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Can You Play Among Us On Xbox

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Play Among Us With A Controller

How To Play Among Us On Console (PS4, Xbox One)

Were going to demonstrate how you can play Among Us with an Xbox Controller. You can probably use similar settings if you have a PS4 controller.

The controller will be configured via Steams controller configuration. If youve bought Among Us from outside Steam, add it to your library to use Steams controller configuration.

You will still need the mouse and keyboard for certain parts of the game and there is no way around it. You will, however, be able to use the controller to walk around, kill, report kills, call meetings, etc.

This is for the PC/desktop version of the game and NOT for the mobile versions of the game. You do not need an emulator of any sort set up.

Does Among Us Have Crossplay

Among Us supports crossplay on PC and mobile in both local and online multiplayer. Here’s how it works.

Among Us has quickly become one of the most popular games of 2020 for its silly party game antics, but also because it’s relatively accessible across a handful of platforms– it’s even free to play on a few. Its crossplay functionality means that even if you’re playing on one platform, you can still connect to a game with friends, family, or strangers playing on a different one, opening the game up even further. Here’s how Among Us crossplay works and which platforms it’s compatible with across PC and mobile.

Among Us Is Confirmed For Xbox And Xbox Game Pass Coming In 2021

After Among Us came to Xbox Game Pass for PC, the Xbox and InnerSloth teams confirmed that Among Us is officially coming to Xbox and Xbox Game Pass in 2021. While no definitive release date information was included, we do know that Among Us is heading to Xbox One consoles, Xbox Series X|S, and will be included in Xbox Game Pass for consoles.

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What You Need To Know

  • Among Us is a unique four-to-ten player game that was released in 2018 but gained popularity in 2020.
  • The game’s unique gameplay mechanics, ease-of-use, and accessibility on various platforms all played into its sudden success.
  • Now, the game is a little bit more accessible for players and is officially available through Xbox Game Pass for PC.
  • Xbox Game Pass for PC subscribers can now install and play the game as much as they want without purchasing it.

Among Us is a rare success story for 2020, having risen in popularity massive a full two years after its initial release. The game continues to go from strength to strength, and Among Us is now available on the Nintendo Switch. At the Game Awards, it was revealed that Among Us was also heading to Xbox Game Pass for PC, and today that plan comes to fruition. Starting now, you can download and play Among Us to your heart’s content through Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Larry Hryb

Among Us was hardly an expensive game as it was, coming in at about $5 on PC, but for Xbox Game Pass for PC subscribers that haven’t found a reason to try the game out yet, this is a fantastic addition. If you haven’t played Among Us, it’s easily recommended for its unique gameplay that pits players against each other just as much as it forces them to work together.

‘among Us’ Coming To Xbox Playstation And Xbox Game Pass In December

Among Us on console: Can you play Among Us on PS4 or Xbox ...

Washington: The popular social deduction game, ‘Among Us’, is arriving on Xbox and PlayStation on December 14. It will also launch on Xbox Game Pass on the same day and be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, PS4, and PS5 consoles.

According to The Verge, this announcement comes months after Sony confirmed ‘Among Us’ was coming to its PlayStation consoles this year. Just like on other platforms, the game will support crossplay and online multiplayer across mobile, PC, and now consoles.

The only difference between the two console versions is PlayStation players will get access to exclusive Ratchet and Clank-themed cosmetics. There’s a skin and hat to make your character look like Ratchet and a pet that looks like Clank.

‘Among Us’ was a huge hit during the early stages of the pandemic, becoming 2020’s most downloaded mobile game. Innersloth has been gradually improving the game over the past year, revealing plans to add a hide and seek mode, visor cosmetics, and a fifth map earlier this year.

As per The Verge, physical editions of the game will also be arriving in Europe on December 14, with a US release due in January.

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How To Play Among Us With A Controller On Windows 10

  • User

Among Us is a game thats played with a keyboard and mouse on a Windows 10 PC. This makes sense given that players need to participate in a group chat to determine who is and isnt an imposter. Outside the chat, there are tasks that need to be done via a mouse so again, its necessary to play the game with a mouse.

A keyboard is needed when you enter Chat, and a mouse is needed when you perform tasks but for navigation/player movement, reporting a kill, killing a crewmate, and other in-game features, a controller can be used. The trick is knowing how to set it up.

You Can Play Among Us On Xbox Playstation 4 And 5 Starting 14 December

Among Us blew up pretty fast since its launch in 2018, and it has since became a household name for a fun and easy multiplayer game you can play with your friends. It has been released on a few platformsand this time, it is finally launching for Xbox, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 starting 14 December 2021.

In December 2020, it boasted 48 million combined downloads on both the App Store and . The game is free for both platforms, but it is offered on Steam for RM12.90, Epic Games for RM9.37, and on the Nintendo Switch for USD 5 .

If you need a little reminder of what Among Us is, it is an online multiplayer social deduction game where a group of four to 15 players are in charge of preparing their spaceship for departure and need to complete some basic tasks. Among the crew are randomly assigned murderous alien imposters, and the other players would also need to deduce who the imposters are before they are killed.

PlayStation 4 and 5 players would be able to cross-play with players from other consoles and devices. This means that youd be able to play with friends who own Among Us on their mobile phones, the Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Additionally, PlayStation 4 and 5 players will get an exclusive Ratchet and Clank cosmetic, along with all of the previous content, and a slew of new updates. Cosmetics are a pretty fun aspect of Among Us, as they can set you apart from other players while you play.

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‘among Us’ Has Skyrocketed In Popularity Thanks To The Pandemic And Its Functionality

There is no question that this year has been a challenging one. There has been a lot more time spent at home for both kids and adults. With more families worried about finances, having anything to do that doesn’t cost money has been celebrated. This is a large reason why Among Us has been so popular over the last few months.

The game is free on some platforms, including all mobile versions. Even the platforms with a cost associated like Steam and Nintendo Switch are reasonable and affordable at only $5. There also aren’t in-game purchases to advance your character’s ability, making it an accessible game for many.

The game also has a social aspect to it. It’s great for all ages, and kids and adults can play together without there being too much of an issue. People can talk to each other through the chat, building a community, and there have been many, many Twitch streams dedicated to playing Among Us.

There’s been a larger push to make the game available on more consoles, one that InnerSloth has been listening to. Not only is Among Us coming to the Xbox Series X and S, as well as Xbox One, but it’s also coming to PlayStation 4 and 5 in 2021. The game can currently be played on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and PC.

Among Us The Extremely Popular Handheld Game Is Finally Making Its Way To Consoles Learn More About Among Us Xbox Release Date And More Here

How To Play Among Us On PC | Can You Play Among Us On PS4 & Xbox One


Among Us is the game that took the whole world by storm thanks to its simplistic and intriguing play style. The word imposter became extremely popular and a part of pop culture due to the sudden rise of fame for Among Us. Since then Among Us has been teasing a console release for the longest time but the players havent received any information. Among Us is now finally coming to consoles on the Xbox which was announced during E3 2021. Players wish to learn more about Among US Xbox release date.

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How To Get Geoff Mask In Among Us

The Summer Games Fest has kickstarted in Among Us. This fest will hold a variety of new events that players can complete to receive exclusive loot. The Summer Games Fest opening was streamed on twitch. The players that watched the opening ceremony, receive the Geoff Keighley Among Us Mask. The fest kicked off on the tenth of June and only the players that watched the stream were able to acquire the Geoff Mask. Among Us has provided another way for the players to acquire the mask for those who missed it the first time around. Check out how to get Geoff Keighley Among Us Mask below:

How Much Farming Simulator 22 Costs

While the console edition of Farming Simulator 22, including 8th-gen and 9th-gen, costs you $59.99, you can grab the game for $49.99 on PC through Steam. The game features a Year 1 Pass as well that can be purchased separately for $37.99 for a limited time before it raises to $39.99.

Farming Simulator 22 will not support Smart Delivery on Xbox or free next-gen upgrade on PlayStation consoles. Also, the online multiplayer mode of the game will not support cross-play between different platforms.

Farming Simulator 22 will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. You can get the PC version of the game either from Steam or Epic Games Store.

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Canceled Sequel And Ongoing Updates

In August 2020, the team shifted focus onto a sequel, Among Us 2. During this time, Forest Willard and Amy Liu continued to update Among Us, increasing the maximum player base, adding four servers and three regions, and implementing longer multiplayer codes to support more concurrent games. On September 23, 2020, the team canceled the sequel, instead opting to add all content intended for the sequel to the original Among Us, due to “how many people enjoying “. However, Innersloth deemed the game’s codebase “outdated and not built to support adding so much new content”, so the team made plans to rework the game’s core code to enable adding new features.

The team subsequently announced their plans to fix the game’s server issues and widespread cheating problem, as well as add a system for banning disruptive players. In October 2020, colorblind support for the “wires” task was added to the Among Usbeta on Steam, as well as some previously unannounced lobby customization options. As-of-yet unimplemented features include improving gameplay for ghosts, adding customizable controls, a friends system, a fifth map, new game modes, and new roles.

In mid-February 2021, the game added a feature called Quickchat, which replaces the standard chat interface with a series of preset phrases that players must pick from. Players under the age of 13 are required to use Quickchat, but those over 13 are also allowed to use Free Chat, which allows them to type original messages.

Farming Simulator 22 Release Date Time And Price

Can You Play Among Us With Pc And Mobile

Excited for seasonal cycles!

By Mehrdad Khayyat

Farming Simulator 22 release time is approaching soon, dear farmers! So, its probably the best time to go over the games launch details and release schedule.

Later in November this year, Giants Software delivers a brand new entry of the Farming Simulator series with more improvements, more new features, and seasonal cycles!

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Farming Simulator 22 is yet another entry for this long-running series that has its very own community who love how Giants Software simulates the real-world challenges of agricultural activities. Build your farm, get modern machines, expand the scale and variety of your products, and manage to maintain your job with the changing requirements of the market.

Farming Simulator 22 | Garage Trailer

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Will Among Us Be Available On Xbox Game Pass

When Among Usreleases for Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X in 2021, it will be on Xbox Game Pass from day one. While the game is pretty cheap at only $5, you won’t even have to pay for it if you are subscribed to Xbox’s service that’s like a Netflix for games. As long as it’s on the service, players can download and access the game at any time or purchase it at a 20 percent discount.

If you have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Game Pass for PC, Among Usis actually already part of the service. Since December 10, the game has been free to download on the Windows Store for Game Pass owners. Your progress should carry over to the Xbox versions of the game whenever they release in 2021.

Among Us will be released for Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X in 2021.

Are There Any New Features For Among Us For Xbox

No matter where you play Among Us, the game is pretty consistent in its experience. However, things may have to change a tad for Xbox out of necessity. Players on Xbox will likely enjoy Among Us on a larger TV screen with a controller in their hand.

Among Us on the Nintendo Switch shows that some controls become easier with analog sticks and triggers, but other mini-games suffer and communication with Crewmates becomes more difficult. Hopefully, InnerSloth will be able to improve this experience when they make the jump to Xbox. At the very least, here’s hoping Among Us for Xbox uses the excellent built-in on-screen keyboard instead of a proprietary keyboard inside of Among Us.

Xbox Party integration would also be great with Among Us for Xbox. Hopefully, players will be able to invite their friends to rooms instead of figuring out how to share the unique room codes, and Xbox’s Party Chat will provide a suitable way for players to discuss over meetings instead of using text messages.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to say for certain how the Among Us for Xbox experience will be at this time. The only thing we can say with a reasonable amount of confidence is that Among Us will likely include Achievements for the first time, which can give even more players reason to jump in and play. Among Us doesn’t feature achievements, trophies, or whatever else you want to call them on any other platform, but games are strongly encouraged to include them on Xbox.

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Among Us Ps5 Ps4 Xbox Series Xbox One

Among Us 14 PS5, PS4, Xbox Series Xbox One. Microsoft Xbox Game Pass.


  • Crewmate Edition 2899
  • Impostor Edition 4399
  • Among Us: Ejected Edition 7499 .

Among Us «», , . – , , .

, iOS, Android Nintendo Switch.

How To Invite Friends To Among Us Across Platforms

How to play AMONG US on Xbox One / Series X/S / Playstation 4/5 for Free!

Inviting your friend in Among Us is simple. From the menu, select Online play, then Create game under the Host banner. Select one of the three maps, the number of imposters we recommend two for a 10-player game and the chat language, then press Confirm. Once youre in the lobby, youll see a six-digit code under the Start button. Your friends will need that.

Once your friend has the code, they can enter your lobby by selecting Online play from the menu, then entering the code under the Private banner. Your friends will need to be on the same server as you, which you can change in the bottom right corner of the Online play screen. No matter if youre on PC, Switch, iOS, or Android, the process is the same.

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Find The Impostor When Among Us Comes To Xbox Series X

When Among Us first came out in 2018, it came out with very little fanfare. A few downloads, some social media posts, and thats about it. There was no way to predict how many people would eventually pick up the game, and honestly, were still in shock over how its all happened. Who knew sneaking around, accusing your friends of murder, and being wrong could be so fun?

Among Us is about two different seemingly conflicting ideas that you need to work together with your crew, but also that you cant trust anyone but yourself. This has spawned so many amazing moments, and its been so fun hearing stories from our communities of all the ways Among Us has helped them connect with friends, family, and other fellow crewmates all over the world. So many people have connected over our game livestreams, songs, animations, schools, work, charity events were grateful. And, as was mentioned in the /twitchgaming Showcase: today, we cant wait to get our game out to more people, no matter their preferred platform!

Considering how our game started as nothing more than a small, local, mobile only experience, it is so cool to us that itll be coming to Xbox consoles and Xbox Game Pass with online and local multiplayer. And the best part is being able to play with your friends no matter what platform theyre on hooray for cross-platform play! The Xbox version of Among Us will also include our newest and biggest map, The Airship.

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