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Can You Hook Up Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One

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Workaround 4 Use The Windows 10 App

How To Connect Any Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One!

Unfortunately, this workaround is a little bit more technically involved. Its also a little bit more prohibitive in the sense that it requires you to actually own a PC thats running a copy of the windows 10 operating system.

Much like the smartphone approach, this will allow you to stream the video/audio from your Xbox directly to your PC. All you need to do at this point is simply connect your Bluetooth gaming headset to your PC and youre good to go.

Note: your pc will need to actually support Bluetooth for this to work. Make sure this is an integrated function in your computer. If it isnt, you might need to buy a cheap Bluetooth USB adapter.

Step 1 Search

Press the windows key on the bottom left of your keyboard. Drag your mouse down to the bar that says Type here to search and type in Xbox. From here youll see the executable for the Xbox Console Companion, simply click it and allow it to run.

Step 2 Log In

Make sure you log in to the Microsoft account that youre using on the Xbox One youre planning on remote accessing.

Step 3 Set Up Your Xbox One

Once youre in the app, youll notice an options menu on the left-most side of your screen. You should see an option their that says connection. Select this and youll be given the option to connect your Xbox One to the app. Click through the various prompts to begin a local area search for consoles using your Wi-Fi.

Step 4 Wait And Select

Once youve selected your console, youre ready to go.

Does Xbox One Have Bluetooth

The Xbox one does not have Bluetooth connection capabilities. Of course, this will be a bit surprising considering the fact that it was released in 2013.

Even at that time, wireless technology was being used across numerous devices.

The Xbox ones connectivity is not archaic like some people may think. Microsoft only decided to go with their own wireless technology.

The Xbox Wireless, as it was named by Microsoft, is the technology the Xbox one consoles use to connect to other devices.

The Xbox Wireless is the technology used to connect the Xbox One controllers to the console. This same connection can be used for headphones.

However, only a handful of headphones are equipped with Xbox Wireless. Most wireless headphones use Bluetooth.

If you have headphones that are equipped with Xbox Wireless, its best to use them directly.

They provide a wider range of sound options and much less latency. Here are some wireless headphones that can work directly with Xbox One:

  • LucidSound LS35X
  • Turtle Beach Stealth 700
  • Turtle Beach Stealth 600

Obviously, compatible headphones are not many, and most headphones around are Bluetooth enabled. So, if you have Bluetooth headphones, here is your step-by-step guide to help you connect to the Xbox One.

Pairing Bluetooth Headsets On Xbox Controllers With An Audio Jack

Controllers with an audio jack are way simpler to connect. All you need to do is first sync your Xbox One with your Xbox controller. Once that is done, plug in the Bluetooth transmitter at the base of your Xbox controller, where there is an audio jack. Then, pair your headphones with the Bluetooth adapter, and youre done.

Moreover, another thing you can do is to connect your Bluetooth adapter to your TV instead of your controller. Bluetooth adapters are not designed particularly for Xbox controllers you can easily connect them to any device that has a headphone port. So, instead of playing with a controller that is attached to the adapter, connect to your TV.

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There Is A Way To Connect Bluetoothheadphones

With everything that we have said so far, by now it should be clear to you that it is not possible to directly connect Bluetooth headphones to your Xbox One.

The console itself does not feature Bluetooth connectivity, so a direct connection this way is not possible.

On that same note, Xbox One controller also does not feature Bluetooth connectivity. However, with that being said, there is a special way in which you can connect your Bluetooth headphones, but it does take a bit of work.

There is such a thing as the Xbox One Wireless Bluetooth Adaptor. Here, you will have to plug the 3.5 mm jack into the controller.

Then, you will have to attach the Xbox One Wireless Bluetooth Adaptor module into that, and youll have to make sure that it is well connected, especially so that the batteries do not get in the way.

After you have done this, you should then be able to pair your Bluetooth headphones to the connected Xbox One Wireless Bluetooth Adaptor.

Does The Xbox One Have Bluetooth

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Xbox One

Unfortunately, none of the several versions of the Xbox One support Bluetooth, so only headsets that use Microsoft’s wireless protocol can connect to the console. Depending on the model of headset you buy, you’ll either use an included wireless receiver that plugs into a USB port on the hardware or connect to it directly, similarly to how you sync an Xbox One controller.

If you have a Bluetooth wireless headset, however, you likely won’t be able to use it with the Xbox One. Your best source for which wireless headsets are compatible with the Xbox One is Microsoft’s accessories page, which provides both an up-to-date list of peripherals that will work and links to purchase them directly.

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Instructions For How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One Controller

Without taking the help of Bluetooth, the easiest way to connect your earphones to your Xbox console is through an outsider Bluetooth connector. Its anything but the ideal alternative its your lone choice.

There are two sorts of gadgets:

Bluetooth Transmitter: The least expensive and most normal Bluetooth connector, this allows you to hear sound communicated from the Xbox One.

Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver: The Bluetooth transmitter and recipient allow you to hear sent sounds and use voice-visit if your jars have a mouthpiece.

How To Connect An Xbox Wireless

If you own a headset that is capable of leveraging Microsofts exclusive technology , connecting your headset shouldnt give you much trouble if you know what to do.

Weve outlined the steps below, but keep in mind that some things might be different depending on the headset that youre using.

1.1 How to Connect an Xbox Wireless-Compatible Headset with Dongle

If your headset comes with a wireless dongle, things couldnt be any easier for you. Just plug in the dongle into the USB port of your dongle and turn on your headset. Thats it.

After a couple of seconds, you should see your headset being recognized and youre ready to play.

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Is The Lack Of Bluetooth Headphone Connection Convenient For Xbox One

Microsoft forewent the need for the standardized Bluetooth facility to provide a potential gaming experience unique to its specifications. While there are evident benefits for the customers, many skeptical thoughts point to domination over the Xbox accessories compatibility.

The introduction of the Wireless protocol gives Microsoft an edge in terms of dictating the wireless category compatibility with its platform. It makes for a highly debatable topic, causing specific inconvenience for many gamers and Microsofts business convenience.

Does An Xbox One Have Bluetooth

How to connect any Bluetooth Headset to your Xbox One

The Xbox One console itself does not have Bluetooth capabilities, so you cannot directly connect your headphones to your gaming console via Bluetooth. This may seem surprising when you consider that Bluetooth is a common wireless mode that many other gaming consoles and media devices use. Xbox One instead has opted to use Microsoft Xbox Wireless to allow connectivity between Xbox players, so this is the alternative wireless option that the Xbox One offers.

It may seem that using standard Bluetooth headphones with the Xbox One is impossible, but if you already own a Bluetooth headset and want to be able to use it with your Xbox One then dont despair, as there is a simple solution that will enable you to connect with your console.

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How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One Controller

As mentioned above, headphones without the Xbox Wireless option cannot be paired with the console. In this situation, youll need a third-party Bluetooth adapter to connect your Bluetooth headphones t your Xbox One.

There are two main types of commonly used Bluetooth adapters: Bluetooth Transmitter and Bluetooth Transmitter plus Receiver. The first one allows you to hear audio from the Xbox One while playing it is by far the most affordable Bluetooth adapter. The second one will enable you to hear Xbox One audio and let you speak or voice chat while playing.

Hence the main difference between both the adapters is that Bluetooth Transmitter plus Receiver will let you speak in response to whatever audio you hear.

Would You Be Able To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One

You can easily connect your Bluetooth earphones to your Xbox One. It will not be as basic as associating your Bluetooth earphones to your cell phone. The Xbox One doesnt have Bluetooth. In place of that, Microsoft made its own exclusive framework and named it Xbox Wireless. So, before you know how to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xbox One, you need to know about Xbox Wireless.

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Why Arent My Bluetooth Headphones Compatible With My Xbox One

It seems like a grave oversight on the part of Microsoft to fail to provide Bluetooth compatibility with their console, doesnt it? Theres actually pretty solid reasoning behind this. Simply put, Microsoft decided it would be better to utilize a higher RF than the band youd typically find in Bluetooth devices. This decision was made to help alleviate some of the latency and interference issues youre likely to find with Bluetooth headphones.

Here is a compatible xbox one Bluetooth headset if your ready!

Money was probably a motivating factor, too though. This approach had the added benefit of allowing Microsoft to justify manufacturing more exclusive hardware for their console.

Accomplish Bluetooth Headphones Work With Xbox One

Connect bluetooth headset to xbox one s.

The favorable position is that youll have the option to hear the game sound through your headphones and talkback by means of the in-game visit.

Xbox One gamepad that incorporated a headphone jack. Most Bluetooth transmitters will utilize that headphone jack and turn out great for sending sound to a couple of Bluetooth- xbox one bluetooth controller. For individuals utilizing the more seasoned Xbox One controller, which does not have a headphone jack.

The most ideal decision is to buy Microsofts Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter, which is getting progressively elusive. This gadget serves various capacities including adding a headphone jack to the more seasoned model controllers, consequently empowering a connection to a Bluetooth dongle.

The issue with the entirety of the above alternatives is most Bluetooth transmitters just send sound out to a speaker. That implies youll probably be not able to participate in voice visit utilizing any of the above techniques, despite the fact that youll have the option to hear everything. In this way, the best answer for remote sound on How to connect bluetooth headphones to xbox one controller that works with the Microsoft remote correspondence signal mentioned before.

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Bluetooth Headsets Not Natively Supported

Microsoft made the decision not to support Bluetooth headsets in the Xbox Series X and S consoles. That means that you cant natively connect your Bluetooth headset to your console or controller.

You can still technically connect a Bluetooth headset to your controllers 3.5mm stereo jack if you use a Bluetooth transmitter like the Uberwith Bluetooth Xbox One Transmitter. This solution will need to be charged periodically, and theres no support for headset microphones .

Aftermarket Bluetooth transmitters are best avoided. They often introduce latency, which is disorientating in single-player games and could put you at a serious disadvantage in multiplayer.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Ps5

Here’s how to connect wireless Bluetooth headphones to the PS5 plus, see our picks for the best PS5 Bluetooth adapters.

Bluetooth headphones are one of the handiest accessories to have around, allowing you to connect wirelessly to your phone, laptop, and any number of other devices. But when it comes to connecting Bluetooth headphones to the PS5, things get a little tricky. Unfortunately, Sony’s consoles don’t let you connect Bluetooth audio devices directly. This is frustrating considering the large number of people who want to use their favorite pair of headphones with their brand-spankin’ new console, but thankfully, there is a workaround. If you’ve ever wanted to pass on a gaming headset in favor of Bluetooth headphones, this guide is for you.

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How Wireless Headphones Work And How To Connect

Wireless headphones are headphones that connect to a device, such as a smartphone, stereo speaker, television, gaming console, computer, or other electronic devices without using a wire or cable. Wireless headphones work by transmitting audio signals through either radio or IR signals, depending on the device.

From to fitness centers, wireless headphones are used by millions of people every day for work and play. For example, wireless headphones are popular with gamers, since it frees you to move around without having to worry about a cord. People doing a workout at the gym or in front of their TV in the living room love the freedom of wireless headphones. They are also perfect for people who want to watch late-night television without disturbing others.

Wireless headphones work by connecting, or pairing, with the device you want to use, through a radio or infrared signal. Many devices use Bluetooth technology to make connecting easier for the user. Devices with Bluetooth technology can connect and exchange data over very short distances using radio transmissions. Headphones with Bluetooth also let you connect to multiple devices simultaneously.

Connecting a wireless headphone differs depending on the device you are using, but its easy once you know how. Here is a list of the most popular devices that people use with wireless headphones and how to connect them.

Bringing Bluetooth Connections To Xbox One


With the Xbox One lacking Bluetooth capabilities, using a transmitter to connect your Bluetooth headphones to Xbox is the only way to go.

If youre hooking up one of these devices, you don’t have to use headphones or wireless earbuds, either. You could even connect Bluetooth speakers to the Xbox One to give your audio a bit of a boost.

Dont forget to dip into the Xbox Ones audio settings and turn on Windows Sonic, too. It offers 3D spatial support that makes your gaming even more immersive.

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How Can You Connect It To Your Xbox One Controller

If you do not want to use this Wireless system for whatever reason, then you can connect your headphones directly into your console, but only by using a wireless adapter. This might not give you that smooth playback, but unfortunately, its your only option for connecting this device.

There are two devices that you can use for connecting your headphones, the cheapest one being a Bluetooth Transmitter. This will allow your headphones to hear whatever audio is coming from your Xbox.

The second option is through a Bluetooth Transmitter and receiver, which not only lets you hear whatever is playing on your Xbox, but also lets you transmit your own sounds, usually through a microphone running back into your Xbox. This is great if youre playing online games and you want to issue commands to your friends.

These options arent great and you might experience some delay, but Mircosoft has made it purposefully difficult for you to access this feature without using their software.

How To Connect Wireless Headphones With Xbox One

You can easily connect your wireless headphones to Xbox one. It will give you huge happiness. Many people dont buy wireless headphones and devices for their Xbox one because they dont know about its wireless technology and limitations.

With some simple and easy controls, you can connect your Xbox one and console.

This is also known as Xbox wireless technology. Keep in mind while buying that only a few headphones are friendly with Xbox one. You should not waste your money on the one which is not compatible.

It is best at providing people unified experience. This is one of the best things about the Xbox One.

Do extra research before buying accessories for Xbox like speakers and headphones. Turtle Beach Stealth, Lucid sound, and Razer Thrasher are some of the best headphone brands for the Xbox one.

If you can buy any one of them then just buy it and dont take a risk at other headphone brands.

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How To Enable Bluetooth On Xbox Controllers With An Audio Jack

How you connect any Bluetooth adapter depends on what type of Xbox controller you have. Regardless of which model you have, to enable controller audio remember to sync your Xbox controller with the Xbox One, first.

Newer game pads have a built-in 3.5mm audio jack. This is the simplest way to connect wired and wireless headphones.

  • Plug the Bluetooth transmitters 3.5mm male connection into the audio jack in base of the Xbox One controller.
  • Pair your headphones to the adapter.

It’s a easy as that.

Dont forget, you can connect to your TV, too. Since these devices arent specifically made for your Xbox, you can plug them into more or less any device with a headphone port to give it Bluetooth capabilities. That includes your TV.

So, if you dont want the Bluetooth dongle dangling between your hands while you play, check your TV has an audio jack and plug the adapter into that instead.

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