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Can You Use Discord On Xbox

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How To Get Discord On Your Xbox Series X

How to GET and USE DISCORD on XBOX ONE (Best Method!)

It’s unofficially available on the Microsoft Store.

If you want to use Discord on an Xbox Series X or S to talk with friends in voice chats or keep track of things going on if you arent close to your PC, youll need to rely on something called Quarrel.

The Discord app isnt officially available on the Microsoft store. Instead, youll need to use a third-party app. So if youre uncomfortable with using a third-party application to sign in to your official Discord account, make a temporary or alternative account instead while on your Xbox Series X or S.

With that in mind, heres what you need to do:

  • Open up the Microsoft Store on your Series X or S.
  • Log into your account on the app and start using Discord.
  • The app isnt the best. Its known for crashing, struggling to load, and not working. If this happens, you should uninstall and reinstall the appor, if youre really unsure, dont use it at all.

    Linking Discord Account With Xbox One And Xbox 360

    If you have installed discord to your PC or mobile, you can link it to the Xbox account. Make sure you are logged in to your discord account from your phone or PC before linking the account.

    Step 1. Open the menu by pressing the Xbox button on the Xbox.

    Step 2. Go to Account settings.

    Step 3. Go To the Linked Social accounts menu.

    Step 4. Select Link Discord Account from the Menu.

    Now you will get a pin code with 6 characters. You need to enter this in your Discord App.

    Step 6. Open your discord App from PC or mobile.

    Step 7. Go to Settings.

    Step 8. Under connections, you can see the Xbox logo. Click on it and enter the PIN on the screen to Link discord with the Xbox.

    How To Install Discord On Xbox One

    CassandraRead more October 29, 2020

    Discord is the messaging application built for gamers. However, it wasnt initially built for console gaming as it was initially limited to PC and mobile platforms.

    The service is slowly expanding into the console territory, and some console gamers might argue that its taking too much time. Even though theres no official app for it, you can use Discord with your Xbox One.

    Read on and find out how to install Discord on your Xbox One. .

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    What You’ll Like About Quarrel

    Quarrel began as a Windows Phone app, but one of its developers figured since he went through the effort to make it, he might as well expand it to other Windows platforms. What a novel concept, people making an app with one form factor in mind and then expanding to others due to ease of porting and a shared codebase if only more companies did that. In any event, the result was Quarrel becoming available on Windows 10 and the Xbox One. Now, the majority of Quarrel users are on the Xbox One. There’s still a large userbase on Windows 10 and even a few brave souls on Windows 10 Mobile, but it stands out as a unique option on Xbox One.

    I’m going to focus the majority of this review on Quarrel on the Xbox One, but I’ll quickly note that it works well on PCs for chatting and voice calls. It doesn’t support video calls and is behind the official Discord app on PCs in a few ways, so I’m going to focus on the Xbox One version of Quarrel as it provides a unique feature set.

    Quarrel on the Xbox One looks fine. Once you sign in, it has all of your chats and channels. You have to navigate the app by moving a cursor around with a joystick, which is a bit awkward, but with so many channels and chats to choose from, I think snapping to elements on the screen might be a much slower experience. When your cursor is over the channel list, you can scroll up and down with the right joystick, which really speeds things up.

    Why Is Discord Not Available On The Xbox Series X

    Xbox Live: Microsoft und das Discord

    To be honest, Discord currently hardly exists on Xbox or PlayStation consoles, and many gamers have been asking why this is the case on the different gaming forums Im on.

    From our discussions, we have been unable to come up with a good reason why Discord, which is way more popular than other game-friendly apps like Skype and TeamSpeak, isnt supported by the Xbox Series X or PS5.

    Microsoft and Sony have also not come out to explain why Discord doesnt work with their next-gen consoles.

    I had hoped that the Xbox Series X would have a better integration of Discord since we had been waiting since 2018 for features such as voice chat to be made available on the Xbox One Discord.

    From what I know, Microsoft leaves out a feature on a console to reduce cost or because the feature is not widely used.

    The latter cannot be the reason Discord isnt available on the Xbox Series X.

    Discord is used by over 140 million people around the world monthly, including gamers, so Im sure they would love to have it on the Xbox Series X.

    From my interactions on Xbox forums, the consensus is next-gen consoles should support Discord, and this might happen soon.

    Discord was recently on sale, and Microsoft and Sony had expressed interest in buying it.

    Microsoft didnt go ahead with its plan to buy the chat service, but Sony purchased a minority stake.

    After the purchase, Sony immediately sent out a statement saying the PS5 will support Discord beginning early 2022.

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    How To Use Discord On Xbox One

    The Discord on Xbox One app is the perfect way to keep in touch with your friends while gaming, and make sure they’re up to date on all your latest Xbox exploits. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re playing, Discord is there for you.

    And it’s not just with fellow Xbox gamers. Discord lets you stay in touch with tens of millions of PC gamers and maybe one day PlayStation players will join the fold now Discord is coming to PS5. Discord’s popularity dwarfs other gamer-friendly apps like TeamSpeak or Skype, and makes communicating and coordinating an absolute breeze. Plus, setting up Discord on Xbox One is very simple, here’s how to do it.

    Discord lets gamers communicate with voice and text, create parties and groups, and see what all their friends are playing. Previously that last part was limited to PC gamers, but with Xbox One integration all Discord users can see what their Xbox-toting friends are enjoying.

    1) Create a Discord Account.

    The first step is to create your own Discord account, which is easy to do and completely free. Select a username, set a password, and include your email address, and you’re good to go. Just make sure that it’s a real email address, because Discord will want to verify it. Discord accounts can be created on the mobile app, desktop app, or Discord’s website.2) Link your accounts.

    4) Enter your PIN.

    How To Enjoy Discord On The Xbox One And Xbox Series X

    Xbox one console belongs to an old generation. hence it is assumed that downloading Discord from the Microsoft Store would be easy. However, we must bring it to your notice that the Xbox one and even the Xbox Series X|S still do not have the official first-party Discord app, even Discord lets you link your Xbox account to the service. However, you can use a third-party app following which you can get access to Discord on your Xbox consoles. To do so, follow the below-given steps:

    • In the first step, you have to power on your Xbox Console. Launch the Store app, that is on the home screen.
    • Now, in the Microsoft Store, move over to the search bar and select it.
    • An on-screen Keyboard will appear before you. Use it to type Quarrel and search the Store.
    • Quarrel app will appear in the result section.
    • Next, you have to click on the button to get the app on your Xbox.
    • Now, open the Quarrel App.
    • You will be greeted with the sign-in / create account screen.
    • Using your credentials, login to Discord.
    • Enjoy the access to the Discord app on your Xbox console.

    Hopefully, we could use the official Discord app on the Xbox consoles someday soon. Feel free to drop your queries in the comment section.

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    How To Get And Use Discord On Xbox One

    While third-party apps such as Quarrel allow you to log in to your Discord on your Xbox, but they are quite limited in their capabilities and prone to crash amid gameplay. This is going to be a pretty straight forward setup.

    Note: Xbox One is now officially supporting the Discord app. The tutorial to download and set up Discord on Xbox One console is down below.

    Obviously, this is something you really dont want to risk while gaming. But firstly you will give to buy this equipment. So without any further, a due lets get into it.

    Can You Use Discord On Xbox One


    The answer is yes Microsoft and Discord announced that they would collaborate with one another back in 2018. People wanted Discord on Xbox One for a long time, and the two tech titans obliged. Its not perfect just yet, but it does open the door to new opportunities for PC fans and console fans.

    Now, PC and console gamers can unite. You can easily see what your friends are playing on Xbox via Discord and hop on if you want to join them for a multiplayer session.

    All you need for this to work is a free Discord account and an Xbox Live account, and youll need to link these accounts to get started. You can sign up and download Discord for Mac, Android, iOS, or Linux using this link.

    The sign up is very simple you need to provide a username, a password, and a valid email address for verification.

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    How To Get And Use Discord On Xbox One And Ps4

    With more players joining every day, Discord has become more popular than ever with cross-platform support for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux. But sadly, either of the two most popular consoles is not on the list. Yes, even with todays hardware and software capabilities, the Discord App isnt fully supported by PS4. Xbox has already launched their official app for Discord which is capable of the majority of its features. So connecting both wont be a hard task.

    In this tutorial, we will show you how to get and use Discord on Xbox One and PS4. While there are quite a few apps belonging to the instant messaging and VoIP application, yet not many could compete with Discord. The latter has firmly established its position at the pinnacle of this industry. The reason for the same is no hidden secret either. When an application allows for text, image, video, and audio communication, then it has surely check marked all the prerequisites. Along the same lines, it is supported across many operating systems as well.

    How To Link And Use Discord On Xbox

    Discord is one of the most popular in-game connectivity apps today, if not the most popular already. With more than 250 million users and at least 15,000,000 users logging in every day, it was only a matter of time before Discord found its way into Xbox as well.

    Now, you can use Discord on Xbox One while discovering Halo Infinite or creating new chants on Minecraft Dungeons.

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    How To Connect A Discord Voice Call On Your Headset

    In the Discord mobile app, had over to the chat section. Select who you want to chat with and connect with them via voice call. And voila, you should hear the ringing through your headset. After the call connects, adjust your party chat settings and game audio mix to your liking.

    If youre using the Xbox Wireless Headset, its quite simple to adjust the voice chat and game mix. One can adjust the chat and game mix by rotating the built-in dial on the side of the left ear cup. The right ear cup dial adjusts the volume.

    Bonus tip, be sure to check on the headset volume on your phone as well. You can adjust the headset volume on your phone like any other Bluetooth-connected device.

    Are you surprised how easy it is to use Discord on Xbox? Tech has really come a long way to help gamers connect and communicate across different platforms. Do you own another headset that can also connect to both a console and a mobile phone simultaneously? Let us in the comment section below.

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    What Youll Need To Use Discord Chat On Xbox

    How to Install and Use Discord on Xbox One

    In order to use Discord on Xbox, youll need a couple of things. First, a mobile phone. You probably have one already so go ahead and download the Discord app if you havent done so already.

    Secondly, youll need an Xbox Wireless Headset or another headset that can connect to two devices simultaneously. Be sure to pair up your Xbox Wireless Headset or equivalent headset to your phone and console .

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    How To Link Discord On Xbox

    It is possible to use Discord from phone or desktop app. Here is how to do it.

    . Visit on your PC or smartphone to create a Discord account. Else login using your username.

    . Navigate to User Settings and choose Connections from the left pane.

    . Select Add option and you will get Xbox logo.

    . Click on the logo to enter the Pin as shown on Xbox TV screen.

    Note: Otherwise, select Xbox Live option and provide necessary details to Sign in.

    With this, Xbox and Discord profiles are linked successfully.

    Is Linking The Accounts Worth It

    The fact that Discord does not have an application on the Xbox console is certainly a downside because its not the same Discord that PC users have access to. Overall, linking the two accounts does a few things that make it worthwhile:

    • If you have friends on multiple platforms, theyll see youre in a battle on Xbox and hop off their PC to join
    • Whether your system is running slow or online voice chat is hogging your bandwidth, using Discord is a seamless and impressive alternative to your Xbox chat.
    • You get a keyboard to make chatting easier.

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    Connecting Discord Account With Xbox 360 And Xbox One

    You can link your Xbox account to Discord if you have it installed on your computer or phone. Before integrating your Discord account, make sure youre logged in from your phone or computer. First things first, you must make a Discord account. Its simple and costless. Enter a username, password, and email address. Discord wants to check it out, so be sure its a legitimate one. You can sign up for a Discord account via the Discord mobile app, desktop client, or website.

    • You now have to reach to your account settings and replace your password.
    • Select Linked social accounts from the menu.
    • From the menu, choose Link Discord Account.
    • You will now receive a 6-character pin code that you will be entering in your Discord app.
    • From your computer or phone, launch the Discord app.
    • Go to the Settings menu.
    • The Xbox logo may be seen under Connections. To pair Discord with Xbox, click it and enter the on-screen PIN.

    Xbox Discord integration is significantly limited due to the link between the Xbox and Discord profiles. You never know when things will improve after having the app on Xbox One for over three years. This platform-agnostic platform integration can only show you what you and your friends are playing on Xbox One now. Discord is only available on Xbox One, as it is not available on Xbox Series X or Series S.

    Is Tiktok Banned In China

    How to Use Discord on Xbox One

    When the Trump administration cracked down on TikTok, then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pointed out the national security risks that are presented by software connected to the Chinese Communist Party. » India, one of TikToks largest markets, which banned the app in along with nearly sixty other Chinese

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    How To Unlink Discord And Xbox One

    In case you get tired of Discord or you switch consoles, dont worry, unlinking your account from Discord is easy. You can do it using the official Microsoft site, the Discord app, or your Xbox One.

    Use this link to go to your official Microsoft account settings. Sign in with your credentials and find the Discord link. Remove it and save changes.

    Using your Xbox One, you should go to the Accounts menu and select the Linked Social Accounts tab. Finally, click the button to remove the link in the same place where you clicked on the Link Discord account.

    You can also unlink the accounts using the Discord app.

  • Sign in to your Discord account
  • Go to Account Settings
  • Click on the Connections tab
  • Click on Xbox Live Connection and click on the remove link button
  • Follow the prompts and confirm
  • How To Get Discord On Xbox

    To use Discord on Xbox, you need to set up it on Xbox at first. It is very simple to do that. If you dont have Discord account, create one. Navigate to the , and then create and enter the username, password, and an email address .

    After creating Discord account, you should link your accounts. Heres how to do that on Xbox One.

    Step 1: Click on the Xbox button to open Account Settings and then click Account.

    Step 2: In the prompted window, click on the Linked Social Accounts option.

    Step 3: Then, click on the Link button under Link Discord Account. After that, follow the on-screen instruction to finish the process.


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