

Third-party headset adapters may look different in comparison to the official Microsoft Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter. However, they will function in the same manner.

After connecting the stereo adapter onto the wireless controller, click on the Chat Audio button placed in the bottom left corner of the adapter.

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Final Words:

We hope the above article answered your question on Can you Use Bluetooth Headphones on Xbox One. The headsets for Xbox One featured in this article are the top of the line headsets available for gamers, and if you take gaming seriously, then you should definitely have a pair of any of the headsets recommended above.

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Corsair Hs75 Xb Best Wireless Xbox One Headset For Audio Quality

Bottom Line: In this price range, there are headsets you may be hoping for more features, but if all you care about is amazing audio, the Corsair HS75 XB is tough to beat. The HS75 XB is a newcomer on the scene, and boasts truly great audio that is elevated further with baked-in Dolby Atmos support. This headset is recognized by the Dolby Atmos app, giving you access to a range of additional features right from your Xbox One console, including EQ tweaks and more.

Speakers: 50mm neodymium | Frequency response: 20-20,000Hz | Compatibility: Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S | Features: Xbox Wireless, on-ear controls, 15-20-hour battery life

  • Premium feel with high-grade comfort
  • Stunning audio with massive bass
  • Broad soundscape ideal for Dolby Atmos

Turtle Beach Headset Audio Controller Plus

The Turtle Beach Headset Audio Controller Plus can bridge the gap for controllers that do not have the 3.5mm audio jack to plug in a Bluetooth transmitter. However, you will still need to secure a Bluetooth transmitter to connect the Bluetooth headphones.

This device has other great functions, too! It elevates your gaming experience by enhancing your game audio to a top-notch level. It does so by incorporating an ultra-sensitive feature called the Superhuman hearing mode. This allows picking up silent audio leads such as enemy footsteps or weapons reload.

It also has game and mic presets. With it, you can customize your gaming sounds or adjust your voice volume. Who needs to shout with this feature?

Plus, it also allows you complete control of your mic, game, and chats volumes through easy-to-manage buttons.

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Does The Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter Have Bluetooth

There is an Xbox One stereo headset adaptor available to buy by Xbox for connecting high-end wired headphones like Beats with the controller. Many people buy the adaptor to have Bluetooth functionality, but only wired headphones can be connected with the official adaptor that comes from Xbox.

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Audeze Penrose X Best Premium Audio Quality

Can you use a wireless Xbox One headset with your PC ...

Bottom line: The Audeze Penrose X stuns with crystalline, detailed sound reproduction owing to its wild 100mm planar drivers. When it comes to pure audio, the Penrose X is truly tough to beat. However, for its price, it’s tough to recommend as an overall package. If having the edge when it comes to tactical sound is all you care about, this might be the best for you.

Speakers: 100mm planar drivers | Frequency response: 15-50,000Hz | Compatibility: Bluetooth, USB wireless | Features: 15-hour battery life, planar audio drivers, on-ear controls, Bluetooth

  • Loud toy-like design
  • Microphone sounds just OK

The Audeze Penrose X is a bit of a frustrating headset to recommend, owing to its crazy price point. Those planar drivers aren’t cheap, and when you’re throwing in Bluetooth as well, it’s a surefire way to inflate your product’s price very rapidly. The Audeze Penrose X boasts some of the biggest and most immaculate audio reproduction I’ve experienced, with crisp details finely separated from sweeping bass notes and atmospheric mids. The audio reproduction is truly up there with the best of them, but I’m not sure it’s worth paying so much extra, given some of the product’s flaws.

Regardless, if money is no object to you and all you care about is the absolute best sound no matter what, this might be the best Xbox One wireless headset for you! If you can find one that is, Audeze doesn’t seem to be manufacturing enough to meet demand as of writing.

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Are Bose Quiet Comfort Good For Gaming

The Verdict: A Great 2-in-1 Headset That Doesnt Quite Live Up To Its Full Potential. If you already have a great gaming headset, then we wouldnt necessarily recommend replacing them with the Bose QuietComfort 35 II. However, if youre in the market for a new PC gaming headset, then this is a great choice.

Are There Any Disadvantages Of Using A Bluetooth Transmitter With Your Xbox Series X And S

Though a Bluetooth transmitter allows you to use a Bluetooth headset with your console, theyre also an additional hub that your audio has to pass through. This introduces input lag, and it can make a difference in competitive titles like Fortnite or any game.;

Hearing a footstep a millisecond late can make the difference between a winning and a losing play. If you arent into competitive gaming, however, the difference between using a Bluetooth transmitter and using a cabled headset with your controller will be impossible to notice.

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Are Bose Headsets Good For Gaming

Using the Bose QuietComfort 35 II Gaming Headset is pretty simple for gaming, because it functions just like any other 3.5mm stereo gaming headset. The attached boom microphone wont work over Bluetooth, though, so youre stuck with a wired headset when you want to game. These are still very comfortable headphones.

Using Iphone Headsets With The Xbox Controller

How To Connect Any Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One!

Even though the Apple Earbuds are a recent technology, they still might face connectivity issues with the Xbox One. If you have the Apple Earbuds, follow the below steps

  • Go to the Settings menu on the Xbox One
  • There should be a headset Mic option there. Disable it
  • Now find the Mic monitoring settings and disable them too. Else, lower the to the minimum possible level
  • Connect your earbuds to the Xbox One console and they should work properly
  • Hopefully, by now you have found out the solution to get your headphones working with the Xbox One console. If you still havent managed to do so, then you might need professional help. Contact Microsoft tech support to see how you can get your headphones working with the Xbox One.

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    Ways To Use Bluetooth Headphones On An Xbox One

    If your preferred wireless connection type is Bluetooth or if you already have some Bluetooth headphones you want to use with an Xbox One, things are going to be complicated. Xbox One does support;some;USB Bluetooth transmitters but which ones are compatible can be a crapshoot, and even if you find one that works with the system, it will likely transmit only game audio and not allow you to party chat. There are, however, dongles that can attach directly to an Xbox One controller, which will make it possible to use existing Bluetooth headphones.

    That said, going the route of attaching a device to a controller is complex as well. In 2015 Microsoft released an updated version of the Xbox One gamepad that included a headphone jack. Most Bluetooth transmitters will use that headphone jack and work fine for sending audio to a pair of Bluetooth-enabled headphones. For people using the older Xbox One controller, which lacks a headphone jack, the best choice is to purchase Microsoft’s;Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter, which is becoming increasingly hard to find. This device serves a number of functions including adding a headphone jack to the older model controllers, thus enabling a connection to a Bluetooth dongle.

    Can You Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One

    When almost every device sports a Bluetooth feature, Xbox makes an exemption.

    However, device inferiority is definitely not the reason. Its simply because Microsoft, the Xbox maker, decided to go a different path in connecting wirelessly.

    Instead of going with Bluetooth, Xbox uses a unique, in-house wireless protocol the Xbox Wireless.

    Like Bluetooth, Xbox Wireless allows connecting headphones to Xbox One without the use of pesky cables. But, unlike Bluetooth, which uses the 2.4GHz Radio Frequency, Xbox Wireless uses a higher RF. This results in reduced latency and improved audio experience when using the headphones.

    With its own wireless technology, Microsoft launched technology-specific peripherals. This includes headsets that are devoid of the typical Bluetooth feature.

    There are only a handful of these Xbox-compatible headsets, and they come in two types:

    • The first one uses a wireless dongle, which users attach to one of the Xbox controllers USB ports to connect the headphones.
    • The other connects automatically to the console instead of going through the controller. Thus, eliminating the need for dongles and whatnot. This type of wireless headphones is a bit more expensive, though, but it is highly efficient on its own.

    With Xbox headphones alleged superiority over BT headphones, theyre starting to sell hot among Xbox gamer groups.

    Heres a list of Xbox-compatible headphones you can choose from.

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