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Can You Put An Xbox One On Its Side

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Is It Safe To Stand Up An Xbox One S

Xbox One Vertical? DON’T DO IT!

The Xbox One S is an entirely different story.

This is a console that was designed from the ground up to be placed in a vertical position, whether you’re using it digitally or with discs. The only downside is that you need to buy a vertical stand that comes separately from the console. The stand is just a piece of plastic designed to give the lower side a larger footprint. Microsoft sells its own stand for around $15, but you can buy cheaper ones from third-parties that work just as well.

Beyond the vertical stand, you can also pick up an Xbox One S wall mount kit for around $30 from companies like HideIt. This allows you to actually attach your Xbox One S to the wall while leaving plenty of space for ventilation. If you want to keep your play area as tidy as possible, this could be a great option if you’re willing to do some drilling. Executive Editor Daniel Rubino reviewed a HideIt wall mount in the past and found it to be remarkable.

Can You Put The Xbox One S On Its Side

While the Xbox One X, Xbox One S, and Xbox 360 consoles can be placed either horizontally or vertically, the horizontal position offers the most stability. Make sure you use only the stand designed for your Xbox, which helps console stability and operation. Without the stand, vertical positioning blocks a cooling vent.

Is It Safe To Stand Up An Xbox One

The original Xbox One is not designed to be placed vertically in any scenario, according to Microsoft. It doesn’t have the appropriate weight distribution to maintain stability when on its side, and it has ventilation requirements on both of its sides. If you place it vertically, you’re not only going to block some crucial airflow, but the discs will come loose while in the console and potentially break your entire Xbox.

But is there zero hope if you want to place the OG Xbox One up on its side? In theory, as long as you somehow keep the ventilation underneath clear, you could use your original Xbox One vertically as long as you play your games digitally rather than using discs. You’d have to be really careful to keep it steady, though, because it’s not designed to have any balance on its side. We simply don’t recommend it.

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Is It Always Safe To Stand Up An Xbox One Console

It’s a common question: Is it really safe to stand your Xbox One vertically? Consoles are generally a rectangular slab, most often designed to sit horizontally for whatever reason. Perhaps it’s because disc trays are easier to design when they’re flat. After all, there’s no need for additional engineering to make discs safe to use on a vertical angle. If you use your original Xbox One in a vertical position, it can cause some serious problems. But is that always the case?

No way, no how.

If you want to use a vertical console to save space or otherwise, here are a few scenarios when you can safely stand your Xbox up.

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Can You Stand An Xbox One On Its Side

Likewise, Is it OK to leave my Xbox One on overnight?

Leaving your XBox on for extended periods of time will not break the console itself. But it is not suggested that you leave it on for too long. If you are not able to check on the console while it is running then you run the risk of the console overheating, which can cause damage to the system.

Also, Can I vacuum my Xbox one?

It is not recommended to use a vacuum or electronic appliance to clean another electronic. Reasons vary. A vacuum for example can cause damage to your Xbox through transmitting static electricity that can harm the components inside.

Moreover, Should I clean my Xbox one?

Clean every 3-6 months or whenever needed. Important Power off and disconnect your Xbox console from the wall before cleaning it. Dont apply liquids directly to your console or controllers. For Xbox consoles, use an isopropyl alcohol solution thats 70% or less with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Can dust break an Xbox one?

Once the dust accumulates in the side vents and fan cooling system, the whole system can get overheated due to the presence of dust. If the accumulated dust is not cleaned for the air vents and cooling system the Xbox can be damaged.

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Can You Mount An Xbox One On Its Side

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The Xbox One X and Xbox One S consoles can be placed either horizontally or vertically. The horizontal position offers the most stability. The proper stand is required when using the console in the vertical position. Do not put other objects on, under, or right next to the console.

can you stand an Xbox 360 on its side? The 360, while marketed as a standing console, is not meant to stand. Unlike the Wii, PS2, and PS3 the Xbox 360 does not have disc stabilizers in its disc drive. You CAN stand it up if you want but you are at more of a risk of the console moving around and scratching your game then if you just layed it down.

In this way, can you wall mount an Xbox one?

HIDEit Mounts makes it easy to wall mount your Microsoft Xbox One S console behind the TV or DISPLAYit to show off your white Xbox in style. The HIDEit Xbox One S Mount can be wall, under-desk or VESA mounted, so you can mount your Xbox console where you want!

What does the S in Xbox One S mean?

S most likely stands for Slim or Small, as the console is 40% smaller when compared to the original Xbox One released in 2013. Also, it has a slightly speedier graphics chip, allowing it to support HDR and 4K upscaling in games, as well as native 4K output when watching movies.

Mylifeunit Xbox One Vertical Stand


The original Xbox One is not designed to stand vertically, which is why you typically won’t find stands for it – and certainly not with Microsoft’s approval.

However, they do exist. MyLifeUnit’s offering does exactly what it sets out to, with the Xbox One console fitting perfectly and remaining sturdy even when bumped or knocked.

However, it’s fairly common to experience issues with prolonged vertical use – not to mention the disc tray rarely working. We’d only really recommend it for gamers who don’t require disc tray use or those who are desperate for space and are willing to accept the risk.

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Where Are The Air Vents On A Xbox One

I think the better question is Where ARENT the vents? The Xbox One has vents on the back, both sides, and the entire right half of the top is home to a giant fan placed immediately over the processors (the layout of the processors on the mother board and the positioning of the fan itself are actually quite ingenious

The Internet Never Forgets Fellas

How to stand your Xbox one X Vertical.

Posted By Landon Wright | On 07th, Oct. 2020

We are about to enter into a new generation consoles, and were at a very interesting time in the industry where all three platform holders are sort of doing their own thing by and large. While Nintendo is way out there in their world, Microsoft and Sony are closer competitors, but still quite different as Sony continues on the more traditional path of hardware and software sales as Microsoft is beginning to transition to more explicitly software and subscription-based models. But you know, all habits tend to die hard, and sometimes a bit of that console war DNA peeks up its head.

Xbox UK posted a tweet on their official Twitter about how to swap your Xbox Series X from vertical to horizontal. Without context, this just seems to be random, but most interpret it as something of a jab at Sonys recent PS5 teardown, which you can see in full through here, in which it was revealed that in order to put the system horizontal youll need to detach the stand and clip it on the systems back. The Series X, as youll see below, is a lot simpler as you just lay it on its side. Perhaps the joke didnt quite land as I imagine many probably didnt get it, or maybe it was flooded with fans who took it just a tad too seriously, who knows. But the internet will never allow you to forget your shame.

The Xbox Series X and Series S is set to launch on November 10th while the PS5 will come a couple of days later on the 12th.

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Xbox Series X Can Lay On Its Side But It’s Gonna Look Weird

You’ll be able to lay your Xbox Series X down flat but the attached stand might mess with your aesthetic.

Microsoft has pushed the upright, chonky obelisk orientation of Xbox Series X in all of its marketing materials, however it has previously confirmed that the console will work on its side as well. Sounds like the best of both worlds, but when Microsoft sent out dummy units for demonstration purposes, one caveat to that idealized form quickly became apparent: there’s a little circular stand on the “bottom” of the console, and it is not removable.

IGN executive editor Ryan McCaffrey confirmed with Microsoft that the plastic stand is permanently attached to the bottom of the console. I guess you probably could remove it with some effort, but it might mess up the grill on the bottom of the console and it would definitely void your warranty.

One of the most common questions I’ve gotten is if the round stand on the bottom of the Series X is removable, in the event you choose to lay it on its side. I couldn’t find a way to take it off, and I just confirmed with Microsoft that it is indeed not removable. So just FYI!

For what it’s worth, the power button’s Xbox logo is also oriented to be upright when the console is standing vertically. So Microsoft is definitely sending some signals that this thing would really look best if you were to just keep it vertical, please.

Is It Ok To Put Your Xbox One On Its Side

While the Xbox One X, Xbox One S, and Xbox 360 consoles can be placed either horizontally or vertically, the horizontal position offers the most stability. Make sure you use only the stand designed for your Xbox, which helps console stability and operation. Without the stand, vertical positioning blocks a cooling vent.

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Xbox Series X Series S Size And Dimensions

Microsoft has released official Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S dimensions, providing a clearer understanding of how each device stands in the real world, proving especially handy when sizing up your future console with your gaming setup.

The Xbox Series X measures 301mm x 151mm x 151mm, with its default vertical orientation convenient if standing beside your TV or atop a desk. But for those putting the console into an entertainment center or any environment with reduced overhead space, flipping the console sideways cuts its vertical height to half the size.

Clocking in at 60% of the Xbox Series X footprint, the Xbox Series S measures 275mm x 151mm x 64mm, closer to past consoles. The device is shorter than its most powerful system console in their respective orientations, ideal to ensure suitable ventilation in smaller storage spaces.

The Controller Has Some Slight Changes

Can You Put An Xbox One On Its Side

The Series X controller looks very similar to an Xbox One controller on a surface level, but there are a few new additions that give it some added functionality. The shell has been slightly reshaped and made a bit smaller, but the most important changes are the addition of a share button and a hybrid d-pad.

Both the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch controllers have a share button, something the Xbox One controller lacked. The new Series X controller has a share button smack dab in the middle of the controller, and itll function just as youd expect it to. Also, the heavily-criticized Xbox One d-pad is getting replaced with a new design that more closely resembles the d-pad of the Elite controller. Xbox One mainstays like trigger rumble are still incorporated into the controller, though. The Series X controller takes an already great foundation and tweaks it just enough to make an improvement. There arent any crazy new additions like light bars or touchpads, but if it aint broke, dont fix it.

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New Xbox Series X Features

One new Xbox feature is thats coming soon is Microsofts new cloud streaming service, included as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Similar to or Geforce Now, it will allow you to stream games from the cloud onto your console, PC, or smartphone. This way you can bypass download, install, and update times to hop right into the game or demo. For now though, its limited to just mobile devices.

Thanks to its access to the massive Xbox content library, Microsoft is already touting its superiority over other budding cloud gaming services like Stadia. Theres also Remote Play for those that want to stream directly from their console to mobile devices. This is far more stable, though youll still have to suffer through some input lag when playing. Nevertheless, its a handy option to have when someone else wants to take over the TV and youre not quite ready to quit.

Once games are installed, the upgraded SSD should drastically reduce load times in-game vs the HDDs of older-gen Xbox consoles. While it is a hair shy of the PS5s new storage speeds, it does have a slightly larger capacity, so it should fit more games. Either way, its a massive upgrade from current-gen consoles that will be felt in every game you play new or old.

The Xbox Series X can add HDR and improve framerates of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games.

Does Xbox Series X Work Horizontally And Vertically

While the Xbox Series X is often present in an upright position, embracing its almost monolithic silhouette, Microsoft has shown considerations for daily usage. It includes a design that functions vertically and horizontally, with no impact on functionality, based on the system’s orientation.

Unlike the earliest Xbox One console, designed only to sit horizontally, Xbox Series X supports two positions. The primary orientation is seen all over the marketing, with its towering vertical chassis and the Xbox-branded power button positioned at the top. It even features an integrated circular stand to support the device when stood tall.

But Microsoft has made considerations for using the device horizontally, ideal if tucked in media centers with less vertical headroom. It even has four tiny rubberized feet hidden on the console’s right-hand edge. But you can’t remove the stand from the device it’s essential to keep airflow guaranteed and it sticks out from the right-hand side when laid flat.

The Xbox Series X’s disc drive that works safely in both orientations. This was a fundamental limitation of the original Xbox One’s slot-loading drive but has been fixed since Xbox One S.

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Can I Lay My Xbox Series X On Its Side

Yes, you can lay the Xbox Series X on its side without issue. Microsoft has confirmed that this is totally fine.

However, there are some potential downsides to lying the Xbox Series X flat. The first is to do with how the console looks. Theres a non-removable circular stand on the base of the system, which will look a bit odd on the side. A minor issue, perhaps, but worth noting.

The second problem with laying the Xbox Series X flat on its side is the possibility of scratching the case. While the base has a circular stand, there is no base or rubber feet on the sides of the system. If you slide the Xbox Series X when its on its side, you could scratch it.

Lastly, if youre planning to lay the Xbox Series X flat inside of a TV cabinet, you may have to think carefully about airflow. Ensuring your new Xbox Series X has room to breathe is key to keeping it happy and healthy for the many years to come.

Again, in short, yes you can put the Xbox Series X flat on its side, but you will need to be mindful about placement. Hopefully youre able to find a convenient home for the console, without obstructing airflow.

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Xbox Series X Series S Horizontal Or Vertical: Which Is Best

10 Things You Should NEVER Do To Your XBOX One

Microsoft soon debuts its next-generation duo, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, sporting countless enhancements over the Xbox One family. That includes beefed-up graphics, speedier load times, and other features, all found inside two compact boxes with their respective cooling solutions. And to ensure you’re taking the best care of your console, here’s what you need to know about storing the device and whether horizontal or vertical is for you.

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