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Can You Play Rust On Xbox

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*FREE* How to play PC RUST on console! XBOX SERIES S/X

Middlesbrough, UK May 21, 2021 Grab the nearest rock and hope for the best, developer and publisher Double Eleven releases Rust Console Edition today on Xbox One and PS4. Today’s release marks the first time the massively popular survival title Rust has been released on a platform other than PC.

Today’s launch was accompanied by a trailer that showcases the brutal action console gamers will now have the chance to dive into, if they think they can handle it.

The Real Reason Why Rust Isnt Cross

You see, cross-platform may sound like a great idea, but sometimes it is left out because of certain limitations, and it is actually better that way. Rust is a game that will require time and skill to master when you play, and as every gamer out there knows, the mouse and keyboard setup is the superior way of playing games like Rust.

So because of this, the players themselves were not keen on allowing cross-platform between the console and PC players as the PC players wouldve had an unfair advantage over the console players who are stuck with their controllers.

If the primary player base doesnt want a feature like this to exist, why would the developers go out of their way to make it a thing? It wont make sense. Therefore it is in the best interest of all that Rust is not cross-platform between consoles and PC.

Should Rust Get Crossplay Between Pc & Console Versions

There are significant differences between developing games for PC and for consoles , all of which require the attention of developers due to the diverse needs and the variety of bugs or other problems that can arise.

While expanding to consoles was a great move, it’s important that the developers of Rust do not overextend themselves by continuously adding complex changes. Their plan to keep the PC and console versions of Rust separate has allowed them to see a clean and successful console launch with few issues.

While having crossplay between PC and console versions of the game would be awesome, it’s more important to maintain the integrity of each version of the game and not compensate for inevitable communication issues that would undeniably arise between vastly different platforms.

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Prepare To Explore Fight And Survive In Rust On Xbox Series X

The wait is almost over. Double Eleven is excited to bring you one of the most exciting survival experiences ever created! Rust Console Edition will be available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S this Spring and you can be among the first to set foot on the island by pre-ordering a copy right now from the Xbox Store. On top of that you will also get some awesome pre-order bonuses that include a Future Weapons and Tools Pack! Choose from the Base pre-order, Deluxe pre-order or Ultimate pre-order from the Xbox Store.

Explore the terrain to prepare yourself for this harsh environment. Hunger, thirst and cold are just some of the many challenges you will have to overcome daily if you want to survive. Be prepared, never run low on food or supplies, and if you feel the need to rest you can always build yourself a place to call home. Just dont forget to lock the doors other players like to roam at night

Be ready to fight them off to protect whats rightfully yours, as well as deal with the radiation, scientists in hazmat and the wildlife roaming around the island. Calculate your every move.

Learn to craft your own weapons and equipment to help you overcome most of these challenges. From rudimentary stone spears to some of the most advanced assault rifles ever created out of metal, springs and wood, the possibilities are endless and its up to you to find the necessary materials to craft these pieces of equipment that will help you survive.

How Does Rust Console Edition Differ From Pc

Prepare to Explore, Fight, and Survive in Rust on Xbox Series X

Currently, there is very little to confirm if there will be differences In content between the PC version and the consoles versions, though hopefully there shouldn’t be. Occasionally, in the case for a console port from PC, the console version is usually only one update behind. You can also probably expect the streamlining of controls from PC to console, along with some assists to help out console players.

You can currently check out six minutes of Rust gameplay on an Xbox One X. It shows off a variety of combat scenarios, along with some example loadouts and how they can affect your gameplay.

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How To Get Free Fut Hero Cards In Fifa 23

Players will receive a free untradeable World Cup Hero card if they pre-order the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23 before August 21.

FIFA 23 players will have the opportunity to secure a free FUT Hero card to add to their Ultimate Team squads in November. However, youll only receive a free untradeable World Cup Hero card if you pre-order FIFA 23 early, so dont forget this requirement.

Is Rust Mobile Cross

As of yet, the companion app is only available on iOS and Android. However, we might get to see a possible cross-play between consoles as well. No official announcement has been made regarding this so far though.

As for Rust Mobile, it will likely be confined amongst mobile players. This is similar to how PUBG and PUBG mobile have split to become two inherently different games.

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Does Rust Console Edition Have Pc Crossplay How To Play With Friends On Ps4 And Xbox One

Here’s everything you need to know about crossplay on Rust Console Edition!

By Kyle Knight

Following the massive surge in Rust players back in January of 2021, the hype is still going strong as the popular survival game now has an official console edition. Rust does feature some form of crossplay on console, but youll need to know the specifics if youre looking to play with your friends on PC.

Crossplay isnt the only thing fans are eager to know about when it comes to the Console Edition of Rust. Check out the link below to find out if Rust will be coming to Xbox Game Pass.

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Is Rust: Console Edition Cross Play With Pc

Can you PLAY RUST Console Edition With Mouse & Keyboard (Fast Tutorial)

Rust: Console Edition is not cross play with the PC version of the game as they are basically two different versions of Rust.

Double Eleven had to take an earlier build of Rust and optimise it to the moon and back to make even a watered down version of Rust work on console, hence why they also had to add a different Skin Store and why so many feature are missing.

As for if it will ever happen, its incredibly unlikely. It would also be massively unfair on those playing on a controller as Rust with a mouse and keyboard is just the better, easier experience all round. Controller players probably wouldnt be able to get out of primitive.

Rust: Console Edition is available now for PS4 and Xbox One, as well as PS5 and Xbox Series X | S via backwards compatibility.

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Rust Console Edition Guide: How To Select A Server

The first thing you’ll need to do in Rust Console Edition is select a server. Servers are wiped periodically in Rust Console Edition, so you’ll want to pay attention to the server’s creation date and what kind of rotation it’s on. If you’re able to build a strong enough Base that’s able to withstand enemy attention and properly maintain it, then your progress will be stored on the server until it’s wiped even if you turn off the game and spend time offline. For these beginner’s tips, however, it’s best to accept that you will lose loot and progress regularly. That’s just the nature of the game, we’re afraid.

To give yourself the best chance of survival, we’d recommend selecting a server that’s not fully populated at the time you’re playing. This will reduce human encounters, giving you more time to gather materials unobstructed. For the best performance, we’d recommend selecting a server based in your region, as this will obviously reduce lag and help you if you do get embroiled in combat scenarios.

Does Rust On Console Have A Single

Unfortunately, there is no single-player option to play on your own, or even offline for that matter. This is purely an online server-based, multiplayer, open-world survival game. Luckily though, there is a “Softcore” mode for players who want a bit of an easier experience. Currently, there is very little to confirm if there will be differences In content between the PC version and the consoles versions, though there may not be any.

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Rust: How To Play On A Private Server On Ps4 And Xbox Console Edition

When can you play Rust privately with friends?

It took a while but Rust: Console Edition is finally available on PS4 and Xbox One, with many players excited to try out the multiplayer survival game alongside a friend or two.

However, a number of players are worried that more experienced Rust players will take them out as they try to adjust to the games surroundings, which can be annoying.

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Play With Friends Via Crossplay

Rust for Xbox One, PS4: Release date, and everything we know

If youre playing Rust Console Edition on a PlayStation 4 and want to play with a friend on Xbox One, or vice versa, there are multiple ways to do so.

Private servers are one way to play with friends, but they do cost to set up. If youre happy to pay for a monthly subscription then go ahead and create a custom server from the main menu of Rust and invite your friends.

If creating your own server doesnt interest you simply head into an official Rust server, invite your friends to join and have fun!

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The Only Aim In Rust Is To Survive

A game without rules, Rust doesnt tell you what to do. Conquer thirst and hunger, weather the elements, and create the tools necessary for survival. Be prepared for challenging player vs. player combat, raiding and looting, or forge alliances with other players to overcome the obstacles you share. Explore, fight, survive.

New Fifa 23 Fut Hero Cards Revealed: Yaya Toure Forlan Mascherano More

FUT Hero cards are set to return as an exciting item in FIFA 23s Ultimate Team mode. Heres a look at the players confirmed by EA.

Ultimate Team fans will once again have the opportunity to utilize FUT Hero cards in FIFA 23 after they made their debut in FIFA 22. Heres a list of all the FUT Hero cards confirmed to arrive in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 will be the final game of the franchise to include the FIFA branding before EA shifts to EA Sports FC. Fans have high expectations for the game that will bring an end to the partnerships dominant era.

While FIFA 23 is set to introduce new features like World Cup content and crossplay support, Ultimate Team fans will be happy to know that some returning features will also appear in FIFA 23.

One of these returning features is none other than FUT Hero cards. Heres everything you need to know about FUT Hero cards in FIFA 23.

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Rust Console Edition Guide: How To Secure Your Base

As mentioned above, you will be able to return to your Base if you invest the required materials to prevent it from decaying. However, a poorly fortified Base will be destroyed by other players, so you’ll need to spend a bit of time securing your digs. Craft the Hammer and equip it then hold the L2 button to bring up the radial menu and inspect your options. At this stage we’d strongly recommend upgrading to Stone it’s much more durable than Wood and should be relatively safe at this stage. You’ll be able to Armour your Base at a later stage, but for now focus on getting it all upgraded to Stone so that you’re relatively safe from other players.

Once you’ve completed all of these steps, you should have a strong enough platform to start exploring the rest of the game. This is just the beginning, but you’re going to want to search and loot Monuments in search of rarer materials and Blueprints. Focus on building a Furnace to smelt ores, Clothing items to protect you, and a Workbench to begin researching more powerful weapons and utilities. Of course, these are just our suggestions, and it’s entirely up to you how to play: what are your tips and tricks for how to get started in Rust Console Edition? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Can Xbox & Playstation Users Play Rust Together


While it is currently impossible for PC gamers to play Rust with their console brethren, there is definitely Rust crossplay between Xbox and Playstation consoles. With tens of thousands of people enjoying Rust via Steam, preparing and releasing console versions was a sure bet for the developers at Double Eleven and Facepunch Studios.

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And it made perfect sense for them to head into the venture intending to make cross platform between Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions of their now-famous title possible, as this would make each server even more full of survivors than if crossplay was not present.

When it comes to emulating a living, evolving, dangerous world, having as many players join in as possible adds to the immersion as well as increases the longevity of the game by simply having a larger and more active player base.

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The Development Of Rust

As mentioned before, Rust became available to the public through early access on Steam in 2013, but it wasn’t until 2018 that it was fully released, meaning it was in development for over 5 years. Thankfully, it was 5 years well spent and was clearly full of many bug fixes, countless updates, and a tremendous amount of fine-tweaking.

One of the main goals of Rust was to create a multiplayer experience completely free from influence, meaning that the developers at Facepunch studios wanted to allow players to craft their own experience and do what they wanted most. Not long after the alpha launch of the game in late 2013, Facepunch noticed that integrating an audio communication feature did something very different for player-on-player interactions. Without the ability to use voice chat with others nearby, players would kill each other mercilessly, however, when given the ability to communicate quickly and easily, people stopped being as hostile, which the CEO of Facepunch stated in an interview in 2014.

Speaking of the CEO of Facepunch, Garry Newman, many are not aware that he is the “Garry” of “Garry’s Mod”. Using his experience in developing Garry’s Mod making use of Valve‘s Source engine, Garry and his team at Facepunch was able to create a new kind of experience in Rust that mimicked the immense freedom of Garry’s Mod, but in a survival-oriented setting.

Rust is available on macOS, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Best Controller Settings For Apex Legends Season 14

Movement is king in Apex Legends and this controller layout will give you a leg up on the enemy during Season 14.

Apex Legends Season 14 is well underway, and if youre looking to gain an advantage over your opponents or keep up with players using mouse and keyboard, then this controller layout may give you a leg up on the enemy.

Apex Legends Season 14 has brought a variety of changes and new content to the battle royale. With Ranked Leagues getting some changes, and the new Recon Legend Vantage keeping things interesting in the Legend meta, having the best possible controller layout on the game is more important than ever.

While mastering your Legend, perfecting your aim, and learning spots are all supremely important in the hunt for victories, movement is king in Apex Legends. It can be the difference between winning a gunfight or heading back to the lobby disappointed.

  • Does FOV affect controller aim?
  • Whether youre using a controller or keyboard, making sure you have the right button layout is extremely important if you hope to become a movement master.

    For those using customized controllers like Scuf, button layout may not be as much of an issue, as these controllers have much more freedom than the regular stock controllers.

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    Can You Play Rust Console Edition Solo

    You can technically play solo in Rust Console Edition, but you have to jump through a few hoops to get a private game started. The only way to play solo is to host your own game by purchasing a private server and then playing on that server by yourself. Private servers are intended for groups of friends or people who want to start community servers with custom rules, but you can technically play on a private server by yourself, essentially creating a solo game for yourself.

    Unfortunately, server rentals are not currently available in Rust Console Edition. According to a post from developer Double Eleven, For the community servers our aim was to have them ready on release but we want to make sure players get a fair deal as well as the best possible quality for the service, for this reason we are still considering all of our available options and we should have more information to share about it in the following weeks/months. A release date for private servers has yet to be announced, although the feature is expected to become available shortly after the launch of Rust Console Edition.

    Rust is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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