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Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones On Xbox

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How To Use Bluetooth Headphones On Xbox One

How to connect any Bluetooth Headset to your Xbox One

There are several ways you can listen to audio from Xbox One through Bluetooth headphones, including, use of an audio jack, use of an optical, using remote play, and connecting to the TV among other options. While Xbox One doesnt offer Bluetooth capability, there are specific headsets that you can connect to the console wirelessly.

If you do not have one of these compatible headphones, it becomes challenging to connect your Bluetooth headphones. Instead of Bluetooth, Xbox One comes with a proprietary wireless technology, the Xbox Wireless. This technology allows you to connect accessories such as controllers to your Xbox console.

You may have high quality headphones such as JBL Boombox, but they will still not connect directly to Xbox One as the system only goes with very specific headphones. One of the headphones with the tech is the Xbox Stereo headset, but you may not have that, so you end up considering any of the other available headphones.

Xbox Wireless operates at a higher frequency compared to Bluetooth, but it is not available in many devices. As we wait for this technology to be in more devices, you need to consider any of the following ways to connect your Bluetooth headphones to your Xbox One.

If you have headphones that use Xbox wireless, such as the Xbox official headsets, you can connect them directly and wirelessly to the console. These headsets fall in either of two categories.

How To Connect An Xbox Wireless

If you own a headset that is capable of leveraging Microsofts exclusive technology , connecting your headset shouldnt give you much trouble if you know what to do.

Weve outlined the steps below, but keep in mind that some things might be different depending on the headset that youre using.

1.1 How to Connect an Xbox Wireless-Compatible Headset with Dongle

If your headset comes with a wireless dongle, things couldnt be any easier for you. Just plug in the dongle into the USB port of your dongle and turn on your headset. Thats it.

After a couple of seconds, you should see your headset being recognized and youre ready to play.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To An Xbox Series X

Audio quality in gaming is important, especially when you are in a Warzone match with enemies ready to take you out around every corner. Being able to hear where your opponents are is essential to success in almost any modern game. Game developers are creating games with Dolby Atmos and other amazing high-end audio formats in mind to ensure that your gaming experience is top-notch.

Chances are you have a pair of Bluetooth earbuds or headphones that you use with your PC or mobile device. Bluetooth is widely accepted in most forms of entertainment. Still, when it comes to the Xbox Series X, Bluetooth is not natively supported, and that is because Bluetooth does not meet the standard for Xbox wireless accessories. As for a wireless connection, Xbox Series X has its own wireless solution called Xbox Wireless that connects gaming accessories to your console.

But wait the Xbox Series X not supporting Bluetooth natively does not mean that you are out of luck! Here is everything you need to know about connecting Bluetooth to Xbox Series X.

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What To Look When Choosing Headphones For Gaming

When looking for headphones for gaming, you need to consider a few factors.

Type of games you are playing:

The most important factor is the type of games you are playing. Gamers who play MMORPG or online multiplayer games might want headphones that can produce rich sound with full bass effects. Gamers who play first-person shooters or racing games need headphones that offer good surround sound.

Sound Quality:

No one would want to purchase headphones that offer low-quality sound. So make sure the headphones you are considering offer good sound quality.


Gamers often spend hours playing games. So, the headphones they are using must be comfortable. If the headphones are not comfortable, they will quickly be abandoned in favour of something more comfortable.

Build Quality:

Another important factor to consider when choosing headphones for gaming is the build quality. Ensure the headphones are made of durable materials that can withstand wear and tear. Headphones that are made of cheap plastic tend to break easily.


Dedicated gaming headphones come with a microphone that makes it easier for gamers to communicate. This is an important feature as gamers often interact with other players on voice chats.


How To Use Airpods With Xbox One & Series X

Can I Use Bluetooth Headphones or Headsets with Xbox One ...

The easiest steps to use AirPods with an Xbox console leverage remote play functions nestled in the Xbox mobile app. While designed to stream gameplay to your phone screen, it also doubles as a method to wirelessly hand over Xbox audio to an external output. You can connect your AirPods to your phone, open the remote play stream, and enjoy stereo sound from your favorite titles.

These steps work best with AirPods paired to an iOS device, although Android phones and other wireless earbud brands deliver similar results. Microsoft also recommends using a 5GHz Wi-Fi connection for the best results. You’ll first need to ensure your Xbox console is ready for remote play via the console’s Settings application.

  • Press the Xbox button to open the Guide menu on your Xbox console.
  • Navigate to the Profile & system tab.
  • Select Settings.

  • Navigate to the Devices & connections tab.
  • Select Remote features.
  • Ensure the Enable remote features checkbox is filled.

    With your Xbox console readied for remote play, you can now start wirelessly streaming your gameplay to your phone. The Xbox app allows players to streaming low-latency feed from your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S, audio included.

  • Connect your AirPods to your iOS or Android device.

  • Open the Xbox app via your phone or tablet. If you don’t have the Xbox app, it’s available via the iOS App Store and Google Play Store for Android.

  • Select the Xbox console icon in the top right-hand corner.
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    Pair Your Bluetooth Headphones To An Xbox Series S By Using A Wireless Usb Adapter

    There are some Bluetooth headphones meant for the Xbox Series S or X. Once you determine yours belong to that type, you may proceed in doing these steps:

    • Turn on your Xbox Series S and Bluetooth headphones.
    • Both may pair with each other automatically once you turn on those. But if not, press the sync button placed on your Xbox Series S controller.
    • Simultaneously press and hold your Bluetooth headphones power button.
    • Wait for both devices to pair on each other.

    Your devices should now be paired after doing the method above.

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    Using Your Bluetooth Headphones

    Although it may be tempting to listen to your favorite Xbox One games at a high volume, doing so may prematurely wear out your battery. Most units have less playback time when producing louder sounds, which also means you have less game time to enjoy.

    Listening to loud sounds through your Bluetooth headphones can damage your hearing. Anything you hear above 85 dB for an extended time could be problematic. If the volume is making your head throb, it is time to change some settings.

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    Why Can’t Bluetooth Headsets Be Used In Xbox One

    Unfortunately, we cannot comment that since Microsoft didnt say what is the reason, and why they dont support Bluetooth on Xbox One, or any other Xbox for that matter. But, in exchange, we will explain how to connect wireless headphones to Xbox One, which is very similar, because you use your Bluetooth headphones to avoid vires and play from your sofa, am I right?

    Also, wired headphones can be plugged in with just an add-on on your Xbox controller. Notice its not the case with Xbox One only, but also every other Xbox is missing a Bluetooth add-on, that way you cant benefit from Bluetooth on any of their console.

    Can You Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One


    When almost every device sports a Bluetooth feature, Xbox makes an exemption.

    However, device inferiority is definitely not the reason. Its simply because Microsoft, the Xbox maker, decided to go a different path in connecting wirelessly.

    Instead of going with Bluetooth, Xbox uses a unique, in-house wireless protocol the Xbox Wireless.

    Like Bluetooth, Xbox Wireless allows connecting headphones to Xbox One without the use of pesky cables. But, unlike Bluetooth, which uses the 2.4GHz Radio Frequency, Xbox Wireless uses a higher RF. This results in reduced latency and improved audio experience when using the headphones.

    With its own wireless technology, Microsoft launched technology-specific peripherals. This includes headsets that are devoid of the typical Bluetooth feature.

    There are only a handful of these Xbox-compatible headsets, and they come in two types:

    • The first one uses a wireless dongle, which users attach to one of the Xbox controllers USB ports to connect the headphones.
    • The other connects automatically to the console instead of going through the controller. Thus, eliminating the need for dongles and whatnot. This type of wireless headphones is a bit more expensive, though, but it is highly efficient on its own.

    With Xbox headphones alleged superiority over BT headphones, theyre starting to sell hot among Xbox gamer groups.

    Heres a list of Xbox-compatible headphones you can choose from.

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    How Do Wireless Headphones Work With Xbox One

    Wireless headphones have to be connected using an external device to your Xbox console as it does not support Bluetooth.

    You would either have to attach a Bluetooth module that acts as a signal transmitter or you could attach an adapter first and then connect your headphones via Bluetooth.

    Going either way fulfills the entire purpose of using a Xbox wireless headphone.

    How Do I Connect My Headphones To My Xbox One

    To directly attach your headphones to the controller, insert the headphone jack into the headphone jack on the controller. After this switch on your Xbox One and navigate to the Settings menu. Click on Device and Accessories. To use an adaptor with your headphones, place it in the expansion port of the controller.

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    Does The Xbox One Have Bluetooth

    Unfortunately, the Xbox One does not support direct Bluetooth pairing. I dont know why that is, Microsoft avoids answering that question. Of course, there must be a reason for this, but that doesnt interest us right now.

    You can only directly connect wired headsets. I wouldnt say that youre directly connecting the headset but Microsoft says it is so.

    In order to connect the wired headset, you must use the Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter. This is a USB connection device that you insert into your Xbox Wireless Controller.

    The Xbox One Headset Adapter has a 3.5 mm plug where youll be inserting the headset. Thats why I said its not exactly a direct connection. If you have headphones with a USB connection, you wont need the Adapter.

    Dont lose hope though, there is a way to use your Bluetooth headset with Xbox One. Of course, Microsoft thought about it and didnt completely eliminate Bluetooth connection.

    Well talk about that later, first, lets cover some other things. Keep reading for the answer you have been waiting for.

    Pairing Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One With Adapters


    Keep in mind that using a Bluetooth adapter will only allow audio to be patched through to your headset. Unfortunately, the microphone will not work if you are using a Bluetooth dongle.

    Follow these steps for pairing your headset to the Bluetooth adapter.

  • Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds and wait for the adapter to turn on .
  • Gently plug the transmitter into your Xbox One controller . Make sure the transmitter is securely clipped to the controller.
  • Turn your headphone on and put it in pairing mode.
  • To put the Bluetooth dongle in pairing mode, press and hold the multifunction button for no less than 5 seconds.
  • Once both the adapter and headset are in pairing mode, leave them for a few more seconds and you will finally see the adapters LED go solid.
  • Thats it! Your Bluetooth headset has been paired with your Xbox One console via the adapter plugged into your controller. You can only use this channel for audio output i.e., you wont be able to use the microphone.

    Since we are talking about the microphone in Bluetooth headsets not working, this guide was designed to troubleshoot mic issues with Fortnite on Xbox One. Dont forget to check it out!

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    Do Bluetooth Headphones Work With Xbox One And Series X

    In the standard Xbox One setup, headphones must connect with your wireless controller to work. That specification makes it incompatible with standard Bluetooth connectivity.

    Although Microsoft makes Bluetooth-enabled controllers, the technology sends an outgoing signal for playing games on other devices. It doesnt read the headphones or earbuds that you try to connect to the console.

    Even if you can get around that barrier, the Xbox One console is a security obstacle that prevents external third-party devices.

    With a little creativity and an audio transmitter, you can still use your favorite Bluetooth headphones while playing games or streaming shows.

    Disadvantages Of Using A Bluetooth Transmitter With Your Xbox Series X

    Bluetooth is a widely-accepted audio format, but using a Bluetooth transmitter with your Xbox Series X console can cause some issues when gaming. In competitive games like or Fortnite, this solution may cause audio delay, which could be detrimental to success. For a casual gaming experience, that millisecond difference may go unnoticed.

    Most Bluetooth headphones have built-in mics, but they are not supported through a transmitter, so if you are looking to party up with friends, it is best to use a pair of headphones that work with the Xbox Series X natively.

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    Use Your Television To Connect

    Heres how to connect & use Bluetooth headphones with Xbox One & Series X/S using your TV as a passthrough:

    • Connect your Xbox to your television using the HDMI cable.
    • Use your TV source menu use to set the input to the HDMI slot you have plugged into.
    • With that out of the way, connect your headset directly to your television and you are good.
    • This will only work if your TV is capable of connecting to a Bluetooth device.

    Why Is Connecting Bluetooth Headphones So Complicated

    How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To ANY Xbox! (2021)

    The short answer is that, unlike all the other console manufacturers, Microsoft has decided to go a different route with Xbox One and with the next-gen versions .

    To put it simply, Xbox one doesnt support Bluetooth connections as it uses a proprietary protocol of connecting wirelessly This technology is called Xbox Wireless.

    Unlike Bluetooth which uses the broad 2.4GHz Radiofrequency, Xbox Wireless uses a higher radiofrequency. While this facilitates an improved audio experience and a reduced latency, it also means that consumers are encouraged to get a peripheral launched by Microsoft in order to get the best experience.

    As of now, there are two only types of headsets that are compatible with Xbox One:

  • Headsets with a wireless dongle These will require you to plug in the headset dongle into your Xbox console to connect the headphones.
  • Headsets that will connect natively without requiring a dongle These headsets will automatically connect to the console. This technology is typically reserved for premium headsets. You pay more for the convenience of getting rid of the pesky dongle.
  • Theres also a third category of headsets that are BT only, and if you own one of these, youll, unfortunately, need to jump through some hoops in order to use it with your Xbox console.

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    How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Your Xbox One Controller

    Without support for Bluetooth, the only way to pair your headphones to your Xbox console is through a third-party Bluetooth adapter. Its not the best option its your only option.

    There are two types of device:

    • Bluetooth Transmitter: The cheapest and most common Bluetooth adapter, this lets you hear audio transmitted from the Xbox One.
    • Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver: A Bluetooth transmitter and receiver lets you hear transmitted sounds, and use voice-chat if your cans have a microphone.

    Connect Bluetooth To Your Xbox Controller

    As an alternative to the method above, you can connect your non-Microsoft wireless headset directly to your Xbox controller. To do so, you will have to buy a Bluetooth transmitter equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack, which is the size of the standard AUX cord.

    Not all Xbox Controllers come with a 3.5mm input. New models should, but some older models do not. Check underneath the joysticks to determine if you need another adapter. If its time to buy a new controller because your old one is experiencing stick drift, make sure to get one with a 3.5mm input.

    Once all the necessary adapters are connected and working, all youll have to do is press the necessary pairing buttons to connect your Bluetooth headphones. This setup can be a little ridiculous, especially if youre forced to connect multiple adapters.

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    Licensed Bluetooth Headset For Xbox One

    Pairing an officially licensed headset for Xbox One is a cakewalk. You wont need any adapter whatsoever. Simply put your console in pairing mode by pressing the Pairing Button located on the front panels left edge . Once you have pushed Xbox One into pairing mode , simply turn your headphone on and let it be detected by the console. Any Xbox One licensed headset comes with a Connect button and pressing and holding it will put the device in pairing mode.

    The LED on your headset will also start blinking as is the Xbox logo on your console. Bring the headset near to the console if a connection does not get established. You will get a message on the screen once the devices have paired successfully and right away, the audio output will be channeled through your headphone as well.

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