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Can You Play Xbox Games On Iphone

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What You Need To Know

How To Play Xbox Games On ANY iPhone! (Xbox Remote Play)

System requirements

  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership $1 for the first month, $14.99/month after that
  • iPhone/iPad running iOS 14.4/iPadOS 14.4 or later
  • Bluetooth 4.0 or later
  • iPad Air 3rd and 4th Gen
  • iPad Pro 11 2nd Gen and above
  • iPad 8th Gen
  • Supported browser Safari 14, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge
  • Internet connection 10 Mbps or higher for iPhone, 20 Mbps or higher for iPad
  • 5 GHz Wi-Fi network
  • Compatible Xbox Wireless Controller
  • Limitations

    Macs Aren’t Officially Invited But They Might Still Sneak In

    Microsoft describes Xbox Cloud Gaming as “for Windows 10 PCs and Apple phones and tablets.” Notice what’s missing there? MacBooks and Mac desktops. Naturally, I tried it on a Mac. Chrome was never able to launch a game, as it refused to recognize my controller. I had better luck with Safari, but it was still inconsistent. Performance also felt choppier than on one of the officially supported platforms.

    Connecting An Xbox Or Playstation Game Controller To Iphone Or Ipad

    If you already have an Xbox or PlayStation game controller, you can connect it to an iPhone or iPad that runs iOS 13 or later. Apple has a list of compatible controllers on its website. They work seamlessly and provide a great, lag-free gaming experience on your mobile device.

    To connect your controller, you first need to put it into Bluetooth pairing mode. For PlayStation controllers, press and hold the PS and Share buttons at the same time until the light bar begins to flash. For Xbox controllers, turn on your controller, and then press and hold the connect button.

    Now follow the steps below on your iPhone or iPad:

  • Open Settings
  • Tap Bluetooth and make sure it is turned on
  • Under Other Devices, tap on your controller to pair it to your iOS device
  • Your controller is now connected to your iPhone or iPad and can be used to play any of the games in the Xbox Game Pass Store.

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    What Is Remote Play

    Remote play uses the Xbox App to give you full control of your Xbox Series X or Series S console. And unlike streaming Game Pass, which you cant use on Apple devices, you can use remote play on your iPhone or iPad.

    It bypasses Microsofts servers to create a direct connection to your console. Instead of gaming through the cloud, youre loading a game thats already installed on your console, and your device acts as the screen.

    Remote play is a fantastic way to enjoy your Xbox One and Series S/X games on the go . Provided you have a good connection on both sides, youll be able to use it wherever you are.

    Windows Devices That Support Xbox Cloud Gaming

    Microsoft Xbox games can now be played on iPhones and ...

    Microsoft has an official list of all the tested Windows devices that work with Xbox Cloud Gaming, but it’s a bit limited.

    If your Windows device isn’t on the list, you might still be able to try Xbox Cloud Gaming. All you need to do is make sure your computer is running the Windows 10 October 2020 update or later.

  • Surface Go
  • Surface Book 2
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    Xbox Cloud Gaming Is Better With Controllers

    Many of the games included with Xbox Cloud Gaming support touch controls. Make sure to check the thumbnail for each game, as titles that support touch controls will be accompanied by an icon of a finger. But you will likely want a controller to play most games, either because they don’t support touch or are just too demanding to be played effectively without one. A standard Xbox wireless controller can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth , but there are other dedicated options like the Backbone for iOS and the Razer Kishi for Android and iOS that turn your phone into a Switch-like device. For more great picks, check out our list of the best controllers for mobile gaming.

    How To Start Gaming Using Xbox Remote Play On An Ipad

    • On the Xbox, open the Settings menu and select Devices & Connections, then Remote features.
    • Make sure the box is checked for “Enable remote features” and Power Mode is set to “instant-on” for ease of use.
    • Run the Remote Play test at the top. Ideally this needs to show green icons, but if this screen is all yellow, your Internet may not be fast enough for it to work.
    • On the iPad, make sure the Xbox app is installed, and open it.
    • Sign in with your Microsoft account.
    • Tap Console in the top-right.
    • Tap Remote Play on this device, then Continue.
    • If required, give permission for the Xbox app to find your console on the network.
    • To enable voice chat, tap the three dots in the top left, followed by the microphone icon.

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    How To Set Up Xbox Cloud Gaming On Ios

    Xbox Cloud Gaming has finally arrived on the best iPhone and iPad, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can finally access over 100 titles from the Xbox Game Pass library, including all of Microsoft’s first-party offerings. Apple users might be wondering how to get started, well it’s actually pretty simple. So grab your favorite controller and get ready to dive into a world of excellent titles. Here’s how to set up Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS.

    Xbox Cloud Gaming Launches For Iphone And Ipad In Safari With Over 100 Titles

    Play Xbox games on your iPad or laptop

    After several months of limited beta testing, Microsoft today is officially launching the public and open beta of its new Xbox Cloud Gaming Platform. This includes support in Safari on iPhone and iPad for playing a subset of Xbox Game Pass games by streaming them from the cloud.

    As first announced in an Xbox blog post, Microsoft has officially debuted its new Xbox web interface for accessing the public beta of Xbox Cloud Gaming. The website touts that you can play over 100 high-quality console games directly in your browser with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and a compatible controller.

    Starting today, Xbox Cloud Gaming is available to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members with Windows 10 PCs and Apple phones and tablets, via browser, across 22 countries. If youre a member or want to become a member, simply go to on Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Safari on your PC or mobile device to start playing hundreds of games from the Xbox Game Pass library.

    Microsoft says that cloud gaming on is supported on iPhone and iPad devices running iOS 14.4 or higher. Other requirements include a 10Mbps minimum internet connection and a Bluetooth or USB controller. The company also touts improvements to the Xbox Cloud Gaming experience:

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    Age Of Empires: Castle Siege

    Age of Empires: Castle Siege is a very streamlined free-to-play strategy game based on the popular Age of Empires video game franchise. Its a relatively new title and continues to be updated on a regular basis across all devices. The game does slow down significantly in its higher levels but is fairly fun early on.

    How To Start Using Ps Remote Play On A Playstation 5 With An Ipad

    • On the PlayStation 5 Home Screen, select Settings then System, followed by Remote Play.
    • Make sure the Enable Remote Play toggle is turned on.
    • Press Circle on the controller, and go to Power Saving, then Features Available in Rest Mode.
    • Make sure both Stay Connected to the Internet and Enable Turning on PS5 from Network are toggled on.
    • On the iPad, make sure the PS Remote Play app is installed, and open it.
    • Sign in with your PlayStation Network account, and follow the prompts to allow network access.
    • Select PS5, then dismiss the console setup instructions. The app will then attempt to connect to the console.

    Unlike the Xbox app, PS Remote Play includes on-screen game controls so you can actually play without a controller if you really want to, but it’s not the best experience. System buttons are along the bottom toolbar along with voice chat.

    In practice, the app works just as well as its Xbox counterpart with the same connectivity caveats. For the best experience, Sony recommends upload and download speeds of at least 5Mbps, if not 15 Mbps, which is in the same realm as Xbox Remote Play.

    Sony also flat out says it won’t work on a cellular connection, but it actually will if it’s strong enough.

    HDR provides a better picture quality but may come at the cost of a little more lag if you have a weaker connection.

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    Halo: Spartan Strike And Halo: Spartan Assault

    Halo: Spartan Strike and Halo: Spartan Assault are completely original Halo video games designed for tablets. Both of them were also released for Windows PCs and tablets however it appears that plans for an Android version have been scrapped. Both Halo Spartan games feature exceptional visual and audio design and will appeal to fans of both the Halo franchise and tower defence games in general.

    Do you like to play Xbox-enabled games on your iPhone and Android device? Let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments below. Would you like to see more iOS and Android game be given Xbox Achievements?

    How To Play Xbox Games On Iphone And Ipad

    You can finally play Xbox games on your iPhone and iPad ...

    Until now, Xbox and Apple devices werent the best of friends. But now, the equation is slowly changing. You can now stream and play Xbox games on your iPhone and iPad. This includes both: Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox remote play.

    While the former is a cloud-based gaming service accessible from your iPhone/iPad browser, the latter allows you to play console games straight to your mobile devices over the internet.

    Let me show you how its done without further ado.

  • Set up remote play
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    How To Play Xbox Game Pass On Iphone

    Xbox Cloud Gaming on iPhone is easy to set up. Heres how you do it.

    WePC is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

    When Apple blocked Microsoft from adding the Xbox Cloud Gaming app to their App Store, it seemed like the Xbox Game Pass streaming service would never come to iOS devices. Thankfully, the crafty Redmond based software company has found another way.

    Using an HTML5 based app, the company is now able to offer Game Pass through compatible browsers, and Apples own Safari browser will even let you basically add the app to your home screen like its a real one. Well show you how below.

    Sign In To The Game Pass Cloud Streaming Site

    To get to the Cloud Streaming section of the service, head over to and hit the green Sign In button up top. After putting in your credentials, youll be presented with the full collection of titles available from Game Pass, including titles youve recently played on Cloud Streaming or other Xbox platforms. You can even skip having to enter the address into Safari after your first visit by adding the Cloud Streaming front page to your home screen. More than 100 games on the service support touch controls and dont require any additional hardware to play, but this feature isnt available on the entire catalog. All games on the service have support for Xbox controllers on iPhone and iPad, and the web app has partial support for PlayStation controllers too.

    Players will want to make sure their internet connection is stable and has sufficient upload and download speeds for the best experience while streaming games. Microsoft recommends a 5GHz WiFi connection with at least 20 MB of download speed, and while fans can likely use networks with at least 10 MB of download speed, this may cause input and output lag that gets in the way of the game. Streaming games on a phone can also take up a considerable amount of data, with roughly 3 GB per hour on average, so youll want to make sure youre on the right network before getting started.

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    How To Play Xbox Games On Your Iphone Or Ipad

    If you want to play some of Xbox’s best titles on your Apple device, you can. Here’s how.

    Microsoft has designed the Xbox Series X from the ground up, with accessibility and ease of use in mind.

    System-wide quality of life changes include the ability to remap your pad or enable a high-contrast mode, while Game Pass and pinning games or apps to your home page make everything incredibly convenient.

    Another clever, yet incredibly useful, feature is Xbox remote play. This unique idea gives you full control of your console from anywhere else. You can even use it when you have connected your Xbox to a different network.

    This article will explain everything you need to do to get remote play up and running on your iPad or iPhone.

    Select Games Include On

    Play XBOX On iPhone, iPad + MORE (Project xCloud)

    It’s a pretty clever idea. Some games include generic gamepad controls overlaid right onto the screen. Others add game-specific buttons. I found it worked best for games where split-second timing wasn’t essential.

    Over the years, on-screen game controls on phones and tablets have gotten pretty sophisticated. This feels much more rudimentary, and frankly not that responsive. But it’s an idea with a lot of promise. For example, playing Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire on my iPad with on-screen controls is exactly the kind of deep iPad RPG experience I’ve always wanted.

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    Set Up Xbox Cloud Gaming On Ios

  • Open your default browser, preferably Safari, and go to
  • Tap Sign in and enter your Microsoft account linked to your Xbox Game Pass.
  • Thats it! Now look for your preferred game and play on.
  • Quick access hack: Tap the at the screens bottom select Add to Home Screen. This way, youll create a website shortcut, allowing one-tap access to Xbox Cloud.

    Now, you have full access to the vast library of games available with the Xbox Game Pass. While many of them are touchscreen-compatible, attaching a compatible controller will surely enhance your gameplay.

    Stream Xbox Games To Iphone

    Everything else is set and ready to go. There are just a few steps left that you need to take before you can start streaming your Xbox games to iPhone. The first step youll need to take is to download the updated Xbox app from the App Store. Then, follow these steps:

  • Open the Xbox app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Sign into the same Microsoft account that is used on your Xbox.
  • Select the My Library tab.
  • Tap Consoles.
  • If you have already set up a console for streaming, select it from the list. If not, tap Set up a console.
  • Wait for your Xbox Home Screen to appear on your display.
  • Once the Xbox Home Screen appears on your iPhone or iPad, youre all ready to go. Since this is streaming your Xbox to your iPhone, youll definitely want to make sure you have a fast internet connection in the house. Plus, those who havent already invested in a mesh Wi-Fi network will want to avoid any dead zones in the home. Nevertheless, you can start playing your favorite games, without tying up the TV for hours.

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    Does The Type Of Controller I Use Matter

    Many Xbox games cannot be played by touchscreen . For this reason, a bluetooth controller is recommended when playing Xbox games on your phone. But will any controller do?

    While there are a few different Xbox controller options to choose from as listed here at , your best option is the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. It offers the most comfort and offers a pretty reliable bluetooth connection. That said, you can use any bluetooth Xbox controller that you want. You dont even have to use an Xbox controller there are many generic controllers that will still work with both apps .

    Remote But Not The End Of Things

    You can now play Xbox games on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac ...

    Obviously, iPad won’t completely quell the console wars, but it serves as an amazing conduit when you can’t be lounging right in front of the TV. And this is especially amazing since Apple has always been ambivalent about letting its competitors use its own platform.

    With the growth of streaming services like PS Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming, as well as Google’s Stadia and others, streamed gaming seems like it’ll be here to stay. The only thing you have to do is to choose the right mobile device to take advantage of what’s on offer.

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    Xbox Cloud Gaming On Ios: Everything You Need To Know

    Xbox Game Pass, also known as Xbox Cloud Gaming or xCloud, just recently came to iOS in the form of an invitation-only beta. It’s been available on Android for a while now, so we’re delighted to see it come to Apple devices.

    With this game streaming service, iOS users will be able to start or continue playing Xbox games without needing a console or computer. Players can even stop playing a certain game on their console or computer and then continue playing on their iPhones and vice versa. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

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