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Can You Buy More Storage For Xbox One

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Best Xbox One External Hard Drives 2022

How to get MORE STORAGE on Xbox One in 2021

Our top pick for best Xbox One external hard drive belongs to the Western Digital 4TB My Passport series. We used to recommend a 2TB drive , but with Xbox One X ownership rising and the increased size of 4K games, this is the best way to future proof yourself. In terms of features, this USB 3.0 compatible hard drive offers 256-AES encryption and cloud storage, along with WD’s own backup software. In reality, all you really need to know is that this hits the sweet spot of size, speed and affordability. This 4TB external hard drive will store up to 40 Xbox One X games , and up to 100 or so regular Xbox One games. Basically, it’s a monster, and with a three-year limited warranty, there’s every reason to buy with utmost confidence. It’s available in a 2TB option, too, but 4TB feels like maximum value. What’s more, the new design is excellent, stylish and keeps all that is good in a sleek new aesthetic.

The WD Black P10 hard drive is a superb portable option for expandable storage. And while not listed as an armored or ‘rugged’ hard drive, we found it to have a really sturdy build-quality with the metal topside giving it a bit of a shipping container aesthetic. We also noticed the hard drive runs cool , even with back to back-to-back 16-hour days for a couple of weeks.

Why would you have it running that long? Well, we decided to test the 5TB version and download every single Xbox Game Pass game . And we managed it too, that’s over 280 games, with a bit of space leftover.

Buying Tips For Xbox Series X External Hard Drives

If you’re heading out to shop for your own Xbox Series X external hard drive or are considering seeing if an old drive you have at home might be usable instead, there are a few things to bear in mind.

It’s worth double checking what USB type the drive has. For Xbox Series X you’ll need one that has a USB 3.0 connection or higher. Legacy USB 2.0 and 2.1, often found on older drives, are a no go. The Series X console does not have a modern USB-C port, so we’d avoid drives that only have USB-C connections as even USB-C to USB 3.0 adapters aren’t guaranteed to make them work. Some drives like the Samsung T5 mentioned above have a USB Type C connection going into the drive itself and a USB 3.0 connection on the other end of the cable – this is fine.

When you plug an external hard drive into your Xbox Series X, it will ask for permission to format it, this will delete everything else on the drive. So be sure to remove or backup anything on there you were thinking of using. Sadly, you can not use a single external hard drive to store both PlayStation and Xbox games, so you can’t buy one massive drive to use if you enjoy both platforms.

Another excellent upgrade to your new console we’d recommend looking into is audio and the best options are covered in our best Xbox Series X headsets guide. Still on the hunt for the console itself? Then check out the latest options on where to buy Xbox Series X. We’ve got you covered if you’d like to see what the best TV for Xbox Series X is too.

Nintendo Switch Upgrade: Sandisk 128gb Microsd Card


The Nintendo Switch only has 32GB of onboard storage, which is only enough for one or two big games, like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey. To expand its storage, youll need a MicroSD card. You can use any MicroSD card, but Nintendo and SanDisk partnered to release this Mario-themed option thats available in two sizes. Were recommending the 128GB card because it should be enough to hold eight additional big games, or dozens of smaller independently-developed titles. If you know youre going to download a lot of games, the 256GB version is the way to go.

Upgrading the Nintendo Switchs memory is incredibly simple. First, lift the consoles kickstand, which is located on its back side. Next, pop your MicroSD Card into the slot beneath the kickstand. Next, turn on your Nintendo Switch, and format the MicroSD Card. Last, re-download old games you didnt have space for, or new titles. Instead of replacing your consoles internal storage, the MicroSD card expands it, so youll end up with a total of 160GB of usable space if you get the 128GB card, or 288GB of usable space if you get the 256GB card.

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Xbox One S Tip: Upgrade Your Storage Thurrottcom

Aug 10, 2016 But starting with the Xbox 360 E, and continuing through both generations of Xbox One, Microsoft no longer offers this option. Instead, you can

Nov 9, 2020 This is true even for Xbox One games that have simply been patched to run better on Xbox Series S and X. Indeed, when I moved Gears 5one of

Aug 13, 2020 People are downloading more games than ever onto their consoles heres Xbox One games can get huge, for instance the popular title Red

Xbox Series X Storage: Everything You Need To Know

Microsoft Xbox One 1 TB, Special Edition Matte Black

ByAdam Vjesticalast updated 1 April 21

One storage guide to rule them all

If youve been scratching your head over how Xbox Series X storage works, dont worry, youre not the only one.

Even though the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are far more user-friendly than gaming PCs, the storage situation isnt as clear as it should be. There are a few caveats to note, and with space at a premium, youll want to ensure you know exactly what youre buying and why.

Well cover everything from internal to external drives, the differences between HDD and SSD and shed some light on what an NVMe SSD actually is. More importantly, youll know exactly how Xbox Series X storage works by the end of this guide.

Remember that everything outlined here relates to the Xbox Series S, too.

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How To Manage Your Xbox Storage

Aside from spending your money to buy extra storage, you can also manage the items on your drive. These items include saved files, apps, games, videos, screenshots, etc.

However, system files will take up some space, so even without any games or apps, you wont see the full 500GB or 1TB.

Either way, were sharing a few tips to manage your storage. Some of these include the possibility of you using an external drive.

Configuring An External Drive On Xbox One Or Xbox Series

After you buy the external storage you want, herere the options to configure the drive:

  • Turn on the console
  • Plug the drive into any of the Xbox Ones USB ports
  • When you first connect it, the Xbox will ask you if you want to format the device
  • Otherwise, herere the steps to format the device yourself:

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide
  • Go to Profile & system
  • Select the external drive and select Format. Otherwise, you can simply press Use for Media
  • Type a name for the drive
  • Select whether you want to install games on the external drive by default or not. If you choose Keep Current Location, the console will install new games on the Xbox internal drive
  • End the process by selecting Format Storage Device.
  • These options are the same for Xbox One or Xbox Series, as both consoles share interface and features.

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    The Best External Hard Drives For Ps4 And Xbox One You Can Buy Today

    Reasons to avoid

    Balancing performance with price, there’s a reason WD’s Elements Portable Hard Drive remains the reigning champ of Amazon’s best selling external drives. This is the drive I own and recommend to anyone looking to expand the storage of their console. You’ll have enough storage up to 80 games at a time . It’d be nice if the drive came in different designs like some of the others on the list.

    If youve never owned a Western Digital hard drive before, the company has been producing storage since the early 80s, and has a well-earned reputation for building products that last. In addition to being able to store a ton of different games, youll also be able to hang onto them for a long time, which could be useful if there are titles you want to revisit.

    Reasons to avoid

    From a design standpoint to software optimizations, this Seagate drive is for the Xbox power user. This drive comes in a variety of Microsoft franchise designs, is incredibly compact and requires nothing but a USB connection to plug and play with your console. While these branded drives are a bit more expensive, the few dollars more alleviates worries and offers Xbox users a customizable no-fuss experience. The drive includes a one-month membership to Microsoft’s exclusive Game Pass game subscription service so that you can put your new storage to use immediately.

    Reasons to avoid
    Reasons to avoid
    Reasons to avoid

    How To Expand Your Xbox Series X

    How to Increase Xbox One Storage using External Hard Drive

    Tim Brookes is a technology writer with more than a decade of experience. He’s invested in the Apple ecosystem, with experience covering Macs, iPhones, and iPads for publications like Zapier and MakeUseOf. Read more…

    The Xbox Series X comes with a 1TB internal drive, while the Series S includes a modest 500GB instead. After downloading a few games, you might find your console is already low on space. Here are several ways you can add more space, with a solution for every budget.

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    An Additional 1tb Or More At Your Fingertips

    Both the Xbox One and PS4 come with a 500GB as standard, while the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro offer 1TB. When you first get your console 500GB might seem like plenty, but with AAA game install sizes reaching the 40GB mark for the huge open-world titles, that hard drive will soon fill up.

    As digital gaming and being able to get whatever you want from the internet has started to overtake physical media as the way to play, the idea of deleting some of your favourite games to install new titles seems like a big problem, especially how long it takes to reinstall games on most connections.

    So, you might be wondering whats the best way to upgrade the external storage on your Xbox One.

    Well, unlike the PS4, where youll need to get your screwdriver out, Microsoft has made the Xbox One compatible with external hard drives instead.

    Its a quick and easy process that were going to help you through with our Xbox One HDD upgrade guide.

    Heres what will happen on your Xbox One UI as you install:

    How To Use An External Hard Drive On Xbox One

    With an Xbox-compatible hard drive in hand, it’s now time to connect it to Xbox One. Microsoft has made the process effortless over the years, with concise on-screen instructions throughout the setup process.

    Connect the drive to a vacant USB port using the included cable. Once automatically detected, follow the on-screen prompts, permitting the drive to be formatted. By using the external hard drive on Xbox One, all prior data is erased.

  • Connect your external hard drive to an Xbox One USB port. An on-screen pop-up will display.
  • Select Format storage device.
  • Enter a name for the drive using the on-screen keyboard.
  • Select Install new things here to automatically install future games on this drive.
  • Select Format storage device. This will delete all data on the device.
  • Now configured for Xbox One, future games, and apps automatically install to your external drive. You can also add additional drives to your Xbox One console, using the same setup process.

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    What Are Series X

    Both the Series X and S are backward compatibility powerhouses. This means they maintain compatibility with all Xbox One titles, over 500 Xbox 360 titles, and a handful of original Xbox games . But not all games can be run from all types of storage.

    For example, games that were designed specifically for the new Xbox Series X and S consoles can only be run from the internal NVMe drive or via a Seagate expansion card.

    Similarly, games that have been optimized for Series X and S, like Forza Horizon 4 and Gears 5, feature enhancements dependent on the internal SSD. This means they can also only be run from the internal NVMe drive or Seagate expansion. Optimized games are labeled as such in the Microsoft Store.

    Xbox One External Hard Drive Prices

    Xbox One External Storage: Here

    Knowing how much to spend on an external hard drive can be tricky because, in some cases, a small price difference can mean a big increase in the amount of storage you get.

    Between $50 and $100

    If youre looking to spend between $50 and $100, you can get a good external drive with anywhere between 500GB and 1TB. Mainstream games, such as first-person shooters like the games, can take anywhere between 10GB and 120GB after updates, so if youre a serious gamer, youre going to need more space. If you game casually, or dont play that many different games, a 1TB drive will be perfect.

    Between $100 and $200

    If you can spend a little more, you can get significantly more storage. Pricier external hard drives are more capacious, and in some cases come with additional benefits like their own power supply. If youre a moderate gamer, a 4TB external drive will be more than enough, but if youre serious about your Xbox One gaming, youll be better off buying an 8TB or 10TB external hard drive.

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    How To Expand Your Xbox One Xs Game Storage With An External Drive

    However, if you want to use your own hard drive rather than buy one specifically sold for the Xbox, Im going to walk you through the process on how to set up your own external hard drive for game storage.

    As a test bed, I used a 2TB FireCuda SATA 6GB/s hard drive that retails for $94.99. Next, I purchased an enclosure to be able to link the 2.5-inch hard drive to the Xbox One X I used Sabrents 2.5-inch SATA to USB 3.0 enclosure that sells for $8.99.

    The setup process is fairly simple.

    If youd like to transfer games from the internal storage to the drive, heres another tip you may find useful:

    • Navigate to each game in your library . Press the menu button on your controller and select Manage game.
    • Youll be taken to a new screen where youll see a box detailing how much storage the game is using and where the files are located. Highlight the data information box using your Xbox controllers D-pad or joystick, then press the menu button.
    • In the menu that pops up, youll have the option to Move or Copy the game data from the internal to the external drive. If youd like to free up some space on the internal drive, select the Move option. Next, confirm your files destination by selecting the external storage option .
    • At this point, your files will be transferred into the external drive thats plugged into the console. It may take a while do not unplug it for any reason. Just wait until the process is finished.

    Can I Upgrade My Xbox Internal Hard Drive

    You may read tips that tell you to replace the internal hard drive, but we dont recommend that because it requires that you take your console apart and put it back together. Unless you know what youre doing, you could easily damage your console which can result in data loss and a void in your warranty. Instead, play it safe and choose one of the above options.

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    Now You Can Expand Your Xbox Series X/s Memory

    Armed with the information above, you should be able to decide which Xbox Series X/S storage device suits your needs best. Then, you can add it, whether it is the official Seagate Expansion Card SSD, or a regular external HDD.

    Now that you’ve installed your new storage device, it makes sense to learn a little more about your console before you dive straight in, including finding out how to fix any problems you may run into along the way.

    We hope you like the items we recommend and discuss! MUO has affiliate and sponsored partnerships, so we receive a share of the revenue from some of your purchases. This wonât affect the price you pay and helps us offer the best product recommendations.

    Format The Hard Drive For Game Installations

    How To Get MORE STORAGE On Xbox One 2020! (Clear Space, 3 TB !)

    Head to Settings, then System and then choose the Manage Storage option. Youll then see your internal hard drive on the left-hand side, and the new external one on the right.

    At the moment, you can only store pictures, music and video files on the external hard drive, so youll need to format it in order to be able to store games on it.

    Select it and youll be presented with a dropdown menu. Choose the Format for Games & Apps option and then select Format Storage Device.

    Youll be asked to give it a name, and then decide whether you want it to be the default installation drive or stick with the internal hard drive for now. You can always change it at a later date.

    If you stick with the internal hard drive, as soon as it fills up content will automatically start spilling over into your external hard drive.

    But if you start storing your games on your external hard drive, you can then take that drive to a friends house and start playing your own games over there if you sign into Xbox Live first anyway.

    Once youve made your choice, select the Format Storage Device option again.

    The little Xbox One loading circle will show for a moment and then youll have yourself a new location for all your games.SEE ALSO: Upcoming Xbox One Games 2015

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